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Rosie began the show confessing that she was watching a popthatzit video on her laptop despite the recommendation against it from her therapist. She then told a completely cringe-worthy story about her JetBlue flight to Miami with a male flight attendant who had a huge zit above his ear that she wanted to pop. Yucko.

They talked briefly about last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars and Kate Gosselin's "grizzly performance." Jeannie and Janette both talked about how painful it was to watch her dance. Rosie didn't see it because she was watching Life Unexpected but did talk about Kate's immediate rise to fame and how the trajectory of fame is compressed in today's society.

Here's her dance. Watch if you can bear it.

Lou still has not gotten tickets to Pearl Jam but Deirdre is working on it. Deirdre knows their manager Kelly and has a call into him. Deirdre also hooked Lou up for the dancing lessons, though! Lou said he's not fond of this season's DWTS because he feels like they are creating drama where there doesn't need to be. For example, he said that Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls is throwing her dances and seeming like she can't master the steps even though she's this great dancer all in the name of fake drama. Lou doesn't like it.

Rosie mentioned how Sarah Jessica Parker was recently photographed with one of her twin girls and Rosie said "she's the cutest baby she has ever seen in her entire life!" Rosie said she wanted to run over to her house in the village and squeeze her baby! Watch out Sarah! Rosie's a-coming! You can see more pictures of the cutie-patootie baby that Rosie wants to squeeze HERE.

The official update on Jeannie's ass is that it still hurts like hell and there's nothing she can do about it. Right now she is hoping that it will heal on its own given time. If you didn't get the scoop on Weenie's ass, she thinks she broke her coccyx bone falling down the stairs and now has to sit on one butt-cheek while the show is taping and on her drive to Nyack in the morning. Pete said that his wife Barbara broke her coccyx bone in childbirth (which completely HORRIFIED Janette) and Pete broke his falling a couple times. Rosie recommended Weenie sit on a donut pillow like the kind used for hemorrhoids. Jeannie said for right now she's just taking a lot of Advil and has no plans to return to the doctor for an internal rectal massage.

Rosie talked for a little while about Jimmy Kimmel's latest appearance on Letterman. Rosie explained that a former producer at The Rosie O'Donnell Show (that she didn't jive very well with) left TROS and went on to produce The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel. From that point on, Jimmy didn't seem to like Rosie. This producer loathed Rosie and said he used to have to work with her in her underwear (when she was actually wearing bike shorts and a long T-shirt). Rosie explained she never really knew Jimmy Kimmel but she likes his bits and she thinks he's really funny. She also loves Sarah Silverman and figured if Sarah was dating him, he must be okay. They played the clip of of Jimmy on David Letterman talking about how Letterman excused Leno of his bad behavior by doing that Superbowl commercial with him. Rosie agrees wholeheartedly! Watch the clip below:

Jimmy on Letterman

After some discussion, Rosie came to the realization that she LIKES JIMMY KIMMEL! She said he has integrity, chutzpah, and is extremely consistent (and she loves that!). Sounds like many of the same reasons we love Rosie, right? They also played a clip of Ricky Gervais who recently lost over 25 pounds and talked about being fat on Letterman. Deirdre has the biggest crush on him and even preferred him a little chubby. Watch the clip below:

Ricky Gervais on Letterman

Then came a heated discussion of colonics and the negatives vs. the positives. Rosie said she wants one which caused an uproar from Deirdre and especially Brendan! Brendan described his experience with a colonic and said it was the worst thing he ever did. Brendan had no health insurance at the time he had a colonic and was having stomach issues. It cost him $300 just to see a gastroenterologist without insurance so he decided to go to a colonic hygienist to see if it would help. He said it sucked out ALL his guts - the good and the bad and it messed up his guts for about 3 more years. Deirdre said Rosie should try a colon cleanse instead.

During the colon cleanse discussion Rosie's cell phone rang and Brenda Earhart who created Hope Meadows was on the phone! Rosie answered it and put her on speaker phone for a moment and talked a little bit about her organization. You can find out more about Hope Meadows HERE.
While Rosie was on spring break in Miami, Linda Dano and her friend came and redecorated her bedroom for her! She said they added a huge double-queen bed with specially made sheets so that all the kids can sleep with her if they need to. She said it looks absolutely beautiful and she could not love Linda Dano anymore than she does. She recommended listeners to buy anything and everything she sells. Rosie loves it! Rosie said "Linda if you're listening, flowers are on the way and I love you."

Rosie said over spring break she read and LOVED Andre Agassi's autobiography Open. She said she wants to have him on the show and said that he is her new favorite person. She praised the book for its honesty. Check out Andre's foundation HERE.

Rosie described in detail Erykah Badu's newest video. You can watch it HERE. Rosie played what she says in the video about being afraid to respect an individual, how people are quick to assassinate what they don't understand, and how "they" are us. Rosie seemed very taken by the video and said it was very powerful and profound. Janette didn't see the problem with the nudity in the video when we have nudity everywhere these days.

Rosie then introduced former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura who was in the studio! Jesse said he has never owned a cell phone and that is what he hopes to have put on his gravestone. HA! Jesse came from a working family. Both his father and mother were World War Two veterans and Jesse's brother was a Vietnam veteran. Jesse himself fought as a Navy Seal in the Vietnam War. Jesse talked about his love and respect he had for his father and how his father was against the Vietnam war before it was popular to be against it. Jesse admitted that at first he disagreed with his father's stance on the war and it wasn't until Jesse returned from fighting in Vietnam himself that he came to the realization that his father was right.

Jesse talked with Rosie about how he got into wrestling and Jesse said that he couldn't sing or dance so he went to wrestling. He explained that he enjoyed the theater and he saw how he could use his entertaining and acting talents in professional wrestling.

Jesse and Rosie also talked about his time as Governor and how he only did one term because he thinks that career politicians are part of the problem with politics in this country. He spoke about how the Republicans and the Democrats worked hard to try to make sure he wouldn't get reelected but he never had plans of running for a second term. He said that politicians put their politics ahead of the people and the Democrats and Republicans put their allegiance to their parties ahead of the country.

Rosie asked Jesse what he thought of the Health Care Reform Bill. Jesse said that he feels that Insurance companies ended up the winner and the doctors should be running it. He sees it as a human rights issue and can't understand why people have no problem going to war but will vote against someone being allowed to go to the doctor. They talked about the media's involvement in the issue.

Jesse asked Rosie if she'd heard that he made Yale's list of the Top 10 Quotes of the Year. She had and asked Jesse to recite his quote which was "You give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders (Jesse Ventura, during a CNN interview, May 11)."

Rosie and Jesse talked about our occupation of Iraq, how we as Americans create and promote the wars we enter into and they took several callers. One caller asked what Americans who supported Obama can do now that he's not coming through on his campaign promises. Jesse said that they need to know that he is not in charge or pulling the strings. He said as Americans we need to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans and quit behaving like lemmings. He said voting for a political candidate is not a horse race. You're not supposed to be out to pick the winner. He encouraged Americans to vote with their heart and for the issues they care most about.

Jesse has a book out entitled American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies and More Dirty Lies That The Government Tells Us and Rosie asked Jesse if the things he has said about a 9/11 conspiracy is the stuff that has gotten him in the most hot water and he said it was not. He said it was an interview he did in Playboy. Jesse admitted that he mistakenly believed that only Playboy readers would read what he had to say in the interview but the mainstream media took little bites out of it and ran with it. In the interview, Jesse said a few things that upset people including that organized religion was a crutch for weak minded people, and that hunting isn't hunting if the other side isn't shooting back, it's an ambush. Jesse admitted that what he learned out of that experience was when you become an elected official you cannot speak as freely because you now represent the state to which you are elected.

Jesse and Rosie took several more callers and even a question from Pete - Jesse's biggest fan! Rosie recommended Jesse's book to her listeners and at one point in the interview Jesse said these days "he wakes up with nothing to do and every night he goes to bed and he's half done." :) Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Thanks for all the extras, Kelly. I happen to be in the "Kate Gosselin isn't evil, she's just edited that way" camp. With a ne'r-do-well, good-for-nothing husband and EIGHT kids, I might be a bit grouchy and demanding too. Anyway, you are right, that dance was PAINFUL to watch. She can't even WALK properly! Oh dear.

    I haven't watched DWTS, but I love Nicole Scherzinger from her "Eden's Crush" days. I might have to check it out towards the end!

    : ) P

  2. i agree- kate is realllly bad. and i'm w/ lou- i think they make up drama whenever they can. all the tears and fights. jeeeeesh!

    i can't believe ro is considering a colonic!!! omg. never. i'm all for a clean colon but...

    thanks, kw!


  3. btw - i read Open by Andre Agassi - and I thought Ro would love it. It had some of the Celebrity Detox type of stuff in it. It was VERY honest and I loved it. I love sports - but as good as that part was - it was more that the it was such an honest story about Agassi and growing up as a superstar athlete. I recommend it!!!!

  4. love, love, love your Rosie blogs AND I listen to the show every day. keep up the fantastic work!!!