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Rosie started today's program talking about the new Broadway musical American Idiot with the songs of Green Day. Deirdre and Janette were horrified that Rosie didn't know any of their songs! They played a couple of Green Day's songs and Deirdre rocked out and played air guitar. Here's a preview of the show:

American Idiot the Broadway musical

Rosie mentioned that her friend and author Lauren Slater was on the Today Show this morning. Lauren is a friend of Rosie's and helped her write both of her books. Rosie said she's fantastic and an amazing writer. Lauren wrote an article for Self magazine about antidepressants and weight gain. You can read about it HERE. She was on the Today Show to talk about her battle with depression and how she gained 80 pounds. Here's Lauren from this morning's Today Show:

Lauren Slater on The Today Show

Deirdre, Janette and Rosie all reminisced about The Rosie O'Donnell Show and what a fantastic cast and crew they had. Deirdre said she only ever made one big mistake. It was the time the Bee Gees were on and she listed the names of the band members on Rosie's information card and she included "Andy" (as in Andy Gibb) who was dead at the time. Oops!

Rosie announced that it was National Start Walking Day. She said she will walk to Jimmy Kimmel's house. HA! Apparently, Jimmy made some bad jokes about Rosie last night. (see below) Rosie thinks he secretly wants her and Deirdre thinks they should book him on the show.

Jimmy Kimmel's gay farm featuring Rosie the Rhinoceros

Rosie talked about how much she respects the fact that Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy decided to tell the public that their relationship ended on twitter recently. She thought there was something great about it and sees twitter as an advantage to celebrities because they now have less need for publicists. Rosie said when she started the blog her publicist would get so mad because it really alleviated the need for her! Rosie was pleased that they broke up without all the Hollywood drama. Then she added that she doesn't want to hear one more thing about Sandra Bullock's soon to be ex-husband.

Rosie asked loudly, "WHY IS KATE GOSSELIN STILL DANCING WITH THE STARS!?" Bobby and Janette commented on how horrible and scary Kate looked the other night. They said she looked like a deranged gypsy. LOL

Then it was time for the weekly American Idol rundown. Rosie played Crystal Bowersox's performance from last night. Here is a LINK to it. Deirdre said her performance "kicks ass." Also, apparently Ryan Seacrest called Rosie at 7pm just before the show was about to start! Rosie said he has a show that he wants her to do. When the show started her kids were amazed by the fact that "that guy" they were now watching on TV just called Rosie! Rosie thinks Blake and Vivi have no memory of her being a celebrity and still don't get it. They can't understand how she could know him or why he would call her. Rosie said she tried to put on a "Rosie O'Donnell movie fest" but her kids have no interest. Aww! We would love that!

Tracy (Rosie's girlfriend) has started gardening at their homes in Nyack. She had a HUGE garden in Galveston before she moved. Rosie called her a "lesbian wonder-woman." Rosie's brother offered to have the landscape guys dig out the garden for her but Tracy wanted to do it herself. She loves to garden and wanted to teach Rosie how to do it. Rosie realized it's a lot of work! Tracy wasn't familiar with the wildlife in the area since it is different than the wildlife they have in Texas and wondered if bunnies will jump into the enclosure they built together. Janette, who's quite the gardener too, said rabbits will burrow under the fence if they don't dig it deep enough. Janette also said that rabbits and woodchucks will decimate your garden. Rosie thought they could buy lettuce to place outside the garden to distract the bunnies from burrowing and stealing their planted lettuce which made Bobby laugh hysterically at the thought of buying lettuce so that you can grow your own. Here's a video of Janette vs. the Woodchuck:

Rosie said she's been courting the wildlife and she doesn't know what's going to happen with the new garden. Janette advised them not to plant corn because it makes animals go insane! She also talked about some plants needing to be near other plants so they can pollinate them (like pumpkins and corn) and she said so they can fuck! Rosie said "Whoa! Janette!" And then reminded Janette that kids might be listening. Rosie referred to the other day when Christine Ebersole kept talking about the myth of Santa and she was thinking "Okay, Jamie Lee Curtis, stop!" Jamie Lee Curtis once told an audience of the Rosie O'Donnell Show that Santa wasn't real, I think.

Today was also a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Co-Executive Producer Brendan McDonald and throughout the show they kept referring to it.

Rosie asked if anyone was watching the Celebrity Apprentice and she asked how her good friend Cyndi Lauper was doing. Bobby said she's from her own planet but she has a big heart and she's doing a great job. Rosie said what a great person Cyndi is. This started a whole reconstruction of the Trump debacle from The View days and how mean Trump was to Rosie. Rosie said she used to have a dream that she wanted to come into Trump's house naked and rub her fat roll on his head. LOL Rosie suggested that maybe Jimmy Kimmel can watch.

Here's a little clip of Rosie that my good friend Chris took of Rosie last summer just for fun!
I was there! Can you hear me screaming? lol

Rosie's said that in honor of National Start Walking Day, she's going to walk to McDonalds (joke people!). Seriously though, Rosie said she's swearing off fast food and soda. And she mentioned to Pete that she wasn't sure how but her kids still know that Pete is still smoking! Vivi was asking Rosie about it last week.

Rosie vented a bit about how annoying it is when Deirdre talks to her about the guests that Rosie finds and Deirdre then acts like the expert on them. Rosie said that Deirdre has spent the last two days telling Rosie about a guest that Rosie wanted to book! Rosie said she doesn't need Deirdre to convince her why they would be a good guest. She also said Deirdre makes everyone else do all the work. Rosie asked Deirdre why she can't find the good interesting guests! It was very funny. Deirdre was laughing. The whole staff was. Rosie threatened to fire them all.

Rosie then took several callers on gardening and keeping bunnies out of your garden. During one phone-call a bee flew into the studio and made everything come to a screeching halt because Janette started to go crazy (according to Rosie). Janette said the reason she was going so crazy was because of the time she was on the set of League of Their Own, and a bee flew up her skirt. She said she was stung over and over. She said the medics wouldn't give her an epi-pen shot because they said maybe Madonna might get stung and she might need it. The story was full of Janette-speak and extra details and Rosie said when Janette got to "I was wearing..." she started to rub her face and tune out.

Rosie took several callers on Trump. Rosie went over the whole Trump/Rosie feud and how Cyndi called her from the show (Celebrity Apprentice) but Rosie wouldn't donate to her charity in the name of Trump's show. The caller was so upset that they badmouthed Rosie and said that they made her look bad because she didn't donate money. This got Rosie to admit that she DID donate $10,000 to Cyndi's charity, just not on the show.

Rosie sang along to the song True Colors by Cyndi Lauper and was "critiqued" by the American Idol judges! She also sang along to the song Gold Digger by the cast of Glee and she knew ALL THE WORDS! Now that's a tough song! Listen:

Gold Digger by the Glee Cast!

Linda Dano called in to talk to Rosie about her bedroom makeover! Rosie adores her in every capacity. Linda was worried because she hadn't heard from Rosie since the makeover not knowing that Rosie had called her at home and left a message. Rosie loves her room makeover and sent Linda the most beautiful flowers. Rosie especially loves the huge double bed she had specially made for her.

Rosie asked Linda how she became interested in interior design and Linda said that she started out in life with plans on being an interior designer. Rosie said she wants Linda to be on her new TV show as a style consultant and help viewers redecorate their own homes! Rosie also loves that her home accessories are so affordable. Here's a link to Linda Dano's Home Collection on QVC! Linda will be on QVC on Friday, April 23rd. Be sure to tune in if you can!

Rosie talked in length about the show Glee and how much she loves the show, loves the cast and loves the show's creator Ryan Murphy. Rosie worked with Ryan Murphy when she guest starred on the show Nip Tuck. Here's a scene of Rosie on Nip Tuck if you've never seen it:

Rosie then began the Glee Trivia Contest with 2 huge Glee fans participating by phone! The grand prize is a trip for two to see Glee in concert at Radio City!!

Here were the questions...

Q. Mr. Schuster made everyone perform a small audition in the pilot episode. What song did Tina sing?
A. I Kissed a Girl by Katie Perry!

Q. At the end of the "showmance episode" which Rihanna song did Rachel sing?
A. Take a Bow

Q. What color are the McKinley High School team jerseys?
A. red and white

Q. Who did the (missed it!) in a port-a-potty?
A. Artie

Q. Where does Mr. Schuster's wife Terry work?
A. Sheets and Things

Q. What is the name of Mr. Schuster's band
A. The Acafellas.

Q. What is the name of Sue's news segment on TV?
A. Sue's Corner

Q. How old is Sue according to her journal?
A. 29

Q. How many people need to be in the show choir to compete in competitions according to the show choir rule book?
A. 12

The caller named John won the contest and qualified to be in the grand prize drawing!!! Both callers won a deluxe Glee prize package. CONGRATULATIONS, JOHN!!!

Rosie said she loves the whole show and can't wait for its premiere next week. She said she sees the trailer and gets endorphins from it! Watch the trailer below and don't forget to watch Oprah today because the Glee cast will be on!

Bobby told everyone how got his AARP card in the mail and he is only 49 and how that feels very odd.

Rosie said she's going to a lunch and barbecue with President Obama in Miami at Gloria Estefan's house in 2 weeks! It's for a fundraiser for the DNC. She was thinking about bringing her movie America and trying to talk to the President about reforming foster care.

Rosie talked a little bit at the end of the show about how enjoyable her girlfriend Tracy is to have around. Rosie said she's a very happy person and always wakes up happy and smiling. Rosie said she doesn't sweat the small stuff and she could learn a lot from her. Rosie said she is very happy and remarked on how nice it is to be happy and in love! Rosie closed the show. Awwwwwwwwww!

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