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Rosie and Bobby talked about their evenings out on Broadway last night! Bobby saw The Addams Family! He described it, listed all the actors and loved the play overall especially the set and the lighting! Rosie saw Looped starring Valerie Harper. She said Valerie was fantastic and unbelievably great in it. Unfortunately, Looped is closing on Sunday. Bobby and Rosie talked about how tough it is to make money on Broadway. Valerie, her husband and Rosie went to Joe Allens last night for dinner after the show.

This somehow transitioned to a story about Rosie having a surprise Aunt Flo which then went to talking about babies and how Rosie loves them and Janette does not. Bobby talked about how he used to change Parker's diapers and used to walk around with his baby vomit on his clothes all day. Awwwwwww. Janette and Deirdre said that they think having children is the most selfless thing you can do. Rosie said she thinks it's the most selfish. She said she loves kids because they make her feel happy and children are like a drug to her. Janette did not understand this logic. The only baby Janette ever bonded with was her good friend Fran Capo's son. Fran is the "World's Fastest Talking Female." Janette absolutely loves her son Spencer who is 20 years old now.

Janette briefly mentioned their Sirius Intern Miko and how adorable she is. Rosie asked where Miko is everyday and Janette said she works in the city. Rosie asked if the staff had offices in the city and if they go to them after the radio broadcast every day. This makes me laugh that Rosie doesn't know this! Janette said Brendan (the co-executive producer and knower of all things factual) always goes to the office after the broadcast but Janette, Deirdre and Bobby work from home - sometimes until very late at night.

Rosie told a story about how she left her cell phone in her car with her driver Stanley last night and then he drove around to the other side of the theater. Rosie didn't know how to get in touch with Stanley without her cell phone to ask him to come back around. The only person's number she knows by memory is Bobby's and she couldn't get a hold of him either because Bobby was seeing a show himself! So she asked if Valerie's assistant would run around the block and get Stanley to drive around with her cell phone. Now this isn't the most pertinent story of all time but it made me laugh at how much Rosie needs everyone's help. I don't know. It just made me chuckle. I couldn't imagine having so many people running for things and doing things for me like this. It was funny. Rosie was laughing at her dependency on everyone too so at least she gets it. :)

Rosie was given an advance copy and has already seen the FIRST 3 EPISODES OF GLEE! Rosie talked a little about the first episode and how there are many many songs in it. Also, Jonathan Groff makes a guest appearance on the show! Rosie talked about how much she loves Glee and what a great show it is. Rosie said she's been asked if she would be guest starring on the series but she has decided that they should only put on the Tony award winning performers like they have been. She loves the show so much she doesn't want to ruin it for herself. This Tuesday is the first episode of the season people - don't miss it!

There was a brief discussion of last night's episode of American Idol. Rosie didn't see it because she was at the Broadway show so Bobby (who watched it later that night on tivo) and the rest of the staff described to Rosie what had happened. (No one got kicked off, btw. They used the "save" for Big Mike). There was some discussion of why Big Mike wasn't getting the votes and why he was even in the bottom 3. The general consensus was due to the age of the voting audience (teeny boppers). Rosie still LOVES Crystal Bowersox and said it a few times in the discussion. They took some phone calls to talk about it.

There was some discussion over the latest Tiger Woods commercial (see below). Rosie explained the commercial in detail to the listening audience and played it on the air. The commercial has Tiger's late father's voice talking to him and the staff debated the reasons for doing the ad and whether or not it was a wise move. Deirdre thinks if he wins (The Masters) he will survive this scandal. They took several phone-calls on the topic. Janette (and myself!) think the ad is genius because they said "Nike" a hundred times today. I AGREE! See for yourself and you decide...

When discussing whether Tiger will survive the scandal Rosie brought up the Winona Ryder shoplifting scandal and compared it to that. Her point was was that if her scandal had happened when she was making money for the studio that all would have went away. But because she was not in any movies at the time, she was prosecuted. Deirdre brought up The Augusta Chairman's words for Tiger Woods and how bad that was. They discussed why Tiger, a sports player, is a role model for how you should live your life. Deirdre felt that this is his personal life and that should be separate from his accomplishments in golf. After Janette found out that Tiger took on his father's worst quality as a philanderer, Janette had understanding for his situation. Janette took on her father's bad behavior of having temper tantrums that Janette had always hated about him. They took several callers on the topic of Tiger, Augusta, golf as a sport, etc. Rosie said that she has never liked golf because she's always seen it as this elitist, sexist, snobby, rich and gross sport. Rosie doesn't like golf at ALL.

One listener who called during this discussion called to speak to Pete directly about the problems he was having with his daughter. She suggested Sensory Integration Disorder and gave him several helpful tips for when she's having a temper tantrum.

Tracy and Rosie had a pedicure together in Miami and Rosie loved the massage chair! Rosie said she likes to talk to the pedicurist to equalize and humanize the situation but she did not have a talkative pedicurist. She had mentioned to the staff that she rode to the pedicure facility on her motorcycle and then was questioned by the staff as to whether or not she was riding with a helmet and she was NOT! When Rosie admitted to not wearing a helmet Pete said "our jobs depend on you woman!" Florida does not have a helmet law and Rosie likes it this way. She always wears a helmet in NY because they have the law. The entire staff really laid into Rosie for this. Pete told Rosie that in emergency rooms they call them "donor-cycles." Bobby, who likes a Vespa, said it's not just about HER but do it for her children and he reminded Rosie even if she drives safely, she could be hit by someone else! Rosie feels the helmet takes away her sight and her ability to hear her surroundings. This transitioned into a conversation about seatbelts and Pete said his dad is alive because he was in a horrible head on collision and he survived because he was wearing a seatbelt. Janette knew an emergency room nurse who once told her no one she ever treated in the ER died who was wearing a seatbelt.

There was a brief discussion about cliff diving, skydiving and other forms of risky behavior.

Rosie then interviewed Kristoffer Polaha by telephone who plays Baze on Life Unexpected (one of Rosie's favorite shows!)! Rosie and Kristoffer talked about the shows he's done previously to Life Unexpected including the series North Shore, Better Off Ted, and a TV movie about JFK Jr.'s life entitled American Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story. Kristoffer said he was 25 at the time of the JFK film and was just trying to become an actor. He studied a lot of video footage of JFK Jr. but admitted the role was a challenge for him. He was also in a couple episodes of Mad Men.

Rosie talked about how much she and her daughter love the show, and you could hear Kristoffer's little 5 and 4 year old boys in the background and Rosie asked about them. Rosie and Kristoffer talked about how they both don't really remember what life was like before they had kids. Rosie asked him if his boys had ever seen the show and Kristoffer admitted that they are very little and don't really get it yet. Kris did tell a funny story about how he showed his older son the pilot and when his character had to kiss a woman his son asked him "Daddy, where's MOMMY?" Rosie told a story about when she met Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella (who was 9 at the time) during The Rosie O'Donnell Show days and she came up to her and said "You know my daddy has a wife already!" LOL

Kristoffer talked about his life and said his dad was a defense attorney growing up and his mom stayed home and raised his brothers and himself. Today his dad is a judge and his mom is a nurse. Kristoffer grew up in Reno, Nevada, which he said was an amazing place to grow up. He told Rosie how he went to a private school when he was 14 years old yet wasn't doing very well academically. A chance encounter with his headmaster changed his academic career. The headmaster helped him set goals to improve his grades and encouraged him to get involved in an extra curricular activity.

Kristoffer tried out for basketball but didn't make it and so he went out for theater. He did Street Car Named Desire and was surrounded by serious actors and fell in love with acting. He was in the chorus of "Grease," played Stone in the "City of Angels" and played Laserwolf in "Fiddler on the Roof." Rosie asked if Kristoffer can sing and he can! Kristoffer (as his character Baze) has actually written and laid down a song for Lux! He hopes they might use it on the show someday.

The season finale of Life Unexpected is next week and Rosie asked Kristoffer a little about the last episode. Rosie said, "It looks as though you crash riot Kate's wedding" and he said, "They do!" Rosie thinks the show is going to be a huge hit and running for a while. Kristoffer hopes so, too. Kris talked with Rosie about the show's creator Liz Tigelaar and what a personal story this is for her. He said what a wonderful job she was doing as a team leader and as keeping the show a collaboration. Rosie said that she can sense that collaborative feel when she watches the show. Rosie thinks the show is a beautiful program for kids who are adopted. Kris said he finds out if the show gets picked up on May 20th and Rosie asked him to let her know and she will announce it on the radio for them. Rosie and her daughter are going to do a guest walk on on Life Unexpected!

Here's an interview with Kristoffer from YouTube that I found...

The staff talked for a little while about Ricky Martin and how he recently came out. Bobby said he was not surprised. Shoshana heard his boyfriend was threatening to leave him if he didn't come out. Rosie thinks Ricky came out because he's a parent now. They talked about what Barbara Walters did to Ricky Martin 10 years ago in an interview when she pressed him about being gay. She saw it as taking advantage of a guy who was at the top of his game at the time. Rosie loves Ricky Martin. She said he's gorgeous and a "physically perfect specimen of a man." She added that he's absolutely sexy and stunning too look at as well as a kind man that does lot of good things for children's charities. They took some callers.

Rosie said that a lot of women write to her on her blog and say that they're gay to her and they're moms and they have kids and they don't know what to do. Rosie said it's a hard situation to give advice on.

One listener called in and asked Rosie how to talk to her kids about gay couples. Rosie said to explain it like they would understand it...that most mommies fall in love with daddies but there are some mommies that fall in love with other mommies. Your heart will tell your head what you prefer when you're ready. Parker once told Rosie (when he was very little) that he wished he had a mommy that wanted a daddy and Rosie told him "well then you wouldn't have me." So Parker responded, "Alright, I'll keep you." Awwwwwwwwwww.

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Kelly..Thanx for your continued commitment and time to this blog..It's truly appreciated. xo

  2. I don't have Sirius radio so I depend on you to keep me up to date. I think it's wonderful that you do this blog for Rosie's fans. You are a very talented writer. It's conversational style (?) and it's fun to read.
    Thank you the time and effort you put into it.

  3. GO Tim Urban :P Rosie doesnt understand like I do, I enjoy Crystal but she doesnt need Idols help to be famous!

  4. ha! golf provokes that same reaction from me...and i know it's not right...but i have that same reaction to golf and country clubs in general!!!