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Rosie started today's program announcing that she's happy that it is finally springtime but that she can't stand the rain which prompted Lou to play I Can't Stand The Rain by Tina Turner and Rosie sang along. Deirdre had a major leak in her apartment last night. She said it was raining so she had to sleep on the couch downstairs and because of that was up until 2am. She called Janette right away because this just recently happened to Janette because of the neighbor above her who let her bathtub overflow! Watch Janette's video blog about the flood in her apartment!

Last night Jeannie, Bobby, Janette and Lou all watched the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars. Jeannie talked about Shannen Doherty and how she cried after the judges were hard on her after her performance. Even though Jeannie kept cringing at how awkward she looked, she felt bad for her. Shannen's father was sitting in the audience and it made Jeannie remember her own father. It is the anniversary of Jeannie's father's death today. Here's a LINK to Shannen's performance. They talked about how Kate (of Jon and Kate Plus 8) looks totally different with her new hair and teeth and new EVERYTHING. Rosie has hated Kate Gosselin since she was on the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 because she was so mean to her husband. She said she's never ever liked her and now she doesn't like her to the 10th power. Janette said Kate BEGGED the audience to call in and vote for her after the performance and that was bad taste. Rosie predicts Kate will be going because America doesn't like her. Bobby said that Aiden Turner is really handsome but he can't move well. Bobby and Jeannie said that Pamela Anderson "oozes sex when she walks." They said she's like pornography on camera. They said that Pamela just rubbed up against her partner and threw her hair around. You can watch Pamela's performance HERE. Janette said she is not a fan of these types of shows but only watched it in the name of Lou. Immediately Lou played the song "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2 and Rosie sang along with the words "In the Name of LOU" Sing along, won't you?

Rosie said that her friend Donny Osmond would call her from the parking lot when he was doing DWTS to talk to her about how nervous he was! Awwwww!!!! I have this Donny Osmond super-fan friend who will die when she finds that out. Rosie's all time favorite participant on that show was Cloris Leachman. Rosie really wants to catch up and see last night's episode since she missed it. She said she has to watch American Idol tonight for Crystal! She encouraged everyone to vote for Crystal and not to just assume she's going to win!

Rosie announced that a dead squirrel has been found outside of the house and she thinks Shady (her squirrel friend) may have been more injured than she originally thought. Bobby said he got a good look at the deceased squirrel and said he didn't think it was Shady. Rosie proposed that perhaps Shady (who was very injured when she saw him on Saturday) came up to her over the weekend in order to say goodbye. Oy Vey. Bobby insisted the dead squirrel was NOT Shady! Bobby said he cleaned up the dead squirrel (after he identified the body) and threw him into Rosie's fire pit (so he could be cremated?). Janette said her father used to hunt squirrels and they're very tasty but they give you wind. Rosie got hurt/annoyed at the idea of someone eating her precious friend and corrected Janette and told her her father is dead and to stop talking like he's still around. Jeannie yelled "ROSEANN!!" at Rosie. I love when she calls her Roseann.

Rosie said she went last night to an HBO screening of the documentary A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism which premieres on HBO on April 2nd, 2010. HERE are some pictures from last night's premiere. Margret Dagmar Ericsdottir who created the documentary about her son (previously called The Sunshine Boy), was on the radio show on November 25th. Rosie got Margret in touch with Sheila Nevins and then HBO purchased it. Chelsea, Rosie's oldest daughter, went with Rosie to the event but decided to enter in the back, so she didn't have to be photographed. Rosie said she wore plaid shorts and a cashmere sweater to the event. (see right-->) She also said she did her own hair and makeup (to which Bobby grunted...LOUDLY). Rosie said she didn't want to spend $500 on her hair to go talk about a documentary about Autism. She said the documentary is really amazing and like witnessing a miracle. Kate Winslet, who did the narration for the film, wasn't at the premiere last night because she is going through a divorce. Rosie said the press asked her what the movie was about and why she got involved and she answered all their questions about the film but the only clips they air are the clips about her answering questions about going back to daytime TV and her answering questions about Sandra Bullock's divorce and Kate Winslet's personal life. She said she finds it all very annoying.

Rosie said she thinks (and told the press last night) that Sandra Bullock is an amazing woman, a wonderful person and she hopes she's doing well. She said when the press pressed her again about scoop on Sandra she repeated, "I think Sandra Bullock is an amazing woman, a wonderful person and she hopes she's doing well." And when they asked her about it again she repeated it again. She said NO ONE WOULD STOP until they try to get a clip to use on their show. Rosie talked about the reality of this news being more than a sound bite, that it's actually people's lives. Rosie said when she "came out" in an interview about being gay and Sandra called her just to lend her support. Rosie said she thinks Sandra is fantastic in every way. She then added "it ain't easy."

Rosie said she was also asked if she was concerned at all because Sarah Palin is having trouble selling her T.V. show to a network. And Rosie said she is not worried and she is not gauging her success in television based on Sarah Palin's success. Apparently, the former Alaska governor is joining forces with Mark Burnett to try to sell a reality T.V. series about Alaska. It has been described as "Planet Earth meets Alaska meets her family." Rosie asked why Mark Burnett would do that? Here's a link to an article on the show. She also asked why he would give Trump his own thing (in reference to The Apprentice)? Rosie has heard that her dear friend Cyndi Lauper isn't doing too well on the show. Bobby said that no one is being mean to Cyndi but "she's kind of crazy on the show." Rosie said Cyndi is "not of this world" and that "she's in her own stratosphere." Rosie talked about the time that Cyndi called Rosie and asked her to donate to her charity during the premiere episode of the Apprentice, not knowing that there was ever a Trump/Rosie feud. Rosie told a funny story about when she and Cyndi were on the road together doing the True Colors tour and Cyndi was trying to encourage the audience to get out and vote. She even suggested they go online and vote (for President). When she got backstage Rosie alerted Cyndi to the fact that you cannot vote in the Presidential election online! So, Cyndi came back out and corrected herself but followed that up with the fact that she's a "visionary so it's probably going to happen in the future." Rosie said how much she loves Cyndi, loves her husband and loves their son.

Rosie also said that last night at the documentary premiere, some photographers asked if they could get a photo of Rosie and Chelsea together and Chelsea told them "no." And the photographers put their cameras down and walked away. Rosie said "she has power, that kid" (in reference to Chelsea). Rosie also said she's addicted to Starbuck's Chai-latte. They had one together last night and bonded. So sweet! Chelsea also said she has put the number of the radio show into her cell phone and might call in!

There was some discussion over whether or not Deirdre and Pete are still smoking since they promised to quit in honor of Rosie's birthday on SUNDAY! Pete's wife called in to talk to him about smoking and said "Damn Deirdre." lol Rosie talked to Pete's wife for a while about the smoking thing and told her to feel better (because of the morning sickness she's been experiencing) and if she has twins, she would like one.

Rosie took some callers who disagreed with her stance on health care and Tea Party Patriots. One caller said he was a tea party member because of the financial direction our government is heading. She asked him if he was as upset when we were spending millions of dollars on wars as he is now that we are talking about spending that money on our own citizens for health care. He said he was. The caller said that Tea Partiers stand for responsible spending in government. Rosie challenged the caller as to whether or not he agrees with the group when they say racist and homophobic things? She asked him what it is about health care that is so upsetting that he would stand with people screaming racial epithets. He said it was the abortion language in the bill. Rosie said he is getting misinformation because of Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Brendan, who is an expert on everything, said there is no federal funding for abortion now and there won't be in the current bill. Rosie commented how she really wants the FACTS out there because the distortions that are coming out of the media are really toxic and people are believing things that aren't even happening. Here's a LINK to a quick breakdown of the health care bill.

Rosie took several more callers. One caller will now be covered because of the new health care bill and wasn't before because of a pre-existing condition. One listener called in to tell Rosie that she couldn't even tell her mother that she listened to Rosie. The caller was a Republican from Texas who agrees with Sean Hannity and loves Glenn Beck but also likes to listen to Rosie. The caller, whose name was Kelly and was in her 30s (NO IT WAS NOT ME), really showed her ignorance as to what the health care bill was trying to do for Americans. At some point I blacked out, after banging my head on the wall listening to her. I don't remember all that she said but I will say that Rosie was extremely patient and loving to her. After the phone-call Rosie and Brendan talked about what a terrible job the news media has done in teaching the American public what the country is doing for them.

Then Larry David called in! Rosie called Larry the funniest comedian in the world. She said when she worked with Larry it was her goal to make him laugh and Larry said because the show is improvised, it's hard not to laugh! Rosie asked Larry what made him think he could do a show that was all improv. Larry said he took an improv class in NY and said he really enjoyed it and it felt natural to him. He wanted to do a show yet didn't want to memorize a script. Rosie asked how Larry got Jeff Garlin involved. Larry said he was thinking about going back to standup and Jeff told him he should film it. He said the show came from the idea of a documentary about going back to standup and he put Jeff as his manager and there was the show! Rosie and Larry talked about Jerry Seinfeld's standup and how much work it is. They both said that they don't have the stomach for it anymore because of how brutal standup is. Larry said he used to go home and cry over it! Larry started doing standup in 1975. He could always make all the comics laugh hysterically but hated the audience, especially when they were rude. He said the audience should watch and be polite and they shouldn't talk and say things. It bothered him. It was during his standup days that he was hanging with Seinfeld. Although they were not in the same circle, they had a good chemistry and they would work on material together.

Seinfeld approached David originally about the idea for the show Seinfeld. Larry said at that point he would have done anything that paid money. And the show Seinfeld was born. I feel somewhat complete now that I know this. Larry did standup from 75-79, then went to LA for a while, then came back to NY and did standup again from 84-89. Rosie and Larry shared some laughs about how scary and horrifying the places are that you have to stay in when you do standup.

Larry and Rosie talked about kids and Larry said he had just dropped his kids off at school. He talked about how stressful the mornings were with them trying to get them to school on time. They both talked about the nightmare of "the school drop off." They then commiserated for a while on being a parent of teens.

Rosie said people still come up to her and tell her how great she was on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry said that he thought she was tremendous on the show. They talked briefly about the radio show too and about Rosie returning to daytime T.V. Rosie asked Larry what he is doing next and he said he's "working on some stuff." He said he's "leaning towards doing another season of Curb." Rosie said if they do another season she's there. Larry said how much he loves fighting with her and would love to have her back! Here's a link to Rosie on Curb if you've never seen it.

Larry on Curb

Rosie talked about what tremendous respect and admiration she has for Larry David. She said he's up there with the best of the best. She admitted she didn't really know him personally before she did the episode of Curb but when her agent asked her to do it, she immediately said YES. She said he can remark about how she's "gay, fat, whatever he wants", she's in.

There was a Shady News Network report where Rosie impersonated Shady the squirrel with a Lauper/Leno voice. Shady reported that he's okay and thanked everyone for their concern!

Then, Peter Lemongello called in and chatted with Rosie and Jeannie! Jeannie had a HUGE crush on Peter, and Rosie used to make fun of her relentlessly about this when they were growing up. They talked about career, marriage, kids, etc. Jeannie told a story about how she once went to see him at a mall where he was signing autographs and she was crying her eyes out. Oh, I've never done that for a celebrity in my life! HA! Jeannie even had his pictures in her locker. Jeannie, Rosie and some of their friends are going to see Peter perform at Westbury on May 7th. He hung up saying how he can't wait to meet them after the show! Jeannie was so excited.

A Peter Lemgello montage

Jeannie said she was going to find her old albums she owns of his because they are probably right where she left them at her mother's house!

Pete announced that today is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's! Pete and some of the staff wanted to go after the show. Pete and Rosie debated the Ben and Jerry's ice creams and which were the best. Janette said she wouldn't stand in line for a free cone and she would rather pay double for no lines and no people. And Rosie said she understands why Deirdre and Janette are so close.

They closed the show singing along to Puppy Love!

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    I loved how Ro & Weenie ended the show. It reminded me of hanging out with my friends in the 70's. (& boy do I love me some 70's music!)

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