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Rosie opened the show today talking about the health care reform bill that passed and the violent protests. I found some articles on the violence including an article on rocks that were thrown at the Democratic Headquarters, a call on twitter for the President's assassination, and Teabaggers threatening gun violence. Brendan, Bobby and Rosie talked about the negative statements that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have said that practically incite the violence. Brendan and Rosie discussed Palin's twitter statement that said "Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!" with a link to a map that encourages Americans to "target" those congress members that voted for the health care reform with SNIPER TARGET images placed over their districts. (see right)

They also discussed Rachel Maddow's show from last night discussing how right-wing extremists are inciting violence. Watch Rachel discuss it in her own words in the video below...

Brendan said he tried to watch Glenn Beck last night but said he's frightening and he had to turn it off. Rosie took several callers including...an emergency room nurse who's upset because people without health care take up the emergency room space for patients who are seriously ill and a caller who doesn't even believe the government should tell her she should wear a seatbelt, let alone that she has to have health insurance. This caller didn't believe that since she makes too much for medicaid now the new bill will allow her to be covered. Rosie asked her how much her salary was and according to the new bill she now qualifies for medicaid. The caller didn't believe it. (Kelly bangs head against wall and loses consciousness briefly.) Rosie pleaded with her to believe it. Rosie announced she was going to go to commercial and come back with charts, sheets, facts and numbers and it was going to be like the Elisabeth Hasselbeck hour. Janette suggested calling the Institute For Studying Steel to see if they have any expertise in the subject of health care reform.

After the commercial break, Rosie listed the facts of the health care reform bill including that right now over 32 million Americans do not have health insurance. When ranking the world health systems by country the United States of America is ranked 37th in the world (after many countries including Costa Rica, Chile, Finland, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Japan etc.). Rosie read some items from the bill that stated if you make less than $30,000 a year you get expanded medicaid and if you make less than $80,000 a year you get tax breaks for health insurance. Also, you can no longer be denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition. She said loudly, "It's a good thing people! Don't be so afraid of change!"

Rosie was frustrated over people that maintain there is a "left-wing media bias." She called it a fallacy. She believes there is a much greater right-wing media bias out there driving today's news because no one is even covering the violent protests that have occurred recently over this health care reform bill. Rosie took several more callers with health insurance stories to share. Janette and Rosie expressed their frustrations over how many of the protesters of the bill don't even know why they're angry, but they're just angry.

Rosie stated how much she LOVES Crystal Bowersox. Bobby said that Crystal is in a competition all by herself and she should just go make a record now and let the others compete.

Crystal sings Janis Joplin's Me and Bobby McGee

Rosie said she also liked Casey James who sang Huey Lewis' The Power of Love. She described him as "the one that Kara sexually molested." She also said that Ryan Seacrest looks like a 7th grader next to him.

Casey James singing The Power of Love

Rosie and Bobby were very impressed by Miley Cyrus in last night's episode and Rosie said she would like to have her on the radio show (and that her kids really want to meet her). She also said how much she loves her show Hannah Montana that she watches with her kids every evening. Blakey, Rosie's youngest son, still loves Didi Benami. Rosie said that they are remaking Star Search, the talent search competition show that ran from 1983-1995 and they asked Rosie to host it yet she declined. Rosie thinks that Star Search redone is not going to work. She does like the Idol, however. Rosie said she loved how Simon was back to his mean ways again and they played the negative Simon comments from last night's episode. Ellen misquoted the Broadway musical "Oliver" and said "I will quote Oliver and say 'More Please' " in reference to one of the contestants whom she enjoyed. This error made Rosie and Bobby cringe because that is NOT the infamous quote from the musical. The actual quote is "Please sir, I want some more" which Rosie and Bobby recited together in unison. They were so offended! It was really funny. Rosie and Bobby said it's like quoting the musical Evita and saying "Don't laugh at me Chile" or quoting the Broadway musical Annie and saying "The sun will come out on Thursday.

The scene from Oliver the musical.

Rosie said that people keep asking her about the rumors she's coming back to daytime TV and people are acting like it's going to start in just a few months. Rosie reminded her fans and listeners that she is not set to start until Sept./Oct. 2011. She said she needs the next 18 months to figure out what she's going to wear! Rosie said she would love to do it in a Broadway theater and to still prominently feature Broadway shows. Janette said everyone she has ever met has emailed her since of the announcement about Rosie returning to TV.

They talked very briefly about Vice President Joe Biden saying "This is a big fucking deal" to President Obama after he signed the health care reform bill. Rosie said Obama had that "drunk-Uncle-at-the-Communion-look" on his face, like he wanted to say "Shut up, the mike is on, Joe!" Janette said she loves Joe.

After today's show, Rosie said she's going to the dentist again and she's officially over it. She said she almost hemorrhaged to death the last time. She said it was like "the opening of Saving Private Ryan" when she was spitting into the sink and blood and limbs were practically falling out of her mouth. She said they are going to take off the plastic crowns today and put on another plastic set to see if she likes them. Last Wednesday, when she went to the dentist, she was there from 2pm-7:30pm! She said she is in a lot of pain during the dental appointments and her driver Stanley takes her and she cries into her pillow on the way home. She said she feels like the Nana who can pop her teeth out at a party.

Liz Sarnoff who is a staff writer and co-executive producer of the TV show Lost called in to talk to Rosie. Liz is a breast cancer survivor and recently wrote a book entitled "Shit Genes" that has yet to be published. Liz's mother and sister both had breast cancer, too. Liz said the book is about her journey and experience with breast cancer and she named the book "Shit Genes" because of the time that her sister called her and said to her "why do we have to have these shit genes?" Rosie loved the title of the book. Liz is originally from Long Island and Rosie talked with her about the unusually high incidence of cancer in women from Long Island and the possible environmental factors that may have contributed. Liz said she was 41 when she was diagnosed and she chose chemotherapy and radiation as treatment. She said she would recommend women do a lot of research before they just agree to what the doctors insist. She said if she had it to do over again, she may have chosen a different route. She asked women to take the time to say "this is my body and these are my decisions" and see what the alternatives are. Liz and Rosie shared their mothers' stories of battling breast cancer. They also talked about how some women who are afflicted with the disease choose not to be fully informed about their own illness. Rosie talked with Liz about her second mother, Pat Maravel, who also battled breast cancer and eventually died from it. Rosie has since named a building The Maravel Arts Center for her Rosie's Broadway Kids charity. You can read more about her charity HERE and read about Pat Maravel in Rosie's own words HERE. Rosie also talked about her good friend Lori Klinger who often says how battling breast cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to her (in a way) because of the new appreciation for life that it gave her. Rosie thanked Liz for her phone-call and told her good luck with the book!

The staff talked about the BRCA genetic test and whether or not they would ever choose to be tested. Rosie has been asked to have the test but has declined. Shoshana's mother also had breast cancer and doesn't want the test because she doesn't know what she would do with the information. Janette said she would not have the test for the breast cancer gene because she would be too scared with the information and probably overreact and get a preventative double mastectomy.

Rosie told a story about a time during her magazine lawsuit when there was a woman who was a breast cancer survivor who was brought in to talk to her and ended up working for "the other side." Rosie called the woman on the phone regarding the deception and told her it was bad Karma what she did - to bond with her on such a personal level about breast cancer and then betray her in that way. She said she did NOT say that everyone who lies gets breast cancer. Rosie does believe that the emotional is related to the physical. Rosie also believes that if you believe you can make yourself sick, you have to believe you can make yourself well. Janette talked about her own experience of how her thoughts effected her physically when she was having severe ankle pain and couldn't find a cure. During the lawsuit, the woman who betrayed Rosie so badly, had a recurrence.

Rosie said she heard that Kirstie Alley said something mean about Rosie on her new reality TV show because of the time Rosie called her a liar because she said she weighed 175 pounds the day she revealed her weight on the Oprah Winfrey show. (well guess who's not going to be booked on Rosie's new show in 2011?!) Janette said Kirstie better watch it or she'll draw a mustache on her. (I love Janette.) Janette doesn't like people picking on Rosie. (I hear ya, sister!)

Lastly, Rosie told the story about the murderer named Dean Faiello that Bobby once introduced her to! You can read about Dean's crime HERE. Dean represented himself as a dermatologist yet he held neither a medical degree nor a license to practice medicine. He attempted a mole removal on a woman who had a seizure from the medicine he injected into her and she died. He then buried her in his backyard under a cement floor. Apparently, Rosie is mentioned in a book about the murder entitled Under the Knife: A Beautiful Woman, a Phony Doctor, and a Shocking Homicide! (only because of how she took care of Dean's partner who was suffering from a brain tumor, but still...) Dean Faiello is currently serving 20 years in prison for first degree assault! (There are also pictures of Bobby Pearce's apartment in the book!) They discussed the case and how disturbing it was. This man also called Bobby once from jail and Bobby wouldn't take his call. Janette said he wasn't a real murderer cause he lacked intent (Rosie said to ask the victim's family what they think about that logic) and Pete corrected Janette because apparently, he called a doctor when the woman was having the seizure and the doctor told him to take her directly to the ER and he did not. Instead he let her die and then buried her in the backyard. DISTURBING!! Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Dean Faiello let the woman die and buried her in the backyard and he was charged with assault not murder? This story is disturbing on SO many levels. Kelly, I don't know if you have an 'in' with Rosie but would appreciate it if you pass the word that when she ends the show she could keep it light. Or keep it gay...whatever floats her boat.

  2. Kirsters, technically he was charged with second-degree murder but he pleading guilty to first degree assault in exchange for (only) a 20 year prison sentence. I got that from Wiki. The story WAS disturbing, you're right about that.

    Yeah, I do not have any "in" with Rosie but I would agree ending on a song or a light-hearted joke would be oh so much better than ending with a story of murder and buried bodies. It did leave a disturbing icky feel how the show ended.

  3. Yes, I loved how yesterday's show ended....singing Puppy Love with Donny Osmond. I was singing loudly and laughing as I drove, haven't heard it in years, and that's my era too! I looked insane, but I was happy.

  4. I watch the Kirstie Alley show and I don't think she said anything bad about Rosie. To bad I already erased it. She was talking about being a fat celebrity and her son said something using Rosie as an example, in a sympathtic way, He said sometime to the tune of "yeah like Rosie O'Donnell". He was trashing Rosie at all.

  5. Oh I laughed so hard at "Don't cry for me, Chile" and "The Sun'll Come Out on Thursday." Reading it in the recap made me laugh out loud AGAIN! Thanks, Kelly!

    : ) P

  6. Oh, crap, really Dayna? I wish I saw it! I'm sure they'll replay the show. Maybe I will try to catch in on a re-run this weekend.

    They should be friends! Girls need to stick together more.

    Thanks for the comments!!! :)