In case you missed it...

Rosie started the show singing along with the beginning theme song and asking Shoshana what kind of music she listens to on the drive to the studio everyday. Shoshana didn't exactly say but she did say it's not Keisha. They mentioned how bad Keisha was on American Idol. They all commented on how it looked like she was trying to be Lady Gaga. You can watch that Lady Gaga copycat debacle performance HERE. (okay, so yeah I have no opinion on that obviously). Rosie said that years ago Madonna told Rosie about Lady Gaga. Bobby commented what an artist Gaga truly is and Rosie said she doesn't think Gaga realizes how beautiful she actually is. They talked about Lady Gaga's latest video "Telephone" with Beyonce and how amazing it is!! I agree, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Rosie said in 2 days she's going to be 48 years old! Rosie said for her birthday she was going to hang with the kids and Tracy and eat buffalo wings and a Friendly's ice cream cake. She also is hoping her squirrel named Shady, will show up this weekend. She's afraid he's gone and as this is the longest she has ever gone without seeing him. This sparked a debate on the best way to die.  Rosie said she still wants to go to Dave and Busters with the staff. She said sometime in April after work they are going to go. April you say? ;) Then the staff sang Happy Birthday to Rosie!!!

After commercial Rosie introduced Cat Cora to the listening audience. Cat is an amazing chef and she just recently cooked for Barack and Michelle Obama! Rosie asked Cat how she was chosen and Cat said she cooked for them on Greek Independence Day because of her Greek heritage.

Cat is the first female Iron Chef! The Iron Chef is a reality competition cooking show hosted by Alton Brown. Cat has been on The Food Network since 1999. Here's a link to a video of Cat on the Food Network. Rosie admitted that she has never watched a Food Network show. Cat's mother and grandmother taught her how to cook and she was raised learning all about both Greek and Mississippi cuisines. Cat said she was cooking from a very young age and she is one of 3 siblings. Both Cat and her older brother were adopted and her younger brother was a biological child to her parents. She didn't find out she was adopted until she was 6 years old from her brother telling her. He has overheard her parents talking about it and decided to tell her. She said it was a surprise to her!

Click HERE for the recipe of what Cat and Rosie made together!  :)

Rosie asked Cat how her family is with her being gay. She said they grew up across the street from a gay couple in South Jackson, Mississippi and her parents were very liberal and open minded. She was always told that if she was gay, or different in any way, that they would still love her. Cat said she has done a few interviews about the girl in Mississippi who's prom was cancelled because she requested to take her girlfriend. Cat said her first love was a cheerleader and they were a couple living in secret. She said that so many nights she would be devastated, crying over this girl. Rosie said that Tracy went through the same thing but for Rosie, being gay and being out, was not even a concept in her school. There were no role models for being gay at the time. Cat said she went with a boy to the Prom but she was really sad she couldn't go with her girlfriend. She also hates when something reinforces the stereotype of Mississippians being close minded because there are so many good people in Mississippi. Cat mentioned that she is working with some people to do a second chance prom for the school and Rosie offered to help and to go with her! How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about that!

Cat said she loves to cook at home for her kids when she is home. She said she has to travel a lot for her job but is a very involved parent when she is home. The traveling does not put a strain on her relationship because her partner is a stay-at-home mom and they developed their relationship with her travelling.

Cat went back to the story about coming out to her parents. She said one night she had come home from a very bad date with a girl and was hysterically crying and she called her mom at a dinner party and told her she had to come home. Her mom came home and Cat just said it. She told her mom "I'm gay. I'm gay." She was 19 years old and in college at the time. She said it took her parents a while to get used to the idea and that her parents went through stages. They went through the sadness of thinking that they were never going to have grandkids (which Cat and her partner have 4 kids together). Then they went through denial, guilt, fear, and now they're members of PFLAG and want to march on Washington for gay rights!

Cat said she really wanted to talk with Rosie about being famous and having kids. Rosie stressed the importance of talking to your kids about what it's like to have a famous mom and explaining to them that it's part of your job. When someone asks Rosie for an autograph when she's with her kids she will often ask them if it's okay first to give her kids a feeling of empowerment. She also introduces her child to the person to make sure that the kids are noticed too. When you're a celebrity, the kids can often be ignored. Rosie told Cat how much she enjoyed her and thanked Cat for coming and they promised they would be hanging out together! It was a very fun interview!

After commercial Rosie and the staff talked about at what age would they like to die as long as they were healthy. If they could guarantee their health, at what age would they choose to die. I don't know, they were throwing out a bunch of numbers. I think Deirdre said 85. Bobby said he still knows people who are 75 years old and still dancing on Broadway! Deirdre said her mother is unbelievably vibrant and she's in her 70s! People are always commenting on how young Janette looks but she says that doesn't matter to the grim reaper. Janette got botox sometime before they were on the View but after The Rosie O'Donnell Show. She said insurance didn't cover it and she still frowns and it cost her $2000. This sparked a conversation about age-related issues and Janette said her gums are receding but she never leaks pee when she sneezes or laughs. Deirdre is 43 years old and also has never had a pee problem. Rosie said when she sneezes or laughs and is unprepared, she does pee a little! Janette reminded Rosie of the time in July of 2000 when she made her laugh so hard, Rosie had to go get a towel to put down where she was sitting. HA!

Rosie asked if they ever sent the Sybian to the caller named Sugar. Rosie wanted to know how she likes it and hopes she will call into the show. Deirdre said she is scared of it but would try it. Janette said she would not try it. She said 10 years ago she would have but now she's all about dinner and a gift. Janette imitated the sound it makes (bzzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!) that she heard when she was having a tour of the Howard Stern studio!

Rosie said that her son Blake once found her "magic wand" and she told him it was a microphone. Then he asked why it moves and she said that's because sometimes the crowd gets crazy! LOL! Rosie said there is no place in her house to hide anything private. She said she's thinking of getting a vault which prompted an entire conversation about the pros and cons of a panic room. Lou went to commercial playing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from the musical Annie and Rosie sang along.

Rosie then interviewed some teenagers from Long Island who are raising money to buy children out of slavery in Ghana. Their charity is called "One is greater than none." You can visit and contribute to their cause on their website HERE. All the girls were friends and in 2007 they had several meetings about wanting to start a charity. They came across the little boy from Ghana that they saw on Oprah and they couldn't forget him. They told themselves even if they were only able to help one child, it would matter. Fisherman come into the villages in Ghana and tell parents that they will pay their kids to fish and in reality the children are forced to do slave labor and the parents are never given any money. The girls said there are thousands of kids in slavery in Ghana. They have raised $120,000 so far! And they have rescued and sponsored 48 kids this way!
They have an American proponent of their charity that provides healthcare for the under-insured and uninsured. Visit their website to find out more information or their facebook page!

Rosie and Angelica, Sammi and Kayla from One Is Greater Than None!

Rosie came back from commercial saying how much she enjoyed her interview with Dr. Drew this week. Deirdre said that he absolutely adored Rosie and feels really connected to her! He said he was blown away by her insight. Rosie said that is because she is insightful! Dr. Drew has a book entitled The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissim is Seducing America where he has a narcissism quiz. Take the Narcissism Test yourself HERE.  Everyone in the studio took it! A score of 15.3 is a typical score for the average person and a 17.8 is the typical average for a celebrity. The highest score you can receive of the narcissism test is 40. Here are the scores of the staff members:
Brendan: 8
James: 23 (Rosie said if she looked like James she would be high in vanity and exhibitionism too!)
Lou: 7
Pete: 17
Janette: 25
Bobby: 22
Deirdre: 18 (Rosie asked if she lied on the test, lol)
Rosie: 29 (the highest of everyone!!!!!!) She admitted she's pretty narcissistic and she's very bossy. James and Janette said they also scored high in the bossy area. Rosie admitted that she does think the world would be better if she ran it! LOL! Janette said she just wanted to know how much the job paid first. They discussed the test, everyone's scores and how they got to them. It was a funny funny bit!

Rosie closed the show discussing with Deirdre who would be on the show next week. (see the sidebar of my blog). Next week Larry David will be on and Deirdre commented how Larry NEVER does talk shows but he loves Rosie! (I didn't think it was possible to love him more and now I do). Rosie talked about the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that she did with Larry David. This is all I could find on YouTube. Bad quality but worth posting because it was so funny!

Part 1 of Rosie on Curb

Part 2 of Rosie on Curb
(really shitty quality but listen to it, its still fricking hilarious)

Another member of the studio (Pete, dude your mom busted you in the comments.  Tell her they're not your cigarettes.) and Deirdre said they will quit smoking for Rosie on her bday (this Sunday!!) Lou said he would quit smoking if she gets him sweet seats to Pearl Jam. He said if they're great seats, the day she hands him the tickets, he will quit. This prompted Rosie to sing along to the Mission Impossible theme music "I will get Lou tickets to Pearl Jam and he will quit smoking."

Rosie asked everyone to say a prayer for Shady's return. Lou went to commercial playing "Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam to which Rosie sang along with her own made up words and said "Lou, you want to go to this concert because you want to take a nap."



and that's what you missed! -kw


  1. LMAO @ rosie singing to "mission impossible." what a funny ending to the show! the rosie & lou saga cracks me up!

    thanks for another great recap kelly! let's hope rosie has a wonderful birthday & that shady comes back soon!

  2. Great recap. Even the cooking segment. I thought it was a very funny Friday. Them all talking just cracks me up. Especially when they all talk at once, and get off Rosie, And then she says, Wait a minute. It's all about me. Did you see Larry David on the Marriage Ref with Madonna. He was crazy. I don't like reality shows but I love that one.

  3. Hilarious! I took the test at work today - I also got a 7. Not sure how I feel about that - do I have confidence issues or just dislike people completely? ;-)

  4. Kelly, I'm so glad that you do this recap! I missed half of the show today. Did you see the article on Huffington Post saying that Rosie has signed to do a daytime tv talk show for 2011? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/19/rosie-odonnell-talk-show_n_506688.html
    Alison (aka Alderella)

  5. I think this was the best Friday show ever. I was laughing SO hard at the "posy pads" part that I nearly needed one - and then when they got to the Sybian, and Blake finding the magic wand, I really did just cry laughing so hard!

    Btw, Cat Cora's recipes are up on Ro's website.

    Thanks as always, Kelly! (Oh, and I got a 24 - yikes!)

    : ) P

  6. Thanks for this! I can't usually listen but I'm so glad to have you!

  7. lots of buzzing going on about our girl ro coming back to TV in 2011!!!!!!! if it's true, i hope she brings her radio crew with her! i'd be so excited to see ro on TV again, but i'd really miss her radio show. sirius/xm has given her the freedom to be herself... i absolutely love the show... it would be so cool if it was the radio show transported to TV... i just hope she can call the shots & i hope it makes her happy.

  8. Note to "another member of the studio." You can do this. You can quit. You can think of your daughters and quit, the way your mother quit for you.

  9. well, I can relate to Lou and Brendan I just took the test and scored a 7 :)

  10. I absolutely love Larry David - someone I hope I get to meet one day. He is so funny and talented and I love funny and talented people!

    I linked to the recipe on Ro's blog. It was fun to listen to them cooking on air but I couldn't get the recipe down well because they kept tangenting off into other subjects.

    I saw that article on Rosie going back to T.V.! I wonder if that's true? My first thought was what the heck am I going to do with my blog then? (of course it's all about me, see?) BTW, I scored a 9 on the narcissism test. :)

    And Mrs. Mele, you totally busted Pete. I was protecting him but I hope he quits too. He will be healthier for it. Thanks for commenting and for reading. I always enjoy it when you comment. :)

    Hoping Shady comes back for Rosie's birthday...

  11. Kelly, I love the addition of the segment titles - makes it really easy to find the parts you want to read again! Poor Pete, he was blessed with a cyber-smart mama, who cares enough to bust his chops! I hope he and Deirdre can really do it. Smoking is a nasty, awful, terrible addiction! Once they aren't smoking, they will understand how non-smokers know who the smokers are, even if we never catch them lighting up! LOL

    Shady - Shady - Shady - Shady - everyone just keep chanting!

    : ) P

  12. Kelly,

    I hope if Rosie goes back to tv you will keep the blog and recap the tv show. I know I would still come every day and read what you have to say.

  13. LA Times is reporting that Rory Kennedy is to Executive Produce. Fantastic! If Janette, Dierdre, Shoshana, Bobby, Pete, James and Lou join in, this could be really fun. Ro could build a tv studio in downtown Nyack (in one of the unused retail locations) like she had mentioned one day and then she could be close to home. Now, if she could prevail upon Phil Donahue and Carol Radziwil to be guest contributors on some segments, I would be so happy. I hope news of this show is real!!!

  14. love the segment titles!!

    i still need to take that test... maybe later.

    thanks, kw! xo