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• Rosie started the show singing again with gusto! Then she proposed that they do a rap which started Lou frantically searching for the song Down "wit" O.P.P. by Naughty By Nature. Now you're talkin my music language, Lou. Ro sang along but mostly knew only the chorus. Pete who moderates the ShadyChat (still no sign of Shady since the storm, btw) on the blog threw out some trivia for the blogtourage. Know what O.P.P. stands for? Pete told us it means “other people’s property”; and the song is asking if you're willing to have sexual relations with a person who is known to already have a significant other. And the second P stands for either “pussy” or “penis.” There's even a Wiki on it! Um, Okay then! Thanks Pete! Rosie also sang along to Kris Kross's JUMP JUMP!

for old time's sake
this music choice gets the KellyW stamp of approval

• Lou said he is still worried about not getting Pearl Jam tickets to their Madison Square Garden show. Deirdre is on it. Lou tried to use the Rosie Radio computers and still couldn't get in. He did get tickets to the Buffalo show. Rosie asked if Lou participates in a chatroom message board with other Pearl Jam fans and Lou said he doesn't go in there because it's too depressing to commiserate with the other Pearl Jammers who didn't get tickets. Lou said if Rosie or Deirdre come through for him he will give away his Buffalo tickets to another fan! This then sparked a fiery debate on how long it takes to drive to Buffalo from NYC. Janette had a lot to say on this topic because she used to live on the road as a stand-up comedian and Rosie told her to be quiet when she had had enough of Janette's savant knowledge of the driving time between NYC and other locales.

• Rosie said she spent 5-6 hours yesterday at the dentist having her new temporary crowns replaced with new temporaries. I think. I'm lost now on the status of Rosie's teeth. She says she knows there are much worse things in the world but today it felt like Mike Tyson punched her in the face. OUCH.

• This prompted the conversation about the new reality show starring Mike Tyson on Animal Planet about racing pigeons. You can watch a clip of "Taking on Tyson" HERE. Rosie said she wanted to interview Mike after he went on Oprah and she finds herself fascinated by him and his life. See a clip of Mike Tyson on Oprah HERE. A listener whose husband raises pigeons called in and explained how and why one raises pigeons. Google Pete, king of all random facts, said there was once a Murder She Wrote episode about it. Another listener called in to tell Rosie that the reason Mike Tyson became a fighter was because of a bully who killed his pigeon as a child. You can purchase a copy of the documentary Tyson, about Mike and his life HERE.

the trailer to the documentary film Tyson

• One caller brought up the news-story that broke today that announced that Sandra Bullock and her husband have separated. Rosie talked about what an amazing, kind and talented person Sandra is. The whole staff was devastated to hear the news. This sparked a conversation and debate about monogamy and infidelity. Janette said she would rather not know if her longtime boyfriend Barry has an affair. She admitted that for the past 3-4 years she was convinced Barry was having an affair with his Ex because he was going out to dinner all of the sudden once a week for "work." It turned out to be business but she was completely convinced. Janette explained that an affair wouldn't be a relationship deal-breaker for her. She said that she understands that people are human and they have urges. For Deirdre, the unforgivable piece of an affair is the deceptive piece. They discussed the recent GQ Magazine photo spread of Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' mistress. You can read about that disturbing display of half-nakedness HERE. Rosie asked what her point was of being so public with the affair and was concerned for the baby. She also stated that she didn't know how Sandra Bullock's husband couldn't realize that the news of his affair wouldn't get out? Janette thinks that when it comes to affairs and sexual relations in general, that is an area where people don't think rationally. Rosie took several callers on the subject.

There was a commercial break where I heard the best commercial so I thought I would add it in. Do you want to send your child to learn to act, sing and dance with the fantastic instructors at Rosie's Broadway Kids this summer????
First there is "Triple Threat Week" which is a 5-Day Workshop from June 21st - June 25th, 2010, 9 am - 5 pm, where beginning to intermediate students can hone their skills in dance, vocals and drama!
Then there is "Contemporary Broadway" week which is a 5-Day Workshop from August 2nd - August 6, 2010, 9 am - 5 pm where you can attend daily classes, workshops, and visits from the Broadway and Television communities! Both weeks are open to the public!
You can call or email Thecla Harris at 646-434-2776 or thecla@rbkids.org, for more information.
How fun is that?! I wish I could send my eldest son. I loved theater class when I was that age.

• After the commercial break Rosie said that she thinks she might need bifocals. Tracy and Janette have them. Rosie talked about what tremendous admiration she has for Tracy. A sibling of the children Tracy adopted has a young child (between 1 and 2 years of age) who has been in foster care her whole life and needs a home. Tracy received a letter about this child through social services. Tracy offered to take the baby in. She was talking on the phone with social services and then hung up and asked Rosie what she thought. Rosie was very excited at the idea of having a baby around the house again and is totally impressed with the kindness and compassion Tracy has. Tracy sounds amazing! Rosie said "She's a movie-of-the-week, that woman." Rosie adores her, you can tell! So sweet!

• Rosie said that she has friends who are married and have open marriages. She added that a couple of the people she knows are are in open marriages and are well known but they want to be together so they stay together. Janette talked about how there's so much more to a relationship than sex. Rosie's therapist says sex is "the grease that allows the relationship to run well." Janette and Barry used to have sex all the time (at exciting locations!) and in the last 3-4 years (since menopause) it has really slowed down. Janette said she's reading Suzanne Somers' book Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones and she thinks she's going to try the bioidenticals as Rosie has.

• Rosie talked about her own relationship struggles with her ex, Kelli. She said they could no longer make each other happy anymore - and they tried. She said that 10 years with someone was a long time and she's since decided instead of lamenting on what it wasn't, she has decided to start celebrating what it was. Rosie said that oftentimes lesbians break up and are still friends after the breakup. She said that is the case with most of her lesbian friends who have split.

• Janette told a story about how she was in the bathroom last night and the person in the apartment above hers let their bathtub run over and water started pouring down a pipe in Janette's bathroom onto the floor! She said she has lived there for almost 30 years, her boyfriend Barry was out of town and she didn't know how to reach the Superintendent of the building. She said there was 2 inches of water on the floor and she called Deirdre for help. Deirdre and Janette laughed about how well they get along and Deirdre said again that they would be a couple if they were lesbians. This freaks Rosie out every time Deirdre says it. Too funny. Rosie told the story about how Janette was once with a woman but she "only went to the mountains. She went uptown but not downtown." HA! Janette said she was in a bar and this woman started to look at her like she was "the second coming." Janette said she was severely inebriated and she made-out with her at her apartment but then made her leave. However, she felt like Hercules the next day (very empowered). Deirdre commented on Janette's outfit today and her Madonna gloves. Deirdre loves her and it creeps Rosie out. Rosie asked Janette, "Where did you get those (gloves) and WHY???" Rosie got bored at some point during her explanation and admitted to not paying attention to her answer because she was watching something on YouTube. I love when they shoot-the-shit in the studio! It is my favorite part of the show.

• Everyone laughed at Rosie's expense because recently, when she heard there was a Tsunami warning for all of Hawaii, Rosie's first thought was "OMG, Katie Spotz." Rosie wanted to send a medivac helicopter out to save her. Pete had to let Rosie know that Katie was rowing the ATLANTIC Ocean and not the PACIFIC Ocean where the Tsunami warning was. Two different oceans.

• Rosie told a story about meeting a wonderful elderly woman on the streets in Nyack one day named Helen. Recently, Tracy was out and about in Nyack and too came home and told Rosie of this same woman whom she met and adored. Deirdre is contacting her daughter so they can have her on the show. Helen owns a dress store in the town of Nyack. Tracy and Rosie love her. Awwww. Here's a picture of Tracy and Helen from Rosie's blog. ---------------------------------------->
• Rosie then introduced Katie Spotz, who Rosie was going to medivac out of the Atlantic ocean for a Tsunami warning in a whole other ocean. :)
Katie just rowed solo across the Atlantic for the Blue Planet Run Foundation that strives to provide clean drinking water to people in need. Katie is only 22 years old! Rosie asked Katie how it was on a scale from 1-10 to row that many miles. Katie said it ranged from 1-10 on a daily basis. She said there were days she wished nothing more than to be on land and there were days she knew what she was doing was so important. She said there was nothing she could have done to have really prepared her for the experience. Katie only started rowing a year before she took on this challenge. Rosie asked Katie about the boat she used and Katie said the boat she used is very specific to the challenge and there are only 3 of their kind in the U.S. Rosie asked Katie what made her decide to take on this challenge and Katie said that someone told her a story about someone doing it when she was in Australia and that's when she got the idea to take it on. They were also having a drought at the time and she realized what an important thing it was to have clean drinking water for all of the world's people. Katie's parents tried to talk her out of it, but are supportive. They were quite worried about her on the trip and are thankful that she had made land safely.

• Katie updated her blog while at sea and had an on shore captain named Sam Williams who was in the studio with her. Sam did this challenge 2 years ago! You can read more about his trip on his website. And here's a video I found describing his trip! And here's a link to Sam's twitter. He was the one who was most worried about her if he didn't hear from her for more than 3 hours, he said. Katie said that in the future she would like to do more for projects that give clean water to people of the world but said she thinks she won't do any rowing again anytime soon. She said she would like to circumnavigate all of the planet and visit all of the projects she's help raise money for. Sam said he would like to go from the North Pole to the South Pole using only man powered equipment. Rosie asked if they could get sponsored for these types of adventures and they said they could.

• Rosie kept suggesting how cute a couple Katie and Sam would be although they insisted that they weren't dating. Rosie also said if they did the show Survivor they would win for sure because Survivor is for babies compared to what they've accomplished. Rosie said she and the other Rosie Radio staff members were giving Katie a very sizable donation for her cause! It only costs $30 to provide clean drinking water for one person for their entire life. Through Katie's efforts she has saved 3,000 lives. Go to blueplanetrun.org and give $30 to save a life today! You can read more about Katie's trip on her website RowForWater.org. Or follow her in twitter HERE.

• Janette said she often (or even always) listens to the episodes they produce after they air. Rosie admitted how difficult she was at the beginning of the radio program to work for because of the personal stuff she was going through at the time. You can listen to Rosie 24/7 on sirius.com HERE. Janette said she listens to the show to see how they can all improve and has realizes that it's a real show! Rosie has never listened to it and asked Stan (through the airwaves) to preset the buttons in her Buick so she can listen when she's in the car.

• Rosie talked briefly about her AskRo's on her blog and how she's now decided she's going to skip all the mean posts from bloggers. She answers them sometimes because she wants to show her fans that there is a dark and down side to fame. Rosie read from the askros live on air!!! It was too funny because she and Janette basically told a couple mean bloggers to suck it! I never understood why people who hate Rosie so much would insist on going to her blog just to tell her something horrible. Seriously. If you don't like her, why bother with her then? Rosie closed the show.

• Tune in tomorrow when they will be doing a cooking segment with Cat Cora best known for her show Iron Chef on the Food Network.

and that's what you missed! - kw
sorry for the late post today. I went to OT and ST with my LT (which is code for I went to Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy with my Little Thomas). :)


  1. Thanks for the update.

  2. I listen as much as I can but your updates really help and I like you humorous take on things. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kelly - thanks so much for this blog! I had to give up my XM Radio due to finances and it took me a while to start coming to your blog but now I read almost every day. Since I've been reading Rosie's blog for years I was a bit lost recently on comments related to the radio show. Now I know! I'm sure this takes a lot of your time and I just wanted to say THANKS!

  4. Kelly, thank you so much for this blog. I missed the show today & I'm so glad I can come here & catch up. You really do a fantastic job!! xoxo

  5. I could only listen to the first 45 mins today so this recap is great!

    I can't believe the story about Janette and the water leakage! This is to freaky. Earlier this year while I was on the computer ( not the smartest thing to do while you have have bath running with water). I got up , went to my bathroom and my feet started sloshing around..I stood there in shock for about 10 seconds as I could not believe what I saw. My bath tub completely overflowed and then the water started to pour out into my hallway. What followed is like a comedy movie..I would have totally called into the show if I was home!

    Thanx Kelly :)