3-17-10 St. Patty's Day!

In case you missed it...

• Rosie started the show letting the listeners know that Shady has been missing since the storm. :( She said there should be a Law and Order S.A.U. - "Special Animal Unit" to find him. Rosie's worried that perhaps he's been squirrel-napped too. Lou said he thought he had a Shady sighting since the storm but wasn't sure. Rosie asked Lou how his attempt to get Pearl Jam tickets at their Madison Square Garden show went and, unfortunately, he didn't get them! Lou is one of Pearl Jam's number one fans and he was locked out of the website during the initial fan sale so he fears all the good tickets are gone!! This is a tragedy. I get you Lou! Rosie asked Lou if he could make her a "best of Pearl Jam" CD so she could become more familiar with them. After yesterday's show she realized that Pearl Jam wrote the theme song No More for the documentary film Body of War that Phil Donahue produced. If you missed the Rosie and Phil Donahue interview from Veteran's Day you can read about it HERE. (One of the best shows they've done.) Deirdre said she is going to try to get him tickets. AWWWW. That's cause Deirdre has amazing contacts with musicians! Have you read her Up Close And Personal?

• Rosie then decided to quiz Lou on his Pearl Jam knowledge and she asked the following questions:
Q: Why did Pearl Jam cancel their 10 Tour half-way through? Lou's guess was because they were in a fight with TicketMaster. NOPE.
Q: What organization's symbol is tattooed on Eddie's leg? NOPE, didn't know.
Q: What song has the lyric "Cry me a river dried up and damned." NOPE, he didn't know. Answer: DOWN
Q: What song has the lyrics "When the gas in my tank feels like money in the bank." Lou knew this one! Answer: GONE. He got that one right. :) I feel for you Lou. That's a lot of pressure. Someone quizzed me on Rosie trivia in the ShadyCam and I failed miserably.

• Rosie told Lou to "study up" tonight on his Pearl Jam trivia. Rosie doubted Lou's Pearl Jam Fan status and said she knows everything about Barbra Streisand and she proceeded to list off a ton of Barbra trivia. Janette called Rosie a "savant." And Rosie said she too is going to try to get Lou tickets.

• The staff then talked about last night's episode of American Idol. Shoshana doesn't really like the show this season. Rosie loves the contestant Crystal Bowersox, but thought the judges didn't give her very good feedback last night. Watch Crystal's performance from last night's Idol HERE. They talked about Ellen saying something to one of the male contestants like "I think your cute even for people like me (long space for laughter) you know, blonds." Implying that a lesbian couldn't think a boy was handsome. Rosie thought just because you're gay doesn't mean you can't see beauty in another sex. Rosie's youngest son, Blake, loves Didi Benami. Watch her performance from last night HERE. To Janette, it's as much the performance and the staging that she watches along with their voice. The staff wondered how they picked the songs and how they decided who sang what? They also played Siobahn Magnus's performance from last night and Rosie couldn't believe that she got a better critique from the judges than Crystal. Listen to her sing HERE. Rosie was not agreeing with the judges at all basically! :) Rosie mentioned how she loves Susan Boyle's version of the song Wild Horses.

Listen to Susan Boyle sing Wild Horses

• They took callers debating the winners of American Idol and this season's contestants. She gave one caller tickets to Sondheim on Sondheim on Broadway! SWEET! Janette talked about how Howard Stern fans kept the contestant Sanjaya on for so long by encouraging his fans to vote for him. Rosie talked to one caller who got kicked out of the Melissa Etheridge fan club because of a credit card error and she offered to take him to a "meet and greet" with Melissa next time she is in town as long as he didn't scare her in anyway. He was a very big fan of Melissa and very, very, very excited. Rosie also said she was going to get him 2 seats to her show when Melissa's in the NY area. Pete and Janette have only ever felt that crazy about a celebrity with William Shatner. One listener, who was having speech issues with his daughter, called Rosie and she is sending him her book about Auditory Processing Disorder entitled The Sound of Hope (on sale April 27th, 2010). Rosie also gave him a pair off round trip airline tickets from AirTran!

• Lou picked another song for Rosie to sing along to and Rosie to be critiqued on by the American Idol judges. The song was Angie Baby by Helen Reddy. Rosie sang along which is hilarious but the song made me gag a little. Not a fan of oldies. The American Idol judges "critiqued" her which really consists of Rosie playing clips of the American Idol judges from past American Idol episodes. Rosie said Simon "sucks" now because he's too nice. Rosie's not enjoying Kara either and doesn't think she and Ellen get along. Shoshana feels like they don't get along in real life either and it's obvious on the show. Janette thinks Kara is better than last year because last year she totally hated her.

• Rosie told a story about her girlfriend Tracy's son who is no longer allowed to ride the "regular" bus home from school. Tracy has six children who are all adopted from foster care except for her youngest son, Wyatt, who is 6 years old and has Down Syndrome. Wyatt has been going to the public schools in Nyack since they moved to New York. Rosie said that Tracy is a big proponent of inclusion and had worked with the Galveston area school personnel to keep Wyatt attending the "regular" school and the "regular" bus. Wyatt has been going to his new school for 2 weeks and yesterday he went under the seat on the bus and the principal now said he's not allowed to go on the regular bus. Janette recalled how terrible the bus was for her as a child (I believe she meant because she was teased about her weight, although she didn't say). Janette asked Rosie if Wyatt gets teased and Rosie said he doesn't really pick up the social cues of being teased. A listener who adopted a special needs 8 year old girl from adoptuskids.org called to talk to Rosie about her special needs child. The caller and Rosie talked about many things including the difficulties her daughter faces at school and the joy that she receives in raising her. Rosie pointed out that there are over 100,000 kids available for adoption TODAY. AAAAANNNNND, then she took a call from ME! Listen below!

Ya know, me and Ro chatting.

• Rosie then introduced the former navy seal, former wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura who was on the telephone. Jesse and Rosie talked about many conspiracies and I tried my best to keep up. However, I was on an adrenaline rush from just hanging up the phone with her so I missed a big portion of the beginning of the conversation. At some point Jesse mentioned that he never met with a lobbyist ONCE while he served as Governor because lobbyists didn't get him elected so he didn't need to. Rosie said the more you see "behind the curtain" the more disenchanted you get with the whole system because you realize it's all "smoke and mirrors." In 2004, Jesse started teaching a study group at Harvard University as a visiting fellow at the Kennedy School of Government's Institute of Politics (IOP). His study group focused on third party politics, campaign finance, the war on drugs, and other relevant political issues [Source: Wiki]. Rosie asked him about his time and Jesse said that only in America can someone who never went to college teach at Harvard. Jesse said he told his students "You're here to learn the theory of government. Learn it. I am here to teach the reality of government. It's different."

• Rosie and Jesse talked about how the media today is now owned by corporations and there is no one out there willing to stand up like the journalist Walter Cronkite once did. Jesse said there was a poll taken recently asking people who (in media) they trust now that Walter Cronkite is gone and The Daily Show's John Stewart was the winner. Jesse said that John is the new Walter Cronkite to the public and Rosie agreed. He stated that John is the only one in media without a corporate agenda. Both Rosie and Jesse have tremendous respect for John Stewart.

• Rosie told Jesse that many websites were discussing his appearance on The View (see below) recently and some edited out his views on a 9/11 conspiracy. Rosie complimented him on his bravery for speaking out about his views on such a controversial subject.

Listen to Jesse on The View

• Jesse commented that there is no reason to be afraid unless it's all true. If it's not true (that the government had a part in the 9/11 attacks) there's no danger. Jesse said he once went on the Alex Jones show where Alex asked him to state whether or not he would ever consider committing suicide. He said he would never consider it so if something ever happens to him, suicide is not a possibility.

• Jesse said he was asked to write for the Huffington Post and wrote a story about the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and HuffPo posted it for only an hour and then pulled it because they said they don't post "conspiracies." Jesse called this a lie and stated Jenny McCarthy writing about the link between Autism and Vaccines and Oliver Stone's article about JFK. Jesse said that he can't believe that the HuffPo practices censorship.

• Rosie and Jesse then talked about the phone call to Ted Olsen (the longtime republican) from his wife Barbara Olsen who was killed on one of the flights on 9/11. His story has been contradicted by the FBI. You can read that conspiracy theory HERE. Basically, Ted said that his wife made a couple calls and she used her own cell phone and then they realized that was impossible at the altitude of the plane. Then he said she used a phone on the back of the airline seat and they found out there weren't phones on the back of the seats on the airplane. The phone record showed she was on the phone for .1 seconds yet she provided a multitude of information for the short time she was on the phone?

• They then discussed the discrepancies about the plane that went down in Shanksville, PA. They found pieces of the plane for MILES AND MILES. Why was this? Also, they said this was the first time in the history of the world that the black boxes were not found from any of the 4 planes. Jesse and Rosie also discussed how upsetting it is that the media won't report on how many volunteers who helped rescue and clean up after the 9/11 attacks are dead and dying.

• Jesse and Rosie talked about Operation Northwoods and some theories and governmental documents that stated that our own government would attack its own people to create an uproar to get the U.S. citizens to want to go to war with Cuba. They also mentioned the document that was found prior to the 9/11 attacks that stated we would need a "Pearl Harbor type event on our own soil" in order to justify a war. Rosie talked about when she was on The View and trying to talk to Elisabeth Hasselbeck about our country being viewed as terrorists when we invade a sovereign nation. You can watch that clip below:

May 23rd, 2007
• Jesse told a story about how when he got out of office he was a hot commodity and he had many T.V. Show offers. He was supposed to have a 5 day a week show with MSNBC and just before they were supposed to start airing a coworker of his got a phone-call questioning Jesse's views on the war in Iraq. The caller asked if "New Jersey" (meaning MSNBC headquarters) knows that Jesse is against the war. Suddenly his show was canceled. MSNBC also pulled their highest rated show (at the time) with Phil Donahue. Read about that HERE. Rosie said she was actually a guest on the last show Phil ever did. Rosie also had a deal with MSNBC and her show was pulled too!! Read about that HERE. Jesse said MSNBC paid him for his 3 year contract and he never even worked but in his contract he was not allowed to do any news programs. So, in essence, they bought his silence.

• They came back from commercial playing POWER to the People! Jesse talked with Rosie about torture and about waterboarding and how really it IS torture and he knows because he's been waterboarded. He described the process to Rosie and the listeners. They talked about The Patriot Act, Obama, Howard Stern and may other topics. Rosie and Jesse took some calls from listeners and Jesse expressed how disappointed he is with our country because our military should only be used to defend its people and not to occupy other countries. Rosie thanked Jesse for calling in and said that she really enjoyed talking with him. It was a FANTASTIC interview! Everything covered in the interview can be accessed in Jesse's book: American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us .

• Rosie closed the show saying that 37 years ago today her mom passed away and saying "Peace out, Mom....wherever you are." HUGS Rosie.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Thomas!
My Thomas says Happy St. Patrick's Day, bloggers!

and that's what you missed. - kw


  1. Kelly!! Congrats on the call..So happy that you got through..You sounded great! ..As u know I have wanted to call in a few times..You give me hope! ;)

    I'm not worried about LOU getting tickets to PJ..I know he will..He has great contacts between Rosie and Deirdre..Tickets will come through for him I'm sure of it!

    Shady..Hmmmm...If he/she doesn't show up by tomorrow then I would start worrying.

    Love the picture with Thomas! What a nice suprise ending to the blog!


  2. Woot Woot!
    WTG Kelly!
    You sounded great on the show talking with Rosie!
    I knew you would!
    And how cute is your son Thomas!

    I so agree about the need for someone to write about what it is like for the siblings of children with special needs.
    A really good friend of mine has a child with autism and I have often wondered how it impacts his older brother. They are so good together every time I visit and it has been interesting to see the family relationship dynamic over the years.

    Happy St Patty's day everyone and thanks for a great recap Kelly!

  3. I don't know how you do this and get it on the site so quickly. You have a gift and we benefit from it. Thank you and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Kel, again congrats on gettin through and getting to chat with Rosie, bet it was exciting as all get out, I was waiting for her to give you a krum cupcake lol

    btw Rosie could interview me like she did Lou about herself and I would win, 1) i know why she always cancels any concert 2) I know what tatoo she has and why she got it and how many times she has added to it 3) I know Rosie's Lyrics to any show she has ever been in LOL
    Im a riot but its true I do know her
    I laughed when Rosie said Lou should get kicked out of the fan club LOL
    HappY St Pattys Day

    your gusband

  5. Hi Kelly, It was SOOO great to hear you on the radio today. Love the pic of Thomas. Your recap is fantastic!
    Alison (aka Alderella from the Shady cam)

  6. Congratulations Kelly!!!! You were great on the call!! You and Ro sounded like old friends!!

    What a terrific show today all around! Ro is a fantastic interviewer. Hope Jesse Ventura comes back again! (Hope Shady comes back too!)

    Love the pic of Thomas. Arthur, you are hilarious! Happy St.Patty's Day everyone!

  7. Great to hear you chatting with Ro!! You sounded wonderful. Nice to hear your voice!

  8. Arthur/Gusband of Kelly..lol

    Without googling info..What was Rosie doing when she sliced her finger? And what was she cutting?..Remember no googling or Binging!

    She needs to have a Trivia contest on RR! That would fun.

  9. Oooh, I know, Heidi! (There are no posts after yours yet, but others may have answered and Kelly hasn't posted them yet.)

    Ro was using a brand new knife to slice the price tag off a fishing rod because she wanted to do something to distract her from the Republican Convention. She has joked that, in a round about way, she nearly died of staph because of GWBush. LOL

    Kelly, love the green comments today! You are so cute. Your call was FAB and I was SO excited for you!

    : ) P

  10. I'm so happy you mustered the courage to CALL IN Kelly! Great job!! I completely agree with you on the bus issue, btw.

    I just want to say that I didn't agree AT ALL with Rosie today on the American Idol stuff. I think Crystal is great as well, but Siobahn was outstanding last night!! You have to watch her performance if you missed it- she sang Paint it Black really well (especially at the end.) I also think Rosie shouldn't be quipping at Ellen. I thought Ellen's "even me" comment was pretty funny, and you have to admit for some of us its easier to find members of one sex more attractive than the other.

    Most of the time I agree with Ro, so I had to comment, haha.

  11. Kelly I want to help you with the audio.
    It sounded like you recorded externally via mic.

    Next time call Ro via Skype
    but first, download(free)CallGraph

    It will start recording at the beginning of the session and auto save as .mp3 in 2 channels when it ends.

  12. I'm so glad you got on the air!

    I'm a long-time blog reader finally compelled to comment because of your call itself! I have an aunt who has three kids -- a middle daughter with an older and younger brother, both of whom have Asperberger's and require special attention from both parents and teachers. Your call really hit home from me how difficult her life might seem in certain situations.

    Also, Jesse is a rock star. As a Minnesotan, I can say he won -- as a third-party candidate, we should all note -- because he reached out to the disenfranchised, and it's a strategy I wish more politicians would consider.

  13. Kelly - there is a wonderful book for Middle Grade readers called Rules by Cynthia Lord. The protagonist is a girl with an older brother with autism. The author based it on her own family. Check it out.