In case you missed it...

• Jeannie was back in the studio today after being absent from yesterday's show! We missed Jeannie!! Jeannie said she needed a day to take care of some stuff yesterday (they implied it had to do with her teenage daughter). Rosie talked with Jeannie about her daughter. Jeannie's daughter is now unable to attend a class trip in June as a consequence of some bad behavior and Jeannie said it will be hell in her house until June. Someone told Jeannie that if your teen really, really hates you it means you're doing a good job. So, she tells herself, she must be doing a good job. Jeannie also thinks her daughter is trying to shock her and hurt her now because she's not allowed to go on the trip. Jeannie said it's all she can do to not react. Jeannie's daughter is threatening to have her lips pierced now. Jeannie said she might want to call Applebees (where she works) and see how they feel about that and whether or not she will still have a job there if she gets her lips pierced. Jeannie and Rosie talked about the frustrations they are having with their teens, raising them, getting along with them, and setting limits.

• Last night Rosie and her 12 year old daughter, Chelsea, watched Life Unexpected. There was a "sex scene" between the main character (who is only 16) and her boyfriend on the show. Rosie talked about how incredibly awkward it was watching this with her 12 year old! Deirdre said even now that she's in her 40s she feels uncomfortable if a sex scene comes on TV when her parents are around. The staff talked about how we often accept the violence shown on TV over sex. Rosie said she even let her kids see The Hurt Locker, their first rated R movie. Rosie said she watched it first and thought it was such a realistic portrayal about war so she allowed them to see it. She said now her kids want to see She's Out of My League but Rosie won't let them. Their argument is that she already allowed them to see an rated R movie but Rosie doesn't want them to see it because of the sex. Rosie and Kelli have been emailing each other so that they can have the same rules about TV shows at both houses. Rosie said she and Parker watched the Stars network show Spartacus because Parker loves history so much. She told him if he does all his homework, they can watch it together. Rosie said she found it uncomfortable to watch with Parker because it's pretty sexual. Janette said she doesn't like seeing naked people on screen ever, men or women. Deirdre said she likes nakedness! LOL Rosie said the only naked people she ever saw growing up were the women in National Geographic and Janette said, "There's a reason to wear a bra." Deirdre said "if you can hold a quarter under your boob, you have droopy boobs." Rosie said "a roll of quarters?" LOL Deirdre doesn't like her 34C boobs and wishes they were smaller. Jeannie said her boobs go with the rest of her and when she loses weight she loses it in her boobs too. Janette said even when she weighed 275 pounds she still was an A cup. Now Janette is a "big old B" and she hates it. I wonder what the men in the studio were thinking during this conversation.

• Pete's wife, who is expecting a baby in November, is feeling MUCH better. Last night he even made a special trip to get her Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks from Papa Johns. Jeannie asked if his wife ever "gets frisky" when she is pregnant. Pete said that was never a problem and included that they used more than one form of birth control and still got pregnant! Janette and Pete debated the ideal age to have a baby. Rosie asked what is happening to this show?

• Jeannie and Rosie said they both can't watch Hoarders anymore because it's too much of the same story and too depressing.

• Rosie read Jesse Ventura's American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us last night in preparation for Jesse's appearance on the show tomorrow (3/17)! Rosie said it was very interesting and they would be discussing the "Institute For Studying Steel" on tomorrow's show. HA! Rosie said she was very happy that she will be talking to Jesse Ventura! Rosie said she only had one and a half days to read the book and watch all the interviews in preparation for the show tomorrow. Rosie remarked that she couldn't imagine interviewing him and NOT reading the book.

• Rosie said that it is the 37th anniversary of her mother's death tomorrow. She said to see your own name on a gravestone is very creepy. Rosie said she remembers taking a shower on St. Patrick's Day, the morning of the day her mother died, and looking in the mirror and saying out-loud that nothing bad could possibly happen that day because it was St. Patrick's day and that was a lucky day for the Irish. Then her mother died.

• Rosie then introduced Dr. Drew Pinsky who called into the studio to talk with Rosie. Dr. Drew produces and stars in the VH1 show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House. Dr. Drew is a medical doctor, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Medical Director for the Department of Chemical Dependency Services at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California, and a staff member at Huntington Memorial Hospital, and a private practitioner.

• Rosie said she is obsessed and fascinated (maybe even addicted????) to the show Celebrity Rehab. At the beginning of the interview Dr. Drew thanked Rosie for her clear and incredibly accurate description of the program. Rosie, who talked about addiction to fame like a drug in her book Celebrity Detox (The Fame Game), said she is fascinated with the fame aspect of the show. Drew said that people who are attracted to become famous are often the types of personalities who are also at risk for addiction. He said they have power, access, and are surrounded by a group of people who depend on them financially and can almost promote the addiction rather than help pull them away from it. He listed the Anna Nicole Smith death as an example of someone who died of addiction as everyone around her simply looked on.

• Dr. Drew and Rosie said they both stay up late worrying about the people on the show and he said that perhaps he and Rosie were "separated at birth." Drew stressed that addiction is a chronic disease and if you don't participate in a program of recovery every day the disease will resurface.

• Drew talked about his experience in medicine and how he is an Internist who became an expert in drug withdrawal. He became very good at detoxing addicts. He never gave much thought to 12 step programs until he saw some patients who were on the verge of death from addiction survive and thrive and he chose to look into it. Drew never had an addiction himself but said he understands it very well. He said that addicts have a "broken motivational system." A normal motivational system- like taking care of their family, succeeding in life, love and relationships doesn't work in them anymore. An addict is only motivated by their drug.

• Rosie and Drew then talked about the shows Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. They both talked about the frustration they feel when they see celebrities that are so obviously on drugs (like Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, Anna Nicole Smith, etc) and someone won't help them. Dr. Drew loved Rosie's intuitiveness with addicts and complimented her many times on it. He talked about how Corey Haim (who recently died of an apparent drug overdose) came up for discussion every season of Celebrity Rehab and how many people talked to Dr. Drew about him but Corey never followed through. He didn't want to get sober. He said "you're responsible for your recovery not your disease" and he (Corey) didn't want it.

• Jeannie, who admitted she has a crush on Dr. Drew, had a few questions for him about her teenage daughter. She said she tries to model what he does by staying extremely calm and not react when her daughter is trying to get a rise out of her. Drew said, "When you have an emotional reaction they've got you." He advised her to listen to the feeling that her daughter evokes in her and reflect it back to her face without be overtaken by it. Jeannie explained that she and Roseann (I love when she calls her that) spent their teenage years together and they drank and smoked pot together recreationally. Jeannie said her daughter is running with a fast crowd and it concerns her. Drew said that "if you don't have a biological tendency towards addiction" she might be the codependent one and the one in danger of enmeshing herself in her addict friend's lives and possibly be at risk for love addiction. He said her daughter needs to establish boundaries. Dr. Drew ended the phone-call with Rosie saying again how he can't believe that they weren't separated at birth. Rosie told Dr. Drew that Tracy, her girlfriend, likes Dr. Drew's "buff bod" and told him he has a lot of lesbian fans. After he hung up Rosie commented how cute, sweet and smart Dr. Drew was!

• They came back from commercial playing Amy Winehouse's Rehab and Rosie sang along! Watch this video for old times sake! :)

• Rosie said she worries about a lot of celebrities she doesn't know and their battles with drugs. She said when Robert Downey Junior was having his battle with drugs she wanted to call him and ask him if he wanted to come live with them. She said Kelli asked if she really thought that living with 4 young kids would help him get sober! She said she just wanted to love him back to health. Then Rosie started talking about how she misses having little kids around. She said Tracy loves the show the Duggars and they briefly discussed the program. I guess Tracy wishes her kids would be as well behaved and polite as those kids.

• Jeannie said that Rosie once asked she and Jackie to be "her people" if she ever got out of control, or involved with drugs. She asked that they confront her. She talked about the time that Whitney Houston canceled and appearance on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how she told Whitney's people "when she dies it's going to be on you." Rosie talked about her own depression she was battling the past 2 years and how her kids would go to school and she would paint, feed the squirrels and write. Jeannie said she was really worried about her at this time and often forced Rosie to come out. Rosie talked about her dear friend Natasha Lyonne and how she almost died of meth and heroin addiction. Rosie said Natasha is one of the smartest women she's ever met in her life and loves her dearly. Rosie said she sometimes worries if she doesn't hear from her, so she told Natasha she has to call her back just to let her know she's okay.

• Deirdre said she had a lot of friends addicted to heroin in high school. She insisted that you cannot just sit and worry about them (the addicts) because the worrying will eat you up. She explained how you have to let it go. Rosie took several callers who discussed food addiction, drug addiction, celebrity rehab, etc.

• The staff then discussed the news story that Johnny Weir, the 25 year old Olympic figure skater ranked 4th in the world, isn't allowed to do Stars on Ice because he's not "family friendly" enough which Rosie said is code for being "too gay." Rosie thinks people should not go see Stars on Ice because of this. I AGREE.

• Coming back from commercial they played the song Keep It Gay.

• The Stars on Ice has denied that sexual orientation played a role in not allowing Weir to perform. Weir went on Joy Behar's show discussing this story. You can watch that interview HERE. Rosie talked about how sad it is that people say that "gay" isn't family friendly. Bobby said that he knew he was gay in high school and he worried people would find out. He said he was funny and popular but wasn't teased because he was gay -but he pretended that he was straight.

Watch Johnny Weir perform!

• Rosie took several callers from listeners in support of Johnny Weir! Team JOHNNY! One of the callers was a conservative who called in to tell Rosie how she loves her show and how much she supports Johnny and his right to skate in Stars on Ice. Rosie loved her and loved the call challenging the caller on how conservative she really was. She was too funny with the conservative caller.

• Rosie then went to commercial saying "Johnny Weir, I love you" and played his own theme song designed and written by the Sirius Team! It was hilarious. I loved it.

• Lou said Pearl Jam tickets go on sale at 3:00pm and they're performing May 20th and 21st in Madison Square Garden. And Rosie asked all about Pearl Jam and got Eddie Vedder confused with Kurt Cobain. LOL It was funny to me. Rosie asked Lou to play a song and Lou played Pearl Jam's Just Breathe.

For Louie Lou

• Rosie asked if she could help him get tickets at all to which Lou responded that he's a super fan and could probably get better seats than her! Rosie said that she's buying his tickets and that she didn't want to go but to go ahead and buy 4 tickets on HER!!! SO FUNNY! Rosie closed the show.

• Don't forget that Jesse Ventura will be on the show tomorrow (3/17)! Don't miss it!!

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. I didn't get to listen to the entire show but I did hear the beginning. First of all I just want to say I think Jeannie is an awesome mom! and I think the advice that person gave her about your teen hating you means you're doing a good job, is right! just thinking back to my own teenage years on that one lol
    and the conversation about the bra size, nakedness etc. was cracking me up & kel I was wondering the same thing what the men were thinking when that was taking place. too funny!!
    and thanks for the JAHERO flashback! That is a funny one, I miss JAHERO & when that one was over I watched the JA RO one, "there was this little girl, I mean fully grown woman" LOL I remember I was waiting in the car to get Kevin from pre-school and you called me. ah, the memories!!! :)

  2. I love Jeannie and if she had her own radio show after Rosie's or something I would totally listen to it!

  3. Oh, and! lol.. Heidi, that picture was both memorable AND awesome! ;)

  4. I think Jeannie is terrific on the show......i love listening to them talk about their days growing up
    michele i was cracking up about the whole bra thing too...and noting the silence from the guys lol

    I SO agree about the Johnny Weir situation Kelly......he is one of my fav skaters......i love his artistry....reminds me of Kurt Browning....

    i love that he proudly waited for his Olympic scores in the kiss and cry area wearing a floral wreathe on his head (like the laurels the athletes used to wear way back in the beginning of the games)......but with his own flair!

    It is disgusting that Smuckers is not including him in Stars On Ice....hope he heard the show today and the very cool song about him

    hey maybe he'd be another guest to have on the show!

  5. i think jeanne is an amazing mom- her daughter will look back years from now and thank her! so many parents out there don't care and are not consistent with their discipline. follow through is so important.

    there were many times i rebelled and pushed my mom as far away as i could- we are now very close.

    i miss jahero, too- BUT i do love listening to ro, janette, deirdre and jeanne (along with bobby and pete, tooooo!).

    i'm listening now and can't wait to hear dr. drew- i think he is super sexy. ;)

    thanks, kw! xo

  6. Kelly,

    I am so thankful of your blog. I am a faithful listener (and have even been on air) but am on `vacation`with my kids and haven`t been able to listen. I was watching the radio wishing I could tune in, then remembered your blog and felt better. Thanks a million for doing this.


  7. Great big thank you , Kelly. I think you do a great job of recapping the Ro Show and I look forward to your postings. Thanks so very much!

  8. Kelly, I just listened to you call in this morning about your son and the short bus!
    WOW did I get chills, I too have a son who is on the Autism Spectrum and rides a short bus as well.
    I enjoy reading your recaps everyday. Thank you so much for doing this for all us fans, but even more so being a mother of a special needs child! You are amazing! Would love to be able to email you, maybe we could just share what the days are like.
    Please feel free to email me!


  9. Ok seriously, I LOVE this! I heard of you for the first time on today's show when you called in. Awesome site and I will be back a lot! :)

    Thank you!

  10. Hey Kelly and Tonya,

    My Ty doesn't ride a short bus, but goes in a private van. He has many qualities of somebody with autism but is a shaken baby with brain damage. Another son is developmentally delayed and the other 2 have smaller special needs. I'd love to share what days are like too - if you'll have me.