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• Rosie began today's show announcing that three of her temporary crowns fell out when she was eating one of Shoshana's brownies this morning. Rosie is having her crowns replaced because they were too big and she didn't like them. Rosie is getting her new temporary crowns on Wednesday because no one likes the ones she has right now either. Rosie was at the diner with Chelsea and there was a cute little boy eating dinner with his dad next to them. Rosie went to talk to the little boy and Chelsea said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Because your gross, disgusting teeth will probably scare him to death!" Jeannie was absent from today's show because she had an appointment she could not change.

• Rosie asked the staff how they fared during the big storm that hit the North East this weekend. Everyone did fine and mostly stayed indoors but Rosie said it was like a tornado hit Nyack, the town she lives in. She said the Hudson River was churning like the Atlantic Ocean and they lost trees and power. Luckily, they have a generator. James (who does not have a generator) hasn't had power since the storm hit on Saturday and he has been told it may not be restored until Wednesday in the part of Staten Island where he lives. Rosie offered to let him take a shower at the studio if he needed to. Kelli and Blake had to cancel their trip fishing with his grandfather (Kelli's father) because of the storm.

• Rosie took a brief foray to the mall to Dave and Busters and decided it was fun when she was younger and that they may have to change their staff party locale. She went with Parker and said she just ended up following him around as he went from one shooting game to the next. She also couldn't believe how realistic the games were! Janette called it "back-door military training for the kids." Rosie announced how the brownie she ate before the show came on is working as the temporary glue for her crown! lol Janette talked about how she went on a bender-food-eating binge because of the donuts that Pete brought in last week. Rosie also talked about her own binging day she had this weekend.

• Rosie then discussed Cyndi Lauper's appearance last night on Celebrity Apprentice. Rosie explained how Trump has always been a sort of joke to her regarding his financial dealings. She said she sees him as "something to view from afar with a grin." She told the story of how Bobby originally introduced Rosie to Marla Maples. Bobby told a story about how Marla carried her wedding dress with her whenever she and Trump went on vacation because Trump kept saying they might get married here or there. Rosie had never met Trump but was invited to his wedding with Bobby and their mutual friend Jason. She said as Trump was walking down the aisle he was shaking people's hands which made Rosie giggle. She thought it was odd to stop and chat when walking down the aisle at one's wedding. They stayed at the reception for only a half hour.

• Then, during sweeps, Rosie let Trump be a "sweeper" (during sweeps week) on The Rosie O'Donnell Show but never interviewed him because she really had no interest to. The third time she met him, she was hosting the Survivor Celebrity Round Up show in Central Park and Trump was there.

• Rosie explained her distaste for beauty pageants and how they seemed to make a resurgence in the 90s. As a feminist, she said how absurd it is to judge and rate women based on how they look in bathing suits and how beautiful they were. Mr. Trump held a press conference to announce whether a contestant was going to be de-throwned from her crown based on some racy photos that had been released to the media. HE was the decider of whether or not she should remain in the pageant. It reminded Rosie of a pimp with his prostitute and it seemed archaic and misogynistic to her. This was during her time on The View and they asked her what she thought of it and this is what she said: (they played the audio from the episode)

Talk about absurd. I added this because
Anderson Cooper covered it????? Now that's absurd.

Trumps response on The Insider

on the Insider part 2
on Letterman
on Larry King
on Extra
again on Extra
in Toronto (in case there were any Canadians that hadn't heard his view of Rosie)

• And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently Trump did 27 interviews about this! LOL I guess Rosie touched a nerve on that comb-over head of his. (Don't sue me Trump, I don't have any money and I don't get paid for this blog.)

• Google Pete googled and confirmed that Trump indeed filed for bankruptcy 3 times and that all of the statements regarding Trump that Rosie said on The View were true. Trump threatened to sue Rosie and at the time of the incident of The View Pete was even told he had to wait in the office late in case a summons came and it never did. You can sue someone over the truth, unfortunately. Trump never sued Rosie.

I am now going to write about this next part but I don't buy it. Rosie said that Cyndi lives on "Planet Lauper" and she had no idea that there was ever a feud between Trump and Rosie. In fact, Cyndi claimed on the show last night that she wasn't friends with any rich people and had to call her only rich friend, Rosie, not knowing that Rosie probably wouldn't do the show because of the feud. ON AIR, Cyndi asked Rosie (via telephone) to come on the show. Rosie didn't even know they were filming Cyndi at the time of the phone-call. (I smell bullshit, not on Rosie's end but on Cyndi's. This is fishy. However, I don't like Trump and I love Cyndi and Rosie so I'll let this slide. Okay, no I won't. I've seen Rosie perform at True Colors 3 times and many of the jokes in her set have to do with mocking Trump and his dumb comb-over and anus mouth. And it's fucking fantastic and funny! Is Rosie telling us that Cyndi has never listened to her set? Not once on tour after all these years? If I had any balls at all I would have called in but I don't because it's easy to call BS from the safety of my house and not actually on the phone or in person with Rosie. HA!)

Cyndi faking like she doesn't know anything on Trump's show
Dude, some producer got a big fat raise because of the ratings spike after they got
Cyndi Lauper to call Rosie on the Celebrity Apprentice.

• After the commercial Rosie said the lines were lit up with callers wanting to discuss their own personal stories of Trump. One listener used to work for his magazine and had to sue them for her final paycheck. When Rosie's magazine folded she gave every staff member a check for $10,000 to make sure they were covered. The caller also said she was there during the whole "Ms. USA scandal" and that Trump did a press conference for his own publicity but didn't want the girl on the cover of the magazine because he thought she was trash. Several other listeners called in to share their own stories of not getting paid and what a jackass he is.

• Rosie announced for those that hadn't been following, that former Rosie Radio guest Katie Spotz, who was attempting to row across the Atlantic Ocean, has arrived on land! She is the youngest person and the second female to ever do it! They discussed how Katie had to alter her course at the end because she was worried about the weather and no one in the studio said they would ever have the guts to do what Katie has done. You can follow Katie on her twitter HERE and read the interview of when she was on Rosie Radio HERE.

• Rosie said she had a brief celebrity brush with Philip Seymour Hoffman at the airport where she was waiting in line like us common folk and he was brushing past security at the airport like she used to do. She said they saw each other and it was awkward because she doesn't know him but she's met him and she didn't know what to say. As I am not a celebrity and have never experienced this awkward celebrity moment, I didn't really relate. However, I have almost fainted in the presence of a celebrity so that I could relate to!

Jeannette Walls was on the phone to talk with Rosie about her books The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses. In the Glass Castle, Jeannette discusses her upbringing at the hands of her eccentric, nomadic parents--her frustrated-artist mother, and her brilliant, alcoholic father. Jeannette and her siblings were left to basically raise themselves. This book tells her story. In Half Broke Horses, Jeannette writes about her mother and her mother's mother and the adversity and the loss that they faced. Jeannette and Rosie talked about finding a way to survive in spite of when something horrible happens in your childhood. They also talked about how something wonderful comes from sharing that story and about finding a bond with others who have shared a similar struggle. Jeannette revealed that her mother is living with her now and how she has learned to accept her for her gifts, flaws and all. Jeannette talked about the importance of women speaking and telling their stories and sharing with each other. She shared with Rosie her own story of learning to accept the people in her life and why they are the way they are. Readers frequently write in to Jeannette and want her to write another book to explore her younger sister's story who didn't fare as well as the other siblings and battles mental illness. Rosie said she wants to chat with Jeannette's mother, trade art and bring her daughter Chelsea to meet Jeannette's horses! Listen to Jeannette Walls talk about The Glass Castle in her own words HERE.

• Then it was time for Rosie Radio Randomosity where they bounce from subject to subject. Rosie talked about the trouble she is having with her teeth and how she wishes there was a national program that helped people with their teeth who can't afford it. They talked about how expensive braces are. They discussed the Health care bill and whether it's going to be passed. They briefly discussed women's right to choose. Rosie said she once asked Tracy if she had pondered abortion when they told her there was a 1 in 27 chance that her baby had Down syndrome. Tracy said No. She said she wasn't one to decide who was perfect and who has value. When Rosie had her magazine, she read a book entitled Expecting Adam by Martha Beck about a woman who knew she was giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome. Tracy said that every year on her son's birthday, she re-reads that book.

• Rosie asked Janette (the producer) if Jeannette's (Walls) discussion about finding her mother again and learning to forgive her for her faults spoke to her at all. Janette said it did and she never got to know her mother and never got to resolve any of it. Janette's mom died in 1997. Rosie told Janette to go meet her mom and to find her but Janette never wanted to until it was too late. Rosie hired a private investigator to locate Janette's mom for her in the case that Janette ever wanted to find her. Janette said she has two brothers that don't know she and her sister, Lanette, exist. Then Rosie started singing some random song about North Carolina.

• Rosie talked about how she might sell some of the Rosie O'Donnell CD library that she has in her craft room on eBay to support her charity! She said she has many things in her craft room that they might sell for charity! I will keep you posted on that!!

• Dr. Drew from Celebrity Rehab will be on the phone tomorrow. And Rosie closed the show saying," Donald Trump, you suck." LOL


  1. "However, I have almost fainted in the presence of a celebrity so that I could relate to!"

    ..Umm Kelly, you almost and I did faint!..First time I met her at TRODS Sept 1999 as I approached her..Long incredible story..Here's my one and only picture I'll ever have and I had to f/n blink! ugh. They put me in a wheelchair afterwards with Rosie, Dr and Nurse...PS..I had my friend photo-shop my eye's open on the same picture that I saved..lol ..but this is the original below. 11 years ago!


  2. Just for the record, you CANNOT be sued if you state the truth. Libel and Slander laws only permit a cause of action if false, negligent, or reckless comments are made, not statements made supported by truthful facts. That's why Trump never sued Rosie - he had no grounds!

  3. Lol, oh, I don't feel bad for almost fainting then! That's an awesome pic, Heidi!

    I missed the part where Cyndi called Rosie! I watched the end after Desperate housewives was over. But, that's funny... Yeah, I think you're right about calling BS on not knowing there was a feud. And, yeah, my Mom and I were disgusted by his reaction when Cyndi mentioned Rosie.. It's like, come on. Ugh, lol.

    P.s. Kelly, I love how you're putting your own comments in on these!

  4. Thank you Kelly for calling b.s. on the Cyndi thing, there is NO way she didn't know and I can't believe they tried to pass that scripted drama off as believable. If some creep called my friend disgusting, I wouldn't sit there calmly either. I can't believe she even went on his show.

  5. As always, Kelly, awesome recap! Now I know I have to listen for sure! LOL I adore your latest catch phrase: Rosie Radio Randomosity. Oh mylanta.

    Heidi, cool pic! I wouldn't wish fainting on anyone, but at least you got a prize (meeting Ro) at the end! Did Ro mention it on her show? I seem to remember her talking about a woman who fainted.

    Jennster - FWIW, you can be sued for ANYTHING as long as the attorney wants to make some money. Whether or not the case has merit is decided by the law. Hope that makes sense.

    : ) P

  6. Christina..I wouldn't consider the picture as Awesome more memorable. I wish I would have been standing up. ..Petra..No, I don't recall her mentioning it on the show.

    Kelly I hope u don't mind that I posted the link on your blog.

  7. Love the comments everyone! I have such guilt after I call Rosie out on something she says that I don't agree with. Seriously, it kills me. But sometimes I can't help myself. I wish that I could video blog one of these blogs, espeically when I disagree with Rosie, so you could see I'm doing it with love and with fun intended!

    Heidi, I'm so happy you posted your link to your picture! Maybe one weekend I will have everyone email me their pics with Rosie and let everyone post their story. That would be fun! hmmmmm.

    Thanks for the comments and for reading!

  8. great recap as always Kelly!
    that's a great pic Heidi.....thanks for sharing it and your story!

  9. Kel, I know my opinion doesnt matter but to be honest I smell bs on the whole Donald Trump/Rosie Feud to begin with. I may be totally wrong but it seemed a little fishy right from the start- You know I love Rosie from the depths of my heart but I also remember a day when she hated Howard Stern and him her so I dont know. My honest Opinion is Rosie liked him up until the whole Martha Slamming thing and she then didnt like him and it became a ratings rise for both so they used it. But like I said my opinion doesnt matter and could totally be wrong, But i still think Cyn should have stood up for her more then what she did.

  10. Hey Kells!

    Ihave been boycotting the apprentice show but had to get a peak last night since Cydi Lauper was on. I was so impressed with Cyndi and staying true to self and convictions. First not letting Trump bash Rosie and secondly not voting someone to fire since that also was against her core beliefs. I was so wowed and blown over that this person would not compromise herself in no way shape or form to keep herself on the show and allow others to disparage her friends. GO CYNDI!!