Survey says!

In the side-bar I asked readers what Rosie should do next?

Here are the results:
111 (50%) of recap readers think Rosie should go back to TV in a talk show format
29 (13%) of recap readers think Rosie should go back to TV in an hour long special format
69 (31%) of recap readers think Rosie should create her own Sirius channel like Howard's (but in Rosie style of course!)
41 (18%) of recap readers think Rosie should keep her show like it is

Thanks for voting everyone! 

For my next poll I was going to pick some people and ask who you would like to hear Rosie interview on the show.  Some of the celebs Rosie has mentioned have been Rachel Maddow, William Shatner, Adam Lambert, Jesse Ventura and many others. 

Who would you like to hear interviewed?   
I'll pick the top 4 or 5 and put them in the poll.


  1. My vote is for Rachel. Just sayin.

  2. i'd love
    to hear
    she has
    a very diverse
    and impressive
    and of course
    it makes us
    learn a little more
    about rosie!
    xoxo rosa

  3. I can't pick just one! Here is my wish list


    Rachel Maddow
    Naomi Klein
    Irshad Manji
    Noam Chomsky

    Adam Lambert
    Kelly Clarkson

    Brady Bunch grown up kids and Alice! (Mrs Brady too for a repeat visit)

    Rosie's broadway kids
    The Broadway Boys

    Sometime in the future when/if they would be comfortable and if appropriate it would be nice to hear Donny and Marie Osmond

    thanks for asking Kelly
    great poll question
    sorry I couldn't pick one the list could go on much longer.....but I'll stop myself! LOL!

  4. full show with Bill Maher, Jesse Ventura, Rachel Maddow. OR a continuing series .. every Wed morning with a specific topic.


    Director Health & Human services reL Foster Care
    Director of National CASA

  5. Oh I'm with AG with the Brady Bunch Kids..Susan Olsen who played Cindy is on Facebook and I"m sure others are not difficult to locate for an interview.

  6. I want the Brady Bunch too! lol
    Great idea, ag! That would be a FUN interview.