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• Rosie began today's show talking with Pete who had a hard night with his youngest daughter, Irene, last night. Rosie asked if they sing her a song and he said they don't sing Good Night Irene to her because it is such a sad and depressing song. They played the Frank Sinatra version of the song on air. Here are the LYRICS.

• Rosie asked if anyone on the staff is interested in answering questions in the Q&A portion of her blog because she's getting sick of it. Rosie is thinking of having a week where bloggers can ask a question to a member of the Rosie Radio staff because she's getting annoyed with the whole question and answer process. Jeannie said she'd do it but asked Rosie if she thought her fans want to hear from her, not a member of the staff. Rosie quickly replied, "it's not all fans." Rosie said most people are nice but, for example Roseanne Barr recently wrote a blog about how she thought Marie Osmond's son committed suicide because he was gay and struggling not being accepted in his Mormon religion in which he was raised. By the way, she has since apologized. People were horrified by what Roseanne said about Marie Osmond. Rosie has been inundated with people telling her to call out her friend Roseanne and to apologize (thinking SHE wrote the blog?). Rosie explained how when she wasn't on the radio, or as much in the public eye, the question and answer portion was fun for her. She often reads the Q&As late at night when she's lying in bed and she finds herself getting upset over some of the things she's reading. She said it's hard to be known as a public person and to decide how much to share with the world and how much to keep private.

Come on Irene (it's actually Eileen) for Pete!

• Janette shared that she is scheduled to do a speaking engagement in Chicago soon and the other speaker is Stedman Graham (as in Oprah's boyfriend!). She said she's having a brush with Oprah (OR, she's only one degree away from Oprah! Like the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game!)! Janette does prepared speeches on life lessons, how reading allowed her to become the woman she is today and how you can grow great things out of the shit in your life. There is also a Q&A period at the end of each speech. Janette said she has gotten some very emotional responses over her speaking engagements that allow her to feel like the life lessons she has lived can help people. She loves doing them! Here's a LINK to the Powerful You seminar that Janette has a speaking engagement at!

Janette Barber!

• Rosie then asked Pete more about his night with his daughter Irene. Pete discussed his struggles with his youngest daughter last night that they had after the bath and the difficulties she has sleeping. Jeannie recommended he have her evaluated by an Occupational Therapist because she may have some sensory issues. Jeannie described some of the symptoms of children who have sensory issues. She also recommended he have his daughter tested again for reflux because that could greatly effect her sleep. Rosie told Pete to take a day off and get her tested so he could get it handled and she would dock his pay accordingly (haha, she was joking on that last part).

• Rosie then introduced actress Britt Robertson from the CW's Life Unexpected (Rosie and her eldest daughter Chelsea's favorite show). Britt is 19 years old and started acting when she was 10 and moved out to LA when she was 16. She was on the series Swingtown which got great reviews but was canceled after only one season. This role on Life Unexpected is her second series as a regular. Rosie talked with Britt about how much her eldest daughter Chelsea loves the show and she asked Britt if she's heard from a lot of people who have been in the foster care system or who have been adopted. Britt said she has received a lot of fan mail from adoptees and people have even stopped her on the street to tell her how much they appreciate the show. They talked briefly about the tremendous needs and realities of the current foster care system in the U.S. and the tie-ins to the show's story lines. Britt said she is the oldest of 7 siblings and currently lives in LA. They should know in May of 2010 if the show gets "picked up" and Rosie said if it does, she and her daughter would love to be extras on the show! You can watch Life Unexpected on the CW channel on Monday nights at 8pm!

• The staff then talked about how the twitter phenomenon ShitMyDadSays is becoming a TV pilot starring William Shatner. This excited Pete to no end. ShitMyDadSays is the real twitter feed of an unemployed writer that moved back home with his father and spent hours a day twittering the crazy stuff that comes out of his father's mouth. Rosie asked Pete if he thought she would enjoy twitter and Pete said "no" because her blog is "twitterish enough." Janette thinks twitter is the most annoying thing ever because she doesn't care to know the mundane things that people post on there. Pete has a twitter and follows only the people who say things that seem interesting to him. Rosie asked about Ashton Kutcher and what he says on his twitter and why people follow him. Ashton has 4.6 million people following him! Rosie had Pete read some of the Ashton's twitter posts and sounded perplexed as to why he had so many followers and Janette said she was losing consciousness. PS. You can follow the Rosie Radio Recap blog on twitter HERE!

• Pete said to Rosie, "You know who has the best Twitter? William f-ing Shatner" Here's a LINK to William Shatner's twitter feed. They talked about the controversy over the death of Shatner's wife which led Pete to say "play track 5" as if he had been prepared to have this conversation with Rosie which completely freaked her freak. On a previous show, Pete had requested that the radio staff in the booth play one of William Shatner's "songs" about death. They did not have the CD available so Pete had brought it in and had them cue it up - in the case of a Shatner emergency. Pete said the CD is the most important CD in his life right now. You can buy William's CD Has Been HERE on Amazon where you can also listen to samples of his "music."

• Rosie requested Pete put a copy of the entire CD on her ipod and her itunes for her. Rosie said she wanted to have William Shatner call in and have Pete do the interview! Pete didn't think he could muster up the guts to do the interview. Rosie said she could help him, that he could do it!

• Rosie also announced that Jeannie got Gavin DeGraw (who Jeannie loves) booked on the show! So, stay tuned for that! Jeannie's going to do the "lead up" and do the Gavin DeGraw interview herself!

• Rosie then interviewed Geoffrey Nauffts who wrote the Broadway play Next Fall. Directed by Sheryl Kaller, Next Fall takes a witty and provocative look at faith, commitment and unconditional love. The play features Patrick Breen, Maddie Corman, Sean Dugan, Patrick Heusinger, Connie Ray, and Cotter Smith. Next Fall is now playing on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre. Bobby has seen the play twice and LOVES it and Rosie described the play as about 2 gay men and their relationship. One of the men is out and one is not. One of the men is very religious and one is not. There is an accident and one of the men is forced to come out when he's unconscious.

Geoffrey Nauffts is the playwright and an actor. He talked with Rosie about how the play started Off Broadway and has now made it to Broadway! Geoffrey described it as "completely thrilling" when it finally made it to Broadway. He had a working relationship with Elton John prior to this project and then Elton came on board. Rosie and Geoffrey talked about Elton John and how his music was a definitive part of their high school lives. Geoffrey said the play is almost like if Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie fell in love and had a relationship! He, himself, didn't grow up with structured religion which he said he feels lucky and yet jealous of those that hold such deep belief in God. Geoffrey is not an atheist but more of an agnostic. Geoffrey also writes for the hit TV show Brothers and Sisters. Rosie said she is going to see Next Fall sometime next week! If you would like to see it too click HERE to find out more information!

Geoffrey Nauffts talks about the Broadway show Next Fall

• Rosie then took several callers. One caller asked Rosie who her favorite authors were and she answered Anne Rice, Lauren Slater, Fannie Flagg, and Jeannette Walls. The caller said her favorite author was James Patterson who Rosie said has been sending the books to the show. Rosie said she just started reading his work. One caller who was having difficulties with her own Christian faith called in to talk with Rosie about it. Rosie shared some about her own Catholic religion and how she follows some, but not all, of the philosophies of the Catholic church. Lastly, a listener called in who was adopted and had always felt so blessed to be adopted by her parents. Rosie talked with the caller about what it was like when she met her birth parents.

Now it's time for some Rosie Radio Randomosity so follow along if you can. *I missed a little here* but I think Rosie was talking about how Vivi sleeps in her bed but has a touch of Athelete's Foot. The staff talked to Rosie about how contagious it was. Also, don't let a child with Pink Eye sleep in your bed. Nothing like being a 35 year old with Pink Eye. I'm just sayin. There was then a brief discussion about how Rosie's daughter Chelsea got Lyme Disease when they lived in Greenwich and how Janette's boyfriend Barry also had Lyme disease. Janette's sister, Lanette, has one of the worst cases of Lyme disease ever on record. Somehow that conversation segued to talking about spin-art and Rosie mentioning to Deirdre and Janette that she has a spin-art machine(?) in her craft house. Janette said that the rest of the staff can go to Dave and Busters and she and Deirdre can just stay home and do spin art. Rosie said that she thinks that they will enjoy going as a group to Dave and Busters. Deirdre said that she and Janette would be a perfect couple to which Rosie completely ignored because I think it freaked her out. :) Deirdre said that they would be a great couple because they both like the same things, they're both cynical, and Janette could needle felt her boulder while Deirdre crocheted. Janette hasn't made much progress on her needle felted boulder but predicted that in the next year and a half, she will finish it. This lead to Rosie talking about how she and her good pal Jackie used to be so into hook-a-rug. Rosie asked if she and Vivi did one if Bobby could make it into a pillow for her and he said he would. Kelli is taking Rosie's youngest son Blake fishing this weekend, Chelsea has a sleepover to go to and Parker has a school thing so Vivi and Rosie are having "alone time." She said that Vivi couldn't be more excited about it!

Rosie and Vivi having special one-on-one time together :)

• Then it was time for UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Part 2 with Deirdre Dod! The first time Deirdre was ever face-to-face with Rosie, her old boss told her her skirt was too short just before she was about to be introduced to Rosie. Rosie came in the room and commented that "if she has legs that looked like that she would wear a skirt everyday." Deirdre loved her from that moment on. Deirdre told a story about when they had Meatloaf on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Deirdre had just gotten the job there as a producer and they had a great interview and then while he was singing he dipped Rosie and french kissed her! Rosie looked MORTIFIED and Deirdre thought she was going to be fired! Deirdre then told a story about when she and Rosie went to Barbra Streisand's house to do an interview and Deirdre had to go to the bathroom because it was "that time of the month." Deirdre didn't know where to put her sanitary napkin so she flushed it and the toilet overflowed! Deirdre then stole some of Barbra's towels for Rosie! Deirdre also talked about how she did a lot of video work for Arista Records, and Island Def Jam Records. She also went on tour with Bon Jovi for a couple months!!! Deirdre didn't like being away from home that much so she went to bartending school. She said it was NOT easy and she had to pour 30 drinks in under 4 minutes. She lived in Vancouver for a while and said it was beautiful but she missed home. Deirdre went to see Rosie who was on tour with Cyndi Lauper when the True Colors Tour came to the Vancouver venue and Rosie asked Deirdre to come back and do Rosie Live with her. Deirdre said she loves doing radio because she doesn't have to shower everyday and it's a very relaxing environment!

• Rosie said it was so much fun when Deirdre came and surprised her in Vancouver and she missed her the most (from the old show). To which Janette loudly cleared her throat and Rosie said, "I've seen you, wench!" Deirdre and Janette became great friends when Deirdre lived in Vancouver because they talked on the phone all the time and they really got to know each other. .

• Rosie closed the show playing the above song from William Shatner's CD. Pete "spoke" along with the "lyrics." Rosie suggested that maybe once a week Pete can recite along with William. Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed. - kw


  1. Hi Kelly,

    How about seeking out the Sharon Gless interview that you missed and recapping her chat with Rosie for fans of both? I was so looking forward to your summary, but damn, if that wasn't the one show you missed! Please try...for the sake of Gless fans who don't have access to Rosie's show. Thanks.

  2. The Streisand part is hysterical. Could you imagine?? But sadness that Ro's getting sick of "ask ro". :/