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Rosie said she had a great weekend laying in the sun trying to get tanner than her longtime friend and tan rival, Jackie! The staff brought in tons of food today in honor of Rosie's birthday this weekend. They were all going to go out after the show today but Rosie doesn't feel like it because it's raining. Rosie saw Shady for a brief moment this weekend but wasn't able to get a picture of him. Shady is Rosie's squirrel that she trained to take food right from her hand and he's been missing since the last major storm. Rosie said that Shady is badly injured but is still alive. She proposed calling the Institute for Studying Squirrels to get advice. HA! She even considered trapping him and taking him to the vet.

Here's the story how Rosie told it. On Thursday night (3/18) Rosie went to dinner with Georgette Mosbacher at Joe Allen's in the theater district. And who did she see when she arrived? Barbara Walters, Cindy Adams, Judge Judy and her husband. She said it was awkward but she stopped and said hello. She said Barbara looked tan, rested and botoxed. Cindy was sitting there with a "stoic look of nothingness" and then there was Judge Judy and her husband who were so sweet to her. Rosie saw it as the perfect opportunity and couldn't pass up the moment. She asked them if they've heard the rumors that she's going back to daytime TV. She said Barbara was like "What?" And Cindy asked why they haven't heard about this anywhere. They asked a lot of questions and Rosie said she was going to take the "Oprah spot" just because she wanted to annoy Barbara and she knew she wanted The View to move into that time slot. HA! Judge Judy pointed out that then they would be against each other in the time slots and Rosie made a joke about how they could blend shows because she's sure she'll have a lawsuit by then. Then she made a joke about how fun she is to work with, "just ask Barbara." To which Barbara replied "I said Congratulations."

Not 10 minutes after they left the restaurant, Rosie's phone started ringing - first her publicist then her agent asking "WHAT DID YOU TELL BARBARA WALTERS?!" Rosie said she thinks Barbara Walters really wants that 4:00pm Oprah time slot on ABC. So, is she really going back to TV? Rosie said she has been enjoying Sirius and it's really fun but with Oprah leaving there's going to be a big opening in daytime. TV Distribution Executives Scott Carlin and Dick Robertson (both of whom helped Rosie launch her first talk show) have formed their own company now and came to her and asked her what she thought about coming back to daytime TV. Rosie said she's had many offers like this, but this time, the timing feels right. She said it's not going to be a re-do of the old show. She said it's going to be more like the radio show - an hour on a topic that she chooses. She said it will be "an hour to sit and chat with one person about one thing" and "not about celebrities promoting stuff." She mentioned the time that Tom Cruise was on her old show and how that was truly genuine for her (her excitement) to meet him the first time, but it could never be the same show today. She said the show has to be something different. So that's the scoop on the poop, people! I'll keep you posted if I find out any more but I do not post rumors...only facts I receive from Rosie herself (which I get from the radio just like you all).

This started a conversation about all the flowers Rosie received from famous people for her birthday! She received flowers from Tom Cruise, Madonna, Clay Aiken, etc. She said her house looked like a funeral parlor. Jeannie and Jackie (Rosie's childhood friends) were so excited they took pictures of the cards sent to her by the famous people. Tom sent Rosie beautiful hydrangeas with 4 dozen white roses. Rosie commented on what a nice guy he is. She said there was a picture of Tom and Katie on HuffPo this weekend and she remarked how truly stunning he is.

Rosie also re-cemented her crowns back in this weekend. Jeannie said they were "hanging out having beers" on Rosie's birthday and her molars came out! On Wednesday, Rosie gets the permanent ones in. Or are these the new temporaries? I'm not sure. She reminded her listeners to "brush and floss people!"

At some point Deirdre being too negative to other staff members came up during the conversation. Rosie said that Deirdre needs to be more positive. Pete said he loves Deirdre as she's his immediate supervisor so..... LOL Pete once gave away the ending of a book to Deirdre and he said she was mean about it. Rosie said she once gave away the Fight Club movie ending on her show. She said she hated that movie and that later she found out that Ed Norton was really mad at her for it. She said she doesn't like those sorts of films where you have to do research afterward in order to "get" them. Except Where the Wild Things Are. That she loved. She also commented that New Moon is now on DVD and how much her 10 year old son, Blake, loves that film series.

The Healthcare Bill passed on Rosie's birthday better than the major invasion of Iraq that happened just days before her birthday in 2003. Rosie asked Brendan about the health care bill and asked him to break it down:
Here's a rundown...
  • It provides health care coverage for 32 million people who are currently uninsured.
  • Households making less than 30K get expanded medicaid, and households making less than $80,000 a year get better tax breaks. (Over 50% of the country falls into that bracket).
  • Insurance companies cannot deny or revoke coverage because of preexisting conditions.
  • Rate hikes will be capped.
  • Children can remain on their parents' insurance until their 26 years old
  • The bill will reduce the deficit by 143 billion in 10 years and 1.3 trillion 10 years after that.
Here's what is NOT in the new health care bill:
  • A public "buy in" option- there is no government run healthcare plan to compete with private insurance.
  • Substantial restrictions on the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Something about medicare reimbursement (sorry they were talking fast).
  • Policies for illegals
  • Government funded abortions
Every single Republican was against this bill. Brendan said the Republicans wanted to kill the bill and tie it to the Democratic party in order to sink the party on the cause. The liberal Democrats were originally against the bill but ended up voting for it. They really wanted a public option. You know you're reading this and still thinking, but Rosie is coming back to daytime T.V.????? I had to tell myself to seriously focus during this part.

Jeannie is getting dropped from her car insurance company because her daughter received two moving violations and got into a fender bender during her 6 month probationary period. She had been trying to get her off of her car insurance policy but has heard that she's being booted in June from her insurance company regardless.

Rosie said she and Parker got into a big fight this weekend over homework and he threw his phone and told her to go ahead and ground him. Rosie told him he was being very hurtful and it was her birthday and he acted like he didn't care. Rosie said she knows it could be much worse but is stunned. Deirdre can't believe that that sweet little boy she once knew is acting this way and Janette said "he'll be human again in 5 years."

Rosie then took several callers who discussed life lessons, raising teens, how mean teens are, knowing when to back off when parenting, taking responsibility, and the struggles of being the child of a famous mom.

During the midst of all this Shady returned!! Pete quickly turned on the ShadyCam on ustream and put out some nuts. Here's a screenshot I took during today's program. So excited Shady is okay!!!!

Rosie then introduced stand-up comedian Jessica Kirson! Rosie and Jeannie first saw Jessica when she was on the Rfamily Cruise. They said she was making them laugh so hard they were squeezing their thighs together trying not to pee themselves. Jessica started doing comedy after taking a comedy class. She said she started by doing 5 minutes on stage at Caroline's and said she had to work hard and would go up on stage anywhere she had the chance. Rosie said she recently saw Jessica on Joy Behar's show! Jessica's been on many shows including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Last Comic Standing. Rosie and Jessica discussed the difficulties of going on the Tonight Show and being a gay comedian. Jessica said that now that she's known, she can talk about being gay at clubs. Jessica told a story about the time that Robin Williams saw her perform and was co complimentary of her act and how much it meant to her. Rosie said that Robin also came up to her once after a show! They both talked about how mind blowing it was when someone who's such a role model is so kind to you when you're just starting out.

Jessica did some of her favorite character with Rosie who is a "big black woman." See a short clip below.

Watch Jessica on the Joy Behar Show!

Jessica talked a little about how she filmed a pilot with co-executive producer, Zach Braff. She described it as an improvised talk show with lots of hidden camera stuff. You can visit Jessica's YouTube HERE!

Jessica had some questions for Rosie too! Jessica asked Rosie what her first stand-up show was. Rosie said it was a senior high school follies show. She said she stole most of her material from Saturday Night Live. A comedy club owner was in the audience and said she should come and try stand-up at his club. She did a whole set that she stole from Jerry Seinfeld on The Merv Griffin Show (not knowing at the time that you weren't supposed to do that). When she was 18 years old, Shirley Hemphill saw her perform and said she had to open for her or she wouldn't go on. She got paid $25 a show and the rest is history! Jessica asked Rosie if it was always from people seeing her that she got her big breaks and Rosie said, "Yes." She did stand-up and through that she got the VH1 VJ job and then through the VJ job she got the role in the film League of Their Own. Rosie and Jessica talked about how there weren't a lot of female comedians at the time and that's how Rosie and Janette met and became such great friends! You can see Jessica perform at the next rfamily land vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico (go to R Family vacations for more info) and you can get more information about Jessica and her stand-up gigs on her website JessicaKirson.com. You can follow her on twitter HERE. Rosie and Jessica closed the show.

and that's what you missed. -kw


  1. Excuse me Kelly while I take a deep breath and close my eyes so I can prepare myself to say 1 thing..

    .ROSIE IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP ..This is fantastic! Like yourself I was not getting super excited until I heard it from her today.. :)

    PS..I'm not a fan of Barbra Walters..I don't care if she's 80 or 90..After the whole " View" issue, she left a bad taste in my mouth that not even a peppermint candy can take away.

  2. I agree! Yuck on Babara Walters....she is just weird to me...Love that Rosie is thinking about coming back to TV - but what about radio???? For those of us that think "Listening to this radio show feels just like sitting in a room with my best friends!" - we will be devastated that radio would end.....

  3. Thanks, Kelly! I sent Ro an Ask Ro last night about the rumors but she hasn't updated yet, so it is good to see it confirmed here!

    Thanks again for doing this! It is my most favorite blog!!

  4. Great to see the confirmation of the possible show here!!

    thanks so much for all you do. This is my favorite blog!!

  5. Kel -

    After hearing of her return to Daytime I went to "Ask Ro" and acked if it was too early to set my TIVO for her new show? HA!

    I love that she is coming back!!!


  6. Rosie so very much belongs on TV! This is very exciting news. And I am totally rolling on the floor with this Jessica clip!

    Thanks again for the recap!


  7. i needed this blog tonite. i needed a comfy place.....way way way too much negativity in this country today - and it felt good to come here! thanks.

  8. so glad that Rosie confirmed she is coming back to TV!
    i love when Rosie said "just ask Barbara" about what it's like to work with her LOL

    so glad Shady is back
    missed the live cam this morning
    thanks for posting the pic Kelly

  9. YAY ROSIE IS COMING BACK TO TV!!!!!!!!! We so need her back!!! (Ag, I cracked up at "Just ask Barbara" too!)

    Ro & Brendan did a really good job breaking down the health care bill into simple terms. It was so helpful to finally just hear the facts.

    Kelly, thanks again for another great recap!

    ps - YAY for shady coming back too!

  10. I wish I would get flowers from Clay Aiken - love the voice - love the kind and giving man.