11-19-10 - A Chat With Jennifer Hutt and Pete's Standup Debut

In case you missed it...

Rosie and Bobby started today's broadcast talking about how Catholic Bishops are holding a conference to find more exorcists.  Bobby wondered why the sudden need and if there is more evil in the world today.  Rosie wanted to know how one becomes an exorcist and it's like having a friend who you didn't know just happened to be a notary too.  This started a whole conversation about what constitutes demonic possession and whether or not any of them believed in it.  Pete and Bobby (the devout staff Catholics) believe in demonic possession and Bobby listed some documented cases he's familiar with.  Janette believes you have to believe in everything (meaning heaven and hell) or nothing and for her it depends on her mood on any given day whether she believes in those things or not.  Jeannie and Rosie don't know if they believe demonic possession or not.  Bobby said you cannot have good without evil and Rosie didn't think that was necessarily true.  Rosie believes that something (call it God if you want) created the Universe and there is an overruling force in the world but that the natural state of being is primarily good.  She and Jeannie both don't think the opposite of good has to exist.   

Rosie wanted to know if Jeannie had seen Lisa Kudrow's latest Web Therapy starring Meryl Streep.  She said Meryl plays a counselor who "ungays men" and "takes the homo out of homosexual."  Rosie had never seen her do a character like that and absolutely loved it.  She told Jeannie (and the listeners) they had to see it and everyone talked about what a nice person Lisa Kudrow is.  

Rosie asked everyone on staff if they were aware that driving while texting is more dangerous than drunk driving.  They discussed why this wold be the case and Rosie wanted to know if there was a way to turn off the text feature while driving the car so she isn't even tempted to look at a text when driving.  Janette remembered the times when we could be out of reach for 45 minutes while driving and it didn't seem  completely paralyzing.  Rosie's remembered her first nice car, a Cadillac Catera, that came with a phone in the car and how she remembered thinking that was the coolest thing in the world.  She ended up giving the car to Jeannie but Jeannie had to sell it because they couldn't afford the upkeep on the car.  Rosie frequently loses calls on her AT&T iPhone and everyone (except Bobby who loves his iPhone) told Rosie how much better Verizon is.  

Rosie said her daughter Vivi asked her if she would play with them in the snow this winter.  She told Rosie all she likes to do is sit by the fire.  Tracy's daughter told Rosie all she likes to do is walk from house to house and then down to the pool to get tan.   Jeannie loves the winter, the snow and the hot chocolate and encouraged Rosie to embrace it.  Rosie said she would try to be different this year.   

Pete read the list of the Top 10 words of 2010 based on trending topics online and words most used in conversation.  They discussed each word and its meaning which you can read in the article.

Rosie and the staff will be off all next week for Thanksgiving break!  The staff discussed their holiday plans.  Everyone joked that Rosie is going to make her famous homemade apple pie and homemade stuffing and cook a big Thanksgiving dinner and then everyone laughed.  Rosie said what she's really going to do is visit people who know how to cook for the holiday.  Jeannie usually goes to her in-laws house for Thanksgiving so she isn't sure what they'll be doing this year because her father-in-law is recovering from a recent heart attack.  She said he's home resting and getting better everyday.  Bobby is doing nothing but watching the parade and taking it easy.  He said he always says he's not going to cook on Thanksgiving and then ends up getting a turkey at the last minute to cook because he loves the smell.  Pete recommended Bobby just cook a turkey breast because it's so much easier.  Pete said his wife's family does Thanksgiving very late in the evening that day and he said he wanted to create a Thanksgiving breakfast tradition of his own.   

Rosie said the other day when she was talking about a blog that was written about her breast cancer scare and how she should lose weight to be a better example to her kids, Jennifer Hutt texted her that she wanted to call in to the show.  So Jennifer was on the phone to talk about the article and her struggles with weight with Rosie and the crew.  You can read Jennifer's blog on weight loss HERE.  And you can catch Jennifer on her show Whatever With Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark Channel

Firstly, Jennifer told Rosie how happy she is that Rosie got positive news from her recent breast biopsies.  She told Rosie to stop talking about it like she's going to eventually get cancer one day!  She said to her, "It's not like Susan Lucci and the fucking Emmy's Rosie!"  :)  She didn't like the article the woman wrote about Rosie because she said we can't go around telling people what to do with their bodies.  After Jennifer's mom died she gained a lot of weight herself.  In her 20s, she was very thin and she said the attention she got for it made her very uncomfortable, especially from men.  She said the attention was scary and weird and very off-putting.  So she totally understood Rosie when she said losing weight and being seen as sexy made her feel uncomfortable.  Jennifer said her mom was always very concerned with her weight and always was growing up and you can read about that in her blog.

Jennifer lost 65 pounds in a year and a half with Weight Watchers and the lose-it app on her iPhone.  She had to make small achievable goals at first.  Jennifer said her first goal was to not be obese.  She thought that would be enough to make her happy because she was really losing weight for her health.  She then started writing down everything she was eating and got weighed in at Weight Watchers once a week.

Jennifer expressed her frustration with the woman who wrote the article and said the best way to lose weight is different for every person.   She said it's an unbelievably complicated issue and not an easy fix.  Jennifer said her new TV show was a big motivation for her to lose weight and over the summer she really started losing more and more weight.  Rosie told Jennifer what a great job she did and that she really looks like a different person.  She asked Jennifer if she feels like a different person too.  Jennifer said she finally feels like her reflection in the mirror matches what she feels like inside.  She also feels more comfortable and like a self-actualized woman and she didn't have that before. Rosie and Jennifer then talked about how her family has reacted to the weight loss.  Her daughter is uncomfortable with her looking too sexy but her son doesn't really care either way.  Jennifer's husband really likes it that Jennifer has become much freer and doesn't have as many hangups about her body.  Jennifer and her husband workout together too. 

Jennifer said she cannot stand people who lose weight and pretend it's easy, because it's not.  But she said she does feel so much better now that she's lost the weight and said it makes her happier than eating ever made her feel.  She said weight loss doesn't happen in a day and it doesn't happen the same for everyone.  Rosie agreed and said she knows her weight issues are very complicated and connected to a lot of things that have happened to her in her life.  Jennifer recommended Rosie try just writing down everything she eats as a start as she said that might cause a shift in her to want to change her eating more.  She also really likes the Lose-It app on her iPhone.  Jennifer gradually increased her exercise and said it's finally enjoyable for her.   Jennifer told Rosie she needs to get rid of her self-loathing and remember she's a beautiful, talented successful woman who happens to struggle with the one thing in her life.  Rosie told Jennifer she looks wonderful and that she's an inspiration to her.  Jennifer said she takes it one day at a time and that she doesn't feel like she has it conquered but she faces it with vigilance everyday. 

Rosie and the staff then discussed the Lose-It iPhone app and how much Janette and Bobby love it!    Bobby explained that you put in what you eat everyday and how it calculates how many calories you've had.  Bobby said he eats almost the same thing everyday in order to lose weight and Janette eats almost no processed food.  Janette's only been using the app for 2 weeks now but she's noticing she is choosing to not eat bad things because she doesn't want to enter it into the app.  They both love the app.  Janette said it's all about facing reality when it comes to weight loss.  

Rosie Radio then played Pete's big standup premiere he did the other day at a Jim Breuer event called Comedy Covers.  During Comedy Covers they perform an impersonation of someone doing a famous comics standup routine such as Sylvester Stallone doing Steven Wright's material or Bobcat Goldthwait doing Bill Hick's material.  Pete did Bob Dylan doing Steve Martin's material.  He said he was nervous but overall he feels good with what he did.  Jeannie was very nervous for Pete because it was his first time doing standup.  Rosie remembered when Jackie and Jeannie used to come see her perform standup in the beginning and put their heads in their hands when she was onstage because they were so nervous for her.  She said it wasn't exactly comforting!  They then played the audio of Pete's 3 minute standup debut! 

Janette said she could imagine doing Rita Rudner's material because she really loves her material.   Rosie said she would do maybe Seinfeld or Jay Leno doing George Burns' material.  Rosie recalled the time George Burns called her when she was asked to perform in Vegas on his 100th birthday.  She told the jokes that George said to her over the phone doing a sweet George Burns impersonation. 
Rosie and Pete briefly discussed how much they like Conan's new late night show.  Pete really likes Conan's style and he loves the bits they do on the show and wished they would do more of them.  Both Rosie and Pete think Conan and Andy Richter make a great team. 

Brendan gave all the players cards with the titles of songs on them.  They had to sing the song on the card without saying the title of the song. During the title, they had to hum the words.   

Rosie hummed "Islands in the Stream" and Jeannie guessed it.
Pete hummed "When I'm 64" and Rosie guessed it.
Janette (kind of) hummed "My Way" by Frank Sinatra.  No one could figure it out and everyone made fun of her for not being able to hum.  They've done this game before and I wish I could share with you that don't have Sirius what it sounds like when Janette tries to hum.  It is the funniest thing I've ever heard.  She cannot hum a tune.   
Jeannie hummed "The Gambler" but she didn't know how it went so she sang clues about playing poker and Rosie guessed it!
Bobby hummed "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" and Pete guessed it.  He didn't hum it though and just gave clues like, "He's a MEAL who once kissed Rosie."  LOL!  Jeannie and Rosie then sang the ENTIRE song and couldn't believe Bobby didn't know it.   

Rosie hummed "I Got A Feeling" and Pete guessed it.
Pete hummed "Livin La Vida Loca" but no one got it.
Janette hummed "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and Pete guessed it. 
Jeannie hummed "Light My Fire" and Rosie got it.
Bobby hummed "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and Jeannie guessed it. 

Rosie hummed "I Got a Friends In Low Places" but no one guessed it. 
Pete hummed "In the Name of Love" but no one guessed it.
Janette hummed "Heart of Rock and Roll" and Bobby guessed it.
Jeannie hummed "Unchained Melody" and Rosie guessed it.
Bobby hummed (kinda because he didn't really know the song at all) "When Doves Cry" but no one could guess it.  Rosie then sang the entire SONG with all the words.

Rosie hummed "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and Jeannie guessed it.
Pete hummed "Losing My Religion" and Rosie guessed it.
Janette hummed "You Shook Me All Night Long" and no one guessed it.
Jeannie hummed "Hotel California" and Rosie guessed it. 
Bobby hummed "Baby Got Back" no one guessed it and then Rosie sang the entire song with all the words. 

Then it was time for Rosie and Jeannie to face-off because they were the top two contestants!   
Brendan had 5 more songs, each worth 2 points.  Pete hummed the songs and they had to go head-to-head guessing.   

1. The first song was "YMCA" and Rosie guessed it first.
2. Then "Like A Virgin" and Rosie got it.
3. Then "Mack the Knife" and Rosie got it.
4. Then "Respect" and Jeannie got it.
5. Lastly "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and Jeannie got it.

Rosie WON the game! 

Pete then played a game with Rosie called "Is it turkey or is it not?"  He gave her 10 items to eat.  Some had turkey in them and some did not (duh!).   

1. The first thing he gave her was turkey pepperoni and she guessed it (and "Hey Mikey, she liked it!")
2. The second thing he gave her was a wrap and she guessed there was turkey in it but it was actually chicken. 
3. The third thing she tried was beef jerky and she guessed turkey but it wasn't.  And she did NOT like it. 
4. The fourth thing she tried was not turkey she was right.  It was Tofu-rkey and after she found out she said "Tofu-ckYou" to Pete and hated it. 
5. Then she tried a roll dipped in a turkey gravy which she guessed correctly. 
6. Then she tried a minestrone soup with sausage and guessed there was no turkey in it. 
7. Then she tried chicken salad and she guessed it right.  There was no turkey in that item. 
8. She then tried turkey bacon and she guessed it right away. 
9. Then she tried turkey sausage and loved it! 
10. And lastly she tried an item that she thought was stuffing with no turkey in it but it was actually Turkey Meatloaf made almost completely out of turkey that James had made. 
Overall she got 7 out of 10 items correct.

Rosie said she read Nora Ephron's latest book entitled I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections.  Rosie loved it.  She said Nora talks about getting older and tells funny stories of not remembering things.  She said it's really funny and insightful.  Nora will be a guest on Rosie Radio after they come back from break!  They talked about how Nora is a very successful screenwriter and about how her mom started drinking to excess while she was growing up. Rosie found that part in the book very interesting and she said you'd never think she was a child of an alcoholic mother.

Rosie was at the dentist when she reading the book and started talking about her dental woes.   Bobby is getting a dental implant soon and Rosie told him what it's all about.   He's recently found out he has an abscess under 4 root canals in his mouth.  Rosie and Bobby then talked about how he didn't go to the dentist for 10 years of his life because of his dentist phobia.  He admitted he is petrified of the dentist.  He hadn't gone to the dentist for an extremely long time and then one day a dentist opened up in his building.  He had a jagged tooth that was bothering him so he decided to to go into the dentist and have it looked at.  The dentist fixed his tooth at no charge and it was such a good experience he decided to go back for a cleaning.  Because he knew Bobby was terrified to go to the dentist the dentist gave him Valium and that got him through it.  He thinks he's so scared of the dentist because he was hurt a lot when he was younger by bad dentists.

Janette needs to have a colonoscopy but has been putting it off for years.  She called it "going up the back door."   She said she hates the human body and is repulsed by it and therefore has been putting off the exam for years.  But Janette promised to make "an appointment for her ass before the end of the calendar year."

Rosie wanted to know if phobias, such as Bobby's dental phobia, count as mental illness.  She recently heard an advertisement for Seroquel the drug that treats bipolar disorder and she could NOT believe the side effects!  She thought they couldn't possibly be true and said if they were she doesn't understand how anyone with bipolar disorder would risk taking it!   She then played the commercial that lists the side-effects and risks.  Some of the of risks were: changes in mood and behavior, thoughts of suicide, SUDDEN DEATH, heart failure, fever, stiff muscles, uncontrollable muscle movements which could become permanent, dizziness, high blood sugar, coma, DEATH (it was listed twice), increase cholesterol, weight gain impaired judgment, trouble swallowing and impaired driving.  There were 21 possible side-effects and the staff played the commercial and stopped it after each one as they got increasingly worse and worse!  Everyone in the studio said they'd rather be bipolar! 

Rosie asked the other staff members what they were thankful for.  Pete said he's thankful for homes since he's about to purchase a new house.  Janette is thankful for her cats and her boyfriend, Barry.  Bobby is thankful for his dog.  Deirdre is thankful for her apartment and her Aunt Steph who saved her life by giving her a place to stay when she really needed it.  Rosie is thankful for all of the crew members and the listeners who give her the opportunity to share her life with them two hours a day.  She told everyone she'd see them in a week (November 29th) and said, "Peace out, we love ya," and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed - kw

thanks for reading everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the U.S.  Rosie Radio will be back on November 29th and so will I!  Me?  I'm thankful for friends and that I have a job that pays right now.  :) xo


  1. Oh yes, the "humming" of Janette, I never have heard anything like it! And to make you laugh further, the hysterical laughter of Bobby and Pete. Just must be heard, it sounded like mayhem and if someone tuned in for the first time at that moment they'd wonder what in hell was going on!
    The weight....oh so jealous of Jennifer and her success.
    Kelly, where would we find your blog to follow your "one year plan"? thanks for all you do and enjoy your week off!

  2. happy thanksgiving... i'm thankful for you, kw, and the rest of our friends. it's nice to know that we are always there for each other- during good AND bad times. xo

  3. Rosie & Team: I had to find a way to tell you the impact the last 20 minutes of your show had on me today. First - as you got on to the topics of dentists I proceeded to get the same panicked feeling I get whenever the subject comes up. Imagine my shock when Bobby basically describes word for word my phobia of dental work of any kind. For me it was an ancient dentist with tools from about 1930 that my grandmother used to take me to followed by an orthodontist that pretty much scarred me for life. So as Bobby is explaining this I suddenly realize I'm crying. Now, as a 38 year old gay man I'd be lying if I said I don't cry easily...but rarely without warning like that about something so random.

    So I'm having the panic attack that always comes with dentist talk, crying because someone else on the planet feels exactly like I do, etc...having a moment shall we say, when, as you all do so well, your discussion changes lanes and the discussion of Seroquil (sp?) begins. Now I'm laughing while I'm still trying to mop up from the above episode. Then Rosie describes the idea of being bi-polar while suffering with flapping spasms for life. That did it...I am now in that laugh that is so hard it's uncontrollable, tears, the whole bit -had to pull over!

    As Dolly Parton says in Steel Magnolias, "laughter through tears is my favorite emotion..."...you guys really did it to me today. Panic, tears, relief followed by hysterical laughter with more tears. All in a 20 minute span.

    Please keep us updated on how Bobby does with his dental work...I have been ignoring a pain in my jaw for about a year now, just willing it to go away...keep in mind I haven't seen a dentist in probably 6-8 years, so God only knows what's really wrong. But if Bobby's experience goes ok, maybe I'll get up the nerve to face a dentist myself. Even typing that made me feel panicky all over again.

    Anyway, thanks for you, your show, your team...and thanks for making many long drives each week seem much more fun.

    Have a great vacation!
    Gil Lowe
    Dallas, Texas

  4. I'm thankful for Gil. That comment made me tear up and snicker in just a few sentences! What a guy. Go find a dentist and tell them you need some Valium. There are supportive dentist offices out there!

    And thank you Kelly for your work. I can't listen to Rosie everyday but your blog makes me feel like I did. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your week off!
    Lisa in Indy

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Kelly! Enjoy your week off.
    Thanks for writing such a great blog!

  6. i am thankful for the very best of friends... :) liz said it best...we r always there for each other - in good and bad!!
    happy turkey to all!! xo

  7. I do not have Sirius radio but reading this website reminds me when I used to faithfully watch Rosie's show. I love hearing about her everyday life and how you guys talk about current events and the everyday things we all have to go through. I am 63 and I am about Rosie's size and I have lost the same 20 lbs for about the last 25 years. I am so tired of trying to get my weight off. Being chubby stinks! Keep on making me laugh! Happy Thanksgiving to Rosie and the gang!

    Lenore Wolke, Wayne, NJ