11-29-10 The Pedometer Promise, the Holiday Craft-Off and Patty Duke

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Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about what they did over Thanksgiving break! Rosie saw the new movie Burlesque and was beside herself that Bobby hadn't seen it yet!  Rosie called it "so much fun" and said Cher was adorable in it.  She said Cher has never been funnier and she also liked Christina Aguilera and Stanley Tucci in the film.  Bobby said he was waiting to see it with a friend and said he'd see it soon.  Rosie told Bobby he'd better see it soon or she was revoking his "Cher card."

Rosie was traveling in Utah over break visiting family so she said she watched a lot of movies on PPV.  One of the movies she saw was Devil by M. Night Shyamaylan. Rosie described the plot of the movie to the members of the staff.  Watch the trailer below:

the trailer for Devil

On her way back to New York Rosie, went to a bar to have a drink before it was time to leave for the airport.  A man sat down next to her and they started talking. He didn't recognize that she was famous but said he understood what it felt like to be recognized.  Turns out the man she was speaking with was Charles Manson's 50 year old son.  Rosie spoke to him for a while and thought he led a fascinating life.  Later she had her girlfriend Tracy google him to verify his story but Tracy couldn't really find anything about a 50 year old son of Charles Manson's.  His name was Micheal and he told Rosie he was only 6 years old when the Charles Manson murders happened and that he was taken away and raised by family. 

Janette seemed more interested in the fact that a man sat down next to Rosie at a bar to strike up conversation than who the man was.  She was SURE the guy was probably hitting on Rosie!  Rosie said the thought never even crossed her mind and she laughed at Janette for even thinking it.  Rosie isn't 100% sure that the man's story is true but said she thought if it was it would make a great book. 

Rosie then told a story of a con-artist named Michael De Medici who she once met. Rosie said she was at Jane Fonda's for a charity event and there was a guy there with a crazy haircut who was very skinny and loud and bid a large amount of money to Jane's charity.  When Rosie questioned who he was to Jane she said he was a very large donor to her charity and called him a "trust fund kid."  Months later he got invited to Rosie's charity event where he made a scene bidding on every item.  At the end of the evening he had pledged to donate $50,000.  At the event that night he offered to take Rosie and Kelli to Jane's birthday party on his private jet!  Both Rosie and Kelli went with him but the longer they were with him the more sure they were that something seemed "off."  Rosie said many things seemed "off" about him but one of the biggest things was how he bragged about his money and the things he owned.  She said most of the people she knows who have money don't do that.   Rosie emailed Bobby from the private jet and asked him to look into Michael and also said if she turns out missing he should know who she was with!

It turned out Rosie's instincts were correct and he was in fact a con-artist!  The person who commissioned the Mona Lisa was a De Medici and that's how this guy got his notoriety.  She said it's like saying you're a Rockefeller.  After Jane's birthday party Rosie was sure (in her gut) that this guy was a fake so she and her brother Eddie started investigating him.  And they found out he was a fake and he also went by the name Michael Manos.  Pete googled him during Rosie's story and read off for the listeners where he is today.  And here's another really interesting article I found about him.  It's no surprise that this "Michael" never followed through with the money he pledged in donations at the charity events.  Pete said he's in jail in Poughkeepsie and Rosie thought they should go there and interview him for the radio show!  She said she was curious to know how he came to be a con-artist in the first place.   Bobby compared the story to the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and said in the film the con-artists get a high from almost getting caught all the time. 

Janette was still stuck on the fact that a man came up to Rosie in a bar and was sure he was hitting on her.  Rosie laughed hysterically! She said if that were true why would he tell her he was the son of a famous murderer?!  Janette said she once dated a guy who, on the first date, told her all about his ties to the mafia!!   Rosie ended the conversation saying she thinks it's shocking Janette is still alive with all the shady characters she's dated in the past. Janette agreed. 

Rosie said now that Thanksgiving is over they're all going to partake in the Pedometer Promise.  They explained to Jeannie, who wasn't at the show at the end of the week before Thanksgiving, that many listeners called into the show to express their concerns about the way the staff talks about/obsesses over food.  One caller went so far as to say that Pete and Bobby enable Rosie's bad eating habits.  So, in an effort to get healthier, the entire staff has agreed to wear a pedometer today to measure a baseline of how much they walk in a single day.  The goal is that they would know what is a normal day of walking for each of them and work to increase it.  On tomorrow's show each staff member is going to reveal how many steps they took.  Bobby, who has lost over 100 pounds, wears a pedometer daily anyway and said the recommended daily steps is 10,000 steps a day.   Bobby said he typically gets 8-10,000 steps in a day.  Bobby said he wears his pedometer on his underwear and Rosie revealed she doesn't wear underwear unless she's going to the doctor.  After Kelli gave birth to Vivi Rosie got up in the middle of the night to attend to one of the kids and threw on a pair of Kelli's underwear.  She thought they were the most comfortable underwear she had ever worn.  Turns out they were Kelli's maternity underwear!  Jeannie once found her kids using her maternity underwear as parachutes for their toys down the steps! 

Rosie said her youngest daughter Vivi is 8 years old today!  Rosie's kids are all allowed to pick out a pet as a gift for their 8th birthday and Vivi picked a hamster.  Rosie was happy Vivi didn't choose to get a dog but isn't sure this won't end in tragedy either (as in the hamster escaping or dying soon).  Rosie said she ordered Habitrail Hamster Cage online and that Tracy spent hours yesterday trying to put it together and making sure the hamster couldn't escape.  Bobby remembered the time Rosie had a Habitrail desk on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and the hamster got out!  Rosie said she gives the hamster four days before it escapes. She is not a fan of hamsters and talked about the struggles trying to find the exact one Vivi wanted.

Rosie's long-haired Chihuahua Missy stayed with Bobby and his Chihuahua Abby while she was away on vacation.  Since Rosie's dog Missy has been known to pee anywhere she pleases, Bobby said he covered his carpeting, sofa and chair with drop-cloths in preparation for her visit.  He also put down pee pads everywhere.  Bobby said Missy peed or pooped "near" the pee pads but never quite made it to them.  But mostly Missy (who is much smaller than Abby) terrorized Abby all weekend.  Janette said her cat Beastly once beat up a German Shepherd.  Bobby took good care of Missy though and even bought her a little pink sweater to wear!

Rosie wanted Pete to explain what Wiki Leaks is to her because she has been hearing so much about it on the news.  Pete did.  He said the term "wiki" is an Internet term for information that different people can contribute to.   Wiki Leaks slogan is "We open governments" and their goal is to put out information that the they feel the public needs to know about government.  He said the site is not limited to the Iraq and Afghanistan war. They've recently gotten a lot of information from a disgruntled officer named Bradley Manning who was privy to classified information.  It's so much information that they're releasing it in chunks.  The man who runs Wiki Leaks is Australian and the U.S. government is saying it endangers American interests.  Here's a good article from CNN I found that explains Wiki Leaks if you'd like to read more.

Rosie said she saw the documentary with Joaquin Phoenix this weekend too.  Brendan was the only other member of the studio who has also seen it so he and Rosie talked about the film.  Overall Brendan said he thought it was a weird movie and a huge piece of performance art. He did not buy that any of it was real and thought it was all acting.  Rosie said the documentary reminded her of the Bravo reality series Hey Paula and how Paula thought she could do a reality show and not have it be obvious that she had a substance abuse problem.  Rosie thought it was an interesting documentary but didn't think it was meant to be an act in the beginning. She thinks he had a little "break" from reality and then he sobered up and watched it and changed his mind about how he wanted it presented. Brendan got an "Andy Kaufman" feel from watching it.  Overall Brendan thought it seemed too weird to be fiction and Rosie thought it was sad.  Rosie said she thought it reminded her of everyone she's ever known who thought there was to be a destination feeling after a certain level of success and what happens to you when you realize success isn't what you thought it would be.  She wondered if it was like that with every profession including the acting/entertainment industry.

Bobby announced the Rosie's Holiday Craft-Off!  Bobby and Rosie then described the craft decorating contest they were going to have amongst the Sirius stations and listeners at home!  Bobby created a craft box filled with items and said each entry has to use a piece of every item from the box.  They're allowed to add anything they want to the box but they must use some of everything they've been given.  Bobby said they'll put a complete list of the items up on Rosie.com and any listeners who want to participate can go out and purchase the items from the box and enter their own craft!  The craft must be completed and photographed by Monday, Dec 6th, and starting Wednesday, December 8th, listeners can start voting for their favorites.  Many Sirius DJs and Producers have already signed up to participate and Rosie hopes that even more will enter.  Bobby said there will be two chances to win: the popular vote and Rosie's choice.  Rosie thinks it will be fun and already has an idea for her own craft!  Janette seemed stumped by the challenge and couldn't think of any ideas to do with the items.  Bobby suggested she pour everything out on the table and stare at it and said the idea will come to her.  She didn't buy it.  Rosie said that theory only works for him because he's "McGayver" and could make a chandelier out of dental floss and a paperclip.    

Rosie then spoke to Patty Duke who was calling in from Idaho where she lives.  Rosie, who was just in Utah, and Patty talked about the different pace in that part of the country as opposed to New York.  They talked about family, home and generally caught up with each others lives during the interview.  Rosie asked Patty about her kids including her son Sean Astin

Patty said she'll be 64 years old on December 14th and she's lucky to have made it past 21 years of age due to her bipolar disorder.  Rosie asked Patty how her illness manifested itself and Patty said she spent money she didn't have on things she didn't need, she married someone she didn't know and as the years went on her rage became more and more apparent.  Rosie, who suffers from depression, will tell her kids that she needs her medication to help her engine run.  She said just like a car, if you don't put enough oil in a car it seizes up on you.  And her body doesn't have enough oil to keep the car running on it's own so she takes medication for that.  Patty loved the explanation.           
(photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Patty told Rosie she wished they could act together one day.  Rosie said she's watched everything Patty's ever done and said she'd be intimidated but she'd love to work with her.  Rosie and Patty talked about celebrity life and being in entertainment.  Patty said people have asked her in the past if she's sorry she went into showbiz and Patty doesn't feel show-business made her life terrible.  She said showbiz was her savior and it has always been a blessing.

Patty has done over 100 TV movies and is in another one that airs tonight at 9pm on Lifetime called Unanswered Prayers based on the Garth Brooks song.  Patty is excited for it and said it's a wonderful cast though she's not sure she can bring herself to watch herself on TV tonight.  Rosie and Patty talked about aging and how our outside images and how we think we look don't always match.  After Rosie left The Rosie O'Donnell Show she was so used to seeing an airbrushed image of herself she almost forgot what she really looked like (without all the makeup) she took a photo of herself without makeup on every day for a year.  Patty said she's realized she's a "spitting image" of her mother now. Rosie said she was too when she was around 38 years old and now as she sees herself aging it seems like a surprise to her because she never thought she would live to see the day.  

Rosie and Patty briefly talked about plastic surgery and the entertainment industry.  Patty has never had it but she admitted she's thought about it.  She said what keeps her from doing it (amongst other things) is she wouldn't be able to live with a bad plastic surgery job.  Patty just tells herself today that the older she gets the more she's going to get work.  Rosie and Patty talked about the severity of plastic surgery in the industry and the extremes some people go to.

Rosie and Patty ended the interview sharing their mutual love for one another.  Don't forget to watch Patty in Unanswered Prayers tonight at 9pm EST on Lifetime!

Unanswered Prayers Trailer

During this game (designed by James, the in-house DJ), Brendan played a clip of a song that was a one-hit-wonder.  The player got 2 points for naming the song and one point for knowing the artist. 

Janette: heard a clip of "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.  She didn't guess either.  0 points
Jeannie: heard a clip of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot.  She didn't guess either for 0 points.
caller: heard a clip of "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. She got them both for 3 points.
Shoshana: heard a clip of "Take On Me" by A-ha. She didn't get either for 0 points.
Rosie: heard a clip of "Nothing Compares To You" by Sinead O'Connor for 3 points. 
Pete: heard a clip of "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners for 3 points.

Janette: heard a clip of "99 Luftballoons" by Nena but didn't get either for 0 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of "Play That Funky Music White Boy" by Wild Cherry.  She got 2 points because she knew the song but not the artist.
caller: heard a clip of "Two of Hearts" by Stacey Q.  She got the song but not the artist for 2 points.
Shoshana: heard a clip of "A Thousand Miles" by Michelle Branch.  She got 3 points because she knew both!
Rosie: heard a clip of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" and got both for 3 points.
Pete: heard a clip of "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant.  He got 2 points because he didn't know the artist.

Janette: heard a clip of "What If God Was One of Us" by Joan Osborne. She didn't know either for 0 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of "Touch Myself" by the Divinyls  She got 2 points for knowing the song but not the artist.
caller: heard a clip of "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree but she didn't know either for 0 points.
Shoshana: heard a clip of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and knew both for 3 points.
Rosie: heard a clip of "Maniac" by Michael Sembello but she guessed the song was called "Into the Danger Zone" and didn't know the artist.  0 points.
Pete (to win it and beat Rosie!): heard a clip of "Lovefool" by The Cardigans but he didn't get either one correct for 0 points. 

Which meant Shoshana and Rosie tied!!! 

Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw

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