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•  Today's show was taped on Wednesday of this week but it was all new.  Rosie talked about Lou's new love and asked him if he ever thought about getting married.  Lou has always felt that he would like to get married and have children someday.  Janette on the other hand sees no reason to ever get married.  Janette would never marry her long-time boyfriend Barry because they both think it will change their relationship too much.  

•  Rosie told the story how about 4 years ago when Steve Irwin died she decided to learn to love and hand feed the squirrels.  After years of training a squirrel to come close to her, she has now trained the squirrel to eat from her hand.  Rosie has named him Shady and he makes frequent "appearances" in the studio during the show.  Rosie sang Feed The Birds from Mary Poppins with a British accent to boot.  lol  She recommended the documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill which she called "an amazing documentary" about a man who took a year to get some birds to be around him and finally allowed him to take care of them.  You can see Rosie's own pictures of Shady HERE

•  Rosie also talked about the differences between men and women in their ability to say "I love you."  Rosie feels most women are more free in their ability to tell someone they love them (in most cases) except for Janette.  Apparently it took Janette 20 years to say "I love you" back to Rosie.  Rosie said "Janette's not an iloveyouer."  Deirdre thinks men are slower to say "I love you."
•  At one point Google Pete spit his drink out and caused a ruckus in the studio from laughing so hard.  Rosie said he just gave himself "a nasal enema."
•  Rosie announced that she will be going on The Craig Ferguson show later this month and she wants listeners to help her think of a funny puppet song parody she can do with Craig.  Here is an example of what she would like to do.  The song possibilities she listed were:

"Tainted Love by Soft Cell"
"Rehab by Amy Winehouse"
"Shake Your Bon Bon by Ricky Martin"
"Proud Mary by Tina Turner"
and "Better Be Good To Me by Tina Turner"

•  Rosie asked listeners if they have an even better idea to submit their song suggestions to the Rosie Radio team through the feedback button on rosie.com.  SWEET! 

•  Rosie then interviewed Merritt Wever who plays Zoey in the Showtime hit series Nurse Jackie.   Rosie called her "the funniest fucking actress on that show" and said it's her "favorite show next to Glee."  Merritt is from New York and has been working "here and there" but this (Nurse Jackie) is her "biggest profile job" to date.  Merritt went to Laguardia High School, the high school of performing arts and grew up with a mom that exposed her to the arts.  Currently, Merritt just started rehearsals for the play The Female of the Species at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles which she stars in with Annette Bening.  Rosie played some clips of Merritt from the show Nurse Jackie and praised her comedic timing and called her "epically talented."  Nurse Jackie premieres on March 22nd, 2010 so set your tivos!

Merritt Wever as Zoey in Nurse Jackie

•  Rosie then talked with the studio members about the scary chance that if you listen to the Sirius/XM Stars channel that you might mistakenly tune in to the Dr. Laura radio program.  Rosie and the studio talked about the horrible anti-gay things that Dr. Laura has said in the past, the nude photos of her that have surfaced and the story about how they had to carry her out of her office in a straight jacket once.  Rosie, Pete, and Janette looked at the naked photos of Dr. Laura online (find them yourselves people, I'm not putting that link up!)  Rosie sang "Dr.Laura-Is-Naked-On-The-Radio-get-off-my-channel-Dr.-Laura-cause-I don't-like-you" to some porno-ish music that Lou was playing.  (not that I would know what porno music would sound like).  Rosie wondered out loud what turned Dr. Laura "into a right-wing idiot."  That conversation led to Janette and Rosie talking about how they "don't shave or wax" which Deirdre found odd.  And Pete underscored the fact that no one in the studio has a problem with naked photos or having a child out of wedlock only the fact that Dr. Laura crucifies others for doing things she has done herself.  Rosie pondered having Dr. Laura into the studio but then decided she has "no desire to meet her" and she "thinks she's an asshole."  Go Rosie!  Howard once told Rosie she could OWN her own channel if she wanted to and schedule the entire days programming anyway she wanted.  Rosie said she would have Jim Breuer, a Broadway expert, Linda Dano and all her other favorite people on if she had her own channel. We're for that Rosie!  Your fans would love it too!!

• Bobby talked about his jury duty he has coming up on the 24th of January.  Bobby once got in trouble when he didn't attend jury duty because Rosie  "made him" come with her to Canada when they were filming Harriet the Spy.  Rosie explained how Bobby basically was helping her raise Parker who was a baby at the time.  Bobby was fined $350 for missing it the first time.  Janette told the stories of doing grand jury duty and regular jury duty.  She once got to look in the guilty person in the eyes and say "guilty."  Janette said she found jury duty "extremely interesting" and enjoyed seeing how sometimes "the system works."  Google Pete has been called to jury duty once and feels (in general) he has been unfairly targeted by police officers and that perhaps the system has gotten very corrupt.  Rosie has never done jury duty.  Rosie doesn't even get the mail and doesn't even know where her mail goes.  Hmmmmmmmm. 

•  Rosie then interviewed Mary Pipher who is the author of many books including Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World which Rosie fully related to and Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls which Rosie was so moved by.  Mary spoke of the huge success that came from writing Reviving Ophelia that catapulted her into a life that she "didn't have the coping mechanism for."  She and Rosie talked about the rise to stardom and the truth about fame, celebrity and the reality that comes with it.  Mary felt "the more acclaim she experienced the more she shrank inside."  Both Rosie and Mary shared the need and want to go "back to the core" and "to be around people that love you."  They also talked about their shared love and need to connect with nature and getting back to the authentic self.  Mary spoke about how fame distorts your character and the pressure to be a superior human being because of your fame.  Rosie told Mary that her book helped her tremendously and thanked her for being on the program.  It was a really great interview.

•  Rosie then asked the studio the question "Who's your Barbra Streisand?"  Shoshana responded Mark-Paul Gosselaar who played Zack Morris on NBC's Saved By The Bell.  Rosie had no idea who Mark-Paul was.  Rosie promised Shoshana she would book him on the show.  In November 2009, Mark-Paul made his stage debut in "The Understudy" at The Roundabout Theater and Shoshana went to see him and waited outside the theater to meet him.  She took her photo of the Saved By The Bell cast with her and he signed her stuff and moved on.  Shoshana said there were so many things she wanted to say but they all seemed inappropriate.  She would really like to have a meal with him so she could have a real conversation with him.  Shoshana admitted that she still watches the show, has memorized it, and has even done school projects on it.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar
(for you Shoshana!)

•  Rosie talked about the questions she once got to ask one of her heroes Mary Tyler Moore and how her love of Barbra has only grown after knowing her in real life.  For Bobby, his "Barbra" is Cher.  Rosie has introduced Bobby to Cher and Bobby talked about how wonderful she has been to him.  Rosie sang along (complete with a Cher impersonation) to If I could Turn Back TimeThe Way Of Love is Bobby's favorite Cher song and Rosie DEMANDED Bobby sing along.  :)  And he DID and did a fantastic job!  He even held that long high note at the end!  The whole studio was impressed.  Janette said she had no idea Bobby was such a talented singer.  Next week they're going to play Bobby's CD!  Lou went to commercial playing Cher's Gypsies Tramps and Thieves and Rosie sang along with her Cher voice.  lol

•  Rosie closed the show.

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