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Chelsea, Rosie's eldest daughter, cut school today because Shiri Appleby from Life Unexpected (her favorite T.V. show) was in the studio to be interviewed!! Rosie had her dog Missy (the long-haired chihuahua) groomed and given a "puppy cut" for the summer and the poor dog is shaved. Janette likes it but Rosie and Chelsea don't like it. Rosie's worried she ruined the dog's self-esteem. Rosie said their dog Zoe is next. Watch out, Zoe!!

Jeannie spent all day Saturday and Sunday at a dance competition with her daughter and her daughter won number 1 for her age group (8 and under). Jeannie said her daughter is very shy in real life but on stage she comes alive.

Shoshana and Pete had an interesting journey home last Thursday! Shoshana has been running every other day and Pete laughed at her because Shoshana's goal was to run 1 mile without stopping. So she challenged him to see who could could run faster for a whole 10 minutes and Pete could only run 3 minutes! Pete said he didn't pace himself and wants a rematch! Janette wants to do it to see if she can beat Pete, too. Shoshana wants everyone on staff to take the 10 minute challenge. Pete video-taped the run and they watched it in the studio. Rosie thought it looked like a murder scene surveillance tape from CSI.

Tomorrow is opening day for the Yankees and Kristin Chenoweth is singing the National Anthem! Rosie LOVES KC. Rosie said she's "so charismatic, you can't take her eyes off her." She called her one of the best living performers today. Rosie has received an advance copy of the first 3 episodes this season of Glee (premiering on April 13th!) and said that Kristin is in this season's 3rd episode. Cheno is currently starring in the play Promises Promises on Broadway. Go see it if you can!

Rosie and Kristin on TROS way back when...

A behind the scenes of Kristin working on GLEE!!

Both Rosie's sons are playing baseball this spring. It is her youngest son Blake's first time playing any organized sport. He got a hit and scored at the game last week which Rosie missed because she was at the dentist. She's going to change her appointments so she doesn't miss anymore.

Rosie went to DC this weekend to see her friend Tyne Daly in Master Class at the Kennedy Center. She went with Tracy and they met Sharon Gless there, too. Rosie said Tyne is so fantastic in the lay it's hard for her to articulate how good she is. Tyne has also lost almost 40 pounds since they did Love Loss and What I Wore together last fall. Rosie said she has to do a musical to lose weight and talked about how she lost weight when she performed in "Fiddler on the Roof" on Broadway.

Jeannie said doesn't care for most of Rosie's famous friends but she loves Sharon Gless. Jeannie admitted that some of Rosie's famous friends are pretty rude which Rosie attributes to their genius and being socially awkward but Jeannie said she's not buying it. She said they're just rude. Jeannie loves Sharon though! Watch these videos from the time they were on the cruise together with Ross Matthews!!! (thanks for finding them for me Liz!Video 1 and Video 2

Rosie told a funny story about how she and Tracy took the train to D.C. and got in a fight because Rosie wanted Tracy's full attention watching Glee and Tracy took a long phone-call from her aunt. Rosie was excited to watch the first three episodes of Glee with Tracy but she kept talking on the phone. Rosie said she was very grumpy about it and annoyed. (Jeannie apologized to Tracy on Rosie's behalf) She also took another phone-call on the train and the studio talked about how annoying it is when people talk on their cell phones on the train. Rosie said she had 3 beers on the ride to D.C. because she was mad about the phone calls.

Rosie also said she witnessed what she called child abuse at Tracy's house. It was Kelli's weekend with their kids so Tracy invited Rosie to her house for dinner Saturday night. She served burnt artichokes with soy sauce and no butter and imitation crab meat. Rosie said she wouldn't eat that on Survivor for money! It was so funny to listen to Rosie describe her disgust by the dinner. I sort of felt badly for Tracy!

Rosie talked briefly about Celebrity Apprentice and how mean and arrogant Donald Trump is. They played a lot of the mean clips of what the Donald says to the celebs and clips of Cyndi Lauper refusing to say anything mean about any of the other contestants.

During this discussion Chelsea walked into the studio and asked to use Rosie's cell phone during the show. When Rosie called her on it and reminded her that she was working and Chelsea shouldn't be interrupting her during a live broadcast, Chelsea stomped out of the room and slammed the door! LOL!

Going back to the conversation about The Apprentice, Rosie feels as though Trump treats everyone on the show like a prostitute and he's the pimp. She also hates the blatant product placement. Rosie mentioned Trump's anus mouth and did an impersonation for Jeannie. Apparently, Trump was on Howard Stern today and Howard stood up for her.

Rosie saw Shady this weekend and she said she saw "elongated nipples" on him so Rosie sees this as evidence that HE is a SHE. Then Jeannie and Rosie started laughing hysterically and were barely talking. Apparently Jeannie has an extra nipple- as in 3! Rosie asked Jeannie if it was functioning when she was nursed her babies and asked her if she needed to buy a special bra (all while both of them were laughing hysterically!). Jeannie even has to alert the mammogram technicians to her 3rd nipple now.

Rosie decided since Jeannie revealed something personal she too would share an embarrassing story about herself. In D.C. this weekend Tracy took a photo of Rosie peeing and you can see everything! Rosie said she thinks she needs a facelift (and she wasn't talking about her FACE!) and called her vajayjay a "droopy mcmuffin." She suggested vaginal rejuvenation. In the photo, she could see some gray hairs down there too which surprised her. WAS IT A ZOOM LENS?! Tracy has the picture on her hard-drive and Janette said she would wrestle her to the ground and get it back from her. Here's a partial picture of it from Ro's blog.
We all pee.
But only a select few of us have the photos to prove it!
photo belongs to Rosie.com

Jackie (emailed/texted?) Jeannie during all this because she couldn't believe that they told the story of Jeannie's third nipple and Rosie said they needed to tell an embarrassing story about Jackie now. Once when Jackie was little they took a blanket to see if they could throw her into the air with it and catch her (as seen on Bugs Bunny). She ripped through the blanket on her way down and probably broke her coccyx bone which led to more talk about Jeannie's ass...

Jeannie told the story about how she once got an internal rectal massage for her broken coccyx to her current doctor and his reaction was silence. All he said back to her about it was "That's just odd." Then Jeannie defended herself and said that "Phillis from the FACEBOOK GROUP!" told her it was a real method of treatment for a broken coccyx and it was called "the Logan method." Facebook Phillis then called in and chatted with the staff about how it is a real method of treatment! She included that the method is not legal in every state! Phillis squeezed in how the blogtourage was worried for Jeannie that there may have been some inappropriate contact from her doctor. GOOOOOO PHILLIS!!

Coming back from commercial break Lou played Once Twice Three Times a Three Times a Lady by Lionel Richie for Jeannie and Rosie sang along except replaced the word "lady" with "nipple."

Rosie said that her taxi driver in D.C. told her she was the second celebrity he's driven around this week. When she asked him who the other celebrity was he said "Rush Limbaugh." Rosie asked what kind of tip he left and the cabbie told her he gave him a $300 tip! This completely changed Rosie's entire opinion of him! Brendan said that Rush was once at a restaurant in Manhattan and left a $5000 tip on a $4400 bill!

Rosie said that Tracy really wants them to go camping together which made Janette laugh out LOUD! Rosie admitted that she's not one for discomfort and they bonded over the fact that they both loved Miami so she thought they should just pitch a tent in the backyard.

Somehow this prompted Rosie to show Jeannie the picture of her sitting on the potty that Tracy took and Jeannie said that Rosie "needs to trim." Rosie said "that's already trimmed!" to which Jeannie responded "OH ROSEANN!" She said she could put it into a ponytail!! LOL Then Rosie said those were her loose vajayjay lips not her hair! Jeannie said she was better off thinking it was hair. LOL TOO FUNNY! Jeannie and Rosie are a riot together!

They took several callers advising Rosie not to go camping.

Rosie introduced Shiri Appleby who plays Kate on one of her favorite shows Life Unexpected! Rosie told Shiri that Life Unexpected is her daughter's favorite show on TV! Rosie said she'll be really angry if the CW doesn't renew it for another season. :)

Shiri shared with Rosie what a huge fan of hers she has always been. When she was 23 years old, she was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when she was promoting the movie SwimFan. She was such a big fan that a boyfriend of hers once gave her a dozen Rosie's (as in Rosie Barbie dolls!) instead of a dozen roses! Awwwww!!!! That's my kind of guy! Shiri said it feels like a full circle moment being on the show. They talked briefly about how Shiri auditioned for the role and about making the pilot.

Rosie said that she likes that they tackle serious topics on the show and she appreciates the realistic portrayal of situations and how that opens up conversations with her and 12 year old daughter who is adopted.

Shiri said she was painfully shy as a child and her parents started taking her to auditions to help her get used to talking to more people. She has been working since she was very young but took a break in high school for a while because she didn't want to spend so much time on set. She studied theater at USC and has yet to do Broadway but she can't wait to be in a Broadway show someday. Shiri said today it's a big day if one person recognizes her but when she was 19 she was getting all kinds of attention for her work on Roswell and she felt she was too young for it.
Shiri's brother, the writers and the cast are all coming over to Shiri's place tonight to watch the season finale! Rosie and Chelsea talked about coming but said they are going to see a play tonight. Shiri said she's excited to see the finale but said it's a little bitter sweet that it's over. She also said that everyone gets along on the set and there's no drama. Rosie said she once did a guest spot on Ally McBeal and everyone on set hated each other. Rosie said the same thing was true when she went on Saturday Night Live.

Rosie said that Life Unexpected and Glee are the best new shows on TV!

Rosie asked Shiri who she grew up wanting to be like and Shiri said she grew up watching I Love Lucy. She’s also a big fan of Julia Roberts. Shiri did Charlie Wilson's War with Julie who she said was so sweet and kind to her.

Rosie told a story about once sitting on a plane on her way to an audition next to the woman who represented Julia Roberts. Six months later she got on a plane with that woman again and the woman signed her!

Rosie and Shiri talked about how they’re both excited to see the movie Eat Pray Love directed by Ryan Murphy (the creator of Glee!!)! Shiri said that she went to Bali for 10 days once on a yoga retreat and they met Katoot (from the book Eat Pray Love) and he read her fortune. The fortune teller told her she would be married and divorced and would have a long life. He also told her she would make a lot of people laugh and at 35 years old people will come and pay a lot of money to see you. Shiri liked the book Committed even more than Eat Pray Love. In Committed, she felt it was more of a journalistic piece and found it more interesting. She's a HUGE reader like Rosie! Both Rosie and Shiri loved the book Open by Andre Agassi and couldn’t put it down! Rosie asked Shiri who her favorites authors were and she listed off many authors (that I didn't really catch) and Rosie recommended Dave Eggers and they discussed the book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

Tonight is the season finale of Life Unexpected! Don't miss it!!

Shiri, Chelsea and Rosie!
photo belongs to Shiri Appleby
Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Thanks so much Kelly! If I had missed that story about the bathroom incident I don't think I would have survived. LOL Have a great week!

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  2. wow.... it somehow seems wrong that i know something about ro's crotch. gotta love her honesty, though!

    i love when rosie and jeannie laugh hysterically... it makes me smile. there is nothing better than laughing with your best friend about stuff that no one else knows about! :)

    oh, and you're welcome! :) happy to help!

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  3. Thanks again for doing this Kel! It is so appreciated. I can't wait to visit tomorrow when Kelle Hampton is on. I am so hooked on her blog now.

  4. Can I tell you how happy reading your blog makes me? Watching all these clips and things! Wow. I actually called in right after 10am this morning to remind Rosie that Kristin Chenowith is a big star BECAUSE of Rosie. They weren't taking calls yet.

    I am so glad I read this through because we had a LOT of interruptions at my house this morning and I missed some good things!

    Thanks again, Kelly!

  5. Great Blog! This must take a lot of work. Thanks for doing it,

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  9. Thank you so much for posting these recaps, Kelly. I don't have Sirius - nor prob the time to listen to all the shows if I did - but reading your blog makes me feel like I haven't missed a thing. I'm sure there are many of us who appreciate you!

  10. boy, I will be SOOO upset if "Life Unexpected" does NOT come back for another season!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this show!!

  11. Rosie pouting on train cuz Tracy was not watching Glee with her, is behavior just like my teenage son when he waits for us to watch something with him and we talk or read paper at same time. (tho he doesn't drink 3 beers!) Also, not loving the toilet photo/conversation. Even though we can't see it "all" we can conjure up the image and that's TMI!

  12. I'm searching for the authors Shiri mentioned because I couldn't catch them either. She did say a book called "On Love" but there are several books called that! Did anyone catch the names? Sue in NJ