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Today on Rosie Radio, Rosie jokingly started off the show saying "This is Rosie, star of the Flintstones." She frequently introduces herself this way and today she explained where she got it from. Rosie explained that Roseann Barr once did an impersonation of her on Saturday Night Live and called herself "Rosie O'Donnell, Star of the Flintstones." It was right around the time that the movie came out. Rosie thought that was so funny so she adopted the saying. Janette loves it when she "I.D.s" herself as someone other than herself like Chaka Khan. Rosie said that all started because back in the days when she was a VJ on VH1 she had to I.D. herself up to 4 times an hour. Every time they came back from commercial she had to say her name. Rosie said it got old fast so she would have fun with it by saying she was someone else and started making up names.

This then led to a discussion about Rosie's hair during the VH1 VJ days. Rosie said she got a horrible perm that made her look like Gilda Radner's Rosanna Danna. She said the perm was part of the reason she became funny because everyone made fun of her for it. She told a story of a disaster perm that she got in the 8th grade that made her cry when she saw her reflection. She said she wanted to have "loose spirals" and it ended up looking like a Brillo pad! And she hated the smell which lasted forever. Deirdre didn't know how anyone would want to perm their hair because she has naturally curly hair and wants nothing more than straight hair. Rosie ended the conversation by saying that "Perms are bad on the whole."

WHOOOAAAA Nelly. I just got a perm for body and I totally love it! And I have to stick up for myself here so yes, I'm posting a picture dammit. It looks good and these ladies obviously don't know what they're talking about. Perms have changed and if I had more guts I would have called in! lol And I don't think I look like Rosanna Danna. So there!

Rosie said that she and her eldest daughter Chelsea are having some "quality alone time" this week because Chelsea wasn't allowed to go on vacation with Kelli, Blake and Vivi because of some bad choices she made. So, she and Rosie have a week together alone. Last night they went to see Knight and Day together. Rosie said it was really enjoyable and the movie reminded her of a movie from the 70s or 80s. She called it a homage to old summer action and comedy films. Rosie said that Cameron Diaz looks fantastic in it and so does Tom Cruise! Rosie wanted to call Tom and tell him what a great movie it was but she and Tom are more "industry friends" not real friends. She said in order to call him she'd have to call his "people" and then he would have to call her back and it would lose something in the delivery. Tom has always sent Rosie flowers on her birthday and never misses a significant moment in her life. She said she wishes she knew Tom well enough to just call him up and say "Tom, you're so good in that movie." Rosie said that after the movie Chelsea was imitating the scene where Tom tells Cameron her ability to live increases dramatically with him as opposed to without him. Watch the trailer below to see a clip of that scene.

Rosie said that after the movie they went to Chilis and she spoke to a mom who was there with her special needs daughter. Rosie said that now that she has special needs kids in her life she notices them more. Rosie and the mom talked about the difficulties she faced trying to get a diagnosis for her daughter and the mom had seen Rosie on Good Morning America talking about her book The Sound of Hope and Auditory Processing Disorder. Rosie talked about the difficulties parents face who have kids with special needs that are invisible to the naked eye, unlike with Down Syndrome. Rosie said that she and Jackie were talking about what Jeannie had said to them regarding kids and hugging strangers and she asked Jeannie to explain. Jeannie said that it's typical for a child to be wary of hugging strangers but that some children with special needs will simply go up and hug people they do not even know. She said that can often be a sign that something socially might be "off" with the child because it's more typical for kids to be wary of strangers. The child at the restaurant immediately gave Rosie a big hug when she asked for one. Rosie said that there is a bond amongst parents of kids with special needs and Janette related it to the common experience. Rosie said that Blake has been wondering why everyone keeps coming up to them and thanking them for the book that they wrote about APD and for speaking about it. Rosie explained to him that they've helped a lot of kids get diagnosed because of what he went through. Rosie mentioned that former Rosie Radio guest and blogger Kelle Hampton, who wrote a blog that went viral about her birth of her daughter with Down Syndrome, is one of the people being considered to have her own show on the Oprah Network. Deirdre adores Kelle and thinks she would be great on a show because she's a great conversationalist and is also very beautiful.

Rosie said that on her way out of the mall, she and Tracy's daughter Desi and her daughter Chelsea stopped into a full figure store called Fashion To Figure to shop for clothes. Rosie said that the woman who worked there was so nice and was full figured herself. Tracy's daughter Desi is plus-sized too but wears much more form fitting clothing than Rosie does. Rosie adores Desi and Desi kept encouraging Rosie to try on tighter sexier things. Rosie didn't try anything on in the store but when she got home she did and didn't like anything she got. Chelsea, who is not plus-sized, went through the clothes Rosie didn't want and kept a lot of them because that's the style now.

Rosie said that she and Eileen Fisher are officially back together because when she had a "mystery guest" at her house before vacation she wore a shirt to the meeting that the people in her life couldn't believe that she would wear! Rosie called herself a "special needs wardrobe person." Rosie's friend Lois picked up Rosie some things at an Eileen Fisher outlet store the other day and Rosie told her to get her a 2X. Lois knew this would be too big for her and got her a 1X and then told her to stop getting things so big!

Then they started talked about being naked, spas where you are naked, and seeing other people naked. Rosie said that if she had a body like Cameron Diaz, she'd be naked all the time.

Jeannie interrupted the naked conversation to say how much she adores Pete. She said he took her fried old 2004 laptop computer and retrieved everything off of it. She said he saved all of her data and he's the best guy in the whole world. Janette commented on how fantastic Pete looks and Pete said that's because he's a little tan. Rosie told him he's still pasty white but Jeannie said he looks great.

Rosie said she is anxiously awaiting Parker's phone call because she missed his call yesterday because her phone was on silent.

Rosie is off to film another episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm after today's show and she briefly talked about last week when she filmed a baseball scene for the episode in 110 degree heat. Here is a link to more pictures from the filming. Rosie said that during today's taping she is keeping her phone on her in case her son calls and she is going to take the call no matter what. She said it's improv so they can just improv it into the scene.

Um, check out the heading of the photo to the right. Dude, it's O'DONNELL. At least get the spelling correct.

After yesterday's discussion about the mean Mel Gibson phone call that was leaked to the press there was yet another phone call released to the media. This one worst than the last. Rosie listened to the entire thing last night and was so disturbed by it she said she had trouble sleeping. During yesterday's airing of the phone call audio they bleeped out many of the horrible things he said. Rosie thought they shouldn't have bleeped out so much because she said it changed the gravity of what actually happened. Today they discussed whether they should play the latest phone call or not and how much they should bleep out. Rosie said she decided they would play it without bleeping out any of the bad stuff because she thought it was essential to fully realizing what they were dealing with.

Pete said he read that in 2002 Mel Gibson was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Rosie said it sounds like he is suffering from severe mental illness in the phone call. She said the audio was terrifying and made her physically sick listening to it. Rosie discussed the questions that some people are having about why Mel Gibson's girlfriend recorded the tape at all. Rosie and the staff thought that she probably did it because she was in fear of her life. Rosie said that because the audio can be heard on so many sites on the Internet, and in order to have a good discussion about what was actually said, she felt it was necessary to play a portion of it, unedited. She warned her listeners that it was not appropriate for children and they played a portion of the audio that was released yesterday. They only played 44 seconds of an 8 minute tape. Here's a good link to the audio and an article that discusses what he says.

Janette felt a little compassion for Mel when he said he had no friends. She said she could hear the pain and the tragedy in his voice. She does not understand his anger and she does not agree with what he is saying but she said she does have compassion for that level of pain that would cause someone to be so hateful. Deirdre does not have compassion for Mel. Deirdre said that if Mel is truly bipolar then he has the ability to change his life and he should do so. Janette said her compassion for him is not about condoning his behavior. Jeannie brought up the A&E show Intervention and how many of the addicts on that show also suffer from mental illness and get hooked on drugs trying to self-medicate their illness. Janette discussed how driven we are by our bio-chemistry.

Rosie took a call from a listener who is a licensed counselor who cannot believe the police haven't become involved in this situation sooner. Rosie said that she heard that some people are saying that the girlfriend was provoking Mel and Pete said that it seemed as if he was provoking her because he noticed how he became happy when she would start to become angry during the conversation. It was like he wanted the fight to escalate. Rosie asked the caller about her daughter who has Aspergers and bipolar disorder and had tried to commit suicide at one point. Rosie offered to call her daughter and talk to her.

Rosie took another call from a listener who felt sorry for Mel when he said he didn't have any friends. Rosie said she too feels sorry for him. They discussed whether Mel's career might be over after all this. Janette pointed out that this isn't completely a real tape because she knew the call was being recorded and he did not. She said whenever the evidence is selective and media is just airing a piece of the story all they can really say is that Mel is in need of help and that it is a relationship in crisis.

Rosie said that when Britney Spears was going though her crisis it was Mel Gibson who went over to her house and talked to her. They discussed how Whoopi tried to defend Mel on the View and say that he isn't a racist because they worked together and he had been to her house. Rosie said she doesn't know many people who are not racist who use the "N" word. Janette said that the anger can be explained by his illness but the antisemitism and racism have to do with his character.

Rosie announced that the owner of the New York Yankees George Steinbrenner has died. He was 80 years old but his health had been deteriorating over the years. Then they discussed at what age is a good age to die. All Rosie ever thinks is how old will her kids be and that's how she determines the acceptable time for her to die. Jeannie agreed. I have to say, as a listener, I hate when they discuss this topic. Not because it's sad or heavy but I do not enjoy talking about my impending death or the death of my loved ones - not for the sake of simply discussing it.

Rosie did say that they taped a portion on Friday's show yesterday and she encouraged her listeners to tune in. She said the discussion was heavy and intense and they were discussing death and what you believe and what you don't believe happens to you.

Pete admitted to feeling like a bad parent for saying something awful to one of his daughters and Janette and Rosie tried to make him feel better about it. Rosie said that every new parent needs to read Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year about the truth of how difficult it is to be a parent. They talked about how forgiveness is essential and Rosie discussed the time that she talked to her friend Alec Baldwin after an audio tape of him yelling at his daughter was released to the media. She then went back to discussing the Mel Gibson phone call and said she hopes that Mel remembers he can get help and that there is help out there.

Rosie then discussed the time she spoke at a suicide prevention dinner. Medication had helped Rosie recover so much she was asked to speak at an event where family members gathered who had lost someone to suicide. She said the pain of the people in the room felt like walking through a syrup of sorrow. Pete said that suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the U.S. Rosie said that in the latest CD by Eminem entitled Recovery, Eminem talks about the time he contemplated suicide after his friend Proof was killed. Rosie loves Eminem and the honest way he talks about himself and his own struggles and the truth of his life. Rosie said that she has only ever been suicidal maybe one time in her life. Janette said she has a 3 month rule. She said she made a rule for herself that she must want to kill herself every minute of everyday for 3 months before she is allowed to contemplate suicide. If she is happy at all during that 3 months she must start the countdown over again. Rosie thinks the rule is a great rule because she thinks suicide is often and impulsive decision. Rosie and Janette both know people who have killed themselves and Rosie's girlfriend, Tracy, had a very close friend kill himself. They then discussed the legal ramifications of attempting suicide. Rosie wanted listeners to know that there's always another way and that suicide is never the answer. Pete read the suicide helpline: 1-800-273-TALK for suicide prevention.

Rosie briefly mentioned the time that Jeannie came to her and was worried about her because she felt as if Rosie was becoming a hermit and becoming agoraphobic. Pete asked why that statement was in the past tense. Rosie took great offense to this and said she would edit out all the loving comments about Pete for the West Coast feed.

Brendan announced a new game for the staff! In this game Brendan listed off a name of a television doctor and the contestant had to name the television show that the doctor is on. They chose a caller named Andrea to play along. Brendan said they will be keeping track of the wins by the staff members and by the end of the month they are going to give a grand prize to the staff member that has the most wins!

Round 1
Jeannie - Dr. Leonard Nemoy. She guessed Star Trek (reluctantly) which made everyone yell at her because she didn't know it immediately.
Bobby - Dr. Cliff Huxtable. He guessed The Cosby show and he was right.
Rosie - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. She guessed St. Elsewhere. The answer was the Muppet show which Pete knew. Rosie was OUT.
Pete - Dr. Tobias Hunt. He guessed Arrested Development and he got it right.
Janette - Dr. Alan Harper. She guessed Two and A Half Men and she got it.
Andrea (caller who loves Janette's laugh) - Dr. Robert Hartley. The answer was The Bob Newhart Show but she didn't get. Rosie gave her a $50 Visa giftcard and $100 giftcard from steppinbirkenstock.com as a consolation for playing.

Round 2
Jeannie - Dr. Niles Crane. The answer was Frasier but she didn't get it.
Bobby - Dr. Alex Karev. The answer was Greys Anatomy but he guessed ER.
Pete - Dr. Leo Spaceman. The answer was 30 Rock and Pete guessed it right.
Janette- Dr. Monica Quartermane. The answer was General Hospital but she didn't get it.

Soooooo, Pete was the winner of the first game in July!!

Rosie said that she heard that Enrique Iglesias promised to water ski naked if Spain won the world cup. Since Spain won, Rosie suggested that they all book their flights to go see it in person. They discussed the World Cup and how it is a little boring to watch. Bobby thinks the field is too big. They discussed the foul cards that the soccer referees use and Rosie suggested they institute the use of foul cards in the studio. Janette thinks it would add unnecessary stress if they did that and Rosie said that Pete would have received a foul card for his comment today about her declaration that her agoraphobia has improved. Rosie said that she's doing things she never thought she'd do like spending a week at the Jersey Shore in a house she didn't know, she's driving places herself, she has chickens and a garden. Janette is beyond proud of Rosie and adores Tracy and all the wonderful changes she's seen in Rosie because of their relationship. Rosie said that there's one thing that Tracy says that bothers her and that's "It's Rosie's world and she just lives in it." Pete said his wife says that to him all the time and that made Rosie feel better.

There was then a discussion of how Pete and Shoshana hoarded the remainder of the Heath Bar Crunch Cake that Jeannie brought into the studio yesterday. Apparently, Chelsea and Desi came into the studio after yesterday's show to get a piece of the infamous cake and Shoshana and Pete stood over it and wouldn't let them have any. Chelsea came back up to the house and said that "Pete and his wife (who is really Shoshana, Rosie's assistant and a segment producer for Rosie Radio, not Pete's actual wife) wouldn't let us have a lot of cake." Pete also admitted to hiding and storing goodies around the studio so that no one else can find them. Rosie told Jeannie that many people are writing in to her requesting her cake recipe.  Here it is:

Jeannie's Heath Bar Cake recipe:
1 Chocolate cake mix
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1 small jar butterscotch topping
12 oz. whipped topping (i.e., Cool Whip)
4-5 Heath or Skor bars, chopped
Prepare cake according to directions on the package and bake in a 9 x 13 pan.

While still hot, use a wooden spoon handle to poke holes in the top of the cake. Pour condensed milk evenly over the top, then pour butterscotch topping evenly over that. Sprinkle half of chopped Heath bars over the top. Refrigerate at least 3 hours.
Spread whipped topping over cake, then sprinkle with remaining Heath pieces.
 Then Pete began analyzing how there was a piece of the leftover cake missing this morning when he came into the studio and Brendan said it was like "CSI for fatties." Jeannie offered to make Pete his very own Heath Bar Crunch Cake for fixing her computer for her.

Rosie closed the show saying we all should hope and pray there aren't any more Mel Gibson tapes that are going to be released. She was off to tape an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. She loves the show and she loves Larry and she was excited to do it.

UPDATE: Here's a picture from the filming of Curb Your Enthusiasm--------------------------------------------------->>>

and that's what you missed - kw

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  1. You're right -- your hair looks terrific, and you look beautiful! I had a perm in the late 70's, early eighties -- awful. I think that's what the ladies are referring to-- those bad, bad perms we all knew and loved then, but hate now!

  2. Dear Kelly,
    The yellow you used in the titles today was AAAAGGGHHH!!!!! (too light and too bright).
    Thanks for your recaps!

  3. Hi Kelly, I noticed twice now (including today), that Rosie lists your rosieradio blog recap on her blog, but you don't recap that part in your blog. I'm curious, what does Rosie say on her show about your blog? Thanks, Jessica

  4. i was laughing while listening to their thoughts on perms (knowing you just got one)! yeah, your perm is different (and way prettier) than what they were talking about.

    thanks for the recipe- i will have to try that for sure.

    and jessica- they just link the blog sometimes but don't necessarily talk about it. :)


  5. Kelly....you're hair looks great! Totally suits you. I can't believe they call it a perm.
    It doesn't look like the perms I remember from the 8o's. I had one and it was wild and frizzy and looking back at the pics pretty funny looking.

    As for the yellow highlights I like them.....they stand out against the black print and are easy to read.....I also like the blue for clicking on links, the pink for your editorial comments and the capital letters for the titles of the paragraphs. It makes the whole recap colour coded and provides a quick reference. Just saying....

  6. Kelly..I love the body and wave in your hair..It's looks great! ..I had a perm early 80's and the curls were so fricken tight I had to go back the next day to relax them.

    If someone offered me a million I wouldn't walk around naked. I hate my body. Enough Said.

    Welcome Back Kelly! xo

  7. @ Anonymous - I don't think Rosie mentions this blog every day. I think it's just listed there so people can come here.

  8. My neighbor makes the Heath Bar cake. Her young granddaughter didn't know about Heath Bars and called it a Health bar cake. That's what everyone calls it now and requests it often.

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