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Bobby sang the opening theme song and Rosie joked with him because he messed it up a little bit.  Bobby and Janette watched America's Got Talent last night and Janette was ecstatic that the 19 year old contestant named Nathaniel got through.  They also loved the girls with Cystic Fibrosis and the dance troop at the end of the show.  One thing they didn't like was how they waited until the very end of the show to announce who was going through.  Rosie commented on what a good show America's Got Talent is and how much she enjoys Howie Mandel on the show.  They all agreed that the host Nick Cannon is absolutely fantastic.  Bobby thought with David Hasselhoff on it, the show wasn't as good.  Bobby's only issue with America's Got Talent is they're comparing apples to oranges and that makes it difficult to say whose talent is greater.  Rosie said that you need to go with which acts entertain you the most.

Rosie and Tracy went to see Melissa Etheridge in concert last night!  Rosie said that Melissa looks fantastic and she can't believe they're both almost 50!  Rosie said she has never seen Melissa that great.  When Rosie was a VJ in 1987, she was nominated for Best New Artist.  Rosie didn't know her but she suspected she was gay and really wanted to interview her for VH1.  When she met her she tried to hint to her that they have "mutual friends."  Melissa and Rosie then became friends and Melissa would have these Hollywood parties with K.D. Lang, Ellen DeGeneres and Dermot Mulroney.  Rosie said that night was amazing to watch her up on stage at her best and realize that they've taken their journeys in their careers together. Tracy isn't as familiar with Melissa's music as Rosie is but Rosie knew every word to every song.  Rosie played "air drums" to most of the songs to the point where Tracy said she was in fear for her life!  lol  Rosie said that in general, lesbians on the whole are not the best dancers.  She did say there was a lot "air guitar" and "air drums" in the audience.  At the concert Tracy asked why anyone thinks a polo shirt looks good on them.  Tracy thinks that polo-shirts can look good on kids but lesbians with big tummies = not a good look.  Janette said polo shirts don't look good on men with big tummies either.  Good point!

Rosie said they had 3rd row off to the side and at about 40 minutes left in the concert, Melissa started singing a song and about 100 people charged the stage.  Tracy thought there was a fire in the building!  Tracy also thought she was going to have a heart attack because of the booming of the base and she wished she had ear plugs because it was so loud. Janette once went to a Hinder concert with Barry and the music was so loud it actually hurt her ears.  Tracy has swimmers ear from the pool which is part of the reason her ears hurt from the bass. 

Rosie said that her kitchen was cleaned yesterday and Rosie loved the smell and Tracy thought it smelled like chemicals and horribly toxic.  Rosie thought it smelled fresh and clean!  Janette said that Barry uses an all natural cleaner that smells fantastic called Parsley Plus.  Pete's been using Simple Green that he loves.

Rosie said the over all message of Melissa's concert was about being secure in your own body and knowing that you are the light inside of you.  Along those lines, Rosie has been talking to her shrink about how upsetting the Mel Gibson stuff has been to her and why.  Her therapist told her she has to choose to not ingest that stuff and then she has to separate herself from it and realize that it has nothing to do with her personally. 

Now there's a new audio clip once again and Rosie feels at at this point, there shouldn't be any more released.  James was listening to Howard Stern and the guy who owns Radar Online was on and has said that they have lot of tapes.  He said that they have about 30 minutes worth of actual phone calls that they're releasing in bits and pieces so we are to expect more. Rosie doesn't understand what new information we're getting from the latest tapes.  Janette thinks this is information that should remain private, or be used by the courts to determine custody or the police to press charges.  She does not think this should be released by our media outlets and she thinks parceling them out in such a way is merely a ratings technique.

For example, when Michael Jackson was going through all of his stuff with the charges of molestation against him, Rosie couldn't get that out of her head either.  Rosie used to do 6 ft paintings about Michael Jackson in order to get him out of her dreams.  At one point, she even tried to call him.  She has a fantasy that she can fix everything when she knows she shouldn't try to fix everything else she should try to fix herself.  Rosie's first thoughts are that the celebrity in crisis are going to kill themselves.  She said she struggles with these thoughts perhaps because of her history of child abuse and how she used to struggle with wondering if the abuse was going to happen again.  But what's odd is that Rosie doesn't even have a particular connection to Mel Gibson. 

Whoopi Goldberg has been getting a lot of criticism for the comments she has said on The View and she spoke about that yesterday.  They played the audio of what she said on yesterday's View and discussed it briefly.  Mostly they let Whoopi's words stand for themselves but both Janette and Rosie said that they felt a little panicked listening to the audio of the show (flashbacks). 

Janette said that to merely take these tapes at face value is a mistake because they are one sided.  Janette said that no one would ever want our private lives exposed like this and it's actually increasing her compassion for him because it's so manipulative. 

A listener called in who gets angry when Janette sticks up for Mel because she had been married to a man that treated her this way.  Rosie explained that Janette was not defending what he did she was just saying that this is only one slice of his private emotional life and we're only getting the see what his girlfriend has put out for show.  Janette said she knows what it feels like to be abused in this way and has been beaten before.  She said that this behavior is never the sum total of the individual and she's not condoning the way he is acting but she does believe in forgiveness.  Rosie talked to the caller about her own situation and what finally made her leave the marriage.  The caller explained that one night she felt like she was being raped and she had a moment where she got the strength to leave and she was no longer afraid.

Rosie again stated that she cannot understand why Mel's girlfriend doesn't just hang up!  Bobby's theory was she was trying to get evidence to prove what he was doing to her.  EXACTLY!  Thank you, Bobby. 

They took several more callers to discuss the Mel Gibson tapes.  One caller thought that Mel's girlfriend was provoking him and she wished we could hear the phone call in its entirety including what she said to him before the taping began.  One caller left her very successful husband and posh lifestyle because her husband abused her and her kids and treated them like they were his employees.  Unfortunately the call was lost and we didn't get to hear the end of the story. 

After the commercial break, they discussed the oil spill and the cap that they have installed to try to stop it.    Janette and Pete questioned the delay and what is taking so long.  Rosie said that Tracy found something on the Internet that shows the gravity of the oil spill.  She said the oil is as far as the eye can see in the photos.  Deirdre said this topic (as opposed to the Mel Gibson topic) is what she has to stop watching and ingesting.  To Deirdre, this is so upsetting she has to stop taking it all in because it is sending her into a downward spiral.  The only other topic that has effected her in such a way is 9/11.  Rosie's therapist said she had to make a conscious choice to not ingest it.  She said she needs to choose to stay present without distractions and just be in the moment.  Janette said there's a responsibility to know about what is going on in the world but we do not have a responsibility to swirl down into a depression because of it.  She also said that happiness and positivity can be contagious too! 

The staff talked about the latest celebrity news regarding Joan Rivers and Lindsay Lohan.  Apparently Joan made a joke about Lindsay Lohan in her act.  She talked about how LiLo had "fuck u" painted on her fingernails at the trial and she joked that the judge had "eat me you party skank" written on her finger nails.  LiLo's former girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, has a problem with the jokes and they had an exchange on twitter over it.   Rosie again recommended the documentary about Joan Rivers called A Piece of Work.  Rosie LOVED it and Janette and Deirdre loved it too.   

Rosie said that Enrique Iglesias will water ski nude because Spain won the World Cup in Biscayne Bay which is where Rosie goes to see the dolphins near Miami, Florida.  Rosie hopes she's there when it happens.  Janette is not interested in seeing him naked in the slightest.  Deirdre said that Enrique calls his thingy an "Anaconda" and told a story about the time when she walked in on him naked! 

Deirdre has lost weight recently with Jenny Craig.  Since her boyfriend left and they went on their 2 week vacation she began working more on herself.  She's also working out, she's stopped drinking and she's meditating!  She asked Rosie if she seems calmer and Rosie said she does!  (for now)  Overall, Deirdre likes Jenny Craig but she doesn't like how they call you every week.  She does like the food though and she talked about how it's all about smaller portion sizes.  Deirdre's food weaknesses are pizza and ribs while Rosie is more of a sweets eater.

Rosie said she's going to Fire Island this weekend!  It was supposed to be a weekend away with her and Tracy but since Chelsea had to stay behind from the vacation Kelli, Blake and Vivi went on (because of some "bad choices") now it's Rosie, Tracy and Chelsea going to Fire Island.

Rosie and Tracy were looking at pictures of a Chupacabra last night.  The Chupacabra is like the "big foot" of Latin America according to Rosie.  A listener called in who who said it's a hairless mutant raccoon.  She thought that this meant that Janette would really like it (since Janette has a hairless cat).  Rosie believes in the Loch Ness Monster but not Bigfoot.  Pete doesn't believe in the Loch Ness monster but does believe in Bigfoot. He said scientists have proven that the Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist but he hasn't seen the evidence to prove that Bigfoot doesn't not exist.   

Rosie then took a call from a listener who believes in the Chupacabra and has heard of dead cows showing up with their blood drained.  She also told Rosie she believes in Bigfoot and the Humanzee that lives in San Antonio.  The caller said that a Humanzee walks upright and is a chimp but looks human.  Rosie then took a call from a listener who had a Chupacabra found near her home.  She insisted the animal was not a raccoon .  Janette started to feel sorry for the Chupacabra and said, "It must be awful to be a monster because if you're a monster everyone wants to kill you."

Rosie then introduced actress and funny lady Jackie Hoffman!  Rosie first met Jackie when she starred in Hairspray on Broadway.  Jackie trained with Second City for 8 years and she was born in Bay City Long Island.  She's currently starring on Broadway in The Addams Family.   

Jackie's father was very supportive of her going into acting as a career and her mother thought it wasn't a normal way of life and she should get married.  She eventually came around once the women in the neighborhood took notice of Jackie's accomplishments and validated her career choice. 

Jackie is the youngest of 4 children who are all all artists in their own  way.  Her mother always wanted her to be a dental hygienist but Jackie never wanted to do anything but perform. Jackie had many influences including Barbra, Carol Burnett, Car 54 and the Honeymooners.  Her father was also a very funny man and a great inspiration to her.  

Rosie asked Jackie if she's exhausted from doing 8 shows a week.  Rosie said for her, it's the only way she can lose weight.  They joked about the flashes and cell phones that go off in the theater audience and how difficult that is to perform when that happens. 

Jackie played Caroline's Comedy Club a few times but she was never a stand-up comedian.  She said to her stand-up is the scariest thing you can do as a performer.  

Jackie said she still gets star struck and she told a very funny story about the time she met George and Barbara Bush when she was performing in Hairspray on Broadway. 

Rosie told Jackie that the word on the street is that she's a workaholic.  Jackie talked about her hysterectomy she had and how she didn't ever want to miss work because of it.  She spent 6 days in a hospital and after 3 weeks she was back at work! 

The pair talked about Broadway and shows that they've seen.  Rosie's eldest daughter Chelsea was in the studio and Rosie told Jackie that Jeff Garlin recently got Chelsea to laugh.    Jackie was in Second City Improv with Jeff and she joked about how he wouldn't bide by the rules of Improv. 

Rosie asked Jackie about her performance as the "Old Lady Gaga" that has received over a million hits!  Watch below: 

Rosie asked Jackie if she ever gets in trouble for not following the script.  Jackie said that on every show they fight her on her improvisations but in every show it happens. 

They both talked about how they can't believe that Kevin Chamberlin didn't win the Tony for his performance in The Addams Family!  The Addams Family was very overlooked at the Tony's.  Rosie is going to come and bring all 10 children to come see the show this summer! 

Rosie then gave away tickets to the first 4 callers who called in. 

Pick up the CD Jackie Hoffman at Joe's Pub and go see The Addams Family on Broadway (if you can get tickets, that is)!

After the Hoffman interview Rosie was eating a tomato fresh from the garden and she and Janette talked about how much they love Jackie Hoffman.  They hypothesized a little about what kind of species the Chupacabra could be and then started talking about vampires.  This led to a discussion about Twilight which revealed that Janette is totally Team Edward and Rosie is totally Team Jacob!  I am so Team Jacob, too! 

Rosie closed the show.
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  1. Hi Kelly, Do you (or does anyone) know who watches Tracy's kids when she goes away without them (like this weekend to Fire Island)? Thanks - LOVE your posts!! Jessica

  2. Jessica, I don't think Rosie has ever said but I'm guessing it's not Janette! HA! Thanks for reading!

  3. "but I'm guessing it's not Janette! HA!"

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