9-07-10 - "The first day back from summer vacation"

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today talking about how long two weeks vacation felt!  No kidding!  We missed yooooou! Today was the first day of school for all of Rosie and Tracy's kids except for Parker and Tracy's son Archie.  She said Parker is participating in a full-day soccer try out for his school today and they aren't sure what program Archie will be attending yet.  Tracy's son has Autism.  Today was also the first day back to school for my three boys.  I have one entering 5th grade, one entering 1st and my youngest is starting Kindergarten in an Autism program at a nearby elementary school.  It was bitter-sweet watching him get on the bus today but I know it is a fantastic program and I feel lucky to live in an area that has it available to us.  So, as I write this it is so quiet I can hear the air conditioning running (yes, it is still 90 degrees in Virginia).  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the sound of silence. 

Rosie said that Parker participated in the full-day soccer tryout this weekend and when she picked him up from Kelli's house he couldn't walk he was so sore!  He was exhausted and ready to quit but she won't let him.  Rosie said she's not sad about the kids starting school this year because they're all older now.  Jeannie, who was not in the studio today because her youngest started Kindergarten this morning, called in to chat with the group.  She said her son was really excited about going to Kindergarten until this morning when he had some anxiety over it and started fighting at the bus stop.  Jeannie said she wasn't sad until she watched him get on the bus and then her daughter went to sit with the older kids and Ryan didn't know what to do or where to sit.  She said the bus driver helped him with his backpack and helped him get situated.  Jeannie was invited to a Kindergarten parent breakfast at the school but said she decided not to go because she never gets to be in her house alone and she was enjoying it!  Jeannie will be back in the studio next week.  Pete's daughters start school tomorrow and he said they're fine with it except one of his daughters is having issues about the uniform that they have to wear.

Rosie was in Miami for most her two weeks off and she and her family went fishing with Mark the Shark (see below).  She said they caught a lot of barracuda's and he mentioned to Rosie that he has been catching a lot of bull sharks very close to her house!  Rosie absolutely loves Mark the Shark and said he is doing what he is meant to be doing on this Earth.  She also loves his son Maverick who she said is "the cutest child ever."  
Rosie, Mark and Blake from a past fishing trip.       

Tracy's son with a barracuda from their most recent trip.

They then discussed the taxidermy that they perform with the large sharks that they catch and what actual parts (if any) from the shark that they use for the models that you hang.  Janette said she's getting a bear skin rug from a bear that a family member shot.  Janette is not a vegetarian and is okay with eating animals as long as they don't go to waste and they are treated respectfully.   Rosie said that she has noticed she feels differently about eating chicken since they have chickens on the property now. 

Rosie said she weighed herself in Miami and she's at a "fat peak."  She said she's sick of it and she's thinking about going on an intense 30-day detox diet.  She talked to someone about it and this person explained that she could do the diet for 30 days, then she's on "maintenance" for 4 weeks and then repeat the 30 day  cycle.  She really wants to do something because she said she's fed up with her weight.

It has also been two months since Rosie's been off antidepressants and people around her have noticed that she seems down lately.  She said that her girlfriend Tracy has noticed it and her friend Mark the Shark sent her an email about it.  When Rosie originally went to her bio-identical hormone specialist she was told that she was was lacking in only Serotonin but not any of the other hormones that she was getting through her Effexor.  Rosie decided (with doctor's supervision) to stop taking the Effexor.  She took a low dose of Prozac for a while after quitting but didn't feel like she needed that eventually so she quit taking that too.  She said she's going to go talk to her therapist and discuss how she's feeling lately with her.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy has recommended exercise to Rosie as an alternative to antidepressants.  Rosie said that's hard for her because when she's depressed she doesn't want to exercise.  She also said that for her, with depression, she doesn't notice it at first.  She said it's a gradual slide into depression for her.  She has noticed that she feels really tired lately. 

Rosie wanted to try life without antidepressants since she had been on them for 10 years but there have been moments in the last two weeks when she would feel that depressed feeling that she remembered from years ago.  Bobby, who is on antidepressants, talked with Rosie about the time he went off of them.   Janette then told a story about her sister who said it took months for her to get off antidepressants. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who also weaned himself off the antidepressant Effexor.  He too started to feel depressed again after going off the drug and felt that going on a diet really helped him.  He said he got less depressed with each pound he lost.  He said it really improved the way he thought about himself.  Rosie said that she biked for one mile every day she was in Miami and that she lost 7 pounds doing it.  She really wants to try the 30-day detox diet and see what happens to her moods.  Rosie said that she really can't get a hold of how heavy she is and that it takes other people pointing it out to her for her to realize it.  The caller told her to embrace where she is (weight-wise) and not to fight it. 

Rosie mentioned a show she watched called Freaky Eaters about a woman who couldn't stop eating sugar every hour and a man who ate 3-4 cheeseburgers a day.  She said television shows that display how mental distress can manifest itself physically like Freaky Eaters, Intervention, Hoarders and Obsessed, make her realize she needs to get a grip!  Janette really liked the last phone caller and how he said we need to embrace our burdens instead of fighting them.  She recommended Rosie get a trainer and Rosie said she just yells at them and tells them they're not the boss of her.  Deirdre recommended Rosie have someone cook her food for her.  Rosie said that would work if she didn't eat all the bad stuff that was in her house.  She said her house is like a 7-Eleven with all the treats anyone could want.  Even Tracy's kids have gained weight since moving to Rosie's house.  Janette also recommended Rosie write down everything that she eats and how she felt at the moment she ate it.  Rosie said that she doesn't even eat that much but she admitted that  she is very sedentary.   

Rosie then took several callers to discuss getting off antidepressants.  One of the callers was a therapist who recommended a particular form of therapy she invented and Rosie said she would take her information down and consider it.   Rosie had wondered if she should even discuss this topic on air but said that the phone lines were all lit up with listeners wanting to discuss it!  She said it's a very relatable topic for many people.  Rosie took a call from a listener who said that we treat our children and our animals better than we treat ourselves!  She said she would never give her dog a bowl full of Cheetos but she'd eat that herself?  GOOD POINT!  She said that Rosie should change her thought process about herself.  She once used food to survive getting through certain situations as a child but now she needs to tell herself that those comforts don't work for her anymore.  She encouraged Rosie to love herself the way she loves other people in her life. 

Rosie told a story of how she was walking with her family in the mall the other day.  She said that her 13 year old daughter Chelsea was holding Ellis (a family friend's toddler) on her hip and walking through the mall. Rosie was walking behind Chelsea and said that a 60 year old man was checking her out and then nudged the man next to him to do the same.  She admitted that Chelsea looks much older than she is but this disgusted Rosie and she couldn't keep herself from saying something to the men.  She said to the man "Yo, asshole, she's 12!  (Even though Chelsea just turned 13, she said 12 for emphasis).  Rosie continued to yell at the men and said "It's disgusting what you're doing."  A few steps later Chelsea turned to Rosie and said " I can't believe you mom! Just shut up!  It's so embarrassing! You're so embarrassing."  Rosie told Chelsea that she's her mother and it's her job to protect her.  Tanya, Ellis's mom, said that she would have done the same thing if she had seen it.  Later they went to Chilis for lunch and Chelsea wouldn't eat, look at or talk to Rosie for the entire meal.  Rosie said she told Chelsea that she does her best and that she was sorry that she embarrassed her.  But she ended the conversation saying that she's sure that having a teenage daughter will be the death of her. 

Later, at the Gap, Parker (Rosie's oldest) held the door for a woman and she said "Thank you, sexy baby" to him.  Rosie heard the woman say it but didn't really think anything of it.  Parker was proud that this beautiful woman called him sexy and everyone laughed about it.  Rosie was a bit upset with herself for the double-standard.  She yelled at a man for doing it to her daughter but said nothing to the woman who basically did the same thing to her son.

Rosie also vented about the shorts that teens are wearing today and how short they are.  Pete said it creeps him out because they even make booty shorts for 5 year olds! 

Rosie took several callers about raising teenage girls.   Rosie said that one time Tracy stood up for her daughter Desi and Chelsea loved it.  She asked why that was okay and what she did wasn't.  Bobby and Janette said that when you're a teenager anything your parents do is embarrassing.  Chelsea also dyed her hair "brown-pinkinsh-purple" when they were in Miami without asking for her permission.  Rosie said that Chelsea came down the stairs with her new hair color just waiting for Rosie to respond.  Rosie didn't respond and just said she thought it was an "interesting choice."   But what she wanted to say was "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!"  One caller understood Rosie's distress and physically threatened a 17-year old boy who was hitting on his 12-year old daughter.  Rosie thought the two of them would get along well.  The last caller on the topic told Rosie that she is creating an emotional terrorist and that Rosie needs to stop being so critical of Chelsea's every choice or she will only become more and more secretive.  Rosie said she thought the caller was wrong.   

Rosie wanted to discuss the Showtime series The Big C and how much she loves it!  She loves actress Laura Linney and actor Oliver Platt in the series.  Janette loves it too and they discussed it briefly.  Pete can't watch it because although he just got cable for the first time in seven years, he does not have the premium channels.  Rosie suggested giving him a raise so he could watch it too.  Rosie took a call from a listener whose sister just died of stage 4 melanoma.  Today was her birthday and the caller was on her way to visit her sister's grave.  Her sister would have been 43 years old today.  The caller's sister only lived 6 months after her diagnosis and because the melanoma was found in her brain it effected her speaking and her thought processes in the end.  The caller's sister left behind 3 year old twins and a 10 year old daughter.  The caller said that the 10 year old is taking it the hardest.  Rosie told the caller to take care of the children especially the 10 year old little girl, because she knew what it was like to lose a mom at that age.  She asked her to give the girl a hug from her. 

Rosie said that she was shocked when she found out that Martin Short's wife Nancy had died.  She said she found out about it on the news and it was heartbreaking.  She saw Martin and his wife a few months ago at the opening of Love Loss and What I Wore and that she and Nancy were having fun giving Martin crap about calling Rosie fat.  Janette said that is why we must choose happiness all the time, because you never know when your time is up. 

The Big C Trailer

The game was to finish the lyrics that were given.

Rosie - they played lyrics from the song "Take On Me" and she got it.
Pete - they played lyrics from the song "God Only Knows" and he got it.
Janette - they played lyrics from the song "All You Need Is Love"  She did NOT get it.  Very funny though.
Bobby - they played lyrics from the song "Safety Dance"  and he got it. 
Caller - they played lyrics from the song "Where Is The Love" and she got it.
Shoshana - they played lyrics from the song "I Fought the Law and the Law Won" and she got it.

Rosie - they played lyrics from the song "Don't Look Back In Anger" She was OUT and not happy about it because she had never heard the song before. 
Pete - they played lyrics from the song "Come Sailing Away." He was out and then argued his way back into the game because the line they chose for him to finish was too difficult.
Bobby - they played lyrics from the song "I'm all out of love" He was OUT.
Caller - they played lyrics from the song "I just died in your arms tonight"  She got it.
Shoshana - they played lyrics from the song "Empire State of Mind" and she got it.

Pete - they played lyrics from the song "The Way You Make Me Feel"  He was OUT.  For real this time.
Caller - they played lyrics from the song "Taking Care of Business" She was out.  Rosie and Pete then sang the entire song and knew every word!
Shoshana - they played lyrics from the song "Come on Eileen"  She got it and WON!!!!

Shoshana has the first "win" for September and she asked Bobby to make a new game tally board for the studio.

Rosie asked them to play the next song on the list which was "Bohemian Rhapsody" so the studio sang along until the end of the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Good job kelly as always. I have dealt with a child that was head strong & independent I had to be stronger than her and a step ahead. I use to get the looks to. She would walk way ahead of me all the time but I use to say out loud "I AM OUR MOTHER WAIT UP" It would embarass her but I didn't care one bit. From 10 to 18 is the hardest for a parent. It passes quickly as she is 30 now and we have a decent relationship. I use to run behind her taking here and there also.
    you have to be consistent with teenagers its necessary. Also you have to set boundaries. My best all around advice is: Never ever let them change your mind , keep consistent in all you do and in the end you will have learned as much as they did. My daughter was just like cheslea I see that in her today with ro. Don't give in and let her be embarrassed all kids go through that but in the same breath treat the boys the same way.
    I tried to get off cymbalta and had terrible withdrawls, it was horrible. Now I am going to take celexa. I have 2 cymbaltas to take then I start on the celexa. Wish me luck in the transistion.
    By the way my daughter who is 30 and now married and I am 50 is having my 1st grandchild and its a boy. His name will be Nathan!
    cyndi from baton rouge, la.

  2. so glad to have you back kelly!!!! loved the recap. must have been nice to do it without the kids. i'm glad thomas is in a good program! they are lucky to have him!!!!

  3. Thanks Kelly - I agree - that WAS a long 2 weeks!

    I only wish Rosie would realize that the answer to most of her personal problems (weight, depression etc.) is very simple - Exercise! I am certain if Rosie (and others like her) would commit do doing some real - regular exercise as part of a lifestyle change they would feel better all around. By real I mean something like 15 - 30 minutes on a treadmill at least 3 times a week - and not just walking slow and reading a magazine. They need to get the heart pumping! Real exercise should not be an option - it should be as much a part of life as eating or sleeping. 30 minutes at a gym is better than 30 minutes at a therapist.

    Sorry to preach - but it is so important! I hope everyone has a great short work week!


  4. Welcome back, we missed you Kelly!

    : ) P

  5. Hey Kelly,
    Have to agree. Exercise is not optional once you hit 40. Your body slows down and even if you don't change anything, you'll gain at least a pound a year.
    She must purge the junk food in the house and get a nutritionist to help her make healthy choices for snacks. She needs to start shopping at Trader Joe's which offer healthy alternatives to fattening snacks for the whole family.
    Good Luck!
    Lisa in Indy

  6. I too need to exercise but can't make myself! I posted on Rosie's page twice that she should check out Bryon Katie! So glad she did! The Work literally saved my life! All 3 of my kids were heroin addicts, I'd just had my 2nd unsuccessful spine surgery, and was planning to end my life when my fiance took me to my 1st 'The Work of Bryon Katie' workshop. I stopped believing my stressful thoughts and all kinds of miracles happened! Only 15 months later and all 3 of my kids are clean and doing well and I am learning ways to deal with the pain. I'm learning about TMS after someone sent me a video about John Stossel of 20/20 and his meeting Dr. Sarno and getting help for his back. I'm doing the 'inner work' and it's really helping! Now I just have to get off my hind end!

  7. I agree with purging the house of the junk food. Having a house full of food like "7-11" is only creating unhealthy habits for the kids. She said the kids have started putting on weight since being in her house. That should be a huge sign!!

    I have been a nanny for two types of families, one with junk food and one without. The without family, the kids didn't even know what they were missing anything. They thought apples and peanut butter was a great afternoon snack. The family with junk food would of looked at me like I was an alien if I gave them apples and peanut butter for snack.

    I wish my parents would of lived a no junk food lifestyle... would of helped as an adult!

  8. Getting rid of all the junk food in the house is the first step to good health. There are lots of healthy, good tasting snack out there. The number one thing Rosie should do is get off the soda and beer.

    Since Rosie mentioned she is feeling tired I am suggesting that she do a yeast cleanse first as the reason for the tiredness is an over yeasted system, it is also the reason for the depression and the junk food just magnifies the depression as well. If R doesn't want to exercise because she is tired, try taking a nice long walk, I found that helped a great deal when I was fat and depressed. The whole fat,depressed thing is about the food - we are what we eat and if we exist on bad food we are going to feel terrible especially as we get older. Start your day with an organic apple and a handful of roasted unsalted almonds and a cup of green or white tea with bee pollen honey, it helps greatly with the digestive system - read labels and stay away from foods with high sugar, salt, and bad fat. Use organic coconut oil and olive oil for cooking and baking and try to have a bowl of soup before main meal. I lost 45 pounds doing this and have been off Effexor since 2002 and even though I feel depressed occasionally it is never as bad as when I was living on bad food. The whole trick to getting healthy is to do it one day at a time - if you fall off the wagon, just get back on it the next day - and do the walk everyday until you feel like doing another type of exercise - yoga is a miracle worker when it comes to feeling good. Stop talking Rosie and get doing - you will be so glad you did. Eating the right food is much more important than doing exercise if you want to beat the fat and the depression.

  9. Re previous post: forgot to include 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh or concentrate) in the morning cup of white or green tea. Wonderful for getting rid of acidic body