10-19-10 Pete's baby is born and an interview with Beth Leavel

In case you missed it...

Janette sang the theme song this morning in her finest Soprano and it made everyone laugh hysterically!  Rosie quickly announced that the Rosie Radio gang has a new addition!  Pete and his wife welcomed into the world a healthy baby girl!  He called in from the hospital and spoke to Rosie.  Pete's wife had an emergency c-section last night (or this morning).  His wife wasn't feeling well last night so they rushed to the hospital.  The baby's heart-rate was irregular so the doctors thought it would be best for the baby if they had her right away.  The baby had inhaled meconium in the womb and was wrapped up tightly in the umbilical cord but thankfully is okay.  Pete said the new baby is blond and beautiful.  Regarding the baby's name, there's a chance that she may be named Janette!   Pete explained that if they had tried to have this baby 100 years ago most likely the baby nor his wife would have survived.  Pete is so thankful that everyone is okay and knows that the name Janette is a name that survives.  It also means "God is gracious."  Janette has told the story of her name to the radio staff.  Her ancestor gave birth to several babies who did not survive.  She wasn't even going to name her last baby because she figured it wouldn't survive either but she eventually named that baby Janette.  And that was the baby that lived.  And since then, there has been a Janette in every generation of Janette's family.  Rosie was touched by the sweet story but still felt the need to remind Pete that his BOSS'S name is ROSIE.  :)  She laughed and told him to take a couple weeks off to spend with his wife and new baby.  Pete ended his phone call saying he was off to go get his other girls out of school so they could come meet their baby sister! 

Janette wondered if any of the other Rosie Radio members would be having babies during their years on Sirius.  She said it's a possibility because Shoshana is "fecund."  No one in the studio knew what that word even meant (it means fertile) and Rosie said that Janette is someone she would never want to play Scrabble with.  Janette said she knows a lot of words but isn't good at Scrabble because she can't figure them out when the letters are all mixed up.  Rosie plays online Scrabble on Pogo.com at night and someone used the word Azon against her last night.  Deirdre is too intimidated to go on those sites and play Scrabble because she's worried they'll think she's an idiot because she can't spell difficult words.  Janette recommended the game where you read a definition from the dictionary and the player has to guess the word.   

Rosie talked briefly about her blog and the comments she's been getting criticizing her that she doesn't blog enough anymore.  She hasn't felt interested in blogging recently and she can't really explain why.  She said the mean comments are a big drawback to having the questions open and she's been doing the blog since 2003 and the questions people continue to ask have all been asked before.  She also gets a lot of comments from people who feel as if she owes them something because they've been her supporters all these years.  Janette said a huge number of people have written to her telling her to tell Rosie that they understand why she needs to stop blogging and answering the questions.  Janette suggested  there may be a way Rosie can do her blog in a different manner that will make it better for her and for her bloggers.  Or she told her to take a long break from the blog until she feels like she wants to do it again.

Then the staff discussed last night's Dancing With The Stars.  Everyone thinks the reality TV star Audrina Pattridge should be kicked off next.  And Deirdre and Janette do NOT like Jennifer Gray's dance instructor, Derrick Howell.  They think he's all about himself and that he practically elbows the celebrity out of the way when they're being critiqued.  Bobby called them "old harpies" because he loves that dance instructor!  He said he's the best choreographer and best dancer on the show! Janette thinks he's obnoxious and has a horrible personality. 

Jeannie was excited for Halloween and talked about some of the treats she's making for a children's Halloween sleepover party.  One of the things she's making is a "diaper black bean dip" that has a baby-doll sitting in the black bean dip.

Chelsea had the day off from school today and she helped set up the blow up Halloween displays in the O'Donnell yard.  Rosie said their yard now looks like a Halloween display at Macy's.  Deirdre can't decide what she wants to be for Halloween this year.  Rosie who always dresses up for trick-or-treating is dressing up as an Evil Jester this year.  Deirdre gets lots of trick-or-treaters in her building and likes to dress up to pass out candy.  Janette, on the other hand, gets home early, closes the door and doesn't answer it when the bell rings.  One year she was forced to pass out candy because her boyfriend Barry was late at work and Janette was scared to death by the trick-or-treaters!  She said only three kids came and they were tall and scary and they kept pushing her candy tray as if they were trying to get in!  She said it was awful!   When Rosie was a kid she used to wonder if aliens came down to Earth on Halloween if they would have thought that this was what earthlings were like.  Shoshana said if she were an alien she would come on Halloween because she'd blend right in! 

Rosie gets all her costumes at buycostumes.com.  Her son Blake is going to be a scary clown.   

Rosie announced that Rosie Radio is currently winning the pumpkin contest but keep voting if you haven't been counted!!  Bobby is in the lead and Janette is in second place!

It's National Fat Talk Free week.  This week people across the country have taken the pledge to be "fat talk free" and have promised to eliminate language that is damaging to our body image.  Rosie wants to institute the "fat talk free" rule in the studio.  Jeannie has tried to change the way she talks about her body at home already.  She said her youngest daughter, who's pure muscle, will even look at her own legs and comment that she thinks they're fat.  Jeannie thinks it's possible to eliminate that talk in the studio because she's already made those changes at home.  Shoshana said that more than 10 million women suffer from Anorexia and Bulimia.  Rosie watched the show What's Eating You? but didn't really like it because she feels as if we've covered those topics so completely that there's no new angle on it.

Rosie took a call from a listener who has a 4-year old who just started dancing and is already concerned about her weight.   They discussed how the media portrays an ideal and how it's helping to develop eating disorders in young people.  Janette wondered if it should be considered negative  if you're simply acknowledging that you're overweight.  Jeannie felt the same way.  She doesn't see her pointing out her weight as a negative because she says it's a fact.  Rosie agreed.  When Vivi was little she used to tell Rosie that she wasn't fat and Rosie would say back that she was fat but that Vivi is not fat.  Janette said that the health risks from being overweight are great and if we don't acknowledge that it's unhealthy to be fat then we cannot change it.  Shoshana told Janette that she works hard at her weight and she does!  Janette walks 2 miles four or five times a week even though she's panting like a "wind-broke mare" when she's finished.  Rosie was very proud of Janette for walking that much and thinks she probably takes about 19 steps a day, total.  She's not a fan of exercise.  

Rosie was late coming back into the studio after commercial break so Deirdre, Jeannie, Janette and Shoshana "winged" it for a while.  They said it felt like the teacher left the class.

Upon Rosie's return, she took a call from an adoptive father whose son has a body image problem.  They've tried to get him to exercise more and watched his diet and then the doctor called him borderline obese right in front of him and he was crushed!  They talked about how hard it is to get kids to believe anything positive about themselves.  Janette said it's not just kids, she used to teach a class where everyone in the room had  to say something nice about themselves.  She said it can be incredibly hard for people to do!  Rosie went around the room and made everyone say something nice about themselves (physically).  Deirdre said she has been told she has nice eyes.  Jeannie said she likes her teeth.  Janette likes her hair and her clavicle area below her neck.  Shoshana (per Jeannie) said she has a nice ass.  Brendan couldn't do it.  Lou said he has lovely eyes.  James likes his eyes and his chest.  And Rosie said she has incredibly cute toes.  She said they are perfect because "they go down like stairs."  And everyone tells Rosie she has a great ass.

Rosie asked Chelsea if she could say one nice thing about herself and she couldn't.  Rosie told Chelsea (who was in the studio but never spoke on air) that she was pretty, smart, kind and a good kid. She also told her she's fun to be around. 

Janette said  in the class she taught after each person struggled to say one nice thing about themselves, all the people in the class would then tell the person all the positive things about them and people would start to cry.

Rosie took a call from a listener who loved today's topic.  She had worked with kids with eating disorders and talked about the importance of teaching people to measure themselves by other things than weight.  She too likes Mary Pipher's book Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls who Rosie has had on the show before.  She said to think about how much people could accomplish if they spent as much time working on something other than their weight.

Rosie then started talking about Fox and Fox News who she said bullies for a living.  It was very interesting to Rosie to see the response when Bill O'Reilly was on The View.  She doesn't see what point Bill O'Reilly serves in the world except to instigate hatred.  She said he's never working for the greater good and that he's always working to be divisive and punitive. Rosie said that Bill is the opposite of everything we are supposed to hold dear.

Janette recently had a mean comment on her Facebook page that said she wasn't funny.  She said there are insults that can affect her but not being funny isn't one of them.  She unfriended her and blocked this person too.  Rosie compared it to the time she was being sued by her magazine.  She said they started to imply that she was antisemitic.  She told the prosecutors that her son had a circumcision with a Mohel and they buried his foreskin in the backyard.  She was sure they wouldn't want to continue with the accusation that she's antisemitic.  The staff talked about how the things that you hold dear or  your weaknesses affect you more when people critique them or pick on you for them.  Jeannie said she often judges herself for her looks but you could never tell her that's she's lazy because she knows she's not.  But if someone told her she ate too much or that she's fat that is more where her lack of confidence is so that would be the thing which would affect her most.  Janette said the pain of being called fat has shifted for her.  "Fat" doesn't affect her as much anymore as it once did.  Shoshana said the biggest fights she's had with her boyfriend have been after she's called him out on something he knows to be true.   Brendan quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Shoshana wanted to discuss her irrational fear of needles and how she's trying to work through it.  In the past, she would run away and even throw tantrums over having  her blood drawn.  She's even passed out before when having her blood drawn.  It's been two years since she's had a physical and she's made an appointment for November 5th to have bloodwork done.  She said she's trying to be a big girl about it and face her fear.  Shoshana wanted to know if any other members of the studio had irrational fears too. 

Deirdre has a really bad fear of snakes and she cannot fly without taking a Xanax.  Rosie has a fear about mice but then did an episode of Nip Tuck with a mouse and had to hold one!  She didn't pass out over it either.  Janette won't have a colonoscopy because she's afraid.  Rosie told her all about hers and said  the colonoscopy isn't the bad part, the stuff you have to take before the colonoscopy is.  She said she felt as if she had to go to the bathroom so badly that she was "getting rid" of inner organs!  But Rosie loves nurses and said the nurses really help you through it so there's no reason to be afraid.
Rosie took several calls from listeners.  One caller had an irrational fear of vomiting and even told herself she would never have children because she was so afraid of morning sickness.  One caller was so afraid of clowns she can't even go to McDonald's.  One caller had such a fear of sharks she won't even go swimming in a swimming pool.  And another caller was deathly afraid to get into an elevator alone.
Rosie didn't think she had any irrational fears just her generalized anxiety.  Clowns don't scare Janette only that she thinks she might die of boredom from watching one.

Rosie then introduced the Tony Award winning actress Beth Leavel who was in the studio!  Rosie told Beth if she could sing like her she would sing all the time.  Beth and Rosie chatted about how she started on Broadway and Beth said she never had any idea growing up that she would be acting on Broadway as a career.  Her senior year in high school she was in a play and she did a few plays in college but it was just a hobby.  She said her  parents knew acting was a passion of hers but they  thought she'd eventually get over it.  It wasn't until after grad school that she decided to move to New York and pursue her dreams of acting on Broadway.

Her first Broadway audition was for 42nd Street in 1981.  She had taken a few years of tap as a child but had never really continued.  Because she was funny and sang well at the audition they gave her the tap combination and told her she had four days to practice and come back.  She practiced and practiced and got the part and went on tour!  She toured with 42nd Street for seven months and then performed with the  Broadway company for four years.   

Rosie and Beth talked about the bond that occurs with the other actors when you perform in a Broadway show.  Beth just recently left Mamma Mia and said she cried for three hours after she left.  She described the connection with her cast as an "intense bond."

Beth's oldest child is 21 years old and her youngest is 15 and wants his ear pierced.  Rosie said that her son Parker recently got his ear pierced on a school trip and her son Blake had his done too.   

Rosie asked Beth what it was like to win her Tony Award.  Beth said it was terrifying.  She never gave herself permission to think that she could actually win so she was completely shocked when she did!   She barely made it back to her seat after performing on stage that night and then her category was announced.  She said they said her name and she doesn't remember anything else.  She just remembers thinking to herself "don't faint, curse or be stupid and please try to remember the people that you wanted to thank."  She said the rest of the night is a delicious blur.  Beth talked with Rosie about how it felt really good to be recognized for her work.

Beth's next show is Elf!  This will be her 10th Broadway show!  Rosie and Beth performed in "No, No Nanette" together on Broadway and talked about how much fun it was.  They briefly talked about the cast of Elf.  Elf opens on November 10th at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre and previews begin on November 2.  Elf will be showing for a limited holiday engagement through January 2, 2011.

Rosie talked with Beth about how much her kids loved the show The Pirate Queen.  She took Blake and Vivi to see it when they were 5 and 8 and they fell in love with the musical.  Rosie took Parker to see The Lion King when he was only 2 years old.  They had asked her to come see it in previews and she was exhausted from working and didn't really want to go.  Then she sobbed as the show began and the animals came down the aisle in the opening number. At intermission she asked Parker if he wanted to leave and he looked up at her and said "No mama, this a big show."   

Beth said she is looking forward to being on stage with Rosie again!  Rosie said she's chomping at the bit to do Annie on Broadway.  She said she's practically begging on a daily basis to play Ms. Hannigan when it comes back to Broadway in 2011.  She said what she lacks in talent she makes up for in enthusiasm.  Rosie thanked Beth for coming in and wished her luck in Elf on Broadway!

Beth Leavel in Elf
OOohhhh, I got chills watching it!  I would love to take my boys to see it.  

Brendan played the Broadway musical mashup game with the studio.  In this game he named two Broadway shows that each have a word in common but was missing.  The player had to guess the missing word.  For example "The Music of Lamancha."  The missing word was "Man."  The two Broadway shows are Music Man and Man of Lamancha.  Get it?  Okay go.  

Jeannie - "You're a Good Man Charlie Buddies." The answer was Brown, as in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown and Brown Buddies.   She got it correct.
Janette - "The Rocky Horror Boat."  The answer was Show.  She got it correct.
Shoshana - "42nd Scene." The answer was Street.  She got it correct.
Rosie - "Kiss of the Spider of the Year." The answer was Woman.  She got it correct.
Deirdre- "South Overtures." The answer was Pacific.  She got it correct.
caller - "Jersey and Girls Together." The answer was Boys.  He guessed Shore and was out.

Jeannie - "All Idiot." The answer was American.  She got it correct.
Janette - "Sunday in the Park with M." The answer was George.  She got it correct.
Shoshana - "The Full Python's Spamalot." The answer was Monty.  She got it correct.
Rosie  - "The Lion of Hearts." The answer was King.  She got it correct.
Deirdre - "Finian's Rose." The answer was Rainbow.  She got it correct.

Jeannie - "Funny O'Mine." The answer was Girl.  She got it correct.
Janette -  "Jerome Robins Nights."  The answer was Broadway.  She was out. 
Shoshana -  "The Day Before Awakening."  The answer was Spring.  She got it correct.
Rosie - "Manhattan Poppins." The answer was Mary.  She got it correct.
Deirdre - "The Woman in Christmas." The answer was White.  She couldn't guess it and was out. 

Jeannie - "Merrily We Roll 5th Avenue."  The answer was Along.  She got it correct.
Shoshana - "Mr. Town."   The answer was Wonderful.  She didn't guess it so she was out. 
Rosie - "Bitter charity."  The answer was Sweet.  She got it correct.

Jeannie - "Two By Two of Verona."  The answer was Gentleman but she couldn't think of it.   
Rosie (for the win) - "1600 Pennsylvania Q."  The answer was Avenue and she won!   

Rosie loved the game.  They were thinking of another game to play, the idea they came up with was to put down a time they'd like to travel to and then each person had to guess who wanted to travel to what time.  Instead of playing the game they just gave their answers. Deirdre knew her answer right away and chose Paris in the 1920s.  Jeannie chose the days of Little House on the Prairie.  Janette wanted to go into the future to 2110.  Brendan said he'd want to go back to the year he was born in 1979.  Lou wanted to travel back to 1969 to go to Woodstock.  And Shoshana wanted to go back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (although she would not like to be eaten by any of them).

Rosie closed the show announcing that Nancy Brinker, Susan G Komen's sister, would be on the show tomorrow.  She also reminded her listeners that it's breast cancer awareness month and everyone should go out and have their breasts checked.  

and that's what you missed -kw

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