11-03-10 - Pot, Coming Out and the Hilarious Judy Gold!

In case you missed it....

Rosie Radio began today's broadcast with a whole new theme song!  She said they're "mixing it up" in year two with their theme songs!  They have several new theme songs they'll be playing at the beginning of the shows and Rosie asked James if he could remix a dance version for the show.  Rosie said Pete's clothing is as wrinkled as it was yesterday.  Deirdre recommended Downy Wrinkle Releaser, she uses it, loves it and offered to bring in a bottle for Pete.  Janette thinks the wrinkled clothes suit Pete.  Rosie excused them because she feels like he might be a little overwhelmed with his newborn baby at home but also feels like he could use some help.   Rosie did say that Pete's clothes are at least always clean and he smells nice! 

Rosie had a really fun time doing the show at the "fish bowl" at Sirius studios in NYC yesterday.  Deirdre did too.  She loves when they broadcast a show from there.  Rosie thought Molly Shannon was adorable.  And Janette and Deirdre love how Molly is so physical when she speaks.  Rosie said Spot's brownies were "dripping-ly good."  And they all loved having Gary Dell'Abate on.  Rosie said his book, They Call me Baba Booey, is a very good book and very interesting.  Janette admires him so much because she admires The Howard Stern Show so much.  Rosie's glad he dispelled the rumor about his salary.  Rumor had it that Gary made 15 million dollars a year as an Executive Producer of the Howard Stern Show.  Deidre was just shocked when she read that because they both started working at about the same time and it made her think, "What am I doing wrong?!"  Janette told her she cannot compare herself to others.   

Rosie was relieved to announce that Christine O'Donnell lost the election last night.  Rosie watched the Queen Latifah movie Just Wright last night with her kids on On Demand instead of watching the election coverage or Dancing With the Stars.  They discussed last night's election results and Rosie said it seems all Brendan's predictions came true.  Brendan said it was predicted that the Republicans would take control of the House and the Democrats would hold control of the Senate and that's what happened last night.  If Christine O'Donnell had won, and Harry Reid had lost his position in the Senate there would have been a Republican takeover of both Houses.  It looks like the Tea Party actually helped the Democrats keep control of the Senate and it could have been much worse for the Democratic party.

Janette was exhausted after yesterday's show and almost forgot to vote!  Then she remembered the movie Iron Jawed Angels and how women fought for the right to vote so she needed to exercise her right.  Brendan said voter turnout on the whole, was down.  Brendan compared voter turnout this year to the 1994 elections when surveys said that the public was not even as angry about the direction the country was going yet the gains were even more significant.  He was surprised the changes weren't even more sweeping.  Rosie and the staff laughed about Christine O'Donnell's acceptance/concession speech where she said, "Our voice has been heard (and it's a crazy voice! Rosie said.)"

Rosie and the staff then discussed how California's marijuana legalization bill didn't pass. Although Janette has stopped smoking pot, she thought pot should be legalized because it would have solved many problems. She said the illegalization of marijuana causes more crime and the income from taxing it could be huge for many states.  The bill was voted down by a clear majority many of whom are pot smokers who don't want pot legal so they can keep it from being taxed.  Janette doesn't feel pot is any worse than alcohol and said too much of anything isn't good.  Brendan compared much of the propaganda against legalizing pot to the rhetoric they used during the times of prohibition.  However, in general, the public's approval rating of pot smoking overall has been steadily increasing since the 1960s.  Janette thinks there is probably far more death out there from alcohol abuse then from marijuana abuse. 

Rosie took a call from a police officer who never had the kinds of problems with people who were high on marijuana like she has with people who were abusing alcohol.  One caller's husband uses pot for pain management instead of morphine which makes him feel like he's in a fog.  Rosie took a call from a recovering addict who doesn't think pot leads to harsher drugs.  She thought pot should be legal because once you do something illegal you become more willing to try other illegal things.  If pot were legalized it might differentiate it from other harder drugs.  Rosie saw Robert Downey Junior the other night on Letterman and said she will always remember what he once said about his own addiction.  He once told a judge, "It's like I have a gun in my mouth and I like the taste of metal."  Rosie thought that was a powerful statement.  Rosie's final call was from a voter who voted against the legalization of marijuana.  She said with marijuana there's no good way of determining how intoxicated you are and she was scared that a bus driver might get high at lunch and then drive a school bus full of children around. 

Brendan asked Rosie if she'd ever heard the following 911 phone call from a police officer who used some of the pot he confiscated from a person he arrested and then called 911 because he thought he was dying.

stoned cop is sure he's dead from pot brownies
warning: may cause uncontrollable laughter and pee leakage

Rosie joked and said maybe that was a reason not to legalize it.  Rosie said she and Jeannie once smoked pot in high school and then drove to a nearby hangout and they looked down and they were only going 10 miles an hour!  She said it felt like time was going so slow.  Janette said eating pot is a totally different high then smoking it.  She said eating it makes the drug go into your muscles and pores and slows everything down.  When Rosie did Star Search she once drove home another contestant who had smoked pot backstage after she lost.  The woman was sure she was dying and ended up taking an ice cold bath in her clothes at Rosie's!

Rosie asked if anyone had seen Ricky Martin on yesterday's Oprah.  She said it was so fantastic!  He has a new book out called Me and Rosie said she'd like to book him on Rosie Radio.  Janette saw clips of it and said how interesting it was to actually see him say the words, "I am gay."  Rosie said coming out is a tough thing to do especially when you're a sex symbol.  Both Janette and Rosie loved how Oprah's audience went crazy when he entered Oprah's studio.  Rosie hosted the Grammy's when he first premiered in the United States.  She remembered being totally impressed and amazed by his performance and booking him on The Rosie O'Donnell Show the following week.

Ricky Martin on The Rosie O'Donnell Show
(his second time on the show)

Rosie said she was so pleased that Ricky seemed so happy on Oprah yesterday.  She said he is truly one of the nicest guys.  And she loved when Oprah played testimonies from fans who, because of Ricky, were able to come out to their own families.  She said the entire show was very moving, inspiring and made her cry.  Read more about Ricky on Oprah HERE.

Rosie also watched Portia De Rossi's interview on Oprah.  Deirdre saw it too and couldn't even comprehend how she survived on only 300 calories a day.  Rosie is interviewing Portia on Thursday's (11/4) show and cannot wait to ask her what it was like to work on Ally McBeal.  Rosie did a guest spot on that show and said it was a strange atmosphere and it seemed like no one liked each other.  She also wondered if that show might have triggered Portia's obsession with her weight because several of the stars were extremely thin.  Read more about Portia on Oprah HERE.

Rosie took a call from a listener who watched Ricky on Oprah.  She compared it to Barbara Walters' interview where Barbara practically forced Ricky to come out.  The caller was so touched and happy that Ricky is in such a good place.  Rosie agreed.  She said it was as if Ricky was finally FREE.  Rosie said the more gay people that are out showing that gay people are out there working, happy with families and jobs, the safer it will become for teens.

When The Rosie O'Donnell Show began, Rosie said no one ever even asked her if she was gay or talked about being gay.  Then the television show "Will and Grace" premiered and she remembers everyone saying it would never work.  She thinks Oprah having Ricky and Portia on will really help those kids out there struggling with their sexuality.  Rosie talked to one caller about coming out and told the caller about the story in the book entitled Eight Bullets: One Woman's Story of Surviving Anti-Gay Violence.  In the story two women are hiking and a man sees them together.  The man looks at them weird so they decided to camp further up a mountain to avoid this person.  The guy found their tent and shot 8 bullets into it killing one of the women.  The surviving woman carried her partner miles and miles down the mountain to get help.  When they caught the man he said he did it because the couple was gay and he said they were taunting him by showing affection towards one another.  During the man's trial, it looked like he might get off so everyone in the town who was gay came to court wearing a pink shirt.  The man was then convicted and went to jail for his crime.  Rosie wanted to buy the rights of the book because she thought it would make a great movie.  Janette talked about the importance of everyone, both straight and gay, to stand up and support gay rights.

Rosie took a call from a listener whose father passed away and afterward she found out that he was secretly living as a gay man but had never shared that part of his life with her.  He raised her to be very open-minded and she felt guilty that he couldn't tell her.  Rosie assured the caller that it was probably his own shame that was causing him to keep it secret.  Rosie said he probably tried really hard to deny his feelings his whole life and it was probably really hard for him to imagine being brave enough to share it with his children.  Rosie has a friend whose aunt is in her late 80s and for the past 50 years has been living with a woman yet their relationship is never discussed.  She said you have to "let people be where they are."  She said it would be great if people could be open but sometimes it's not that easy and for some being gay is a cross that's too heavy to bare.  

Janette had a best friend for 24 years who didn't feel comfortable coming out to her.  And he knew she and her friends weren't judgmental about being gay because people in their group were gay and he still didn't feel comfortable enough to come out.  She said it was really about him not accepting himself and not about her at all.   

Rosie found it interesting that people were so surprised that Ricky had good relationships with women too.  She said it's such a fallacy that because you're gay it means you cannot have a good sexual experience with someone of the opposite sex.   

They very briefly discussed last night's Dancing With The Stars where Rick Fox (who Janette nicknamed "Shovel hand man") was voted off.  Rosie was hoping Palin would go home but Bobby said she's getting better and better!  Janette doesn't care who gets voted off as long as Jennifer Gray wins.  Then Janette tried to convince Rosie to do it!  Rosie said she is NEVER EVER going to do DWTS.  She said she doesn't want to and she shouldn't and couldn't do it.  She said she'd dance on Broadway with an entire cast behind her but she wouldn't wear a dress and have judges critique her for her dancing! 

Shoshana asked Rosie which she would rather do: DWTS or The Biggest Loser?  Rosie said neither and that both would be hell for her.  Jeannie really wants to do Biggest Loser with Rosie and Parker wants them to do it too!  Rosie said Jeannie would do it and would be great on it.  She said if Jeannie did it she would win the whole thing.  She's got the motivation but Rosie doesn't.  

This Friday (11/5) Rosie will be hosting a night of fabulously funny female comics at the Town Hall.  Rosie took several calls from listeners trying to win tickets!  Each listener heard a clip from a famous comedian and they had to guess who the clip was.  One listener heard a clip from Joan Rivers' act and guessed it!  Rosie gave him tickets to the show and backstage passes to come meet her!  One listener heard a clip from Robin Williams' standup routine and won tickets and backstage passes (after many many hints!).  And the last listener heard a clip from Bill Cosby's standup routine and won tickets and backstage passes!

Rosie then introduced the hilarious Judy Gold who was in the studio today and will be performing with Rosie this Friday at Town Hall!  Judy said she always remembers Rosie as the first to put female standups together during her days as a VJ on VH1 Standup Spotlight.  Rosie said when they started standup, there weren't that many women doing it so it was important to her to give the women the opportunity to perform.

Judy did standup for a year in college and then started up again in 1985.  Rosie asked Judy if she finished college and Judy said of course she finished, she's a Jew!  She said her parents wouldn't have killed her! 

Rosie chatted with Judy about her mom who is in an assisted living facility/nursing home.  Judy joked that her mom thinks all the nurses at the facility are her personal assistants.  The other day Judy ran into comedian Rich Vos whose mom is at the same facility!  They asked her to come do a set with Rich for the nursing home guests.  Judy joked that Rich's mother is just as miserable at the facility as her mother is.

Rosie said the last time Judy was at the studio she was pretty depressed but she seems great now!  Judy said she feels great too and got some hormones and she's a new person.  Rosie told listeners if they're in their 40s women need to get their hormone levels checked.   Judy joked that besides her penis shrinking, she's great!  She still worries that she will get depressed again sometimes.  But she's writing again and her sex life is better too.   

Rosie and Judy talked about their teenage boys' changing voices and the alone time they spend in their rooms.  They joked about Facebook and Twitter which they both hate.  Rosie said when it comes to Facebook she feels like her dad when he couldn't operate the VCR.  Judy said she uses Facebook for work but hates it and never checks it.  

Rosie and Judy discussed tweezing facial hair hilarity, getting gray eyebrows and getting a gray "Holland Tunnel!"  Janette told the ladies that there's "Downtown" hair dye!  She called it "cooter color."  Deirdre said it's called Barely There and she recommended it.  She said it comes it funky colors too!  Rosie joked about the time she shaved it all off and she could hardly walk and felt like everyone could tell!  She said it was horrible and she felt wrong in every way.

Both Rosie and Judy have a mutual obsession: the television show Sister Wives.  They both hate the guy because he thinks he's so fucking cool.  Judy wishes they would put a real gay family on TV.  Judy's friend did the makeup for the women on the show and told her that the wives hate each other.  Rosie said she gets a "lesbo-vibe" from one of them when she watches it.  Judy said the show is "fucked up" and there are far too many kids.  She compared it to the show The Duggars and asked how big is that woman's vagina from having that many kids?!

They discussed raising kids in the city and talking to their kids about smoking and pot.  Rosie said she never smoked a cigarette in her life and only smoked pot a couple times in her teens.  Then she didn't ever do it again until her 40s.  Rosie tells her kids that most of the kids she knew who smoked a lot of pot in high school didn't make much of their lives and were very lazy.   

Rosie and Judy will be performing this FRIDAY at Town Hall!  Click HERE for information and HERE for tickets (while they last!)!!
Judy Gold performs!

During this game Brendan named a famous television show, character or person and the player had to recall their "catch phrase."

Bobby - got Fred Flintstone. He yelled out "Yabba Dabba Do!"  He was correct!
caller - got Jan Brady.  She whispered (because she was at work) "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" Correct!
Judy - got The Price Is Right.  She yelled, "Come on down!"  Correct!
Rosie - got Spock.  She said, "Live long and prosper."  She was correct!
Deirdre - got  Bugs Bunny.  She said, "That's all folks."  It was actually "What's up doc?"  She was out.
Janette - got Donald Trump.  She yelled, "You're fired!"  She was correct.  Rosie said she could have said, "Rosie is fat and gay and stupid" and she still would have gotten it.

Bobby - Hawaii Five-O.  He said, "Book 'em Danno."  He was correct.
caller - Survivor.  She said, "The tribe has spoken."  She was correct.
Judy - Tony the Tiger.  She said, "They're great!"  That was correct. 
Rosie - Ed McMahon.  She said, "Here's Johnny!"  She was correct.
Janette - Charlie Brown.  She guessed "wah wah wah" (like how the parents talk on Charlie Brown).  But the correct answer was "Good grief!"  Janette was out.

Bobby - Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  He guessed, "Is that your final question?" but the answer is "Is that your final answer?"  He was out.
caller - Fat Albert.  She guessed, "Hey, hey, hey!"  She was correct.
Judy - Lost in Space.  She guessed, "Will Rogers, Will Rogers!" but the answer was "Danger Will Robinson!"  She was out.
Rosie - Buzz Lightyear.  She said, "To infinity and beyond!"  She was correct!

caller - the Soup Nazi.  She guessed, "No soup for you!"  She was correct.
Rosie - Siskel and Ebert.  She guessed "Two thumbs up!" She was correct.

caller - Bart Simpson.  She guessed, "Don't have a cow man!"  She was correct.
Rosie -  Mighty Mouse.  She guessed, "Here I come to save the day!"  She was correct.

caller - Joey Tribiani (from the show Friends).  She couldn't think of it.  It was "How you doin?"  She was out.   
Rosie ( for the win!) - Walter Cronkite.  She said, "And that's the way it was."  She was correct!  

Rosie won the game!  She gave the caller two tickets to Friday night's comedy show, back-stage passes, a giftcard to AMC Movie theaters and a Rosie Radio swag bag! 

Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you mised - kw


  1. "Both Rosie and Judy have a mutual obsession: the television show Sister Wives. They both hate the guy because he thinks he's so fucking cool."

    I already love Rosie but after comments like this I love her even more.

  2. I marched in Washington DC last year beside Judy Gold and Cynthia Nixon. AMAZING women!

  3. I'm wondering when Rosie & co. will find out that Derek and Julianne Hough's last name is not pronounced 'hoe' or 'how' but, less logically, 'huff'.

    As always, they were alternatively cracking me up and making me think.

    love & thanks,