11-05-10 - An Interview with Amy Sedaris and Wendy Liebman

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Rosie began today’s show asking the staff what their plans were for the weekend.  Janette leaves for the Philippines today for a Medical Missions for Children trip. She got a prescription of Ambien, books for her iPad and music, for the 17 HOUR flight. The longest flight Rosie ever took was from Hawaii to London for the opening of Madonna’s tour. Janette said she’s hoping to sleep most of the flight. She was talking with the founder of MMFC and because of the work Janette and Barry have done raising awareness and fundraising, they’ve been able to add missions this year so even more kids will be helped!

Shoshana was watching Ellen the other day and she was very upset that the television station interrupted her regularly scheduled program to give election results!  She didn't think it qualified as breaking news!  She was quite upset over the reason they interrupted her show and didn’t think the news was worthy of doing so. Rosie wondered who determines the news that is worthy of breaking into a television show. Pete googled it but couldn’t find the criteria.

Rosie wanted to discuss the Oprah and Gayle camping trip some more. She still couldn’t get over how funny it was. They all love Gayle as a person and talked about how nice she was. Rosie said Gayle will have her own show on OWN - a live broadcast of her taping her radio show.  Rosie also talked about how the Judds are going to have a reality show on OWN, which she is excited to see.

Rosie said she was really nervous to meet Amy because she thinks she’s really talented. Rosie told Amy she thinks she needs her own show! She also told Amy she reminds her of Kristin Chenoweth because she’s so adorable and like a Polly Pocket.   Rosie talked with Amy about her interview on Letterman the other day.  Amy said she’s very comfortable with Letterman and that he really makes her laugh.

Amy told Rosie all about her pet rabbit she has at home.  She said rabbits can be excellent pets.   Amy's rabbit is trained to go potty in a litter box, sleeps with her and even comes to her when she calls him!  Amy is a big supporter of the House Rabbit Society, a nonprofit organization that rescues rabbits from animal shelters and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior. 

Amy grew up in Raleigh, NC, and is one out of 6 siblings in her family whom she's all very close with.  Because of having such a big family, Amy said she learned to be quick with her sense of humor in order to be noticed.  Author David Sedaris is Amy's brother, and Rosie is a big admirer of his work.  One of Rosie's good childhood friends, Jackie, is a huge fan of Amy's brother David's books.  Rosie said Jackie goes to all his signings and she joked that she's probably on a security list somewhere listed as a potential risky fan.

Rosie and Amy chatted about Chelsea Handler and how much they both enjoy her.  Rosie laughed remembering the time Amy was on Chelsea's show.  See below and find out why! 

Amy on Chelsea

Rosie told Amy how much she liked her series Strangers With Candy, which Rosie called a brilliant show!  Rosie asked Amy why she doesn't have her own sitcom and Amy said it has to be just right for her to do a show. 

Rosie and Amy talked all about crafting.  Rosie showed Amy her craft house which Amy called insanity!  They talked about shopping for craft supplies at AC Moore, Michaels and Ebay.  Amy was on Rosie Radio promoting her latest book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.  Amy said she's always been crafty and brought Rosie some crafts from her book that included a penny bookmark, a knitted cell phone and a tin foil bracelet!  Rosie loved them and laughed each time she brought something new out and explained it to her. 

They talked some about working out, yoga and Rosie told Amy (again) how much she reminds her of the Broadway actress Kristin Chenoweth.  

Amy joked with Rosie about her imaginary boyfriend Ricki and Rosie's squirrel Shady kept making an appearance on the window ledge of the radio studio during the interview! 

Amy is starring with Neil Patrick Harris in a new comedy called Best and the Brightest.  The movie Best and the Brightest is about New Yorkers who attempt to navigate the cutthroat and hilarious waters of New York City’s private schools. 

Rosie recommended to her listeners that they go purchase Amy's book and then shyly asked Amy if she wanted to be friends in real life.  Amy gave Rosie the number to her knitted cell phone, looked at her watch and said she needed to go.  :)

Rosie said one of the new Rosie Radio "bumpers" reminded her of the Price Is Right theme song.  Janette then revealed she has never watched the Price is Right!  Everyone was shocked!  She said she's more of a Let's Make a Deal fan.

Deirdre shared with everyone a new website she found called Rent-a-Friend!  On RentAFriend.com, you can rent a friend to attend a social event or party with you; rent someone to introduce you to new people; or rent someone to go to a movie or a restaurant with.  You can hire a friend to show you around an unfamiliar town, teach you a new skill or hobby, or just hire someone for companionship. Rented friends get paid anywhere from $10-$50 an hour and Deirdre said she wants to do it!  Deirdre read to the staff and the listeners from home some of the friend profiles from the site.  Janette couldn't think of a reason she'd ever rent a friend except to take her cat to the vet.  Janette always gets yelled at by her vet because her cat is too fat and she said she'd like to hire someone else to take him for her.  Jeannie rolled her eyes at the conversation and thought it was ridiculous.  Deirdre had a lot of compassion for the people who would need a site like rent-a-friend and said she would do it.  Rosie said she'd never do it because it's hard for her to do things with the friends she already likes!

Janette asked the staff if they could live their lives over, if they would choose to.  She asked the other staff members if they could live their exact lives over, not knowing anything about what their futures held, if they would do it all again.  Janette said she would.  She said she loved every part about her life, even the really hard times, and she said she would do it all again if she could.  Deirdre wouldn't.  She said she doesn't want to go back and be a teenager again.   Deirdre loves her life now and wouldn't want to take the chance that it would end up any differently.  Rosie and Pete said they wouldn't re-live their lives.  Jeannie also wouldn't because she doesn't want to raise a teenager again. 

Rosie asked Jeannie if raising a teenager was the hardest thing she has ever done.  Jeannie said it was.  She said it is filled with constant second-guessing that never ends.  Deirdre told Rosie and Jeannie to wait until their daughters are her age and said that their relationships will be totally different! 

Rosie and the staff had a long discussion about how it's hard to be a teenager in today's world.  Rosie said it's especially hard for teens today because of the constant sexual images on the Internet and the television.  Jeannie said every generation thinks the next generation is so much worse off than the one before.  She quoted the Billy Joel tune "We Didn't Start The Fire."  See video below: 

We Didn't Start the Fire - Bill Joel

Jeannie was adamant that today's generation isn't any worse off, just that their lives are different.  Janette thought today's generation might not have it any worse but she thinks they have it harder. 

Rosie was talking with her daughter Chelsea and her Ex Kelli about how we do things to ourselves we know are bad for us.  Rosie talked to Chelsea about Rosie's own decisions with eating and how they've led her to be heavy.  Rosie doesn't have an explanation for why she eats the way she does but told her daughter she does it anyway and that she's always been heavy.  Chelsea called her out on her claim and said it wasn't true! Chelsea told Rosie that she was once thin and mentioned that she saw pictures of her when she was much thinner.  Chelsea's been picking at her face lately and Rosie was trying to get her to stop doing that.  Chelsea didn't want to listen to Rosie because Rosie only stopped picking her own face recently. 

Jeannie said the other night her youngest son wanted to snuggle and he chose to sit in her lap (as opposed to her husband's) because he said it was softer.  Jeannie said she loves that.  Rosie said her kids used to be the same way when they were younger.  In fact, that's how Rosie got the name More Mama.  Rosie said she was super soft to smush up on and her kids loved to cuddle with her. Janette asked Rosie if she really wants to be fit or if she just wants to be fit because she's been told she should be.  Janette said she'd like to stay exactly how she is but have it not be a health risk for her to be at the weight she is now. 

Rosie asked the staff if they still had the Halloween candy laying around the house.  Everyone did but they were hoping to get rid of it soon.  Jeannie isn't much of a sweet eater so having the candy around really doesn't affect her.  Rosie said it's so hard for her to have the candy in the house and will obsess over it.  She said when it was all wrapped in the garage she was safe from it but now that it's in the house she can't stop thinking about it.  Pete asked, "WHERE????"  :)  Then they all talked about their favorite candy bars and which ones they like best. 

Rosie introduced comedienne Wendy Liebman who was on the telephone!  Rosie recently saw Wendy at the opening of Mary Poppins on Broadway!  Wendy's in-laws wrote the music for the musical and Wendy told Rosie about a fantastic documentary her husband did about the music behind Mary Poppins. 

Rosie asked Wendy if she remembered opening for her in Atlantic City.  Wendy did remember it and said it was a one of the highlights of her career! Wendy started doing standup in 1984 after she took a class on standup comedy.  She soon learned she could make more money doing standup than her day job so she quit and did standup full-time! 

Wendy Liebman

Rosie and Wendy talked about which comedians she admired including Phyllis Diller, Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett and of course, Rosie!  Wendy told Rosie all about her step-children who are now 15 and 19 years old.  She said being a step-mom has been amazing and her kids have taught her everything she's needed to know.  She is a believer that you get what you need in your life and she said her step-sons were exactly what she needed. 

Rosie asked Wendy if she remembered the worst gig she's ever done.  Wendy recalled a time she performed at a college and a dental implant she had just had installed in her mouth came out during her set! The other time a woman was asking her questions as she sat on the edge of the stage during one of her sets!  And at another horrible standup event, she was the entertainment at an office party for Nike.  She said it wasn't a great venue for doing standup but she told herself to Just Do It! 

Rosie thanked Wendy for calling in and told her how much she was looking forward to performing with her tonight at the NY Comedy Festival live at Town Hall

Brendan briefly went over the game tally for the last few months.  Rosie had 10 wins to her name, Pete had 4 wins, Janette and Shoshana were tied with two wins and Bobby had one win.  This game was called foresomes.  Brendan named a category and the player had to list of the 4 items in that category.  Each player got a point for every item they got correct. 

Rosie -  classical elements:  She listed Earth, Air, Water and Fire.  4 points.
Pete - playing cards: he listed spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.  4 points.
Janette - directions: north, south, east and west. 4 points
Bobby - new testament gospels: Luke, Mark, John and Matthew.  4 points.
Shoshana - states of matter: liquid, solid, gas, plasma.  She got 3 points because she didn't know plasma.

Rosie - Monkees: Davey, Peter, Mike and Micky. 4 points
Pete - the horsemen of the apocalypse: famine, disease war and death.  He got 3 points because he forgot death.
Janette - Fantastic 4: She got zero because she didn't know any of them.  The answers were Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and Thing. 
Bobby - the Marx Brothers: Harpo, Groucho, Chicco, Zeppo.  4 points
Shoshana - Sex And the City characters: Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie and Miranda.  4 points.

Rosie - 4 food groups: meat, dairy, vegetable/fruits and grain.  Rosie didn't know grain so she got 3 points.
Pete - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael. 4 points.
Janette - Faces on Mount Rushmore: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt.  She got 3 points because she said Adams instead of Roosevelt.
Bobby - 4 corner states: He said Nevada, Montana, Arizona and New Mexico.  The correct answers were Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  He got 2 points. 
Shoshana - Major US Sports Leagues: NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.  4 points

Pete and Shoshana were tied with 11, Rosie had 10, Bobby had 8 and Janette had 7.

Rosie - the Cs of a diamond: clarity, cut, carat and color.  She got 3 points because she forgot color.
Pete - Main ingredients in beer: water, hops, yeast and barley.  4 points.
Janette - The Little Women Characters: Amy, Meg, Jo and Beth.  4 points.
Bobby - The Pacman ghosts: Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde.  He got 0.
Shoshana - The Twilight Novels: Breaking Dawn, Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.  She got 3 and forgot Eclipse.


Shoshana and Janette had a face off for third place on the monthly game tally! 
Brendan described a person who won second place or was a runner up.  The player had to guess the person Brendan was describing.

Janette: this person won the popular vote for President but lost the election.  She guessed Al Gore and was correct!  
Shoshana: this person became the most famous runner up on America's Got Talent but never actually won the competition.  She guessed Susan Boyle and was correct!
Janette: The person was a Civil War commander remembered most for his last stand.  She guessed Custer and was correct!
Shoshana: This was the second man on the moon.  She guessed Buzz Aldron and was correct!
the game continued (at a frenzied pace) until Janette won third place in the monthly game tally!!!

Rosie reminded listeners to come see her tonight at Town Hall in New York City and closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw

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