11-15-10 - Rosie's Breast Update and an Interview with Joan Lunden

In case you missed it...

The broadcast today started with Rosie calling in on the telephone at the beginning of the show.  She was in the car on her way to the studio because she had a needle biopsy this morning for a spot they found on her breast MRI she had done last week.  This was her second biopsy as she had another biopsy on the other breast last Friday.  Rosie wrote a beautiful blog about the experience you can read HERE.  Rosie said they told her the spots they biopsied looked like "no big deal" and they told her they had a very low suspicion of cancer. 

Janette was back in the studio and updated the listeners on her trip to the Philippines with MMFC. The good news was they performed 45 surgeries in just 5 days, all children with cleft lips and cleft palates.  The bad news was the trip getting there and back was "miserable, fricking, agony."  Janette said her ass barely fit in the seat on the plane, every seat was taken, and she didn't see a hotel room bed for over 24 hours of traveling.  Janette and the surgical team she traveled with were pleased with the amount of work they were able to get done in a very short window of time.  But it was very hot, unbelievably hot.  

Jeannie had a stressful weekend too.  Her father-in-law suffered a heart attack on Friday.  Jeannie said her husband's father is a retired police officer and has responded to hundreds of heart attack emergencies but didn't even recognize his own heart attack symptoms.  He had only mild heartburn and tingling.  But he had been vomiting for over a week and didn't know why.  On Friday morning he woke up very early and came downstairs.  His wife just happened to be awake early that morning too and as soon as she saw her husband she became incredibly worried because his coloring was so off.  She called family and they came over but they couldn't tell what was going on so they drove him to the emergency room.  As soon as he got into the ER he went in to full cardiac arrest and they had to defibrillate him twice.  His heart valves were blocked but they've been able to correct that with stints so it's not looking like he will need bypass surgery.  Jeannie is relieved her father-in-law is in great hands and hopes he'll be fine soon.  She said he's very emotional right now since realizing how close he became to death.  It was an extremely close call and he was very close to dying. Jeannie talked about what a good man her father-in-law is and how thankful she is that he's okay.

Deirdre had decided she is no longer going to be doing the Brazilian Blowout because she's losing her hair from it.  She went to her hairdresser Friday who has put her on large amounts of hair, nail and skin vitamins. 

They briefly discussed a recent story about a man who refused to go through the airport security and recorded the entire interaction on his cell phone.  I think I found an article about it.   Janette doesn't want to go through the new airport x-rays but Bobby sees no problem with them.  Deirdre's dad recently came to visit her and didn't have a problem after he refused to go through one.  He chose to be patted down instead without incident.  Rosie thinks the x-ray machines feel invasive.  Janette said everyone gets patted down when you travel abroad so it doesn't feel as weird because they're not simply selecting people at random. 

Rosie asked everyone if they all saw Marie Osmond on Oprah last week when she discussed the recent suicide of her son.  They discussed the episode and Rosie said it was heartbreaking to see her that vulnerable at such a public level.  Bobby said it broke his heart.  Jeannie agreed and admitted she shed some tears throughout the show.  She said as a mother she could totally relate to her love that she felt for her little boy.  Rosie said Marie's brother, Donny, used to call Rosie from the parking lot when she was on Dancing With The Stars to talk to her about how nervous he was for her.  It killed Rosie to see Donny and Marie in so much pain. 

After they lost Rosie's phone call a few times during the beginning of the show she eventually said she was close to the studio and told the other staff members to handle things.  She told them if things on the show really begin to start to fall apart they should just "give away free shit to callers." 

Jeannie asked Janette if there is any post-surgery follow-up like feeding and speech therapies for the children.  Janette explained that the children are lucky to be getting the surgery at all and there is no follow-up for them.  She said in the Philippines it's considered cosmetic and not a necessary surgery.  Janette shared that some of the patients who came in for the surgery weren't allowed to get it.  One girl was deemed too old and too risky to have the surgery and one child had to be turned away because of a severe case of TMJ.  She said it's heartbreaking to see them there with their hopes up and then they aren't permitted to do it.  Janette did get to see little Angelo (who she discusses on her blog) one more time before she left.  His mother told her that Angelo is joyful over his new smile.  Janette couldn't really even express how much she loves Angelo and his mother and said she will be sending them mail whenever she can.  Jeannie suggested Janette's organization add a speech pathologist to the roster to help the families.  Jeannie said her dream before college was to join the Peace Corps, and mentioned to Janette that she would like to follow up with the kids on the speech and feeding issues they face post surgery.  Jeannie said she works with babies who have repaired clefts all the time and helps them learn to work their muscles all over again.  Janette was made fun of as a child and really relates to the children her organization is helping. 

After the commercial break, Rosie was in the studio and talked about getting her biopsies and MRIs this morning and last week.  They let her pick the music for her MRI and of course she picked Streisand!  She had an MRI on Wednesday and they found two spots, one on each breast that needed to be biopsied.  The doctor then recommended she get another mammogram, a sonogram and another MRI.  For the biopsy she was put into an MRI machine and they inserted the needle while she was in the machine.  Rosie joked that she learned she has two different sized breasts!  One is a D (the left one) and one is a C.  Pete joked she  has a BLT - big left titty.  She said the place where she had the biopsy done was very beautiful.  She waited in the waiting area with the other patients and started chatting with them all.  In the end she had everyone laughing.  Rosie talked about the women she met and the reasons they were in the waiting room to be seen.  She said it was a communal experience where everyone is stripped of their clothes and equal.  Rosie also got tested for the BRCA gene so she can find out if she has the genetic marker for breast cancer.  She should know those results in two weeks.  Rosie said the BRCA test is very expensive but there's a lot of breast cancer on her mother's side of the family.  She never wanted to be tested before but she decided to do it because they recommended it with her family history.  She  might make different decisions about the biopsy results based on the knowledge of her genetic history.  She did say if the results are positive for cancer she might consider doing a chemosensitivity test to see if chemotherapy responds to the type of cancer she has (if she has it).  Janette said that Barry's closest friend died a few months ago and went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy.  Rosie is not  sure what she would do in that situation but said whatever she decides it will be a tough decision to make.

Rosie had the women laughing in the waiting room so much she thought they should hire professional comedians to entertain at the hospitals.  The nurses told her they never ever hear laughter coming from the waiting room.  Janette said there is an organization of comics that entertain at hospitals and said she once did standup at a hospital for cancer patients. Jeannie knew of a group of musicians who went around and performed for sick children.  And Pete revealed that when he was growing up, he and his mom used to dress up as clowns and entertain sick people at hospitals. 

Rosie really gushed over how much she loved the nurses and how young they all seemed to her.  And she learned that Katherine Heigl has her own scrubs!  Rosie wanted to get some to give away to nurses when they call in.  She always wanted to get some Grey's Anatomy scrubs to give away to callers. 

Tracy and Rosie dropped their teenagers off at the mall on Saturday night to see the movie Unstoppable.  Rosie asked Parker about the movie and then Tracy's kids about the movie and then she realized none of them had even seen it!  They then claimed they saw the movie Due Date but Rosie still wasn't sure they were telling the truth.  Rosie said one of her sons once cut all his eyelashes off in the shower when he was 7 years old and then denied doing it!  Finally he admitted to doing it after much coercion.  Rosie had to teach her kids that when they're caught they need to realize they're caught and fess up.  Jeannie said kids will persist as long as they can get away with it.   

Rosie asked everyone if they read that she and Natasha Lyonne are romantically involved!  On Thursday, Rosie decided to stay in the city because she had an early appointment for her MRI on Friday.  She went with Natasha to see The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway.  Natasha was invited to the opening because she played Opal on Pee Wee's Playhouse and she and Rosie went to the show and then the afterparty together.  Rosie said she and Natasha did go to the party together but made it clear that they're not romantically linked because they're both involved in other relationships.  She said she loves and adores her but they're not dating or canoodling.

The Rosie Radio staff then discussed a recent PSA done by the NoH8 Campaign that features Cindy McCain.  Rosie said when you're asked to do a PSA they ask you to read the entire statement from many angles.  Then they take clips of those statements to create the PSA.  She thought that Cindy's clips were the most politically poignant statements in the PSA.  After seeing the finished product Cindy later tweeted that she agrees with her husband on Don't Ask Don't Tell.   Watch below:

Rosie wondered what happens in a marriage when one person is a political figure and the other person in the marriage doesn't agree with the spouse.   They then discussed how John McCain has felt over the years about DADT.  Rosie took some calls from some listeners who shared their thoughts on the topics.  Brendan asked the staff if they had people in their lives that they stand by who believe completely opposite things.  Jeannie doesn't and doesn't think she could.  Rosie sees both sides of the coin (with topics like abortion and the death penalty) even though she feels solid in her own beliefs.  One caller Rosie spoke to shared a story about her son getting beat up by a bully because his mom has gay friends.  Rosie told the caller a story about Parker who faced a bully who made fun of him for having gay moms.  Rosie told the caller to tell her son that he's a brave boy and that gay is okay. 

This morning Tracy was trying to cheer Rosie up on their way to her biopsy so she googled facts about Oprah and read them off to her in the car. Rosie asked the staff if they knew that Oprah was supposed to be named Orpah after a name in the bible but they transposed the letters on her birth certificate.  She also told her Oprah dated Roger Ebert which Rosie didn't know!   Rosie thought they should have a game where they do 25 years of Oprah Show Trivia. 

Rosie then introduced Joan Lunden who was in the studio promoting her new Home Decor line on QVC!  Rosie and Joan talked about her husband and what it's like being the mom to daughters in their 20s while raising two sets of twins!  Joan's twins are now in Kindergarten and second grade which she said is a wonderful thing.  She said it's also great having twins because they all play together! 

Joan's clothing line launched last April on QVC with tremendous success.  They're working on bedding for the winter of 2011 but right now they're featuring pillows and throws for the holiday season!  Joan loves her throws and described them as high quality and "bigger than your average throw" at a good price!  All of her throws are also washable and some come with pillows as a set. Joan absolutely loves designing her home decor and talked to Rosie all about it.  Joan and Rosie both share a unique relationship to their fans and they talked about being in daytime television and the connection you make with people who watch you at home. 

Joan took special care in selecting everything for her collection.  You can see Joan and view her Home Collection LIVE on QVC tomorrow (11/16) at 9am, 5pm and 10pm!
Joan is also hosting a show called Taking Care with Joan Lunden on the Retirement Living Channel November 22nd-November 25th at 8pm and 11pm EST.  Taking Care "is a courageous new four-part series that explores the often difficult subject of caregiving. The show underscores the urgent need for understanding the stressful relationships that can evolve and offers guidance on how to manage expectations, providing insight into what support is already in place."  And November is National Family Caregiver's Month.  Joan then told Rosie about her own experience caring for her 91 year old mother and the challenges that it brings.   There are over 65 million people caring for their elderly parents today and that number is expected to double by 2020.  Joan said this is the next big health issue but no one wants to talk about it. She encouraged listeners to take time to watch the show as a family. 

Rosie and Joan briefly talked about Rosie's biopsy and Joan encouraged Rosie and listeners to read her mammogram blog! Rosie thanked Joan for coming in and for the interview.  Don't forget to check out Joan's Home Collection on QVC tomorrow!!

Brendan vaguely described this game.  During the game each answer to a question leads to the next question.  He went around the room reading a statement and pausing at each player waiting for the answer.  If any one player didn't know the answer it went to the next person in the room and they gave it a shot.  Then he continued to the next person and so on.  I have underlined each answer to give you an idea of how it went but I literally couldn't type fast enough!

This American actor is best known for managing the office: Steve Carell,
who played a bumbling secret agent in the movie: Maxwell Smart,
who was originally played by: Don Adams,
who was also the voice of this cybernetic cartoon policeman: Inspector Gadget, (Pete was answering a lot of these and Rosie said many people write to her on the blog and talk about how very annoying and arrogant Pete seems!)
who was made a live action screen character played by:  Matthew Broderick,
who was in this Broadway show in 2005: The Producers,  
a role originated by this Blazing Saddles actor: Gene Wilder,
who later played this Chocolate Factory Owner: Willy Wonka,
whose movie was remade by Tim Burton starring this actor: Johnny Depp,
when Burton made Alice In Wonderland, Depp played the: Mad Hatter,
a character played in 1954 by: Art Carney,
whose character on the Honeymooners had this name: Ed Norton,
that character shares his name with an actor who played the alter ego in the Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner, who only 5 years earlier played by this Munich actor in The Hulk: Eric Bana,
who later played this king in the ....... (and it continued on and on and on!).

The winner ended up being Pete who almost knew every answer much to the dismay of the other staff!! 

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Omg, I'm obsessed with reading about TSA/body scanners/pat downs. I'm really disturbed by the things I've heard. I don't like any of it and I think, well who cares, I don't fly enough for it to make a difference to me. But then in the back of my mind is that story about how you don't care about stuff that affects everyone else, and by the time it affects you it's too late to do anything about it.

  2. Thank you SO much, Kelly. I was away from my computer for Thursday and Friday and really missed Rosie Radio. Thanks to your brilliant recaps, I nearly "heard" the show as I read it. Most times, I read just to see what links you've added and to see the pink, because I listen nearly every day. Now I appreciate even MORE this wonderful blog. You rock.

    : ) P