12-08-10 Chip Goes Missing, Holding Your Liquor and Rob Roth

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about last night's Glee (after briefly discussing everyone's asses and whether if they took pictures of their asses, they could guess whose ass was whose).   Bobby and Rosie were so touched by Glee last night they both cried and then they both immediately downloaded the music from the episode.  Bobby thought it had spectacular art direction.  They both agreed on how brilliant and well-written the show is.  Bobby said he knows it's a great show because he's become so invested in the characters. 

Rosie and her family decorated their tree last night too.  She said they normally listen to Les Miserables when decorating but she couldn't find the CD because they have donated them all to the library because of iTunes.  She eventually found a Rosemary Clooney Christmas CD to listen to while decorating.

Rosie said her friend Kevin Meaney sent her a hilarious video he did about a Christmas pillow.  She and her daughter Vivi watched it together and laughed hysterically.  Watch below... 

Kevin Meaney's Christmas Pillow

Rosie said Kevin is hysterical and he makes her laugh.  She wants to have him involved in some way on her new show she's doing on OWN that premieres in the Fall of 2011. 

Everyone in the studio said they're mad at Jackie for calling them Rosie Ass-Kissers yesterday.  Rosie has decided to give Jackie and Jeannie the same outfit she wore that they made fun of her for as Christmas gifts.  A peach colored nightgown from J.Jill, a maroon waffle shirt and black socks.  Rosie said she was so disturbed by the woman who called in yesterday and said she wears a bra to bed when a guest sleeps over.  She even talked about it in therapy (amongst other things like her own self-care issues)!  She wanted to know why people are so afraid of moving tits.  Bobby thought the woman should just have a sweatshirt or a robe available to her to throw on in the case of an emergency.  Just then the woman from yesterday's show called in again!  Rosie told her how concerned she was that she couldn't be comfortable enough to let her boobs hang free.  The woman explained that her nipples get "perky" and she doesn't like it when her nipples show through her nightshirt.  She also said she has rather large boobs and they hang pretty low.  Rosie was SHOCKED to find out that the caller was a lesbian!  Somehow this fact was the most shocking of all to Rosie.  Rosie said her own boobs point inward and although she's searched the net for years trying to find another pair like hers, she's never found a woman with a similar issue.  So she understood the woman's self consciousness with her breasts.  Rosie recommended she try having a hoodie or a vest near her bedside in cases where she might have to get out of bed when company's over.  Rosie asked James to get her address because she wanted to send the woman one of her very own vests she uses in these types of situations.  She then asked the woman to send her a photo of her in it.  She also gave the caller a $100 giftcard to Borders and a $100 giftcard to Birkenstock. 

Rosie briefly discussed an article that said that the television show Glee is having an effect on popular baby names this year.   

Rosie and the staff chatted about the news that Elizabeth Edwards passed away yesterday at 61 of breast cancer.  When Rosie was discussing her yesterday she had already actually died.  Rosie and Janette were so sad about this news and admitted they immediately do the math when they find out someone young has died to figure out how much time that means they would have left.  Rosie does the math and then tries to figure out how old her kids would be if she died at 61 and if they could survive losing their mom at that age.  Deirdre doesn't even have kids and she immediately worried about the Edwards' kids.  Janette said she will read the obituary column in the New York Times and when there are a lot of people listed in their 50s and 60s she feels less good about the day.  Rosie said she worries about John and how he will handle what he did to their family.  Janette thinks what happened to John and his wife (regarding the affair) was unfortunate but she's not one to judge anyone on sexual behavior. She said she doesn't applaud cheating but she thinks it's human and never would  pass judgment on someone for it.  Rosie hopes it turns around for John and he learns to do better.     

Today's also the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death.  Rosie then asked everyone where they were when they found out Lennon had died.  Deirdre said she was in a cab on the way to a party and she remembered being stunned at the news.  Janette was in her apartment and really had no response to the news because she wasn't much of a Beatles fan.  Pete was not born yet and that SHOCKED Rosie.  Rosie was a college freshman at the time and she remembered feeling relieved that it wasn't Barbra Streisand.  Rosie once lived in The Dakota and Deirdre read off the very famous people that once lived there.  Bobby did some work for Yoko Ono in that building.  He found her to be standoffish and kind of odd until he showed her what he had created.  Then she warmed up to him and eventually gave him a tour of the apartment and even showed him "the white room" with the white piano.  Bobby admitted he didn't know the significance of the room or the piano but acted like he did.  You can read all about the Dakota and its history HERE.

Rosie's friend and nanny, Tanya, emailed Rosie during the show because Vivi's hamster Chip was missing again!  Janette recommended larger pets for the O'Donnell household since they haven't been having much luck with smaller pets.  Rosie was panicked at the news and said she had originally thought she lucked out that Vivi wanted a hamster instead of a dog.  Now she's wondering if the hamster is just as much trouble. 

Bobby announced that all the photos of the submitted craft items for the Rosie Radio Craft-Off are now online for people to vote for their favorite!  Janette kept telling listeners to vote for hers.  Deirdre was happy with the two votes she had received at the time of the broadcast.  And Rosie reminded Deirdre that her parents listen to the show.  Romaine is winning at the time of the broadcast.  Rosie was happy that so many people participated in the contest!  Bobby said everyone had fun doing it and that is the most important part.  Janette said she and Deirdre did NOT have fun doing it but you should still vote for hers. 

Rosie and Bobby discussed a recent study that says that people who go to church are happier.  The study said  the community and tradition of going to church makes people happier.  Deirdre said she gets that from her yoga class.  Janette didn't think it was the same.  She asked Deirdre if she were sick and home-bound if her yoga class members would bring her meals.  Deirdre was pretty sure they might!  Bobby, an avid church-goer, said he understood the study right away.  Janette goes to church when she visits Barry's family and she thinks it's a nice feeling of community and wished she believed in it.  Rosie's mom was very involved in the church but after she died they stopped attending.  Rosie didn't like getting dressed up and going to church on a beautiful sunny Sunday but said she liked the social gatherings afterward.  In the summer she and Jackie used to hide in her above ground pool on Sundays so she could try to get out of going.  Janette believed the study was probably true because she's read in the past that community is essential for happiness and comfort.

Rosie then got another text from Tanya that said Chip was officially missing.  Janette then told her own squirrel story.  She once took her baby squirrel to school when she was a kid.  A friend of her father's was working on highway work and brought a baby squirrel back and gave it to Janette's father.   Her father made a cage for the squirrel and Janette named him John Glenn because he was an "astro-nut."  She forgot to feed her baby squirrel for a couple of days and then put a large amount of food in the cage and the squirrel died from overeating.  She said it was very sad.   

Rosie said Sarah Palin is under a lot of criticism lately for hunting and killing a caribou on her reality TV show.  Rosie asked if it's any different from her going out on a charter boat and catching a shark.  Bobby saw a difference because she's not using a scope and shooting an unsuspecting deer out in the wilderness.   Janette didn't really see anything wrong with it and prefers hunting to farm raising animals.  She feels at least animals in the wilderness are happy until they die. 

Rosie has been watching her Oscar Screeners and said she recently saw Shutter Island which she thought was really well done.  She was a little frustrated because the ending left her wondering what reality really was.  Bobby said it was so well written and so well done, it left him talking about it for hours. 

Rosie said a new study found 1 in 4 teens binge drink.  The study defined binge drinking as 4 alcoholic drinks for a female and 5 for a male in a fairly short period of time.  All the staff members talked about what alcohol makes them really crazy.  Pete said for him it's Goldschlager.  He once got drunk on it and said it made him vomit for hours.  Rosie said she used to be able to drink 6 beers without even noticing when she was a standup but she doesn't even like drinking anymore.  She also found she uses alcohol as an anxiety reliever.  Now Rosie will only drink a beer or a frozen margarita.  Janette said two glasses of wine is her limit and if she drinks three she will feel it a lot and if she drinks four she will get a wicked hangover.  When she was in standup, she could drink a half a fifth of vodka and couldn't feel it.  Janette said if she drinks Tequila, she'll "do" anyone and briefly mentioned a guy she had sex with in the hallway of a Howard Johnson's.  Lou said he could drink a case of beer in one sitting.  Deirdre said three glasses of wine and she's out. And Bobby said he can't even drink one without feeling it!  James can hold his liquor and said he can drink about 6-8 beers before he starts to get drunk.  Deirdre said she used to be able to drink during the week and now she only drinks on Thursdays.  Rosie agreed and said she loves Thursday nights because she doesn't have to work on Fridays. 

Rosie then introduced her friend Rob Roth who has a new coffee table book out entitled The Art of Classic Rock.  It's a 35-year collection of tour posters, memorabilia, album artwork and related merchandise. The book features Alice Cooper, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Elton John and Queen.   Rob invited Rosie over to his apartment once to show her his collection and she was blown away!

Rob said the 8 bands who are featured in his book are his favorite bands.  He started collecting when he was growing up.  The Sunday New York Times would have big ads for Korvettes and he would cut out the ads and on Tuesdays after school he would go there and ask for the leftover promotional items from their record department.  And he's been collecting music memorabilia ever since! 
Rob and Rosie talked about his love of Alice Cooper and Shep Gordon.   Rob told Rosie about the time he first met Shep who introduced him to Alice Cooper.  Rob now has directed Alice Cooper tours which is a dream come true for him! 

Rob told a story about when he went to a Journey concert and then called Columbia records and asked them if he could interview Steve Perry for his high school newspaper.  To his surprise, Steve's manager agreed!  His manager thought Rob was brilliant for asking to do the interview and Rob peppered him with questions about the tour itself.  Rob and his manager became friends and Rob became a "Journey management groupie." 

Rosie asked Rob what it's like for him that he's now friends with many of the people he idolized.  Rob said he's living his dreams.  Elton John and Alice Cooper are now his close friends and it still sometimes surprises him that he's friends with them when he sees them perform.  Rob said he gets a lot of his collectibles on eBay.  Rosie asked him if there was anything he was still looking for for his collection and Rob said he's still looking for a Keith Moon Standup display from the album Odds and Sods. 

Rosie talked with Rob about filming Who Do You Think You Are and how it's been both helpful and painful for her to do.  She said it really puts things into perspective seeing what her ancestors once went through.  Rob asked Rosie about an Eminem poster she had hung in her radio studio.  Rosie said she was at Sirius studios in New York City and saw it hanging there.  She's never met him but thinks Eminem  is a genius.  She asked the guy at Sirius if she could have the poster but he wouldn't let her take it.  For her birthday, Scott Greenstein sent it to her after he had Eminem autograph it for her!  Rosie loves it and mentioned how she's mentioned in a few of Eminem's songs.  She said she loves Eminem and hopes to meet him one day. 

Rosie thanked Rob for the interview and for sharing his story and encouraged listeners to get his book. 

Brendan named of a spokes-character for popular brands and the player had to guess the brand.

Rosie: Mr. Peanut.  She guessed Planters and was correct.
Pete: Colonel Sanders.  He guessed KFC and was correct.
Janette: Tony the Tiger. She guessed frosted flakes and was correct.
Bobby: Snap, Crackle, Pop.  He guessed Rice Krispies and was correct.
Deirdre: Chester Cheetah.  She guessed Cheetos and was correct.
caller: Spuds MacKenzie.  She guessed Target but that was incorrect.  It was Budweiser.  Rosie still gave her a $100 giftcard to Borders but she was out.

Rosie: Charlie the Tuna.  She guessed Starkist and was correct.
Pete: Punchy.  He guessed Hawaiian Punch and was correct.
Janette: the Bandito. She guessed Fritos and was correct.
Bobby: Alfred E. Neuman.  He guessed Mad Magazine which was correct.
Deirdre: Snoopy.  She guessed dog food but it was MetLife. She was out.
Rosie: Speedy.  She guessed Alka-Seltzer and then sang the song!  She was correct.
Pete: Mr. Zip.  He guessed Ziplock but it was the USPS.  He was out. 
Janette: The Noid.  She guessed an Adnoid spokesman.  It was Domino's Pizza (avoid the Noid) and she was out. 
Bobby: Smokey the Bear and Woodsy the Owl.  He guessed the U.S. Forest Service and was correct.

Rosie: Elsie the Cow.  She guessed Bordens which was correct! 
Bobby: Morris the Cat.  He guessed Meow Mix but it was Nine Lives.  Rosie WON!

Rosie closed the show letting listeners know that Rabbi Shmuley will be on tomorrow (12/9) and Judy Gold will be a guest on Friday (12/10)!

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  1. I had an escape artist hampster also, his name was Bozo. The first escapade, he was gone for about 5 days. I was brought out of a deep sleep by something on my chest, OMG A RAT.... WHACK... didn't know rats could fly, turn on the light to find out, nope, only my missing hampster Bozo. Needless to say, he survived his exteme removal from my chest, and I picked him up and put him back into his cage, only to find him missing again the next morning. That night I hear this "rip, tear, rip scratching noise" and realize Bozo had made a new home in the back of the couch. Well, seeing as this was a furnished rental apartment, I'm thinking, what the heck he will come out when he is hungry. I put his cage on the floor, put carrots, peanuts, popcorn in and around the cage and propped a little ladder up against the cage. Sure enough a few days later I come home from work, and there is Bozo, in his cage, cheeks stuffed with all his goodies. As time went on, I came to realize he had kangaroo legs and jumped until he could grasp the edge of the cage. I decided if the little bugger was that focused on getting out, I would let him come and go as he wanted. He was like a dog, I'd come home from work, he'd scamper up my pants onto my shoulder, I'd do whatever with him there, he was pretty cool. He destroyed the back of the couch so I made sure to place the couch next to the wall every time the landlady came by. He never once ventured onto my bed again. Smart Hampster!

  2. I'm normally a beer or wine drinker - but tequila makes me naughty! I always wondered why tequila seems to make people want to get naked. LOL

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  3. In case you read this Rosie, I too go to bed with a bra on when I have company or when I am
    staying at someone else's home. The married sons don't want to look at mom free and easy. You have to be of a certain size to understand.
    Sweatshirts or vests don't really do the job.
    Luv ya.

  4. I was in and out of my car today and just caught your show briefly when you were discussing Sarah Palin and hunting. I am not a vegetarian. Although all logic and emotion in my head would point me in that direction. I guess when you grow up eating meat it's hard to just stop. I grew up on a Ranch where we butchered our own animals, my family in general are avid hunters, but I hate it. When you compared catching a shark to killing a caribou I felt inclined to tell you my opinion. I think the difference between mammals and fish are huge. I could never kill a mammal not even a mouse, but a fish there just isn't the same emotional attachment. I don't picture a mama shark nurturing her young. Mammals (of course there are exceptions) are nurturing, caring, loving, protective, feeling creatures whereas fish to me are just like bugs. In the ocean I guess you could compare it to killing a whale over a shark, or a dolphin. Sure it's sport, but do they really "need" the meat from a caribou? I'm not totally against hunting either though. When I was a kid they had some strict rules about the deer hunting in my area for a few years, and there got to be so many deer that they all started looking sickly, over-populated, and just didn't have enough food. It in a way was cruel to not thin them out so that the ones left could live a better life. That also goes back to how humans have wiped out a lot of the predator population that would have kept the balance in nature in check. Ugh sorry for the rambling. It's a conundrum. My main point is no fishing is nothing like hunting.

  5. "Everyone in the studio said they're mad at Jackie for calling them Rosie Ass-Kissers yesterday"....Didn't you write yesterday it was Tracy who texted Rosie saying that, twice? lol

  6. For the record, I am NOT afraid of moving breasts, except during tap-dancing. No involuntary movement except the intended choreography, please.

  7. Today's show was great.
    The love talk really hit home.
    I loved listening to the Rabbi discuss Love.
    I think it's beautiful the way he discusses life and love.