1-12-11 SNOW DAY

In case you missed it...

Today was a "BEST OF" show introduced by our Janette Barber! 

Tune in tomorrow (1/13) for an all new show and I'll keep you posted if you miss it. 

Have a great snowday everyone!  I'm off to watch the Social Network.  :)



  1. Rosie,

    I wanted to call today to tell you that I saw this but.. obviously I didn't have the chance! Just a little info about Jenny verses Nutrisystem. If you guys do decide to try 6 months of this, I would love to do it with you! I could stand to drop some serious pounds!

    Diet taste-off: Jenny Craig edges out rival Nutrisystem


  2. Commenting here again, due to no options directly to the show.

    I love love love this show. Have listened every day possible since it began.

    However, the absence of Brendan when they are discussing current events/politics is glaring. I was completely turned off by Janette's "review" of a speech she didn't even actually listen to. There was no discussion that Obama did attend the Ft Hood memorial service and spoke.

    It seems rather odd to discuss a speech affectation *now*, when the topic itself is much more important. Save that for some political stump speech discussion.

    Thanks to Rosie and Bobbie for being the reasonable voice in the discussion.