1-21-11 - An Interview with Josh Fox from Gasland and Kathy Bates from Harry's Law!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's show letting listeners know that the reason Bobby wasn't with them this week was because he's in Minneapolis doing costume design for The Marvelous Wonderettes!  She then went on to explain her latest hair-coloring experience.  Rosie typically gets her hair colored by a hair stylist that comes to her house and never really has known how much it cost.  Well, this time there was an ice storm so she decided to go to a salon in town to get her hair done and was shocked when she saw the bill and it cost $145!  Deirdre and Janette laughed and told Rosie that was actually cheap for hair color in the NYC area.  Rosie was also shocked at how long it took - about two hours.  Deirdre told her that's because she got highlights and those typically take longer than an all-over color. Deirdre's hair costs that much, if not more, but Janette colors her hair at home with Revlon.  Rosie said she got her hair colored because she's going to Sundance this weekend (she's already there!).  Rosie is presenting a documentary for OWN entitled Becoming Chaz about Chastity Bono's gender reassignment surgery.   

Rosie said the hair coloring conversation revealed a horrible secret in Pete's marriage.  Pete's wife claims she needs $100 to get her haircut but after Pete told the ladies where she goes to get her hair done they said there's no way she's spending that much at the salon.  Pete's wife goes to a chain called Dramatics.  Pete thinks his wife is pocketing the extra cash!  lol Deirdre said when she was married she would buy things and not tell her spouse because she didn't want to hear the fact that she didn't need another pair of shoes or another handbag.  Pete said his wife does that too.  Janette is a big shopper and loves her handbags and clothes though it's not about expensive designers for her.  Pete revealed he loves looking for bargains and has a little bit of a collecting/hoarding tendency.  Shoshana testified to that.  She's been to his apartment and said his place is very cluttered with "stuff."  But Rosie reminded everyone that they have three small children and and they live in a very tight space.  Rosie wished she had asked Dr. Zasio when she was at the studio the difference between hoarding and collecting.   Shoshana did in her pre-interview.  Shoshana said the Dr. said what makes collecting cross over to hoarding is when it begins to impede on your life and it becomes a detriment to your life.  Pete admitted to collecting Star Trek items and old books from the 70s but said right now it's not a detriment to his life, yet.  Rosie and Pete discussed him having a garage sale either at his old house, new house, or on her block. 

Shoshana said she's moving into a new apartment at the end of the month!  She is not moving in with her boyfriend whom she's been dating since she was 18 (she's now 26).  Shoshana wants to get married before she lives with a guy and Deirdre loved that.  Rosie asked her if she was ready to get married and she said she is just getting to the point where she feels like she's now ready.  Deirdre doesn't think people should get married until they're 30 but Shoshana said she wants to have a baby by the time she's 30 because she wants to have kids fairly young.  Pete said he got married young like his parents did.  Pete said when he met his wife he knew he wanted to marry her.  He said they both knew right away.  Pete and his wife had known each other for 4 years before they started dating.  He said they "always kind of had the hots for each other" but they were always dating other people or  just breaking up with people so the timing was never right.  And then after four years, the timing was finally right and they started dating each other.  Rosie discussed what it feels like being an "older" mom at the pre-school and how you can point out the older/more experienced moms in comparison to the new moms.  She said it's easy to identify who's been there done that. 

Pete then told a story about his eldest daughter Sophia (who is 6, I believe).  Yesterday she told his wife that someone bullied her into making her show them her hiney.  She was playing with some kids about her own age and they told her they wouldn't be friends with her unless she showed them her rear.  Sophia was crying and very upset about it.  Pete and his wife told her they loved her no matter what and that her body is her own and it's private.  Rosie was very concerned and said they need to also tell her that if that ever happens again, the first thing she should do is tell a grownup.   Rosie recalled the time she showed Jackie her hiney when she was 6 years-old and the spanking she got because of it!  Pete said he and his wife must have been at their friends' house when it happened.  Rosie also told Pete she's allowed to yell if it happens again.  Pete said Sophia even gets bullied by her younger sister Irene who will demand toys from her. Sophia will give them to her to avoid the confrontation.  Then Pete has to get involved. Irene cries. Sophia cries because she made Irene cry.  And little Ellie cries because the other two are crying!  Janette sighed and said, "Ah, I've made some excellent choices in my life." (in regards to her decision to not have kids) 

Rosie and the staff then discussed the recent study that claims ugly underwear can ruin your day!  Janette believed it and said uncomfortable underwear can ruin her day!  Pete read from the article that stated that 27% of the participants said their mood is affected by wearing uncomfortable underwear.  Deirdre and Rosie revealed they don't wear underwear so they don't have that problem!  Deirdre said she only wears it if she's wearing a skirt.  I'm not sure if Pete didn't believe her or what but then she stood up and mooned the entire staff to prove it!  After Janette had a horrible experience with underwear purchased in a drug store she then realized you can buy underwear at a department store.  She now prefers the french cut Jockey underwear (see left).  Rosie said she's not a fan of visible panty-lines and that's why she doesn't wear them.  Deirdre doesn't like the extra layer underneath her clothes.

Rosie said because of a recent art exhibit by Mark Ruffalo about the dangers of fracking and recent news headlines about hydraulic fracturing, they've decided to re-air an interview with Rosie and Josh Fox the filmmaker of Gasland.  This interview originally aired on June 14th, 2010.  You can CLICK HERE to read a synopsis of the interview. 

Watch the trailer HERE.
Visit their website HERE.
Join their Facebook HERE.

Rosie then announced actress Kathy Bates who called in to promote her new television series Harry's Law!  Rosie told her she was very excited for Kathy when she heard about the great ratings the show has received!  She told Kathy it's very rare a television show debuts with such huge numbers. Kathy said she's so proud of the show and the hard work that has gone into it.  Rosie then asked how she got involved with the television show and Kathy said David E. Kelley sent her the script.  Kathy said the role was originally written for a man and she agreed to do it if they promised to keep the character the same and not change it simply because a woman was playing the role.  She said they filmed the pilot a year ago and it's been a roller-coaster ever since.  Kathy says she loves playing the role (who Rosie described as a bit of a curmudgeon) because she gets to say what's on her mind a lot and she loves that.

Kathy admitted she doesn't watch a lot of television but she does watch shows like Dexter, 48 Hours and Dateline.  She said the courtroom scenes in the news programs have actually been fairly helpful for her in her new role. 

Kathy was raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  She said she was very dramatic as a child and attributes her success as an actress to a wonderful acting teacher.  She studied acting in college and made a lot of friends there.  They all moved to New York and helped each other out when they were first starting their careers.  Rosie asked Kathy who she admired as an actress and Kathy said she really admired  Joanna Woodward and Jessica Tandy, whom she got to work with in Fried Green Tomatoes.  Rosie asked Kathy if she's ever been on Broadway and then remembered she actually saw her on Broadway in Frankie and Johnny and Night, Mother.  Kathy said being on Broadway was a wonderful experience for her.

Kathy isn't doing any movies right now but she is going back to do a couple of episodes of The Office!

Rosie then asked Kathy about her Ovarian Cancer diagnosis in 2003.  Kathy said she feels very lucky to be in remission for 8 years!  She does some work for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance to help raise awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and to teach women how to better diagnose themselves.  Kathy said the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer can almost be hard to put into words and it feels like gas or a urinary tract infection.  She said she feels very lucky to have caught it early and is grateful every day.  CLICK HERE to read some of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

Rosie thanked Kathy for her interview and told her she's an amazing actress and one whom Rosie aspires to be like!  She wished her great success with her show and reminded listeners they can catch Harry's Law on Monday nights on NBC. 

Jeannie told a story about a recent ticket she got for running a red light.  She was busted by one of those hidden cameras!  Janette said  there's an article out now that they're also catching you for speeding with those hidden cameras.  Janette wondered if you could still get out of the ticket if you had a really good reason for speeding.  Rosie said she's gotten out of a speeding ticket a few times for being famous.  And once she ran a red light because she was running out of gas.  She explained to the police that she was running out of gas and she needed to drive into the gas station or she would have blocked the intersection and he let her off. 

Parker was in the studio and talked to Rosie about getting his driver's license when he turns 17.  They discussed getting a discount with your insurance company because of being a good student.  Pete said he always had a 3.5 average and because of that his parents got a discount.  Parker called him "lucky" and he said, "NO!  I worked hard."   Jeannie said her eldest daughter pays for her own phone bill, gas and car insurance.  She also recommended that Rosie get Parker insurance separate from hers because if Parker gets into an accident your home owners insurance could drop you for it!  That's what happened to Jeannie!  They then talked about what kind of car Parker will get when he does turn 16.  He really wants the Mazda they have which no one is driving right now but Rosie told him it's too new and it's more expensive to insure.  Rosie told him he needs to save money until his 17th birthday and whatever he has she'll match.  Parker said he wanted an old Camaro but Rosie said she was thinking of something safer like a Jeep Liberty.  Vivi got involved and told Parker he shouldn't get a fancy car because he might crash it and it would be a waste of money!  lol  Parker thanked Vivi for her support.  Vivi then told him to "do gooder with your homework" and maybe he'd get one.  Parker told her to "go away."  Rosie said Parker will be getting his latest grades back soon and then they'll see if he can get his phone back! 

Pete said he got a parking ticket in August and sent in a 30 page report in an attempt to protest it!  He had 27 pages of photos and 3 pages explaining why the parking spaces weren't clearly marked.  Rosie thought the people at the police station might just think he's crazy instead!  He sent the report in in October and hasn't heard back.  Rosie wondered if there was a warrant out for his arrest.  LOL  He said if he doesn't show up at work one day they'll know why!  Rosie thought what Pete was doing seemed like a lot of work and wondered if it would have been easier to just pay the fine.  Janette said her sister fought a ticket in court, lost the case and then ended up having to pay double the fine!

Speaking of Janette's sister Lanette, during the interview with Suzanne Somers the other day, Suzanne mentioned how people who take acid reducers such as (Nexium and Prilosec) are at risk for macular degeneration.  Suzanne called in to Rosie Radio to promote her new book Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat after Forty.  During the interview, Suzanne discussed how acid reducers really don't help heartburn because what our bodies need is more acid in our stomachs not less.  Suzanne said she takes a hydrochloric acid pill before each meal that has completely stopped her heartburn symptoms.  Janette's sister suffers from awful acid reflux and has taken these acid reducers for years.  She is also going blind from macular degeneration and suffers from Uveitis.  Uveitis is very rare and the doctors have no explanation for why she has it.  So, after Lanette heard the two eye issues might be related to acid reducer medications she was taking, she went online and found the statistics!  What she found was most people with macular degeneration have taken prescription acid reducers!  Janette was furious that Lanette's doctors didn't link the two together and worries her sister's eye problems might be irreversible.  Lanette told her doctor of the possible connection and he said she could also try a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar in water.  And that worked and Janette was so frustrated he didn't tell her about that remedy before prescribing the medication.  Janette warned listeners if they're taking a drug,  not to assume their doctors know all the side effects.  She wasn't trying to condemn the whole medical industry but was frustrated that no doctor determined this connection with Lanette earlier. 

Jeannie felt a lot of compassion for Lanette but said it was hard for her to sit and listen to them bash the entire medical profession.  Jeannie's brother is a doctor and she said he's got incredible ethics and cares deeply about his patients.  Janette loves doctors too and said she works with many great physicians on her Medical Missions for Children trips.  But, she's extremely frustrated by the connection between the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry in this country.  

During today's game each player heard a clip of a television theme song and had to guess the show. 

Rosie heard a clip of the Cheers theme song.  She got it.
Pete heard a clip of The Simpsons theme song.  He got it.
Janette heard a clip of The Jeffersons theme song.  She didn't get it.  She was out.
Jeannie heard a clip of The Price Is Right theme song.  She got it.
Shoshana (and Vivi who was "helping" her) heard a clip of the Friends theme song.  She got it.

Rosie heard a clip of the Sesame Street theme song.  She got it.
Pete heard a clip of the American Band Stand theme song.  He got it. 
Jeannie heard a clip of Gilligan's Island theme song.  She got it.
Shoshana (and Vivi) heard a clip of The Sopranos theme song.  She got it.

Rosie heard a clip of the Laverne and Shirley theme song.  She got it.
Pete heard a clip of the South Park theme song.  He got it.
Jeannie heard a clip of The X-Files theme song.  She didn't get it and was out. 
Shoshana (and Vivi) heard a clip of the Family Guy theme song.  She got it.

Parker and Rosie then had a discussion/debate over whether or not Rosie has ever seen a full episode of  Family Guy.  Rosie said she has never seen an entire episode and Parker said, at the very least, she saw the episode where they made fun of her.  Vivi said there was an episode of My Wife and Kids where they made fun of Rosie!  Rosie asked Vivi what they said in the show and Vivi said there was a line that said, "This pizza might attract ants or Rosie O'Donnell."  Rosie and Vivi talked about how that joke was about Rosie being fat and how it's not funny to make fun of people because they're fat.  Then Rosie joked that she's going to kick Damon Wayans in the balls the next time she sees him.  lol

Rosie heard a clip of the Gimme a Break and got it.
Pete heard a clip of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He got it.
Shoshana (and Vivi) heard a clip of the Malcolm in the Middle.  She got it. 

Rosie heard a clip of The Woody Woodpecker Show.  She got it.
Pete heard a clip of The Love Boat theme song.  He didn't get it.  He was out. 
Shoshana (and Vivi) heard a clip of the The Muppet Show theme song.  She got it.

Rosie heard a clip of the Beverly Hills 90210 theme song.  She got it. 
Shoshana heard a clip of the One Day At a Time theme song.  She didn't get it.  She was OUT. 


They did some more television theme show songs just for fun which included themes from... 
- The Little Rascals
- The Smurfs
- Full House
- Dallas
- Batman
- Beavis and Butthead
- Facts of Life
- Knight Rider
- Sanford and Son

Rosie gave a thank you/acceptance speech which included thanking her father for never giving her time limits on the television. :)  And Rosie and Vivi closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I adore Kathy Bates. I didn't know she had Ovarian Cancer diagnosis in 2003. Glad to hear she has been in remission. I went right to the symptoms to check them out. Thanks for the link Kelly.

  2. Keith Olbermann is gone, from MSNBC. I'm in shock.

    James (I hope I got the right guy/name) just left Rosie Radio for Countdown.

    Comcast takes over NBC.


    Stay tuned folks and hang on tight.


  3. Off-topic, but most Rosie fans will remember that Brendan left Rosie Radio on December 17th to join Keith Olbermann as a Producer at Countdown. 2 days after Comcast taking over MSNBC, Keith announced that tonight will be the last broadcast of Countdown. I'm so hoping that Brendan will get a new show with Keith or that maybe he will join Rachel Maddow or Rosie's new show on OWN. Sad though because I was looking forward to Brenda's segments on Countdown.
    Alison (aka Alderella)

  4. I will never understand the no-underwear thing, it just completely grosses me out! This is information I just don't need to hear, as it changes my view of Rosie and Dierdre. Am I the only one who feels this way? (I am their age btw).
    Also hope all works out for Brendan...but the broadcasting world never promises job security. (Don't really like Olbermann or MSNBC either, would love to see Brendan back with Rosie or OWN).

  5. Hi Kelly, wondering if you have any info. I'm seeing the previews for season 2 of 'who do you think you are' and there isn't even the slightest mention of rosie.

    I LOVE this show and will still watch no matter what but her absence in these preview is glaring.



  6. Hey RP, I'm not Kelly(haha) but I noticed that on the previews as well, but I don't think they're showing the whole season's 'cast' on those previews, just the first ones. Because, when the show was on before, I only saw the first previews and then as the show was on, the upcoming guests. Hope that helps.