3-2-11 - American Idol, Elevator Stories and a Game

In case you missed it....

Rosie started today's broadcast describing the haircut and color she got yesterday.  She said she used to have to shave the underneath part of her hair because of the sweating she would experience from menopause but she was happy to report the underneath part is now all grown out so her hair is one length again.  She also went to the mall with Blake and Vivi to get them sneakers.  Rosie said it took forever because they're so specific about what they like!  She said she came home just in time to see American Idol.

Rosie said she LOVES Jennifer Lopez as a judge on American Idol.  She thinks she's so kind and compassionate and loves how much she cares for the contestants.  She truly feels like the judges this year are waiting for them to do well rather than waiting for their demise.   Her favorite male contestant so far is James Durbin and she loves his back story too and thinks he's very inspiring.  Janette loves Durbin too and loves his performance ability!  Rosie said James seems like he's already in a band and they played the audio from him singing last night.  Pete didn't like James at all and thought he sounded too "screamy."  Rosie said the new format, with the positive judges, proves you can still succeed in television without the edgy darkness that it once had.  Everyone predicted Jordan Dorsey would go home this week.   Rosie and Bobby also like Jacob Lusk.  Rosie's third favorite male contestant was Casey Abrams (my favorite!!!!).  Bobby loves Casey's high confidence level when he's performing.  Rosie thinks James and Casey will be the two guys in the final.  Rosie then took some callers with varying opinions about the American Idol contestants.  And Rosie's excited about tonight's American Idol to see the ladies.

Rosie and Bobby also discussed yesterday's episode of Oprah -Oprah's Most Talented Kids.  Rosie said Vivi absolutely loves Willow Smith, who sang on yesterday's show and co-hosted the episode with Oprah.  Rosie loved the boy who played guitar and how surprised he was when Lenny Kravitz walked out. 

Rosie said she and Jennifer Lopez had a little bit of a fight once.  Rosie was hosting the Grammy Awards and JLo called her and asked her not to make a joke about P.Diddy, who was her boyfriend at the time.  P.Diddy had just gotten into trouble for having (or firing?) a gun in a nightclub.  Rosie did the joke anyway and Jennifer was a little angry over it.  Rosie talked to Jennifer and told her there has not been a Latino woman in her position in decades and she needs to make better choices with who she dates!  She's so happy she's with Marc Anthony now.  Deirdre said Marc is one of the sweetest and funniest men she's ever met. 

Marc and Rosie know each other because they've vacationed together with Tommy Mottola.  He once made plans to come over to her new apartment in NYC but by 10:30 when he hadn't arrived she went to bed.  Finally the doorbell rang at 11:40 and Marc was there with a housewarming gift for her.  It was a 15th century stone artifact from the time of Cleopatra!  Rosie said Marc is an unbelievably generous man. 

Rosie also once sang with Marc Anthony at Madison Square Garden!  She went to see him in concert and at the end of the concert she was going out the back before the crowd let out and Marc was backstage getting ready to perform an encore.  Marc saw Rosie exiting and asked her to come out on stage with him!  They sang I Need To Know in Spanish together for a sold-out audience at Madison Square Garden!

Bobby once embarrassed himself in front of Marc during Rosie's Christmas special for The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  Bobby was watching the entrance where Marc was going to be entering the stage and told a man not to stand where he was standing because Marc Anthony would be entering through there.  The man whispered to Bobby, "I'm Marc."  It was Marc Anthony!  He was really sweet to Bobby about the mistake though.  Rosie Radio played a Marc Anthony song and went to break.   

Rosie didn't really think there was anything new in last night's 20/20 on Charlie Sheen except for the glimpse of the children and a closer look at the women he lives with.  She also listened to the Howard Stern's interview with Sheen which she thought he sounded rather coherent.  Deirdre just thinks he's bipolar but thinks he's sober.  Janette wondered about what Charlie was drinking during the 20/20 interview.  She said there's a drink that you drink before a drug test and you test clean no matter what drugs you've taken.   Rosie read this blog to her listeners at home because she said it sounds better than anything she could say herself.  Rosie thought the blog was perfect. 

Rosie heard about the blog through Twitter which she said is her new obsession! She told her good pal Gloria Estefan that she's now obsessed with Twitter and Gloria said, "Good Lord help us!" You can find Rosie on Twitter HERE

Janette and Rosie then discussed their frustration that there's not more media coverage of what's happening in Wisconsin.  Janette said she only found one article in the New York Times about Wisconsin yesterday and thinks it's scary that more people aren't covering it.  Brendan emailed Janette to thank them for having Ed Schultz on yesterday because they're having a hell of a time getting the media to cover Wisconsin.  Janette hopes the story doesn't disappear but feels helpless over it.  Go to DefendWisconsin.org to give money to help the union workers.

Rosie then took some calls from listeners who wanted to share their thoughts about Wisconsin and Charlie Sheen.  Rosie said watching what's going on with Charlie Sheen distracts us from noticing what's going on in Wisconsin.  She said the same thing happened when George Bush made a statement against gay marriage when we were at war!  She said his statements against gay people were designed to distract us from what the real problems of the world we were living with at the time.  One caller mentioned how easy it was for him to donate to the people of Wisconsin.  He said called one of the stores listed on the Defend Wisconsin website that delivers necessary supplies and gave $100 worth of grocery items and products.  He said it was as easy as can be!  The store he called told the caller they're making up to 10 runs a day out to the protesters.  The caller said the Wisconsin protesters are standing up for American values and he encouraged all the listeners who feel the same to help this way.  This caller was a former teacher who then discussed his frustrations with "No Child Left Behind" with Rosie.  He was a Special Ed teacher and said No Child Left Behind did away with special ed diplomas and made it so his special needs kids had to take the regular exams if they wanted to graduate high school.  Rosie agreed with the caller and said No Child Left Behind is a misnomer and wrong on every level.  One of the callers was a protester about to go back out to protest.  She said the protests have been very peaceful despite the clip of violence that Fox News showed on their program saying the protests have been violent.  The caller said the clip Fox showed had palm trees in the background and was clearly NOT filmed in Wisconsin!  Rosie wasn't surprised.

Shoshana shared a story about how she was stuck in the elevator of her building for 15 minutes yesterday!  She said she was a little nervous when she moved into the building and saw a special sign hanging with specific instructions of what to do if you get stuck in the elevator.  She had never really seen a sign like that before in an elevator and neither had Rosie.  So, yesterday she got into the elevator and it didn't move.  She remained calm and called the number but it didn't go through because she was in the elevator!  She called out to someone to let them know she was in there but she remained very calm.  After about 15 minutes the door finally opened and she got out. 

Janette and Deirdre heard this story this morning and flipped out!  Janette said the idea of feeling trapped freaks her out!  She said she would have started screaming and crying!  Deirdre carries Xanax with her in case she is ever stuck in an elevator.  She said she was stuck in an elevator about 10 years ago for about 30 minutes and it freaked her out so badly she now carries a Xanax with her just in case.  Rosie mentioned the movie Devil and said if they had seen that movie before they were stuck in an elevator they really would have been freaked out! 

Rosie then took some calls from listeners who shared their own elevator stories.  One caller left her 4 and 5 year old children on an elevator at the Plaza hotel by accident!  She hates elevators so much she panicked before the doors shut and she jumped out just as the doors were closing!  Rosie said she has a recurring fear that her kids would get on an elevator and they would be gone.  She eventually found them sitting in the lobby waiting for her.  This caller went to see Rosie on Broadway when she was in Grease and recalled the time they met and how gracious Rosie was to them. 

Bobby told a story about someone who got separated from her child on the Subway!  Rosie took another call from a listener who got stuck with her child in a car wash.  Rosie said she used to fantasize about what it would be like to get out of the car in the car wash.

Rosie took one more call from a listener who got stuck in an elevator in college with a group of other people.  He completely panicked and could barely walk afterward.

Rosie couldn't really think of a phobia that she has, however, ever since Rosie has been shark fishing with Mark the Shark in Miami her kids won't jump off the boat to swim.  But Rosie recalled the time she was doing standup in Canada and couldn't get the door to her hotel room to lock.  She was changing and was naked and the guy came in to replace the items in the mini-bar, saw her, and turned right around and walked out, both of them saying nothing!

During this game, each player is given a category and they need to guess three items in that category in three seconds.  Everyone gets one strike and the next time they mess up they're out. 

Pete: 3 Entertainers that go by one name.  He said Cher but that's all he could think of so he got a strike.
Janette: 3 Brands of cars not made in U.S. She said Toyota, Nissan and Daewoo which were correct! 
Bobby: 3 Social networking sites.  He said Facebook and Twitter but couldn't name a third. Strike.
Shoshana: 3 Popular horror movie villains.  She said Chuckie, Frankenstein but couldn't name a third.  Strike.
Rosie: 3 Popular fast food sandwiches.  She said Whopper, Big Mac and a Double Quarter Pounder which were correct!

Pete: 3 Types of currency.  He said Baht, Ringgit and Pound which were correct!
Janette: 3 Televised awards.  She said The Music Awards, The Grammy Awards and the Oscars.  No one accepted Music awards so she got a strike.
Bobby: 3 Athletic sneakers.  He said Nike, Puma and Skechers which were correct!
Shoshana: 3 Disney Princesses.  She said Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty which were correct!
Rosie: 3 Sports that require protective gear.  She said baseball, football and hockey which correct!

Pete: 3 Broadway shows that feature a child in the lead.  He said Oliver, Hairspray and Annie which were correct!
Janette: 3 Popular branches of banks.  She said Citizen's, Dime and Chase which were correct!
Bobby: 3 Children's films with more than one sequel.  He said Harry Potter and Shrek but couldn't name a third.  He was out.
Shoshana: 3 Brands of over the counter medicines for headaches.  She said Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Aspirin (which aren't brands) so she was out.
Rosie: 3 Popular newspaper comics.  She said Doonesberry, Blondie and Peanuts which were correct!

Pete: 3 Reality shows where they eliminate contestants. He said Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol which were correct!
Janette: 3 at _______.com sites to sign up for an email account on. She said gmail, yahoo and me which were correct!
Rosie: 3 Candies with peanut butter in or on it.  She said Reese's, Butter Finger and Clark Bar which were correct!

Pete: 3 Characters from Glee.  He said Kurt, Puck and Britney which were correct!
Janette: 3 Past or present medical themed dramas.  She said Dr. Marcus Welby M.D., Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey which were correct! 
Rosie: 3 Types of math classes.  She said Algebra, Algebra 2 and Calculus.

Pete: 3 Tabloid magazines.  He said Star, OK!, and People which were correct!
Janette: 3 Programs that come bundled in Microsoft Office.  She said Word, Excel and she was out.

Pete: 5 Past or present American Idol judges.  He said Randy, Paula, Ellen, Steven Tyler and Simon!
Rosie: 5 Green vegetables.  She said broccoli, string beans, brussel sprouts, spinach and grapes and got a strike.

Pete: 5 Popular board games.  He said Monopoly, Risk, Stratego, Scrabble and Balderdash!
Rosie: 5 U.S. Presidents before 1900.  She said Jefferson, Adams, Adams and Jefferson and was out.


Rosie said she's been loving the promos for The Secret MillionaireThe Secret Millionaire premieres this Sunday on ABC at 8pm est!  Tune in! 

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Love the story about Bobby and Marc Anthony. Poor Bobby, he's the last person in the world who would ever want to offend anyone. The story is very cute now though.

    Rosie has GOT to tell Howard about the car wash fantasy next time she's on his show. They could have a lot of fun with it!


  2. I love your recaps every day, Kelly, but I must tell you how AMAZING they are when I have to miss a show. Second day in a row (I haven't even read yesterday's recap yet!) and I still feel like I was right there listening. Thank you SO much.

    : ) P

  3. hi y'all,
    wow - can't believe that rosie and them (pete excepted) are so into james durbin! adam lambert wannabe who cannot sing those high notes nearly so well, and who didn't come close to judas priest singer rob halford either. those screeches just don't do it for me...

    my favs are jacob lusk and casey abrams. also like paul macdonald's voice, and was pleasantly surprised by stefano.

    and i'm no fan of jordan dorsey, but a girl who said she was at the taping blogged online that he said at the show that he sang that song because it was offered to him, and they edited that part out! (his comments make more sense in that context - it wasn't his choice to do that song.)

    thrilled to hear the feisty defense of the unions and wisconsin protestors by rosie and staff, and loved the encouragement to donate, too.

    finally, on a night when i never needed it so much, i'm so grateful for the laughter that the silly game inspired.

    i'm going to miss the hell out of this show come summer!

    love from memphis