3-30-11 - Twitter Talk, DWTS, Hair Removal and Judy Gold!!

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the crew started today's broadcast discussing the weird spring weather.  Deirdre doesn't like the summer so she doesn't mind the fact that it might snow later in the week.  They also discussed the fight they had in the car on the drive to work this morning about whether or not the Hudson River was clean enough to swim in.  Bobby said he would jump in it to prove that it's clean and Rosie didn't want him to! 

They briefly discussed the nuclear crisis in Japan.  Rosie remarked on how brave the workers are to stick around and wondered whether or not they realize the risks.  She said she was a bit freaked out when she heard the newscasters reference Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant which is just outside New York City on the Hudson River.  Pete then explained to the staff how a nuclear power plants produce energy.  Janette and Rosie hope the world learns from this though neither one was certain anything will change.  Pete said nuclear energy is a very clean energy (in comparison) except for these types of events.

Rosie dispelled the Twitter rumor (is that a Twumor?) that Jackie Chan is dead.  She said it is not true and wondered how these rumors get started.  She thought about giving a gift to her 100,000th follower (she's past 100,000 followers since the broadcast, btw) and then decided against it because people wrote to her and said they were just going to unfollow her and refollow her in an attempt to be the 100,000th person.  Deirdre and Bobby commented again on how they don't get Twitter and prefer Facebook and Rosie again said how she doesn't like Facebook and prefers Twitter.  Again.  :)  I'm just going to cut and paste that sentence into my blog everyday.  lol

Rosie watched the founders of Twitter and Martha Stewart on Piers Morgan last night.  She did a hilarious impersonation of Martha explaining how she uses Twitter for an instant focus groups on her ideas.  Rosie said she doesn't use her Twitter for promotion but said she uses it for fun.  She also loves to block people who say mean things to her!  She said blocking is a feature she thoroughly enjoys!   Rosie admitted she's "abandoned" her blog in favor of Twitter but said her blog/website will be revamped when she launches her show on OWN.  Rosie took a call from a listener who is a new subscriber to Twitter.  The caller enjoys following Rosie and she also said she enjoys following the snake that escaped the Bronx Zoo. (I looked for it but couldn't find it. And not for nothing, but I can't believe they haven't found the snake yet when he's been Twittering where he is every moment!  Yes, I stole that joke from someone else on Twitter.) Rosie said she loves getting to know Kevin Smith better through Twitter but said he tweets far too much.  She said she wants to meet him because she feels a kinship with him.  Kevin is often down on himself over his weight and Rosie can relate.  Rosie said she wants to send out gifts like she did to all the blog followers back in the day.  Pete remembered the debacle of the yellow mouse pads and all the packages that got returned because people had entered fake addresses when they signed up for the blog.  Rosie ordered and sent out (meaning Pete sent out) 250,000 mouse pads!  She loved it because people were so happy to get a gift!  Rosie took a call from a listener in Chicago who was very excited that she will be taping her OWN show there!  He was one of the yellow blog recipients and said it got all gross because he used it for many years but he loved it too.  Rosie asked for his email address so she could take him out for pizza next time she's there.  Rosie took a call from a listener who is a regular commenter on the blog.  He's a frequent caller to the radio show too and said he's sad she's leaving because he'd never have had a chance to talk with her if it weren't for the radio show.  Rosie said she'll miss it too and said she hopes to carry the authenticity she feels doing radio on to her television show.   Rosie said she always wanted to be famous and said she's not sure how it would have been for her if she had the same access to celebrities that people have today.  She said she knows she would have been obsessed!  She talked about the times she used to go see a Broadway show and see the performers come out the stage door.  None of the performers were known until she saw Lucie Arnaz in They're Playing Our Song. Rosie said it was mind boggling to see her in real life.  Rosie wrote to Lucie during her time on Broadway and Lucie wrote her back three times!!!  Rosie remembered seeing the first envelope she ever received from Lucie and how it made her heart stop.

Janette was excited because she got an email from a little boy she really bonded with when she was on her last Medical Missions for Children trip.  He had such a severe deformity she wasn't sure her group was even going to be able to help him.  But they did and Janette and the boy now email each other.  :) 

Rosie loves the show Dancing With the Stars but said she was upset the reveal show was two hours long.  Rosie thought the guy who got kicked off was very likable but she said he couldn't dance so it made sense he was the next to go.  She's also sick of seeing all the women cry in their montage tapes (though she admits she would never be brave enough to the show and said she would probably cry too).  There was a short discussion about the size of Wendy Williams' breasts and whether or not they are real.  No one in the studio understood why anyone would choose to have boobs that big.  Janette said some women think their entire attractiveness is based on their "knobs."  Rosie said Tracy has recently lost a lot of weight due to stress and she also lost all of her boobs!  Even their daughters have noticed her boobs are gone.  Janette was "flat like a boy" her entire life and loved it, until menopause, that is.  Then she grew huge "B" jugs and a beard.

This launched a great hair removal debate.  Rosie wanted to know what's with the facial hair now that she's in her 50s?!  (meanwhile she's still in her 40s, but that's beside the point) Rosie said she hasn't grown a beard as Janette described it but she has grown Brillo-y, wiry facial hairs.  Deirdre described and recommended her hair removal treatment Lucy Peters.  She said it's like electrolysis but slightly different and is about the same pain as a tattoo.  Pete read from the website and described the technology behind the Lucy Peters Integrated System.  Deirdre said this method totally worked for her!  Janette prefers to shave.   Rosie said she's tried that but Tracy recently noticed she had light blond hairs growing back on her chin and Rosie was embarrassed!  Deirdre heard shaving makes your hair grow back thicker and Janette and Bobby explained how that isn't true.    Janette likes shaving and said the constant exfoliation actually helps you look younger! 
Bobby used to have a friend who did electrolysis before he became a murderer!  He hated shaving the back of his hair so he had laser treatment to remove it.

Rosie said she recently recorded some promos for upfronts where she talked about what her new show is going to be about on OWN.  She said she watched them back and said she couldn't believe how much older she looks on television now.  She really noticed the difference between how she used to look on television and how she looks today.  She wasn't upset about looking older and doesn't want to correct it by plastic surgery, but she did notice it in a big way.  She said she's glad she's not known for her beauty because she could see how that would be upsetting as you age. Rosie mentioned her good friend Sharon Gless who is almost 68 and how fantastic she looks though Sharon never thinks so.  Rosie wondered if all the makeup she had to wear in the promos made her look even older.  Janette said thinking about the fact that she's almost 60 always makes her think about her impending death.   She had a little botox and restalin many years ago and hopes she doesn't have to have any major plastic surgery in her lifetime but said she would if she had to for work related purposes.  

Rosie and the staff discussed Chris Brown who was on DWTS last night.  Rosie, Bobby and Janette really liked his performance and said they never realized what a great dancer he was.  Bobby said he was able to get past all the drama that surrounds Chris and just enjoy the performance itself.  Janette agreed.  Janette also doesn't refuse to see Mel Gibson's movies since he had those nasty phone-calls leaked to the media.  Rosie admits that certain things celebrities do affects her and whether or not she'll see their work.  She said she can't get past what Woody Allen did so she understands when people feel that way.  Rosie took a call from a listener who cannot get past what Chris Brown did after the interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.  Rosie said they're not trying to justify abuse but they're trying to look at the cultural significance of it.  Rosie then read parts of an article about Rihanna from Rolling Stone Magazine about how she likes rough sex.   

Rosie talked briefly about Chris Brown's upbringing and how when he was 11 years old he told his mom he would go to jail for killing his stepfather who used to physically abuse his mother.  Chris said living with his stepfather made him terrified all the time.  Rosie said violence is never the answer but said she isn't surprised at the whole situation either.  Janette said it's our culture and how we're all so quick to judge others. 
Rosie took another call from a listener who had been a victim of violence.  She passionately asked Rosie WHY does Rihanna liking S&M have anything to do with Chris beating the crap out of her?!  She told Rosie she was blaming the victim by putting those two things together in one breath.  Rosie said she wasn't blaming the victim but saying the situation is more complex than he is the Antichrist and she is an angel.  She said we have to look at the totality of the situation and not just blame and assign roles.  The caller said Rosie is saying Rihanna had it coming and Rosie said that wasn't what she was saying at all.  Rosie said they're both children of abuse, poverty and violence had those backgrounds surely played a part in their relationship.  She said we can't expect them to be different just because they're famous.  Janette said when you enjoy rough sex you create an environment where something can go too far.  The caller was emphatic that violence is never an option and that human beings have to be able to control ourselves.  Rosie said prisons would be empty if everyone everyone could control themselves.  Rosie asked the caller her race (which was Hispanic).  The caller said Brown should have held it together and not victimized the people around him with his uncontrollable anger.  She said he should have done it in private if he had to be violent because it sends a bad message.  Rosie told the caller she could live in a land where everyone is in control of their emotions but said she's not sure all humans are able to do that.  It was a heated discussion!

Rosie then introduced the hilarious Judy Gold!  Judy has been traveling a lot and she talked with Rosie all about the ear pain she's had recently due to flying.  She said her neighbor poured hydrogen peroxide in her ear but now it's worse!  Rosie had her ear drum burst once on a long flight from New York to Los Angeles! 

Rosie and Judy both have teenagers and  are equally frustrated over the fact that everything is a negotiation.  Judy has been sick so she made her oldest put his and her dishes into the dishwasher after dinner.  She promised him he could go play basketball after he did it and then she remembered he still had homework so she said he had to do that first.  He was so furious with her (because she was so unfair) he TOOK HIS DISHES OUT OF THE DISHWASHER!  This story made Rosie so happy because she's going through the same thing with Parker.  They then joked about getting felt up going through the security screening at the airport.  Judy said she got a patdown recently and felt completely violated. 

Judy talked about her recent experience of storytelling at The Moth.  She said it was amazing but she said everyone who tells their story is brilliant and she felt really intimidated.  She told a story about her mother who in grammar school used to go to the synagogue and sit in the boys' Hebrew class when girls weren't allowed to study Hebrew.  She said she talked about how "Jewey" she grew up and how she abandoned her religion for a while.  Then years later when she had her own son she came back to it. 

Judy told a hilarious story of how she had to perform a standup act in the sanctuary of a Jewish Center with children in the audience!  She told a story about her 9 year old picking out men on the subway for their gay nanny.  (I can try to retell these stories but I'd never do them justice) And she talked about her son who can say any word backwards!  Judy said she's trying to figure out best how to exploit his talent to make money from it.  Both Rosie and Judy talked about the frustrations they have over trying to get their boys to take showers.  In order to fix this problem, Rosie pretended to get an email from his teacher saying all fourth graders need to take a shower every night before they can come to school.  He believed her and it worked! Rosie said when she sees people with adorable babies now she points to her eldest and says, "Enjoy it now because this is what your baby is going to turn in to and you're going to hate it."  lol
Rosie closed the show saying Judy Gold will be back!  (next Tuesday possibly?)

and that's what you missed - kw 


  1. I read your blog now just to see the purple inserts1 LOL. Also lately I keep missing the first fifteen minutes due to farming on Farmville.. Grrr... so you have everything in detail. Love it. I wish Oprah would hire you to reblog her show on OWN. Not everyone gets that channel you know. I do because we have extended package. ( I knew there was bound to be a silver lining to my husbands golf obsession. )

  2. Hi Kelly, Every time I access this site, the George Lopez video immediately starts playing automatically. Very annoying. Is anyone else having this problem? Can the rude George be deleted now to solve the problem? Thanks.

  3. Here you go: http://twitter.com/bronxzooscobra

  4. Thanks for the recap Kelly. I think part of the problem with the "upfronts" that Rosie is shooting is that she's filming without an audience. When Rosie appears before camera with people around (whether it was on Joy Behar, The View or TRODS), she gets energized and looks so amazing. I'll bet when her OWN show starts, and she's there with some nice lighting and a live audience, she'll look and feel so much younger with all that great energy. Can't wait until September for the new show, but June 2nd until Sept will be a real Ro-drought for me.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  5. I love your blog Kelly and you do a wonderful job on it. Somedays like today as I listen to Ro and Judi Gold I must admit I think, "How in the world is Kelly going to sum up THIS?"(as they are telling four stories at once and interupting those at the same time!). GOOD JOB as always of capturing the mood of the discussion. Did anyone one else find it ironic that the woman who was bothered by Chris Brown losing his temper was TOTALLY LOSING HER TEMPER over it? hmmmm, human beings are so complex, aren't they? oh well, thanks for doing this Kelly!

  6. OMG, so funny. Thanks Paul Chitown for the bronxzoocobra twitter site link. It's perfect.

    Alison (Alderella)

  7. As Arnold once said - It's not a twumor.

    That word really cracked me up!

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  8. I vomited in my mouth reading some of that conversation .(which means your doing a great job with your descriptions ;p ). A) why do ppl call carving your face open to prevent aging, thereby giving validation to societies standards for appearance "corrective surgery". B) I absolutely love rough sex. The rougher the better. So, tomorrow I'm going to let my bf get in a few good punches to my face and then later we'll discuss how me liking rough sex relates to my bloody busted lip and black eye. --Katherine

  9. I don't get OWN, it costs a lot more to add it, I checked, and I'm really hoping that they have the good sense to keep you blogging! You are wonderful!

  10. hi ro & co. fans,

    great balance of laughs with thought-provoking moments on this show.

    i have to admit - i'm really in total denail about the show's ending and i tune out anything that's said along those lines...

    i've had that major ear pain rosie & judy talked about, but not since i discovered 'earplanes' some years ago. shocked they don't know about these - you just put them in (upon takeoff and landing) and they regulate the pressure. about $5 or $6 at target or one of the marts... highly recommend!

    love x

    p.s. kelly, just a note - it's 'lucie arnaz' (revealing that yes i am a bit older than you...), thanks for all you do!

  11. Hi Kelly,
    I hope you'll include in the March 31st notes whatever it was Rosie said about the book The Forgotten Garden. Someone just gave me that book, so I'd like to know what Rosie said about it. Many thanks!

  12. Hi Kelly, does anyone know if Sirius will continue to run rebroadcasts of Rosie's show? It seemed her original contract was till November 2011, & we wondered if they'd fill the time/space w/her shows. Sure were a lot of them we either missed, or would have liked to hear again.