3-9-11 - Glee, Our America and and Interview with Rev. Al Sharpton

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff began today's broadcast discussing the Ides of March and Rosie told a story about Parker's report he has due on the Roman Empire.  Rosie said Parker's been working on this very large report for the last 6 months and she's been periodically reminding him to work on it.  The report is due this Thursday so yesterday Rosie wanted Parker to work on it.  But Parker couldn't find it!  First Parker thought he left it at Kelli's so Rosie drove him there and waited for him in the driveway as he looked for it.  After about 20 minutes he returned to her without the report!  In the car ride back to her house, Parker went off complaining about how everyone moves his stuff and how hard it is living at two houses.  Rosie stayed calm and didn't react to his rant, just as her parenting books recommended.  She almost went off and accused him of not ever even working on it but was glad she didn't after Tanya (Rosie's friend/nanny) found it in the mudroom smashed in his cubby where he keeps his book-bag.  Rosie was glad he didn't have to start the whole thing over again and she was really glad she didn't overreact and accuse him of lying.

Rosie said she thought Glee was great last night but said it was "interesting" to watch with an 8 and 11 year old.   Rosie said a lot of the subject matter went over her kids' heads but Rosie did have to explain what an STD was to Vivi.  Rosie and the staff thought the discussion between Santana and Britney was beautifully acted. Rosie then told a story about how one of Vivi's friends thought Rosie had a baby in her belly just as Rosie was feeling great about her new weight of 202 this morning and thinking she looked so much better!  Rosie didn't let it get her down though and still feels great about her new weight.  Rosie did think last night's episode probably made a lot of viewers nervous because of the subject matter.  And everyone in the studio loved Gwyneth Paltrow on the show.  Rosie and Janette miss the character Kurt terribly and wish he would have more scenes on the show and they loved Kurt's father's sex talk with him   Rosie played the audio from his speech for the listening audience at home.  Rosie discussed how homosexual teens having sex is not often talked about and how important it is to address the differences.  And she, James and Bobby all appreciated the way Kurt's father addressed sex amongst men in the gay community.  Rosie thought his speech dealt with a real issue gay men face.  And Rosie said LBD (lesbian bed death) is a real issue in the gay community for women too.  Rosie took several callers on the topic, one of whom was a gynecologist and felt frustrated with parents who refuse to admit or allow themselves to see when their children become sexually active.  She said she often has to fight with parents to encourage them to educate their kids about sex.  Rosie took another call from a listener who is gay and said men don't always have to have an emotional connection to be sexual.  Rosie even said some women are like that too - like Janette!  Deirdre, on the other and, is a serial monogamist and didn't think she could ever have a one-night-stand.  Rosie didn't think she could have a one-night-stand either and said she needs to have emotional safety in order for her to be intimate.  Janette doesn't miss her past where she had the freedom to sleep with men because of how much she loves her boyfriend of 15 years.  Rosie took a final call from a listener who had a problem with how last night's episode put down the chastity club.  Rosie kind of agreed that they described the celibacy club in a negative light.  Rosie then played Landslide from last night's episode.  Listen below... 

After Glee, Rosie switched over and watched the last hour of the Biggest Loser.  She really hasn't ever watched an entire episode of the Biggest Loser and seemed surprised that people got voted off!  Rosie said she turned on the program just as Jillian Michaels was yelling at someone!  She said she's sure Jillian's a great trainer but said she still scares the shit out of her.  Bobby began to laugh and couldn't stop!  Rosie asked him why he was laughing and Bobby said it's because Rosie's had trainers in the past and she's just fired them! Rosie agreed that's what she does.  She said she could have a trainer if she wanted to but she wants to be inspired, not yelled at.  Deirdre asked Rosie if she wants someone to push her when she works out and Rosie said, "DO YOU KNOW ME??"  Rosie said she once dated someone who was so into working out she would go to the gym 3 times a day!  Rosie went with her and said it was one of the thinnest times of her life.  She worked out like crazy and all she ate was popcorn and pickles.  Rosie said she has a gym 27 steps from the studio and still doesn't use it.  Deirdre said a great trainer can make working out fun and can keep it so it doesn't become monotonous.  Deirdre said she loves it when a trainer really kicks her ass and Rosie said she's worried she would be "one of those fatties crying to leave her alone."  Janette said if a trainer was really yelling at her first she would fire them and then she would slap them!  Rosie talked about the conversation she, Jillian Michaels and her friend Jeanette Jenkins (who is her friend and a trainer) were having on Twitter last night.  Jillian said she's like a vampire and she has to be "invited in" to your home and this sparked a long conversation about vampires and the difference between Anne Rice vampires and Twilight vampires. 

Rosie said a cute couple of men on Twitter told her that every time she said the word "capacity" they were going to drink in some capacity.  Apparently she says "capacity" a lot and didn't realize it. 

Rosie briefly discussed the latest on Charlie Sheen.  Apparently he posted his final ustream video.  Rosie was happy to see he showered and how it seems someone (like perhaps his lawyer) has stepped in to advise him.  Rosie said she wishes she could stop worrying about him so much. 

They discussed how Alice In Chains bassist and Celebrity Rehab "star" Mike Starr died.  Rosie followed Mike's struggles with drugs when he was on the television show Celebrity Rehab and they played some audio from the program (taped in 2010) of him talking about his drug addiction and how his friend Layne Staley saved him from a drug overdose. Rosie talked about how some people don't survive drug addiction and how very sad it is when that happens.   

Rosie then introduced he Reverend Al Sharpton who she met recently on a flight back to New York!  Rev. Sharpton just came back to New York from Ohio where he spoke out against Senate Bill 5.  (See video)

Rosie and Rev. Sharpton discussed many things including the political movements against unions and what's happening in Wisconsin and Ohio.  Rosie asked Sharpton why he thinks all this anti-union sentiment is happening now.  Sharpton said it's an attempt by the right-wing to stop the ability of workers to organize and to give tax breaks to their wealthy friends.  He said one of the way the right-wing is attempting to do this is by taking away the voice of the people.  Rev. Sharpton said the labor movement is the backbone of the Democratic party and this is an attempt by the right-wing to hamper the re-election of President Obama. 

Rosie asked Rev. Sharpton why he thinks this situation isn't getting more coverage by the media.  Rev. Sharpton said since the media is now a consolidation of people in control of the media every night we see a version of America on the nightly news that doesn't even exist.  Sharpton said it's scary how quickly this movement has progressed and if we don't answer back and express our disapproval they will pass this legislation saying it's the will of the people. Rev. Sharpton discussed the importance of grassroots movements and said there's never been an effective grassroots movement from ivory towers.  He said Obama was elected because of a grassroots movement and he talked about the need of everyday Americans to mobilize.  Rev. Sharpton said we may lose the fight over the legislation in some states but he's sure if this was ever put up for vote on a ballot it would lose.  And he said it's a civil rights issue and we can fight them in court. 

Rosie asked Sharpton if he's disappointed in President Obama.  He said he was not and that President Obama has done a good job after being dealt a bad economic situation.  Rosie asked Sharpton if he thought the President should speak more about what's happening in Wisconsin and Sharpton said he's not sure if that would necessarily help.  He said he doesn't want it to become about the President.  Sharpton said what's happening in Wisconsin is an issue about American workers and their rights.  He does think the President could speak and protect the policy that protects American workers and protect the laws that have governed this country's workers.

Both Rosie and Sharpton discussed how stunned they are at the demonization of teachers. Sharpton said it's inexcusable that teachers are being blamed for the financial problems of this country and that they're our heroes.  Sharpton said we need to protect teachers and anything else is un-American.  Both Rosie and Sharpton agreed we need to hold under-performing teachers accountable and they both described how public school teachers help mold who they are today.

Rosie asked Sharpton about gay marriage and if he thinks it remains to be such a divisive issue.  Sharpton said when he ran for President in 2004, he had come out in support of gay marriage the year before and he got "all kids of flack" for it.  Recently, he's spoken out in support of gay marriage and hasn't received the same push back.  He said people today are more sensitive to the fact that it's a human rights issue.  Rosie asked Rev. Sharpton why he thinks homosexuality remains so taboo in the African American community and Sharpton said gay marriage became a religious issue when it should have been about civil rights.  He said you can't fight for your civil rights if you don't protect the civil rights of all Americans.

Rosie thanked Reverend Sharpton for calling in and told him to call into the show anytime! 

Rosie then discussed last night's episode of Our America with Lisa Ling.  Last night's episode was entitled Pray the Gay Away? where Lisa interviewed people who run a program that promises to help you change from gay to straight.  Rosie talked about one of the "ex-gays" featured in the program who grew her hair long and wore a dress in order to help herself be less gay.  Rosie said it seemed like an absurd way to rectify what you see to be the inadequacies of your sexuality.  She said just like you cannot pray to make yourself taller you cannot pray yourself from being gay.  Rosie said her ex Kelli was forced to go to a similar program for 4 years in college.  She knew she had to attend it in order to get her parents to pay for her college tuition so she went.  When Rosie and Kelli became a couple Kelli's parents were still not okay with her sexuality.  Rosie told Kelli's mom that especially considering the fact that there are children involved now, it was not okay for her to be disapproving of them if she wanted to be a part of their lives.  Rosie said Kelli's mom even went so far to say she would rather Kelli be alone for the rest of her life then be in a loving relationship with a woman. Rosie did say this was years ago and her parents have come full circle so there's hope out there for those struggling with disapproving parents. 

Rosie and the staff discussed how society is changing and how Jackie's teenage daughter has told Rosie there are many kids who are out in her high school today.  Tracy's teenage daughter has told Rosie this too.  Rosie remembered when Billie Jean King was outed and she remembered thinking, "Look what happens when someone finds out you're gay."  Rosie said in the beginning of her career no one ever mentioned her sexuality and she credits shows like Will and Grace and people like Ellen for changing the way society feels about gay people.   And she said the television show Glee is a testament to how much we have evolved. 

Rosie then took several callers who also saw last night's episode of Our America.  One caller is gay and was raised in the Mormon Church and told his entire life that he was an  abomination. He watched the show and connected to it. He said when he found out about the Mormon church's involvement in getting Proposition 8 passed that was the final nail in the coffin for him when it came to his desire to remain in the church.  Rosie took another call from a listener whose daughter transitioned to a boy during high school.  The caller said her son is totally out and open about his transition in school and everyone now calls him by his new name.  She said he's experienced some bullying, but not nearly as much as she thought he would.  Rosie and the caller discussed her son's situation in detail and she said she had prepared herself that her daughter might be gay and she was shocked when she told her she wanted to be a man.  She said it was hard for her initially and they even tried to talk him out of it because they were worried he would face violence against him.  But today her son is now living as a man and even has a girlfriend. Rosie recommended to the caller the documentary Becoming Chaz that premieres on OWN this May.  Becoming Chaz documents Chaz Bono's transformation from female to male.  Rosie said it's a beautiful, honest story about Chaz's transformation and how it's effected the people in his life including his mom, Cher.  Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and congratulated her on being such an open-minded, loving mother.

During this game James gave each player 3 clues and they had to guess the fictional character he was describing.  If they could guess the character with only 1 clue they would get 3 points, if they needed two clues they would get 2 points and if they needed three clues they would get 1 points. 

Shoshana: #1: He has a TV club named after him. #2. He is mostly seen wearing white gloves and yellow shoes. She guessed Mickey Mouse and was correct for 2 points.
Rosie: #1: He was purchased at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. #2. His brother Spike sometimes visits and lives in California desert. #3. He has an alter ego Joe Cool.  She guessed Snoopy which was correct for 1 point.
Pete: #1. Bill Murray voiced his likeness. He guessed Garfield for 3 points.
Janette: #1. You may have gone on his ride at Universal Studios. 2. He originated from Skull Island in the Pacific. #3. He fought a plane and the plane won.  It was King Kong but she didn't get it. 0 points
Bobby: #1. Her guide to life was a New York Times best seller in 1981. # 2. She often believes she is destined for stardom. #3. She won a beauty pageant.  He guessed Miss Piggy and got it for 1 point.

Shoshana: #1. When he's upset or flustered you might hear him say, "Oh, bother!" #2. Some of his unusual neighbors are a pig, a tiger and a donkey.  She guessed Winnie the Pooh for 2 points. 
Rosie: #1. He is one of only 3 fictional animals to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. #2 He's the star of the longest running TV series of all time. #3. He was always being told to find help.  She guessed Lassie and got it for 1 point.
Pete: #1. He is guilty after throwing his brother off a cliff.  #2. He turns the pride lands into a wasteland.  He guessed Scar for 2 points.
Janette: #1. He lives on Zuckermans' Farm. #2. He was the runt of the litter and owes his life being saved to Fern.  # 3. He's described by his friend as being "humble, radiant and some pig."  The answer was Wilbur from Charlotte's Web but she didn't get it. 0 points
Bobby: #1. At one point he winds up at Sunny Side Daycare. # 2. He's non-confrontational and hides in a can during a fight. # 3. He's the first toy Woody interacts with. The answer was Bullseye but he didn't get it. 0 points.

Shoshana: #1. He was originally chosen by Emily Elizabeth as the family pet. #2. He had his own PBS cartoon series from 2002-2004.  #3. His actions and dispositions are based off of a giant Golden Retriever.  The answer was Clifford but she didn't know it for 0 points.
Rosie: #1. The human host of this show once appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show to dispel the myths of his death.  She guessed Blue from Blue's Clues for 3 points.
Pete: #1. This classic Disney character was voiced by Louis Prima.  He didn't know it was King Louie for 0 points.
Janette: #1. He loves a marmalade sandwich. She guessed Marmaduke but it was Paddington Bear.  0 points.
Bobby: #1. This place is famous destination for kids birthday parties.  He guessed Chuck E. Cheese 3 points. 

TIE BREAKER- Rosie, Pete and Bobby
Rosie: #1. Scooby's nephew.  She guessed Scrappy which was correct!  3 points!
Pete: #1. Gumby's BFF. The answer was Pokey but he didn't know it.  0 points!
Bobby: #1. Shoe-shine boy's heroic alter ego.  It was Underdog but he didn't get it. 0 points!

ROSIE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the show Bobby gave a quick Spiderman on Broadway update.  Bobby said the rumors are that Spiderman's premiere might change to three months from now and they might close down the show and revamp it completely.  Bobby saw it in previews and thinks they should "cut every book scene in the show" and just keep the songs and musical numbers.  He said the moments he liked best was when there wasn't a single word being spoken, it was either sung or danced.  He recommended people go see it now and again later when they change it.  Bobby still thinks the musical is savable and doesn't think they will just give up on it. 

Bobby and Rosie then made plans to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert together.  And Rosie said she's going to see Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony on Broadway this weekend and Rosie threatened to kick Kathy's ass if she doesn't call her back because she paid full price for her tickets!   

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed.  -kw


  1. Great recap Kelly. Loved the Rev. Al Sharpton interview.

    When watching Glee last night, during "the talk" by Kurt's Dad, I couldn't help feeling that I'd just seen this year's Emmy award for writing winner. Fantastic!!!

    And thanks to all the bloggers who gave me the heads-up last night about my fav Naomi Klein appearing on Rachel Maddow. Thank you! The Blogtourage totally rocks!!!

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  2. hi y'all,
    highlight of the show:
    rosie asking rev. sharpton about 'the states with the tea bag governors', hee...

    love from memphis

    p.s. alison, glad you enjoyed the naomi klein segment on rachel, and i loved your bookstore story (from yesterday's comments)!