4-12-11 - Howard Stern, Robin Quivers and Shirley MacLaine!

In case you missed it...

The divas (Jackie, Anastasia and Ashley) from Priscilla Queen of the Desert opened the show today with a beautiful rendition of the Rosie Radio theme song!  Rosie chatted with them for a bit about the show, auditioning for Broadway, what it's like on opening night, etc.  She told her listeners they MUST GO SEE Priscilla Queen of the Desert!   And after a little pleading from Rosie the group of three sang an impromptu verse of  Say a Little Prayer for the listening audience at home! 

Rosie explained to her fans that she was off yesterday because she was asked to present an award to her publicist and friend, Cindi Berger.  Here is her speech... 

Cindi asked Rosie to present the award to her but insisted on picking out her outfit!  She sent several outfits over to Rosie's house and made Rosie send her pictures in the clothes so that Cindi could approve.  Rosie has GOT to love this woman because she wouldn't take time to do that for just anyone.  Am I right or what?  Rosie's girlfriend, Tracy, liked the outfit too until she found out how much it cost.  Then she called it "morally reprehensible" for her to wear it.  Rosie said it was absurdly expensive but said Cindi paid for it and that's what she wanted her to wear.  Rosie said she saw a lot of people at the event, many of whom have had "work" done, since she saw them last.  Rosie said she always feels awkward seeing people who've had work done and wonders if she should acknowledge it.  She decided not to.
Rosie said her girlfriend's son, Wyatt, is doing very well since his heart surgery!  Wyatt has Down Syndrome and had open heart surgery last Tuesday.  He was released from the hospital on Friday and Rosie, Tracy and Wyatt spent the weekend in the city while he got a little bit more strength back.  Rosie said she's not always sure how much Wyatt understands but the jig is up!  They were playing computer games together but Wyatt wandered off with Rosie's glasses.  She asked him to go get them but he kept saying, "Can't."  Then she told him they weren't going to be able to play anymore computer games if he didn't find her glasses and he got right up and went and found where he had left them.  Rosie said it's clear to her that he can understand a LOT more than they realize!  Rosie asked Jeannie (who is a speech language pathologist) if it's normal for parents of kids with disabilities to make excuses for their kids and not realize their full potential.  Jeannie said Wyatt should have received some formalized testing that would determine his receptive and expressive language capabilities.  Rosie said he had received that.  And Jeannie said in her profession she often sees parents make excuses for their kids because of their disabilities and, by not setting limits, it creates even more behavioral problems than they have to have.
Jeannie talked about her weekend at her youngest daughter's dance competition.  She said Cami did very well and placed fourth out of 28 girls who competed in her age group.  And, she's one of the youngest in her category!  Janette painted her house pale pink this weekend.  Barry, her boyfriend, had purchased another color which she hated and they happily gave to Barry's mom.  Rosie went to see Motherfucker with the Hat starring Chris Rock.  She described it as a four person play about a guy who is just out of prison.  Rosie said she really loved it and laughed a lot!  Rosie said they're having a hard time promoting it because of the title but when she was there for a Saturday matinee it was completely sold out.   

Also, Rosie took her son Parker and Tracy's son to look at a military school.  Tracy's son went too and liked it but didn't think he'd want to go there but Parker LOVED it.  Parker can't wait to sign up.  Rosie had reservations about sending Parker to military school even though this is what he's wanted his entire life.  Janette thinks it's a great way to "try out the military" without having to enlist.  Rosie said no one she grew up with ever went away to boarding school and the thought seemed completely inhumane to her.  But she admitted it's a beautiful campus and he absolutely loved it there.   Jeannie told Rosie she cannot fight what is Parker's passion.  She told Rosie he will succeed there so she has to let him go if that's what he wants.  Rosie said while they were there she stopped random kids in the hallway and asked them questions about the school.  That's hilarious.  Can you imagine Rosie O'Donnell coming up to you at school and asking you if you like the food there?  lol

Rosie took several callers weighing in with their opinions on military school.  All of the callers had children who went to military school who were better off in the long run for attending.  One caller suggested that Parker might have such a strong interest in the military and male dominated things because he didn't grow up with a strong male figure in the house.  Rosie said that might be true but said he has many male role models in his life.  She said he may be searching for that "guy-bonding thing" but that's something she'll have to find out more about when he can better articulate his own feelings or when he writes his first book!  But she said her son Blake has no interest in things of that nature.  Jeannie said this conversation is more about Rosie not wanting Parker to go there than about Parker.  Rosie admitted that was true.  She said he annoys her but she loves him and she knows she's going to miss him not being around.   Shoshana suggested that Parker might resent her for not sending him.  Janette agreed. 

After the tour of the school Rosie, Parker and Tracy's son (his name is Atreyu but I'm not sure I'm spelling that correctly which is why I keep calling him "Tracy's son." Sorry.)  went to lunch and a guy at the restaurant went to military school himself and even flew helicopters in the armed forces.  Rosie asked the man if he had any advice for the boys and he told them to go to military school but to not join the military.  He listed many reasons why to stay out of the armed forces like "you are just a number to them," "the military doesn't care about you as a human being," "you will be sent off to fight in one of the unjust wars," etc.  After the lunch, on the way back to the car, Rosie asked Parker about what the man had to say.  Parker simply said that the man doesn't remember his obligations to serve.  Rosie asked what were the chances that they would run into someone who had been in the military and had those views.  She said it seemed almost like he was a "plant."  Rosie said she knows we need a military but she worries Parker thinks war and the military will be like it is in the movies.   

Rosie and the staff briefly discussed how Kirstie Alley's shoe fell off during Dancing With The Stars.    They mentioned how Pia was voted off American Idol and how Bobby practically predicted it!  They played the tape of Bobby saying last week that Pia had a tragic flaw by not moving more during her rendition of River Deep Mountain High.  He said vocally she was excellent but she tip-toed around the stage.  Well he was right and America agreed!  Shoshana read that one of the other contestants, Stefano is receiving death threats and being told he should step down!  Pete asked if everyone watching realizes that in the end all the contestants will be voted off except one?  Jeannie just wanted to borrow Pia's body for one weekend. 

The staff just started to discuss how idiot Michelle Bachmann said that 'Planned Parenthood is the LensCrafters of big abortion' when HOWARD STERN WALKED INTO THE STUDIO! 

HOWARD STERN!!!!!!!!!!
Rosie yelled, "HOWARD!" and she said Janette's knees were weak!  Howard told Janette how great it felt to have her gush all over him on the radio these past few months.  If you're not up to speed, Janette has offered Howard "unlimited head" should they ever go out and Howard has discussed this topic on his radio show!  He's quite intrigued with the offer!   

Right away Howard went into interview mode with Rosie and immediately the tables were turned.  Now Howard was the interviewer and Rosie became the interviewee!  Howard asked her right away how she's going to get him on her OWN show.  And without letting her answer he asked her when she will be done with Sirius and how this all happened.  Howard feels a little like he's the reason she came to Sirius and said he wanted to know why she decided to leave.  Rosie explained that June 1st will be her last day on radio.  Howard said that news makes him sad to hear.  Rosie had asked Howard how she could get Sirius to pay her more money to stay on!  Howard called Rosie out and said she was supposedly done with fame and now she's going back to television and taping out of Chicago?!  Rosie explained that she will fly out to Chicago on Sunday and stay there for a week taping 2 shows a day, 3 days a week and working in the offices the other two.  Kelli will take the kids for the week and then she will return on Friday and have her kids for the following week.  One week on, one week off.  Howard told Rosie she'll go nuts doing that schedule.  Rosie said hopefully the show will tape out of New York eventually.  Howard asked Rosie where she was going to stay when she's in Chicago and Rosie dropped a BOMBSHELL!  She said she's going to live at the Penthouse at the new Trump Chicago Hotel!!!  Rosie said it will be interesting living in his building!    Howard predicted this one week on/one week off schedule would last two weeks tops because of the enormous pressure on her and the fact that she has no connection to Chicago.  But he suggested that Rosie might just be excited about this schedule because she really needs a break and all the kids are exhausting her!  Rosie admitted the thought of five kid-less nights in a row is exciting to her!   Howard said he thought she was mother-of-the-year but now he realizes she can separate from her kids a little bit.  Howard asked how her kids reacted to the news and Rosie said her kids don't care! 

Howard said he feels like this new show is going to be a lot of pressure for Rosie.  But he said it's really a "win-win" for her.  He said if the show doesn't work, no one is watching "that toilet bowl" of a network so no one will blame her.  But if she helps get the network going, she'll be a God!  

Rosie promised to get Howard on so that he can make amends with Oprah.  There has been some bad blood with Howard and Oprah because he has said he doesn't understand why Sirius pays her $50 million when she does nothing for Sirius.  He's frustrated with her because she never plugs it and he wants the company to do well.  But in Howard's opinion Oprah doesn't do anything for Sirius. He said we all need a best friend (meaning Gayle) to go do all the work for us and then give us $50 million dollars!  Howard said he wanted to go on Letterman with Oprah to promote Sirius but it never happened.  Rosie said that's because Howard can be a little scary and intimidating!  Howard said no one would offer unlimited head to a person that was that scary!  (in reference to Janette's offer)  Rosie did say that Howard's most recent appearance on Letterman was his best appearance ever!  Maybe THE best appearance ever!  Howard then talked about his love of Don Rickles and how he could take a talk show and really elevate it.  They then discussed their mutual love for Totie Fields, Jack E. Leonard and Merv Griffin

Howard asked Rosie about her relationship with Tracy.  She said they're still together and he said he would like to meet her!  He asked Rosie if she's in love and she said she is.  Howard asked why they broke up and Rosie said it's hard with all the kids.  But she said she's happy with both her relationship and she's happy she's going to the OWN network.  She said the show will be single topic for an hour but lighter topics than the Oprah Winfrey Show.  She said they'll cover parenting topics, blending families and have some celebrity interviews but it'll be a full hour with a celebrity rather than a few minutes.   

Howard asked Rosie if it's a lot of money and she said it is!  He asked her if it was more than $10 million and she hinted that it is by saying the next time they go out she'll buy dinner.  Howard asked Rosie if she's going back to TV because money was getting low and Rosie said she wasn't.  She said she still has double digit millions in the bank to last her the rest of her life.  Howard said he worried about her when she invested and lost $10 million of her own money in Taboo and Rosie admitted it was stupid of her to do that.  But she made it clear she's NOT going back to TV because she needs the money. 

Rosie said when Oprah announced her final year she got calls from every station asking her to come back to television.  Howard said it's a lot of pressure for Rosie and he thinks she'll do fine but she'll be aggravated and get caught up in the ratings game.  Rosie said when Oprah started OWN she said she was going to give it 3-5 years to get it to be successful.  Rosie said she was about to sign a deal with NBC and next thing she knew Oprah was flying out to her house!  Rosie said she thinks it was probably "a crazy check" to see how insane she was but they spent four hours together chatting about life.  At the end of the lunch Oprah asked Rosie why she would come back to television for her and Rosie said, "Because it's YOU."  Rosie said there's no one else in our lifetimes who have done as much as Oprah has in media and television.   Rosie's friend and publicist catered the lunch!  Rosie said Cindi came in like "Extreme Home Makeover" and in 20 minutes her house was transformed for Oprah.  Howard asked about Cindi and Rosie said she and Cindi are really good friends. Rosie didn't like Cindi during her talk show days because Cindi represented the divas like Mariah Carey and Sharon Stone and when Rosie would interview them Cindi would give her an evil glare.  But all that changed 11 years ago when Rosie was adopting Blake.  Cindi became pregnant with her third child but the baby died. Rosie wrote Cindi a note and sent her a book and they became close friends.  Then Cindi became Rosie's publicist.  
Rosie then turned the tables on Howard and asked him about his recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.  Howard said the first time he was interviewed for Rolling Stone he went to the trouble of trying to look cool and picking the interviewer up in a shitty car with hip hop blaring on the radio.  None of that ever made it to the article.  Howard said he loved doing the interview.  When he was a kid, Rolling Stone was like his Bible.

Rosie told Howard how much she loved the article but how she couldn't find it on any of the newsstands because they were all sold out!  She said she spent 5 hours combing the streets of New York looking for a copy!  He said a woman at Rolling Stone wrote to him and congratulated him on the record sales of his issue of the magazine!  Howard said his own mom and dad had difficulty finding a copy of the magazine too!  But he was glad they couldn't get it because he remembered his miserable childhood in it.  After they read it though they were just happy he always remembers his parents.  

Howard wished Rosie luck with her new show.  He asked her about Tracy and how things are in the bedroom.  She assured him things were great and she'd fill him in on all the details the next time they go out!  He said he wants details!  Rosie told Janette to walk Howard out so they could discuss her offer of unlimited head.  lol

Just then, Robin Quivers stopped in to make sure Howard wasn't cheating on Beth with Janette!  Howard said Janette "didn't do shit" and said she was just sitting in silence.  Janette said that's because Howard is the hottest thing on Earth!  She said someone on her Facebook page once wrote that they did a guy just because he resembled Howard!  Howard said so much for that because Robin won't even take off her top for him! 

Rosie thanked Howard for stopping in and said she had to now interview Shirley MacLaine.  Howard admitted he used to beat off to Shirley MacLaine.  Rosie never did.

Rosie then introduced Shirley MacLaine who was in the studio promoting her latest book I'm Over All That: And Other Confessions!   Rosie and Shirley talked about everything.  Shirley told a funny story about how she refused to go through the new body scanner at the airport by instead offering to take off her top and drop her pants!   Shirley said the true weapon of mass destruction is fear and we as a country are just falling in line with it.  Shirley said she has a hard time with arbitrary authority but she works on it by trying to be more patient.

Shirley said both her mother and her father wanted to be in showbiz but after they got married and started a family they gave up on their own dreams.  Shirley said both Warren (Beatty) and Shirley ended up fulfilling their parents unrealized dreams.  Shirley said she took dance once a week as a child but that was only because she had weak ankles in the beginning.  But her father was an alcoholic and she couldn't wait to get out of the house.  Shirley said she always felt the unconscious desire that she and her brother would fulfill her parents unrealized dreams.  Shirley said she was even named after Shirley Temple. She was discovered at 18 as an understudy and then went on to Broadway.  Shirley said she never wanted to be in the chorus though because she didn't want to do the same thing every night.  But it wasn't her dream to become a star either.  She just knew she was following her destiny so she learned to get out of her own way.  Rosie said she also had the same certainty about going into show-business. 

Rosie told Shirley she was going to send her a copy of the documentary I Am and told her she was ahead of the curve on many spiritual philosophies.  Shirley said she took a lot of crap for her beliefs that are almost accepted as truth today.  She said she didn't understand why it was fodder for humiliation, when she was simply speaking the truth.  But she said she learned a lot through all of it.  Shirley said she felt a spiritual connection from a very early age.  Shirley talked about getting to know Stephen Hawking and how he understood the concept of the soul's journey through time.  That was confirmation enough for her that their is such a thing.   

Shirley talked with Rosie about how she prefers being alone and loves her home in New Mexico.  She talked with Rosie about her meditative labyrinth which Rosie saw on Oprah yesterday.  Shirley said it's a wonderful place and Georgia O'Keeffe used to paint there.  Shirley said she doesn't get lonely living there.  She said we come into this world alone and we come out alone.  She said she's not afraid of death because it's merely a transition to going onto another level of reality and learning. 

Shirley talked with Rosie about how children today are lacking a spiritual education.  She said we're becoming too mechanistic and materialistic and we're missing the giant super truth.  They discussed Karma and how energy always returns to the sender.  Rosie recommended the work of Byron Katie to Shirley who taught her there are three businesses - your business, their business and God's business.  Shirley said she would say there's a fourth business - show business.  Shirley said we're all living our own show business and making it up every day.

Rosie quickly told Shirley a story about when she performed in Seussical.  She said it was one of the highlights of her career when she heard Shirley was in the audience!  After the performance the Director told Rosie he didn't know she could kick her leg that high!  Rosie said with Shirley in the audience she gave it everything she's got that night.  Rosie thanked Shirley for coming in and closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. What a show!!! Howard Stern is like human sodium pentothal. He can ask any question and Ro will tell him the truth. (Cindi Berger's nightmare!) Great interview. So happy for Janette. The "unlimited" promise has made for great radio.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  2. Rats, I caught the lovely singers at the beginning and the part about the military school and Shirley but MISSED HOWARD. Crap! I missed Howard...sniff...I'm going to go cry now. Thanks for the video of Ro's speech; that was funny! Good Job as always Kelly. Thanks.
    Lisa in Indy

  3. I was so sad to hear that the only reason that Rosie is leaving her radio show is because SiriusXM wouldn't give her more money to pay the staff. I assumed that she might be too busy with the new show, but apparently that's not the case. I wish there was something we could do...

  4. Lisa, can you catch the replay? Tune in between 8:45 and 9:30 EDT. I think the Howard part was on during that.


  5. hi fans,
    awesome show today and great recap, kelly. loved the shirley maclaine interview, especially enjoyed envisioing shirley and stephen hawking having those amazing conversations at cambridge.

    & when howard asked rosie if she and tracy are loud during sex, and she said, 'are you kidding- we have ten kids. we're like a mime troupe!' hi-larious!

    love & light

  6. Hey Alison,
    Actually, I caught part of Shirley's interview live and then listened to the replay immediately after for the beginning of the show, so that's why I missed the Howard section. I was running errands. I hate it when I have S*$% to do and can't listen all the way through. I often sit in my car and listen in parking lots and my garage. I was so busy yesterday, I didn't sit down until 9pm when Rachel was on. Gotta get my daily Rachel fix!
    Lisa in Indy.