4-19-11 - Good T.V. Shows, Aging Gracefully and Trump's Quotes about Rosie

In case you missed it....

Rosie started today's show sharing that Jeannie was back in the studio today and tomorrow (4/20) is her birthday!  The entire staff sang "Happy Birthday!" to her!  Jeannie was absent from yesterday's show because of a cough and cold but was feeling better.  Rosie said she was feeling stuffy on Monday because of allergies.  Bobby gave Rosie some of his 'magic elixir' and she felt better.  Jeannie said she used a nasal flush in the shower and it helped relieve the pressure.  They discussed various ways to clean out your nasal passages and then segued into colonics and .... douching.  Rosie commented that the things we initially think are gross actually feel so good!  Although Rosie has never tried douching.  Good to know!  Chelsea was in the studio, so Rosie was careful with what she was saying!  Pete read something online that said douching is not recommended.  They then discussed Dove's promotion of a deodorant that promised to make your underarms look prettier and wondered why anyone would be worried about what their armpits look like.  However, according to some poll out there, 93% of women consider their armpits unattractive! 

Rosie asked if the staff had ever had a pimple that you can't pop.  Rosie said she's used a needle before to fix that problem.  But she said she's doing better not picking her skin.  She was doing better sticking to her diet but this morning there were snacks for Jeannie's birthday.  Pete made a nutella and pretzel cake for Jeannie!  Rosie said she has an appointment with her doctor tomorrow but may cancel because she hasn't been good the last two weeks on her diet.  Rosie wondered if she needs to go to a weight-loss clinic because she's eating when she is not hungry.  Jeannie said she also eats when she's not hungry.  She said she eats when she is happy, in love, etc.  Rosie's friend Jennifer Hutt keeps encouraging her that tomorrow is another day. 

Briefly, the staff discussed Dancing with the Stars.  Jeannie is no longer watching the show but Rosie says she watches it just to see Kirstie Alley, who she called brave.  Rosie felt Kirstie did well last night and is quite proud of her!  Rosie's youngest daughter Vivi gets up and dances whenever Ralph Macchio dances!  Rosie said she's happy that DWTS was only an hour and a half instead of two hours.  Rosie said for Autism Awareness Month, The Huffington Post featured poignant books about Autism.  During Dancing with the Stars, Rosie was reading one of the books featured- How to Be a Sister:  A Love Story with a Twist of Autism by Eileen Garvin.  Rosie said it was a "fascinating book" and said she would like to have the author on the radio show.  Pete said John Elder Robison, author of the memoir Look Me in the Eye, is booked for Monday!  YEAH!!!  I'm currently reading Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian with Practical Advice for Aspergians, Misfits, Families & TeachersCan't wait for the interview!!

Jeannie may not be watching DWTS, but she is watching Relapse on A&E, which she likes.  The people featured on the show have relapsed and begun working with a sober living coach in hopes of regaining their sobriety.  Jeannie said the compassion shown on the show makes her want to be a sober coach (although she realizes that sober coaches are probably recovering addicts themselves).  Rosie seemed interested in the process and plans on Tivoing the show.  Jeannie said Intervention In-Depth:  Heroin Highway was very disturbing.  Deirdre is fascinated with addiction as is Jeannie. 

Rosie talked about Addicted to Food on OWN which airs Tuesdays at 10 pm.  Rosie said it's a fascinating show - especially if you have a food addiction yourself. Rosie took several calls wanting to discuss the show and their own food addiction. One caller shared her story of food addiction which led to drinking alcohol to fill voids and numb pain.  When she says she stops drinking, all she wants to do is eat.  She has been to rehab many times.  She says if she doesn't drink, she'll get 'fat.'  Rosie was very supportive to the caller.  The caller, through her tears, said she will miss Rosie when the radio show ends.  Rosie urged her to get healthier for her two boys. 

One caller discussed how she was on the Atkins diet for two years and did so well until she went on vacation and 'fell off the wagon.'  She has gained weight and opened a cupcake bakery.  She said no pill or plan will make her say, "Enough is enough!"  Rosie shared that people at various events have been complimenting her on her weight and when she came back from those events, she stopped her diet.  She said it 'stunned' her that people were commenting on her weight loss.  She is not sure if she is angry or embarrassed by it.  Janette said that she always feels horrible after overeating.  She said that's the root of her self-hatred and that has helped her come to terms with her eating. 

Another caller said that food 'soothed' her and she's having trouble finding something else that will soothe her the way food has.  Rosie said that Vivi tries to help her eat healthier by offering an apple when she sees that Rosie is eating food like brownies, for example.  People have said to Rosie that if they had all her money, they would hire a chef.  Rosie said that would not solve the problem.  Janette said, "This may not make me popular but you do have to eat, but you don't have to eat the addictive foods like sugar, wheat and flour."  Janette said Rosie needs to make the choices and to put healthy food in her house.  Rosie said Janette had a point... and it was annoying!  ;)  Rosie said Oprah was very kind during her speech about her and it was difficult for Rosie to take.  She said it was overwhelmingly intense hearing all Oprah's compliments and the day after she didn't eat right and had two beers.

Rosie said she watched the promotional video she made for her new show on OWN and she said she felt like she looked old.  Rosie said she now looks like how she remembers grown ups looking when she was little.  This weekend, Rosie and some of the kids went to see Soul Surfer.  During the movie, Rosie noticed that Helen Hunt, who plays the mom, has not had any work done (to her knowledge) and it was very jarring to see someone looking their age on the big screen.  Being the feminist that she is, Rosie was surprised by her own reaction!  Rosie asked the kids what they thought about the movie and what they thought about the mom and Blake said, "Her face was weird.  What was wrong with her face?"  Rosie thought they noticed a woman who has not had work (something unusual nowadays in the entertainment industry).  Janette said she has seen pictures of Helen and thinks she looks older than her age.  Rosie thought that was maybe because Helen was thin and if you are heavier, you don't look as old because the fat hides the wrinkles.  Rosie said while watching the video of herself, she thought she looked old as well.  Rosie said she and the kids were watching another movie where the actor had a lot of work done on her face and her kids noticed the actress's face didn't move! 

Rosie took a call from a listener who is completely distracted by the extensive amount of plastic surgery that actors and actresses have done today.  Rosie explained how, as an actress, it's very difficult to age publicly.  She tried to explain to the caller that when you're hired for your beauty it's hard to allow yourself to age on screen.  Rosie admitted she's distressed over her own droopy eyelids!  However, she's had friends who've had that area of the eye corrected and they always carry a "surprised" look!  She doesn't want to have it fixed but it still bothers her.  Janette said she's still too young to officially be at that point where it's bothersome enough to fix. Janette admitted, especially recently, she's changed her own opinions on plastic surgery because she sees age on her face.  Deirdre is only 44 and admitted her own aging is even bothering her!    Janette and Deirdre blamed societal expectations for the reason we're unhappy about aging.  They mentioned how even Arnold Shwarzenegger is unhappy with the way he is looking as he ages. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who also saw Soul Surfer this weekend who thought Helen Hunt's "aged" look was intentional because her character had spent years in the sun.  Rosie wasn't so sure because she thought the makeup in the movie was inconsistent overall.  Rosie took a call from a listener who thinks the reason some actresses look so old is because they they are too thin.  Rosie kind of agreed.  Janette said it's not only the pressures of Hollywood that encourage people to hide their age.  She said in the buisiness world, you won't get hired if employers know your true age either!  Rosie took another call from a listener who is shocked because she looks exactly like her mother did at her age but she's also appreciative that she does.  Rosie remembered when she was turning 40 and being shocked when she looked in the mirror because she looked exactly like her mother did at the age when she died.  Now Rosie says, she looks older than she ever remembered her mother looking.  Jeannie doesn't really like to talk about aging.  She's been visiting her mother is in a physical therapy rehab center (filled with much older, physically disabled clients) and she said aging scares her these days.

Rosie said she will be on the Fabulous Beekman Boys tonight on Planet Green at 10pm!  She said it was really fun to do but she and Tracy  didn't really know they were going to be on the show and really just went up to visit.  She said you'll be able to tell that when watching the episode because she doesn't have any makeup on and her hair is completely frizzed out.  Rosie said she's not really a fan of goats, barns, farming or the outdoor life but said her girlfriend Tracy is.  She said Tracy's been bringing up the idea of going camping again and Rosie keeps thinking "dear Lord, stop!" 

Rosie said she's excited to spend the weekend at her brother Eddie's house this weekend.  Jeannie said Eddie is hilarious on Facebook because he acts like he's a big country boy but he lives on Long Island!  Rosie said Eddie acts like that because he owns acres of land, an apple orchard, gardens and a barn - all on Long Island!  Jeannie loves it and loves Eddie.   

Rosie said they read a study that said kickball is a dangerous sport!  The staff thought the concept was crazy but the true point of the story was how kids don't go outside to play anymore.  Rosie said her kids are lucky because they have a big fenced in yard so her kids play outside a lot.  Rosie remembered second grade when she took a classmate down with a ball during kickball, so she did admit it's a dangerous sport.  Rosie said her kids have a limited amount of time they can spend on video games and computers and said that rule has worked well for her family. 

Deirdre recommended the show Mob Wives on VH1.  She said she really likes it and described the show and the characters to Rosie and the staff.  Deirdre finds it fascinating and called it "a true train wreck."  All the wives husbands or significant others on the show are in jail! Janette said she's pretty sure she's too busy, always and forever, to watch that show. Rosie said she'd Tivo it and try it out.
The staff briefly discussed how annoying Donald Trump is.  Jeannie saw Trump in an interview and said he sounded like a "big, arrogant, orange, rich, bully."  She said she kept thinking the tint on her T.V. was wrong but realized it was Donald Trump's actual face color!  Rosie took a call from a listener who thought Donald Trump would be a good President because he's a good businessman.  In between the laughter in the studio, Rosie asked the caller if she thought Trump had the intelligence one would need to be a good Presidential candidate?  The caller thought Trump has what it takes.  Rosie played the audio of some of the things Trump has said previously about her.

Some of the quotes by the potential Presidential candidate were:
"Rosie is a loser. Rosie's been a loser for a long time." 
Rosie is "a horrible human being, a terrible woman. She looks bad and she sounds bad and believe me, as bad as she looks, she's worse inside."
"and she ought to be careful because I'll send one of my friends to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be very easy."
"Does everybody know that pig named Rosie O'Donnell?"
"Rosie is a failure. Ultimately she will be a loser."
"She's a disgusting pig, right?"
"She's both unattractive inside and out."
"Rosie O'Donnell's disgusting, I mean both inside and out. You take a look at her, she's a slob, she talks like a truck driver."
"She'll say anything that comes to her unattractive mouth."
"I'd like to take some money out of her fat-ass pockets."
"She's not smart, she's crude, she's ignorant."
"Rosie's a loser."
"And I mean she's basically a disaster."


Rosie took several more calls from listeners who agreed that Trump would NOT be a good President and that he's just doing all of this for publicity.

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. "big, arrogant, orange, rich, bully" <3 <3 <3

  2. Donald Trump is like an evil Oompa Loompa!

  3. My sis-in-law and I just spoke of Trump. That's the conservatives answer to Obama? Really?

    Lisa in Indy

    Thanks Kelly!

  4. I really can't believe we live in a world where people like Donald Trump and Sara Palin are even considered for President. Didn't we used to want people who we thought were smarter and more......well.....Presidential than we are? So sad this age of "Reality TV".

    I saw Helen Hunt recently and was also a bit shocked at how aged she looked (sorry Helen - I still love you!). I think she looked older than her age. Part of the problem is that we see these actors on TV re-runs where they are still young, then when we see them in current life it is shocking. I remember seeing Ted Danson on "Curb..." and he looked so much older with his white hair since I was still watching Cheers re-runs. Now I'm used to his white hair and he looks just fine - as handsome as ever. :)

    Thanks Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  5. I spit out my coffee reading that, lol. How could anyone think a natural aged face looks weird? I mean, there's a lot of plastic in Hollywood, but there are plenty that aren't...'specially in kids movies. I guess I'm looking at a different Helen Hunt b/cuz I think she looks freaking fabulous and ethereal.

    It's hard for me to understand why celebrities feel like "getting old" is a disease, something that needs curing and it sucks that it's trickled down to mainstream society-pretty much shoved down the throat. Used to be that the old were revered b/cuz and considered wise and experienced. Now we treasure youth, the immature and inexperienced.

    Plus, the way they try to "cure" age is gross. At least do holistic treatments or something....the fat & puffy, yet tight & stretched shiny skin on the face looks sickly. And that's not even adding the factor for when the neck doesn't match the face. Ew, remember Heidi Montag? She had, like, 10 hrs of surgery or something. A beautiful 21 yr old girl ended up looking like a 40 yr old woman trying to look like a 21 yr old girl. Sadness.-Katherine