4-8-11 - Changing Your Name, Bunker Sales, Cat Lovers and the Humming Game

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing the woman living in an apartment that is only 90 square feet!  She really wanted to live in New York City and in order to afford it she had to live in this tiny place.  Rosie said she would only live in a place that small if it opened up onto a beach where she could easily access the sun and the water.  Pete said his first apartment out of college was only 6 feet by 9 feet!  Janette once lived in an apartment in New York that was 9 feet by 11.  Shoshana lives in a small apartment right now and has become so used to it when she goes and visits her parents house she finds no need for all the wasted space.  She said everyone just congregates in the kitchen all together anyway!  Jeannie said she couldn't do it.  She said she needs her space and loves that everyone in her house has their own space.  For Jeannie she needs quiet and appreciates that she can escape to the living room in the morning to have her coffee if it gets too loud.

See the video of the 90 square foot apartment!

Janette and Shoshana were talking in the morning meeting and asking if they could change their names would they and what would they change it to.  Rosie said when you're famous you sometimes have to check into hotels under a fake name and she would usually use something that was simple and easy for her family to remember.  But her friend Madonna would always come up with funny, creative names. 

In general, Rosie never liked her name and always wished she had a different name.  One time early in her stand up career she performed at a club called the White House Inn owned by a guy who looked so much like Richard Nixon he changed his name to Richard Dixon!  Before Rosie went on stage he introduced her as Rosanne O'Donnell and the crowd thought he said Roseannadanna.  The audience was disappointed when Rosie came out instead of Roseannadanna!  When she walked off stage he told her her name was now going to be Rosie, Rosie O'Donnell.  And that was how the name "Rosie" was born.   But Rosie said she doesn't feel like a "Rosie" she feels more like a Ro.  But when Rosie was growing up she thought she looked more like a "Kate."

Shoshana will be changing her last name when she gets married to Shoshana Shapiro.  She said she wants to do it but it feels weird to her.  Jeannie kept the last name of her first husband for professional purposes and for her eldest daughter who shares the same last name.  But her youngest two children have the same last name as her current husband.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy has her own last name, she has three kids who have their own last name because they were adopted as teens and she has three younger kids who have their own last name because they were adopted as babies.  Rosie said it's confusing with all those last names! 

Jeannie likes being called "Jeannie" but said her name is Jeanne.  Jeannie said "Jeanne" sounds like an old librarian to her and "Jeannie" feels more youthful to her.  But when she was younger she used to beg her mother to call her Holly!  Jeannie's daughter Toni used to hate her name but now she loves it so much so that she got it tattooed up the side of her body!  Janette loves her first name and identifies very strongly with it though she remembers not liking her last name when she was younger.  But when she was really little she tried to make people call her "Velvet." If she needs a fake name she said she would use Jayne D'Acres.  Pete isn't attached to his name and could take it or leave it.  But he will sometimes make up fake names for himself (when signing a petition for example) by using the protagonist of the latest book he's reading.  Right now he's using Edward Stark from A Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire).  Rosie said her brother LOVES those books too!  Pete agreed.  He loves the series and said he can't wait for the next one to be released. 

Rosie said she is not a fan of the saggy pant look that the teens like to wear where they show their underwear.  She wanted to know what the deal is with this look and why they think it looks good!  Janette remembered when bell-bottoms were in and you weren't cool until the back of your pants looked like rags.  Jeannie remembered how they used to wear overalls with only one shoulder hooked!  Rosie said she still does that when she wears overalls to garden!  Jeannie and Rosie remembered how they used to cut the necks of their sweatshirts so they would hang off one shoulder and their bras would show.  Rosie said it's interesting to look back on what they used to wear and think it looked good!

Rosie thinks she may have made a parental faux pas.  She said Blake is in a play and they had a dress rehearsal this weekend.  She wanted to watch the rehearsal so she went in the back of the auditorium and read her Kindle until the rehearsal started.  A woman came up to her and she told her she was there to watch the rehearsal.  Meanwhile many parents were busy helping  on the set.  Rosie said she didn't really notice the other parents working, she simply read her book. Rosie used to direct the plays but can't now because of the radio show.  After about 10 minutes someone made an announcement that all the parents had to leave.  One of the other parents told Rosie they didn't want any of the parents to see the rehearsal because it was more of a "start and stop."   Rosie realized all the other parents were there helping and she felt badly she didn't offer or even think to offer to help!  She said it didn't even enter her mind that she should get up and help and she wondered why. Janette said Rosie's really not that type of parent and Rosie agreed.  While she used to direct the plays Rosie said as a social parent, she's pretty out of the loop.  Janette also said it could be because Rosie didn't have that as a model as a kid.  Rosie said if her mother had lived maybe she would have learned it.  Rosie said she felt badly she didn't help out on her way home.

Rosie also asked the staff if they're good about sending thank you notes.  She said she used to be really good about sending them but now she's not.  Pete and Jeannie said they aren't good about writing them or making their kids write them either.   Janette recommended the book 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life.  Rosie said she's a huge believer in thank you notes.  She said a thank you note she wrote to an executive for an audition is the reason she got her first gig on VH1!   

Rosie said her daughter Vivi recently hurt her knee on the trampoline and wishes she could have crutches because a kid in her class had crutches.  Vivi was saying this is such a memorable injury she might have to write a book about the experience one day!  Rosie wanted to know if the staff had any memorable childhood injuries.  For Rosie she was in 5th or 6th grade playing roller derby around a metal pole in her garage.   She went to stop herself and her arm went right through the glass window of the garage.  Her dad wasn't home and she sat on the front porch, bleeding waiting for her father to come home.  Shoshana never broke anything but she once used her sweatshirt as a jump-rope, fell and hit her tooth.  She said it turned a disgusting color but she eventually lost it because it was a baby tooth.   Jeannie once broke her coccyx bone on the trampoline and had to undergo rectal massages for 6 weeks!  Another time she was hanging from  monkey bars and she fell and broke her wrist in two places.  She got a cast and couldn't write for a while.  Janette never moved as a child but one time out in a field she tripped on a stick and cut her toe.  She had to have the stick removed years later because it was still in there!  Years later she was playing with a stick and the door slammed shut and the stick went down her throat.  In 2nd grade, Pete broke his leg while they were living in Korea.  They had to drive through a protest on the Army base and he had to sit for hours to wait for someone to help him!  He was in a cast for 4 months and still limps from it today. 

Janette said bunker sales are up 1000%!  Rosie wondered if it was because of the threat of a nuclear fallout but Pete thinks it's in preparation for when Anarchy comes.  Pete feels eventually society will collapse and something like anarchy will happen and a bunker would be a great way to protect himself and his family!  Pete and Amanda actually believe anarchy is a distinct possibility.  Pete explained that history shows us that nothing lasts forever and he listed the fall of the Roman empire as his example.  Pete said when the Roman empire collapsed it took several hundred years for Europe to rebuild itself.  He wondered what would happen next if this happened in the United States.  Rosie wondered if it's the nuclear crisis in Japan making the bunker sales go up.  Shoshana thinks it's both the crisis in Japan and the rioting in the Mideast.  Rosie thinks it's an interesting topic because never in a million years does she worry about this happening.  And she doesn't feel like a bunker or a panic room would help!  Bobby said if things are so horrible that you have to go underground, he's not sure he wants to last long enough to go back into the world.  Janette said she would fight to the death to protect herself.  She said the home invasion in Connecticut scared the crap out of her and she and Barry have a plan if that ever happens to them.  They have loaded guns in the house and they will run to the bathroom.  Barry will shoot low and she will shoot high!  Don't sneak up on Janette! 

Janette recently read about dog haters.  Now she's not a dog person but she loves all animals.  She especially loves cats.  Rosie asked Janette why she doesn't like dogs and Janette said no one needs to be that excited to see her!  She said dogs get too excited and she prefers the way her cats say hello as if they could take you or leave you.  Janette said cats don't burden you with their emotions and can hold it together.  Bobby thinks cats are for lazy pet owners, and Rosie's not a cat person either.  But Janette understands if you're not a dog person but she doesn't understand spending ones energy posting on the Internet about how much you hate them!  (see article link above)  Pete, who is also a cat person, said the movie Cats & Dogs  really bugged him because the cats were depicted as evil while the dogs were seen as the heroes.  Rosie said she loves dogs so much she peruses Chihuahua puppies on the Internet just to see their cute faces!  Janette loves her cats and she especially loves her Sphinx cat.  She said she'll never ever be without a Sphinx (which made everyone explode in laughter). 

Rosie and the staff read an article that said they may raise the prices of sugary snacks at the movie theater.  When Rosie met Tracy they didn't go to movies often because it was so expensive to go.  The first time she went to visit Tracy in Texas they went to the movies and Tracy stopped at WalMart to purchase their snacks before the movie.  Rosie said that's because recently when they went to a movie they bought their snacks there and for 9 children and 2 adults, the price for the food alone was over $100!   Rosie did say since she's been dieting she appreciates the fact that she can find a lowfat snack at the airport.  She likes to buy pretzel crisps and hummus.  It's her new favorite snack.  The staff briefly discussed how the government subsidizes food and the corn in our food and Janette recommended the book Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World.   

Each player got three cards and had to hum the songs written on the card.  The first person to identify the song would get a point as well as the person who sung the song successfully. During the speed round/tie-breaker Janette was going to hum the songs.  Rosie hated that idea and wouldn't agree to it because Janette can't hum.

Bobby (kinda) hummed Beat It.  No one guessed it.
Shoshana hummed Sweet Dreams Are Made of These.  Bobby guessed it!  Shoshana and Bobby both got a point.
Rosie hummed California Girls and Pete guessed it.  Pete and Rosie got a point.
Pete hummed Respect and Shoshana guessed it. Pete and Shoshana got a point.
Janette "hummed" Puff the Magic Dragon and Bobby got it.  Janette and Bobby got a point.

Bobby hummed Run Around Sue but no one guessed it.
Shoshana hummed Hotel California and Janette got it!  Shoshana and Janette got a point.
Rosie hummed I Got You Babe and Bobby got it.  Rosie and Bobby got a point.
Pete hummed Poker Face and Shoshana got it.  Pete and Shoshana got a point. 
Janette was disqualified for not being able to hum.

Bobby hummed God Bless America and Pete guessed it.  Bobby and Pete got a point.
Shoshana hummed Vogue and Bobby guessed it.  Shoshana and Bobby got a point. 
Rosie hummed I Want To Hold Your Hand and Pete guessed it.  Rosie and Pete got a point.
Pete hummed Losing My Religion and Janette guessed it.  Pete and Janette got a point.

The top three players after three rounds were Bobby, Pete and Shoshana.   

Rosie hummed Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.  Pete got it.
Rosie hummed When a Man Loves a Woman. Pete got it.
Rosie hummed Hey Jude. Bobby got it.
Rosie hummed Hound Dog. Shoshana got it.
Rosie hummed Yesterday. Bobby got it.
Rosie hummed Blowing in the Wind. Bobby got it.
Rosie hummed Living La Vida Loca. Shoshana got it.
Rosie hummed I Can't Stop Loving You. Bobby got it.

BOBBY WON!!!!!!!

Rosie said she was watching America's Funniest Home Videos with her kids and they did a montage of people being scared.  She thought one video was pure child abuse!  See below....

Rosie said her kids loved it!  Rosie was horrified!  She told them if they EVER do that to mommy, mommy will die.  Bobby loved it too and thought it was hilarious.  Janette doesn't find practical jokes funny at all! 

Rosie also said she was walking back to her apartment the other day and saw a cute young couple walking down the street.  She stopped and talked with them and asked them how old they were because she's almost 50 and said she's having trouble guessing people's ages now.  They were both about 23.  The boy looked at her and asked her if she remembered him.  She did not.  Turns out they did Seussical together in 2000!   He was about 8 years old at the time and is now an electrical engineer.  Rosie said she always assumed he would still be on Broadway performing. 

Rosie said she really enjoys following the Bronx Zoo Cobra on Twitter even though he was caught.  Janette talked about a video she saw of a man standing in a pit of cobras and throwing them aside to pick up their eggs.  Rosie said it was crazy to her to see a man surrounded by snakes and not worried at all!  Rosie said she and Blake go to a lot of zoos and one time  the zookeeper was feeding the apes and they noticed she had no thumb.  Rosie asked the woman what happened to her thumb and she said it was bitten off by one of the apes but it wasn't his fault.  She finds it fascinating when she meets people who are so connected to animals.  Janette truly believes you can't blame an animal for doing what comes naturally to it. 

Lastly, Rosie heard that the brand Ecko is offering 20% off their clothing for life if you get a tattoo of their logo tattooed on you!   Rosie thought a person should get more than 20% off for getting a permanent tattoo!  And no one in the studio said they would ever consider doing something like that. 

Rosie closed the show wishing everyone a great weekend. 

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  1. Janette! I will also never be without a Sphynx! My husband and I adopted Miss Kitty, our 14 year old sphynx, 6 years ago and will never go back to haired cats. We get a lot of crap for the way she looks, but we think she is majestic and beautiful and there is so much to her personality that "normal" cats just don't have.

  2. I was listening to Rosie while I was out today and laughing when they discussed the childhood injuries. I don't dare sit at a stop light and look sideways when I'm laughing! I'm sure my stop light neighbors are laughing at me!

    Really going to miss the show after June 1st. sniff. Thanks for the recap Kelly. Have a great weekend.

    Lisa in Indy

  3. Oh that video of the tiny apartment brought back some memories! For 2 years in college I had a very tiny apartment - not much larger than that one - but it had a shared bathroom down the hall. There was a tiny kitchen in a closet and I slept on a pull out very tiny sofa bed. 2 years! And for a short while I had my sister living with me! LOL She was a messy person too. Mom and Dad came to visit once and had no place to sit. I think they were amazed but proud that I was paying for everything myself.

    Regarding names - in Jr.High School for some reason I decided I hated my first name and insisted everyone call me Joe. After High School I decided I really liked the name Dennis. Some of my family and friends still call me Joe 30 years later!

    Cats are OK - but I LOVE (LOVE!!) dogs!

    Don't understand saggy pants but think it's a fun look.

    I wouldn't get a tattoo - especially for a discount.

    I don't think I would want to be in a world recovering from a needed bunker.

    Scaring kids like that is wrong.

    Kelly's blog rocks!

    Weekends rock too!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  4. I am not a tattoo lover, but I did think of one reason that I WOULD get one - for a lifetime of free tix to Broadway shows! Then, I would move to NYC and live in a 90 Sq ft apartment so I could make the best of the tattoo!

    Thanks for the recap, Kelly!

    : ) P

    ps - speaking of thanks - my kids and I send thank you notes.

  5. hi kelly and fans,

    many episodes of this show make me laugh, and this one was no exception. and can i just say that with her many 'janette-isms' today, janette totally redeemed herself for me (cf. my mini-rant from yesterday's show).

    by the humming game, i was, literally, snorting with laughter.

    so wishing this show would last forever...


  6. Dear Kelly - love checking the blog as I never know what topics the show will come up with - it really doesn't matter because all are usually enjoyable.

    I used to watch America's Funniest Home Videos but gave it up as I found a lot of the content was more cruel than funny to animals and children. This one was not funny at all - more like psycho. I am like Janette as I hate practical jokes and dogs running to greet you, she is right no one needs to be that happy about seeing a person and I hate the way they have to hump anything that doesn't move. Cats rule as far as I am concerned.

    I did name my daughter Kate, and when she was in first grade she came to me and told me she did not like her name and would from now on be called Sandy and the cabbage patch doll would be called Cindy, she said Kate was an old lady's name. Oy Vey.

    I lived in a bachelor apartment when I was young with four people - size did not matter because we were hardly ever home. I lived in a bachelor apartment as an older person and nearly went off my head because of lack of space because when u are older u are always home. I now say that making a person live in a small space is cruel and unusual punishment.

  7. those small apartments are fire traps. the bed reminded me of a coffin.