5-20-11 - Best Of Rosie Radio

In case you missed it....

Today was a replay of Best Of Moments.  

Enjoy your weekend Bloggers!  
Doing anything fun this weekend?  

and that's what you missed - kw
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  1. My partner and I are heading up north to a beach area for the unofficial launch of summer....it's called the May 2-4 weekend!

    The water will be way too cold to swim in but it will be fun to hit the beach anyway. Our dog loves chasing sticks, seagulls and waves!

    How about you Kelly? Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Have a great weekend Kelly. It's been said many times, but we will miss you once the show is gone. It's been the only way some of us could get our daily dose of Rosie. :)

    As for fun this weekend, we are packing for a move out of state. Fun to move but not fun to pack. Ha.

    Thanks again for the Rosie show online!

  3. I'ma going to the beach! I hope you have a great weekend Kelly!