5-6-11 - An Interview With Elieen Garvin and the Funniest Show Ever.

In case you missed it....

Rosie started today's broadcast discussing Cinco de Mayo and whether or not any of the staff got drunk on margarita's "last night."  As IF we true fans don't really know this was previously recorded!  lol  Deirdre said she loves margaritas except for the fact that they're really fattening.  She recommended Skinny Girl Margarita Mix which she said is really good and a lot less calories! 

Rosie said they missed "Star Wars Day" May the 4th (Be With You).  Rosie asked Pete what one does on Star Wars Day and Shoshana whispered "be a loser!" under her breath.  Rosie asked Pete if he has seen the show Taboo on the National Geographic Channel yet?  She said last week was about a guy who wanted to stay a baby but next week (Monday May 9th) is a show about fantasy lives where they will feature Trekkie's.  Pete didn't see what was so wrong with wanting to live as a Trekkie!

Pete said his girls hate it when he watches Star Trek but they actually will watch old episodes of Murder She Wrote with him on Netflix. Rosie was surprised to hear that NCIS is one of the number 1 shows right now.  She said Parker and her nanny/friend Tanya are addicted to it.  Deirdre recommended the show Raising Hope.  And Rosie said she is finally catching up and watching all of Modern Family.  She said Vivi loves Modern Family now too!

The funniest scene from last week's episode!

In entertainment news, Rosie mentioned how Jesse James is getting remarried to Kat Von D. Rosie said the news kind of made her sad but then she said who is she to give an opinion.  Deirdre is kind of pissed at Jesse James because of an interview where he says he's forgiven himself.  Rosie said that it's not productive for his life to not forgive himself but she listened to the interview too and said she hates when people refer to themselves in the third person.  KellyW has no opinion on this topic.  ;)  Everyone agreed that Sandra Bullock is awesome.  Bobby said he sat behind her at a Broadway show and he behaved himself but he wanted to tell her how much he loved her.  Pete absolutely LOVES Sandra Bullock and got really defensive when Shoshana made fun of Miss Congeniality 2.  Pete said Shoshana shouldn't talk because her favorite movie is Adventures in BabysittingIf my life were a movie I would want Elisabeth Shue to play me.  Is that weird?  KellyW doesn't care.   

The staff briefly discussed the Tony Award nominations!  Rosie and Bobby thought it was a huge error that Priscilla Queen of the Dessert was not nominated for Best Musical.  Though they were happy that Priscilla got Tony nominations for Best Costume and Best Actor in a Musical. Bobby said as a kid, the Tony's were his only chance to get to see Broadway performances and he said he's sad that now one of the nominated shows is closed!  Rosie said Broadway doesn't always do a great job promoting their own interests by not nominating the famous people who are in shows.  Bobby saw Wonderland on Broadway and loved it but was surprised it didn't get one single nomination.  Rosie and Bobby were elated that Book of Mormon got 14 nominations and Rosie said it will probably take home them all!  Rosie and Bobby love the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is going to host  the show again.  In honor of the Tony nominations, Rosie requested they play a song (see video below) from her all time favorite show Les MiserablesCLICK HERE to see the full list of Tony Nominations.

I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables

Rosie said she loves reading non-fiction memories and last month when she was reviewing a recommended list of what to read for Autism Awareness Month she saw  How To Be A Sister: A Love Story With a Twist of Autism by Eileen Garvin.  Rosie read it and loved it and introduced Eileen on the program.  Rosie said it was beautifully written and an honest look about how Autism affects siblings.

Eileen said she decided to write about her experience because the siblings of people affected by Autism aren't often talked about.  She's the youngest of 5 kids and shared a room with her Autistic sister.  Eileen's sister Margaret was diagnosed with Autism in 1970, the year Eileen was born.  Rosie has friends who have children on the spectrum who've told her they wouldn't have had other children had their child been diagnosed before they had their other kid because of the level of commitment and time it takes to raise their Autistic child. 

Eileen talked about her first memory of Margaret, when she first realized something was different about her.  But Eileen said it was as if she was born into the universe of Autism and Margaret was the sun.  Margaret was always the focus of the family and Eileen became accustomed to having her behavior and needs be a part of her daily life.  Eileen said when they would go to a restaurant her sister would often go off and that was very stressful.  And even if she didn't go off the stress over the fact that she might go off was always there.  Rosie said Eileen's mother seems like a saint and Eileen said her mother is one of the most patient people in the world. 

As a kid, Margaret was sometimes violent and if she wanted something and couldn't explain it or handle not getting it, she would have tantrums.  Sometimes she would get so frustrated and out of control and the episodes would last all day.  Rosie asked Eileen if her family ever talked about how Autism affected the family?  Eileen said they never talked about it.  She said she wouldn't ever want to burden her mother with the fact that her sister's disability made her own life difficult.  Eileen said her family wasn't teased in school but they were always set apart and there was never a time in her life where she didn't feel aware of Margaret's needs.  Eileen said she always felt a lot of pressure to regulate Margaret's behavior and that was a heavy burden to carry.  However, at 40, she no longer feels responsible for her sister and writing the book helped her relinquish the sense that she's responsible for doing so.  Eileen told her sister that she wrote the book about their relationship though Margaret can't really process what that means.   

Rosie asked Eileen if she loved Margaret the way she loved her other siblings and Eileen said she did.  She said she always felt close to her sister.   

Rosie complimented Eileen for her honesty in the book.  She said most people wouldn't have the courage to admit the complexities that one feels having an Autistic sibling. Today, Eileen's sister lives in an assisted living facility that she enjoys very much.  Eileen said while the spotlight on Autism and research is great we still need to look further into what is going to happen to these children when they grow up.  Rosie recommended the web series The Specials to Eileen and her mother.

Eileen said after college, when she was in her 30's, she decided she would really like to have a closer relationship again with her sister.  Eileen and her sister spent time together alone and Margaret never exploded on her.  She said she was almost always calm and relaxed and the time they spent together was great.

Lastly Rosie asked Eileen about the scene in the book where she writes about the time they went to the restaurant that had the singing waitress.  Eileen said she was engaged at the time and her mother and sister went to a local restaurant.  They had waited for an hour for the table but after they were seated the waitress wasn't really understanding that Eileen's sister was special needs.  The waitress started to sing and Margaret has perfect pitch and it really bothers her when someone sings out of tune.   Margaret got so upset at the waitress's singing she put her fingers in her ears and let out a piercing scream!  Eileen said that was her sister's way of responding to her environment.  Eileen said the  waitress never did come back to the table.  And afterwards, Margaret knew she had done something wrong and was so upset about it she threw up her ice cream into her mug at the table.  They never went back to that restaurant. 

Rosie thanked Eileen for calling in and  she highly recommended the book to the listeners.  Rosie said How To Be A Sister would make a wonderful movie and wished Eileen luck with her further writings.   

Rosie said when she was growing up they always had generic brands at her house and she made a vow that when she grew up she would only buy name brands.  But she and her girlfriend Tracy always have a debate over whether generic brands are as good as name brands.  Tracy feels generics are just as good and that you can't tell the difference.  Rosie is sure she can!  Bobby said he buys brand names because the packaging is prettier!

So, Shoshana presented Rosie, Bobby and Pete with a generic and a name brand food item and the three had to guess which was which. 

First they tried grape juice.  Rosie and Bobby guessed WRONG and Pete guessed correctly!  In this case, the name brand was not better than generic.  There was a $1 difference between the name brand and the generic.

Then they tried peanut butter.  Rosie guessed the name brand peanut butter and she was correct while Pete and Bobby couldn't tell the difference.  There was a $.80 difference in price between the two items.  

Then they tried Oreos vs. an "Oreo like" cookie.  They closed their eyes for this test because Oreos say "Oreo" on the cookie.  Bobby, Rosie and Pete could tell the difference right away and preferred the name brand.  The price difference between the two items was $1.20 per package.

Then they tried Ritz crackers vs. generic "Ritz-like" crackers.  Pete couldn't tell the difference but Bobby and Rosie could tell right away.   There was a $1.30 difference between the crackers.

Next they tried colas, Coke vs. generic cola.  Rosie, Bobby and Pete knew the name brand right away.  There was a $1.00 difference between those two items.

Then they tested cereal, Quaker Life vs. generic cinnamon squares. Rosie and Bobby knew the name brand right away while Pete couldn't tell.  The difference between the items was $1.60 a box.  Rosie said if you put it in a pretty box Rosie might eat the generic brand.

Next was tortilla chips, Tostitos vs. generic brand.  Rosie guessed the name brand correctly while Bobby and Pete guessed incorrectly!  There was a $1.40 difference between items. 

Then it was time to test granola bars, Quaker vs. generic.  Rosie, Bobby and Pete all guessed the brand name on this one.  There was a $.75 difference between items.

They tested vanilla pudding, Snack Pack vs. generic. Rosie guessed it correctly again!  And there was just a $.34 difference between items.

Last they tested Dannon yogurt vs. generic.  Rosie, Bobby and Pete knew the brand name right away. They actually thought the generic tasted horrible.  There was a $.27 differences between items.   

The conclusion of the game was that Rosie can tell the difference and prefers brand names!  Guess she and Tracy will just have to agree to disagree on this one. 

Pete shared a story about a man in Portland who was separated from his daughter as he was loading her and his bike onto a train.  He put his daughter on the train, reached back for his bike and the train doors shut!  He tried to force the doors open but couldn't and had to let go and the train pulled away. Watch the video below. 

Rosie said she would have been the one to save the child if she had been on that train!   She said it always becomes a musical in her head when she hears of stories like these.  She then sang a fake musical number about saving the little girl and reuniting her with her father.  I laughed hysterically. 

All the staff members then shared stories about either losing one of their kids for a second or being lost as a child.  Jeannie's daughter once wandered off when she was paying for her items at a store in the mall.  Jeannie had to run after her and she said she still remembers the panic she felt at the time. Pete said his daughter Sophia once hid from them on a shelf in a store.  They couldn't find her and then they did and she was giggling thinking it was funny!  Rosie once lost Parker in his bedroom.  He was very young and climbed his book shelves and crawled inside a very high shelf!  She came in the room and when she didn't see him in his crib she panicked!  Then she looked up and tried to act calmly as she coaxed him down off the shelf.  And one time when Chelsea was two, they were at the Four Seasons.  Rosie had a meeting and Chelsea was in the other room watching T.V.  After the meeting she went to get Chelsea and she was gone!  There were balconies off the hotel room and Rosie started to panic.  She searched everywhere, yelled down the hallways and called the front desk in a panic!  Then Chelsea peaked her head from underneath the table in the kitchen area.  Chelsea had taken the M&Ms from the mini-bar and snuck under the table to eat them!

Rosie remembered getting lost from her mother at the supermarket and the fear that she had at that moment.  Shoshana once got separated from her family at an amusement park.  Her father went one way and her mother went the other way and both parent thought the other one had her.  But neither did.  She cried and a stranger brought her to guest services but because neither parent knew she was missing they didn't come looking for her!  She spent (what felt like) the entire day waiting to be found.   Rosie said she always tells her kids if they're ever lost the first thing they should do is look for a Nana-type person to help them.  She said on the list of people that will harm your children a Nana is at the bottom so they're probably the safest bet.  

James once got on an elevator without his parents and as the doors shut his mother yelled for him to get off at the next stop.  He got off crying and eventually his father found him but he was so embarrassed and he still remembers the fear he felt that day.   

Rosie said situations like those remind you of real stories of parents who have lost children by being kidnapped or in an accident.  Shoshana mentioned the book Deep End of the Ocean

Rosie asked the staff if they've heard about the woman who got out of jury duty because she had tickets to a final taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Jeannie thought that was an annoying excuse because when she was a single mom, she couldn't get out of jury duty!  Rosie thought it was kind of great.  Rosie said she's never been called to jury duty and Bobby thinks that's because it would be too disruptive to have a celebrity on a jury.  

They talked about valid excuses for jury duty.  Bobby told a story about the time he was helping Rosie when she was filming a movie in Toronto.  Bobby told Rosie he was called to jury duty and couldn't go with her but Rosie told him to forget about it and that her brother was a lawyer and they'd get him out of it when they got back.  Well when Bobby returned to New York there was a warrant out for his arrest!  He told the judge he was in Toronto at the time but the judge said he was "guilty" and banged the gavel down.  Bobby called Rosie crying and all she could do was laugh hysterically like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard!!  Rosie started laughing again as Bobby recalled the story.  She admitted that sometimes when friends are in crises, her first reaction is hysterics!   

This then reminded Bobby and Rosie about a horrible story they heard recently that made both of them laugh hysterically!  A woman on a cruise ship in Norway became ill and was being passed from the ship to a lifeboat and they dropped  into frigid water!  And she died!  (here is a link to the article)Bobby was laughing hysterically and could barely breathe!  Rosie imitated the cruise ship workers saying to the lifeboat workers saying "Okay, you got it?! Yep we got it!" (splash)  Rosie knew it was wrong of them to laugh but she couldn't stop laughing at the visual.   The laughter continued for quite a while and barely any of the staff members could get out a coherent sentence!  It was chaos for what seemed like a good 5 minutes.  To try to save himself from surely going to hell, Bobby started to try to act all serious about the woman describing what was wrong with her and quoted Lord Byron by saying "And if I laugh at any mortal thing, 'Tis that I may not weep."  Rosie said he was acting like he was slipping in and out of multiple personalities. 

Rosie said the article reminds her of when she watches America's Funniest Home Videos with her kids.  Someone, I think it was Pete, asked the staff if they had ever seen the video below?  Rosie hadn't see it so they watched during the broadcast as Rosie described what they were looking at.

Rosie said "Oh my God, I can't breathe!  Did she break something?!  Oh my God, that's too funny!"  She said  Bobby's head was bright red and he was clapping like a seal!  Rosie said they were all being very unprofessional and she was exhausted from laughing so hard.  They then watched another video (see below).   

Bird poops in reporter's mouth.

Rosie said that video was "too gross for words" and literally I could hear Jeannie making gagging noises on the air.  I'm fairly positive she almost vomited.   

Rosie then told a HILARIOUS story about a time she went skiing and the tips of her skis crossed and she fell face first into the snow.  She had very large down mittens on she tried to move her fingers to prove to herself that she wasn't paralyzed and she couldn't see her own fingers move and she couldn't get up!  She was positive she had broken her spine and was now a paraplegic.  As she lay face first in the snow the ski patrol came by and asked if she was going to get up?  She told him she was pretty sure she was paralyzed but really she just had on really big mittens.  Ahhhhh, that's funny.  My belly hurts from laughing now and my cat is looking at me like I'm crazy.  This is way better than writing about Osama Bin Laden!!!  

During this game James played an audio clip of a popular TV catch phrase and each player had to tell what T.V. show it was from.

Shoshana: "Hey hey hey!"  It was Fat Albert but she didn't know it.
Pete: "Here's Johnny!" It was The Tonight Show and he got it. 
Jeannie: "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" It was South Park but she didn't get it.
Bobby: "Up your nose with a rubber hose." It was Welcome Back Cotter and he got it.
Rosie: "Live long and prosper."  It was Star Trek and she got it.

Shoshana: "How YOU doin?"  It was Friends and she got it.
Pete: "Thank you very much" It was Taxi and he got it.
Jeannie: "That's what she said."  It was the Office but she didn't get it.
Bobby: "Stifle yourself." It was All In the Family and he got it.
Rosie: "Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girl."  It was Curb Your Enthusiasm but she didn't get it. 

Shoshana: "I love it when a plan comes together."  It was The A Team but she didn't get it.
Pete: "Missed it by that much."  It was Get Smart and he got it.
Jeannie: "Nanu, Nanu." It was Mork and Mindy and she got it.
Bobby: "You rang?" It was The Addams Family and he got it.
Rosie: "Ha! Yeah!  I kill me." It was Alf and she got it.

Shoshana: "Not Mary Ellen. Not Jimbob." It was The Waltons and she got it.
Pete: "Don't be ridiculous" It was Perfect Strangers and he got it.
Jeannie: "Danger Will Robinson. It was Lost in Space and she got it.
Bobby: Hi, ho Silver. Away!" It was The Lone Ranger and he got it.
Rosie: "Holy crap." It was Everybody Loves Raymond but she didn't get it.

Shoshana: "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." It was The Hulk but she didn't get it.
Pete: "Just one more thing." It was Columbo and he got it.
Jeannie: "Let's hug it out, bitch." It was Entourage but she didn't get it.
Bobby: "Get out!"  It was Seinfeld but he didn't know it. 
Rosie: "Aww, gee mom." It was Leave it to Beaver but she didn't get it.

PETE WON THE GAME!!!!!! and then gave an acceptance speech. 

They did some stray leftovers James had in the case of a tie and Pete knew most of them.  Jeannie made fun of Pete for getting so excited and said she had to check to see if he had a hard-on over the game!  lol

Rosie told everyone to have a wonderful weekend and said they would be back live on Monday.

and that's what you missed - kw


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  2. your '3rd person' commentary ... hysterical! Hope we can get a show for you, just to 'keep in touch' . :)

  3. Oh my god! Thanks to you guys I almost wet my pants on my walk tonight! I listen to the reruns on Rosie Radio while I'm at the gym or walking. Today when you were listening to the grape lady was too much! A much needed gut laugh for me! I just watched the video and again laughed my ass off! I feel like I'm sitting right there with you guys. Will miss you!

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