01-04-10 Back from Break!

In case you missed it...

•  Rosie began the show introducing the members of the studio to the listening audience because there may be new listeners who just got Sirius radio as a gift over the holidays.  They talked briefly about starting their diet but didn't make any real plans.  They also talked about their holiday breaks.  Rosie talked about finding Blake's missing snake in the basement that originally disappeared before Christmas.  And Rosie spoke about her new girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders.  Tracy is the mother of 6 children who also spent the holidays in Miami with Rosie and her kids.  Rosie talked about the many many people taking photos of them in Miami and how very odd that felt for her.  With the 10 kids between the two of them it was a very busy but happy time for the families.  Tracy is a LGBT activist, a doula, an artist and an adoptive mom.  Read about Tracy's Open Arms Campaign, the non-profit, volunteer organization to recruit foster and adoptive families targeting the LGBT community - HERE.  See Tracy's artwork HERE.  Tracy is also a Doula and read more about that HERE.  And read an article about Rosie and Tracy HERE.  We're happy for you Rosie and Tracy!

•  Rosie talked about how odd fame is for her.  Janette, Rosie's producer who also worked with Rosie on  The Rosie O'Donnell Show and The View, once got a tiny taste of the fame that Rosie and celebrities must feel when she drew a mustache on a magazine tear sheet of Elisabeth Hasselback on their final day on The View.  Janette realized that she did not enjoy the feeling.  Read an article about that day and how Entertainment Tonight covered the event HERE.  Rosie has never met anyone who truly loves fame except for Kathy Griffin who even likes to call the paparazzi and tell where she will be.  Like the time Rosie, Gloria Estefan and Kathy went to lunch on an episode of My Life on The D-List and there were 50 photographers outside the restaurant taking their photos because Kathy called them!  See the hilarious scene Rosie is talking about below...

•  Rosie told a funny story about how it was very stressful to fly in to New York last night because of the wind.  Rosie talked about her fear of dying in a small private plane.  She has also decided not to use the private plane anymore because of the "gross excess" that it costs both financially and environmentally.  Some of the members of the studio talked about their first times riding on a private plane (mostly with Rosie). 

•  They talked briefly about Melissa Etheridge's performance of Born To Run at the Kennedy Center Honors Awards honoring Bruce Springsteen for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts.  Visit Melissa's website HERE.

•  Deirdre was in New Orleans over the holiday break with her boyfriend Ted.  She tried Absinthe, a highly alcoholic green beverage derived from herbs originating from Switzerland, for the first time.  

•  Rosie announced that during today's show she would be taking calls so listeners can ask all about her new love life or "whatever else you want to talk about."

•  Rosie loves the new Alicia Keys CD.  She mentioned she wants to have her on the show.  They played the "broken down" version of the song Empire State of Mind.  You can listen to that HERE.  Alicia will be performing at Madison Square Garden on March 17th but Rosie will have to miss it because she will be performing in the off Broadway hit Love Loss and What I Wore again!!  They played "That's How Strong My Love Is" by Alicia Keys and went to commercial: 

•  Rosie talked to one caller about marriage and the breakup with Kelli and how everything feels right now and how lesbians handle break-ups differently than heterosexual couples because they are usually friendly in the endings of their relationships.  The caller asked if Rosie was a Buddhist but Rosie said she wasn't necessarily a Buddhist but is very spiritual. 

•  Rosie talked to a caller about being photographed on her jet-ski and the paparazzi taking her photo while she's in Miami.  Rosie mentioned the time she went to Miami with Natasha Lyonne and how the media was  speculating that they were dating just because they were photographed together.  See those pics HERE.  The photographer that once took a photo of Rosie grabbing her son's Parker's arm apologized to her for taking the photo that made her look bad in the media.  She wondered what it would be like to befriend this person who did that to her.  Rosie likes to encourage the paparazzi she meets to see the art in photography and not focus on the celebrity aspect of it so much. 

•  A listener called in and asked how long it had been since she and Kelli separated and Rosie said that Kelli decided to move out two years ago but they've been in counseling trying to work things out for a while.  Rosie said "It's not like heterosexuals.  It's not so cut and dry - not so black and white."  Rosie is secure knowing that Kelli will still be in her life just in a different capacity.  She talked to a caller who recently broke up with her girlfriend who was struggling with her own breakup.   The caller also asked if Rosie had any plans to do another episode of Drop Dead Diva.  Rosie said she hopes to.  Rosie also would like to be on an episode of Glee with her RBKids!  Now that would be FANTASTIC!   

•  Rosie was asked by a caller "what was the best moment or memory over her holiday season" and Rosie said it was seeing all 10 kids (Rosie's 4 plus Tracy's 6) play together and get along.  Rosie called it "almost too good to be true."  Rosie had met this caller before and even had her on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  The caller's name was Brandy and they went to commercial playing "Brandy (you're a fine girl)" by Elliot Lurie and Rosie sang along and knew all the lyrics!  Listen to the song in it's entirety HERE

•  Pete took his 4 year old and 1 year old girls to see the animated movie The Princess And The Frog this weekend.  Pete had to leave early to entertain his antsy 1 year old but enjoyed what part of the movie he did see.  Pete hated Avatar.  Rosie also saw Avatar over the break and admitted to falling asleep in the middle of it.  Pete and Rosie talked about the symbolism in the movie and they wondered if the billion people that saw it realize that WE, the Americans, are the "bad people" in the movie symbolically speaking.  Rosie admitted to skyping with Wyatt (Tracy's son) during the show.  Janette talked about Rosie's super hearing and her ability to multi-task.  Janette and Rosie saw Crazy Heart staring Jeff Bridges.  Rosie enjoyed it but Janette thought the movie was "one level" and didn't even watch the whole thing.  Deirdre watched The Hebrew Hammer over the break and called it "really funny." 

•  Rosie talked about her plane trip with her son Blake where they bought a Nintendo DS at the airport out of a vending machine and how fascinating that was.  She admitted she has now deleted her Facebook account.  And she wants a fake name so she could just have like 4 friends on there.  She then told a story about the female passenger next to her in first class who was straddling, face-to-face (for clarification) her boyfriend on the plane and then the flight attendant that had to ask them to stop.  Rosie is going out with the flight attendants she befriended on the plane when she's in Chicago later this month to do the The Oprah Winfrey Show on January 21st (airing on the 25th)!!  HOLY CRAP!!!    She will be talking about the HBO documentary she and Sheila Nevins produced called A Family Is A Family Is A Family which premieres on HBO on January 31st, 2010.  Rosie talked about how she is nervous about doing The Oprah Winfrey Show.  We can't wait to see you on the "O" Ro!

•  Rosie is still practicing her Transcendental Meditation and again recommended the book All You Need Is Love by Nancy Cooke De Herrera.  Rosie's going to see her again when she goes back to LA to be on the  Craig Ferguson Show and she's hoping they can do a puppet montage together similar to the one he did to Say Hey I Love You.  Watch that video: 

•  Rosie spoke about a documentary she saw over break that she loved called "Every F--ing Day of My Life" which you can catch on HBO on Demand.  "Every F-ing Day of My Life" tells the story of Wendy Maldonado who killed her husband after suffering from horrible abuse at his hands for years.  Watch the trailer HERE

•  Rosie talked about the latest work of non-fiction she loved by Dave Eggers called Zeitoun.  Zeitoun tells the story about a store owner who stayed in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina after his daughters and his wife fled the area and then gets arrested for no other reason but his Muslim religion.  Rosie highly recommends all his work. 

•  They went to break playing Melissa singing Born To Run from the Kennedy Center Honors honoring Bruce Springsteen. 

Melissa pays tribute to Bruce Springsteen at 32nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors Awards

•  Rosie took callers to discuss bonding with children, communicating and playing with kids.  Rosie has a true connection to children and loves to connect with them.   

•  Rosie closed the show.  Great to have you back ROSIE RADIO crew!!


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  4. I am so glad I read the recap, Kelly, thank you! I missed hearing that Rosie is going to be in LL&WIW again! How exciting! I saw that Fran Drescher was going to be in the cast in March, and hoped that Ro would return then too!

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  7. Fantastic Job Kelly, Keep it up. You are such a good hearted person to share this with the ones that cannot afford or can't listen to her show.