In case you missed it...

•  Rosie started the show announcing that "the Supernanny" was on Rachael Ray.  (Because Rosie frequently watches T.V. on mute while she's taping the radio show.)  Rosie said she loves Jo Frost (the supernanny).  Rosie asked Deirdre if she liked her job and Deirdre said "YES, because she doesn't have to shower."  Deirdre said it was better than working on T.V.  Pete brought the studio staff a dozen donuts which Rosie thought was counterintuitive to the weight-loss plan they were all supposed to be on. Google Pete has already had 1570 calories today (by about 10am).   

•  Rosie announced how in honor of Howard Stern's birthday they would be talking all about sex in the first part of today's show.  Rosie said that before the show started today they were all talking about dominating sex.  Janette added that she once had a lover who enjoyed being "the dominator."  Janette said "There's a huge power in submission."  Rosie couldn't repeat the story Janette told everyone earlier.  Janette said she once had a date with a CPA she met on AOL who told her on their second date she would have to be "on all fours and call him her master." There wasn't ever a second date. Before her current boyfriend Barry, Janette used to scare Rosie with her "sex-capades."  Janette once had 4 different personalities on the computer where she would meet men.  She also told a story about going overseas to meet a man she'd never met in person.  She went over there and he wasn't the most physically attractive man, but he had a great story.  She never got to see him again because Rosie hired her for The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  Rosie asked Janette about how many men has she been with and Janette replied possibly close to 3 digits!  WhoooHoo Janette!!  Janette estimated the number because she admitted to stopping counting when she was in her 20s.

•  In the midst of the sex talk Rosie mentioned how she would like some colorful tights since Chelsea, her 12 year old, complained that one of the 5 most annoying things about having Rosie as a mom was that she always wears black.  Rosie asked where she could get some really colorful, crazy tights and Deirdre recommended American Apparel.  Deirdre briefly mentioned how she stopped shopping there for a while because of the controversy over the CEO and founder Dov Charney but they are the only place she can find the best leggings. 

•  Then it was back to the sex talk.  Deirdre told a story from how she and her now boyfriend Ted, had sex on their fourth date in Central Park.  Janette added that she likes to have sex outside and told a story of one time when her father was visiting she and her boyfriend left the apartment and kept stopping at various rest areas in New Jersey looking for a good spot.  They ended up having sex in the woods.  Janette said "In her generation if you weren't doing it with strangers, there was something wrong with you."  She's actually 56 years old, the same age as Howard!  Janette is glad she had the past that she did and since her second date with Barry (her current longtime boyfriend) no other man has ever looked remotely interesting to her.   Jeannie is married to a studly man that is younger than her.  They reminisced some about what it is like to be newly in love and at the beginning part of the relationship.  Shoshana doesn't have any good sex stories but has had "lots of fantasies with the saved by the bell boy" according to Rosie.  And Rosie does not have any good sex stories even though Howard thinks otherwise.  This was in reference to their interview on Howard's radio show where he mentioned hearing all these crazy stories about Rosie and all these women a long time ago.  If you haven't heard that interview with Howard before she started the radio show it's great!  You can listen to it here:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9

•  Rosie told a hilarious story about how a few years ago in Miami she often used a "back cramp massager" and one morning she awoke to the sound of her air conditioning buzzing loudly.  She was angry because of the noise so she called a repair man.  Just as the repair man arrived she looked under the bed and realized it was not the air conditioner that was making the buzzing sound but her "back massager" that was buzzing under the bed!  She said she was 5 seconds away from the air conditioning repair-man discovering it.  They then talked about what were the best "back massagers." 

•  She then took callers that discussed their "sex-capades."  Rosie gave the caller with the best sex story $50 from Crumbs Cupcakes

•  Jeannie once got caught by her sister having sex in her sister's room!  Rosie "has to know you and has to love you" or "at least think she could love you" to have sex with you.  Janette told Rosie she was missing out on the fun of having sex with a stranger.  LOL  Deirdre admitted to being a "serial monogamist."  Deirdre's mother always encouraged her to have a one night stand.  Deirdre and her mom also used to get stoned together when she was in her 20s.  In fact, Deirdre used to work for David Letterman and was even contacted by the tabloids when the whole "David Letterman/extortion/sex with staffers scandal" hit the public recently.  She had "no comment" on the topic.  Lou went to commercial playing George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" and Rosie sang along to the ENTIRE song and dedicated it to Howard Stern for his birthday.  She said "Howard Stern, I WANT YOUR SEX." - from Rosie.  :)  She added "You don't have to go in the woods or a public bathroom to find someone to have sex with you, George."  lol

•  The Oprah countdown clock says 9 Days Until Oprah!  And Rosie still has no outfit for the show although she has ordered many things.  The people from Talbots called her publicist, Cindi Berger, and told her they'd put together something for her.  Rosie said she almost "pees in her pants" looking at the some of the ideas people are sending her on the blog.  She mentioned maybe making a collage of the images.  Rosie admitted to missing her Eileen Fisher and but adding how she can't wear them anymore because "they broke up."  Rosie thinks Oprah thinks she's a bit crazy.  Rosie read An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness and asked if the studio thought she could be Bipolar although her therapist tells her she's not.  Deirdre, Jeannie and Janette said Rosie is passionate but they don't think she's Bipolar.

•  Rosie then talked briefly about her time on the View and how she thought she would "love Elisabeth Hasselbeck out of her own fear."  Sadly we all know that didn't happen.  Rosie soon realized after joining the show that they weren't friends in the manner that she thought they were.  She said she "felt betrayed after the whole View thing."   Rosie said she canceled her Jay Leno appearance for next week.  She said "Its a crazy time and she doesn't want to be on  not saying what she's really thinking."  She said the classier move would have been for Jay to say goodbye and step down.  THIS is what Rosie is refferring to.  She IS doing the Craig Ferguson Show and they're doing a big puppet opening number!  That should be fun!

•  The studio then weighed themselves.  They're not doing a diet but they are being more conscious of their weight. 

-Janette lost 2 and a quarter pounds.  Her plan is she's going to go to nutritionist Dr. Allan Pressman, with Laura Banks the coauthor of the book she wrote last year - Embracing Your Big Fat Ass
-Jeannie lost 2 pounds by "just eating healthier."
-Bobby lost 2 pounds.
-Rosie gained a pound which she attributes to not working out as much and perhaps the scale is broken.
-Deirdre lost a pound.
-Pete lost 2 pounds. 

•  Deirdre's boyfriend Ted called in and Rosie spoke to him on the phone.  Ted mentioned how Deirdre forgot to mention the bruise she got on her leg from hopping over a fence the night they had sex in Central Park!

•  Then it was time for Up Close And Personal with Google Pete!  Google Pete's real name is Peter Mele.  Answering where he is from is a difficult question.  Pete was born in Korea and moved to Indonesia then moved to DC.  (and I missed something in there).  Pete went back to DC to go to high school and then moved to New York to go to college and now lives in New York.  Pete's first language was Bahasa which is the official language of Indonesia.  He went to International Schools growing up and dated an actual princess of Kuwait until her mother called his mother to say they could have nothing to do with each other.  He watched a lot of old movies and old TV shows as a child and they used to watch Star Trek as a family.  Pete likes Star Trek because "they try to create a better world where people can come together and coexist in the world."  He admits to being slightly closeted about his love of Star Trek because most people think trekkies are weirdos.  He also admits to having never owned a Star Trek uniform but he has owned phasers and Star Trek toys.  He and his friend George used to make their own Star Trek movies in his basement.  Rosie absolutely loved his "up close and personal."  She asked Bobby if they could make him his own Star Trek uniform.  (Although Pete really didn't think they should do it because his wife wouldn't like it.)  Rosie proposed it as an "incentive outfit" that he could get when he reached 230 pounds.  We can't wait to see pictures Pete!!

Google Pete "googling"

•  Rosie then interviewed Emilio Estefan who was in the studio to promote his newest book entitled Rhythm of Success: How An Immigrant Produced His Own American Dream.   Emilio Estefan is a Cuban-American of Lebanese ancestry who is a musician and producer. Estefan was a member of the Miami Sound Machine, but he is also a producer of many famous singers.  He is also the husband of singer Gloria Estefan.

Emilio Estefan

•  Rosie called Emilio "the nicest guy in the world" and she called Gloria and Emilio the "most normal people in show business she's ever met."  She also called him an "amazing record producer, great dad and amazing friend."  Emilio described his book and how much he enjoyed writing it.  He told his amazing life story about how when he was 15 years old he and his father left Cuba and moved to Spain.  In Spain, he played the accordion for food and was practically homeless.  He told the story about starting the Miami Sound Machine and meeting Gloria and falling in love with her.  Gloria and Emilio not only produce music but they also have hotels, restaurants and are involved in T.V. and film.  They even own a minority share of the Miami Dolphins!  Emilio reminded Rosie how she put an unknown singer of his on her show before she was even famous.  Who was the singer?  It was Shakira!  Watch a video of Shakira singing on The Rosie O'Donnell Show in 1999! 

•  Emilio called Rosie "One of the brightest women he knows."  They took some callers who asked Emilio how to raise their children to maintain their ability to speak both Spanish and English.  Emilio recommended speaking Spanish in the home.  They also talked about how President Obama has recently named Emilio Estefan to the commission to study the potential creation of a National Museum Of The American Latino.  Here is a link to the American Latino Museum's website.  Rosie thanked Emilio for coming in to the studio and for his interview and recommended listener's buy his book. 

•  Rosie then talked a bit about her love for Joni Mitchell's music which Kelli (Rosie's ex) and Vivi (Rosie's youngest daughter) think sounds sad and depressing but Rosie thinks her music is inspirational.  Janette and Rosie talked about finding solutions through musical inspiration. 

•  Finally a listener called in to tell Rosie the story of his niece that came out to he and his wife by having them sit and watch Rosie's documentary All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise.  He thanked her for the movie and for helping him understand the "normalcy" of the gay lifestyle and for helping him accept his niece.  She thanked him for telling her his story.

Watch the Trailer from All Aboard!

•  Rosie closed the show by reminding listeners about her newest documentary that is premiering on HBO on January 31st called A Family Is A Family Is A Family.  "A Family Is A Family Is A Family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration" is a moving portrait of the remarkable diversity of families today that challenges stereotypes, highlighting same-sex parents, mixed-heritage families, single parents and stories of adoption. Children speak from the heart about parents, siblings, marriage and love.  Rosie encouraged everyone to see it and closed the show. 


  1. thanks for posting the pic of google pete
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    i know i keep saying it, but i really think this freaking blog is the best thing ever--i LOVE listening to the show and sometimes (bc of my darn job) i can't ...or i don't have time to listen to my recorded show on the stiletto.... so i LOVE knowing i can come here and get a REAL recap.

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