In case you missed it...

•  The Oprah clock countdown says 10 days until Rosie is on Oprah!  Rosie is seriously stressing over not what to SAY but what to WEAR.  She ordered some handmade clothes from Etsy as options and is also considering JJill.  Rosie says you're "not supposed to wear something more than once if you're a celebrity."  Janette recommended "Art To Wear."  Some listeners have written in recommending Jones New York but Rosie thinks that is too "business-woman-ish."  A listener called in and recommended Torrid which he called "trendier than Lane Bryant."  

•  They've also received SO many phone calls and emails about Bobby's fantastic singing voice.  Last Friday Bobby sang on the show and both the studio and the listeners were impressed.  Bobby used to do drag and his name was "Beverly Hills" and Bobby-as-Beverly even recorded a Christmas CD.   Pete was asked to be a godfather this weekend. 

•  Rosie told the story of taking Chelsea, her 12 year old daughter, shopping at Gilly Hicks this weekend.  Gilly Hicks is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch and has clothes that "only fit children" according to Rosie.  Jeannie's daughter Katie recommended the store to Chels and also gives her all her old clothes from the retailer.  Rosie called it "the worst store in the history of the world."  She said that "perfume is shot out from misters in the ceiling and the walls" and "the music is so loud (she) got a migraine headache immediately."   She was also very offended by the HUGE pictures of half-naked men/boys on the wall in the store.  I checked out the website and um, I see why! 

•  Rosie and Chelsea then went to lunch and Chelsea proceeded to list off the 5 most annoying things about having Rosie as a mom.  1. She's overprotective.  2. She's not girly enough/dresses like a boy/always wears the same clothes.  3. She's weird  4. She cares too much about what food Chelsea eats (meaning Rosie thinks Chelsea is too concerned with her weight and doesn't eat enough) and Rosie couldn't remember the 5th one.  Chelsea could only list 2 things about having Rosie as a mom that she likes: 1. She doesn't yell at her a lot and 2. She is *SOMETIMES* fun to be with.  Rosie asked Chelsea if she could think of anything she liked about herself and Chelsea had trouble finding anything.  But when Rosie asked Chelsea to list the things she hates about herself the first thing Chelsea said was "she's fat."  Which of course, is not true.  Rosie and Kelli also decided that Chelsea is too young for the cell phone and took it away on Friday.  By Sunday she was a different daughter.  Rosie talked to a caller about the book Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls and how essential it is to read when raising teen girls. 

•  Rosie invited listeners to call in and discuss the cancellation of Jay Leno's Primetime Show.   Rosie feels Jay had 5 years to prepare as to what his next career move would be and she can't believe he's going to go back and do a half hour at his previous time slot which bumps Conan and Jimmy Fallon both back a half hour.  Janette agreed and sees it as "an insult to Conan."  Rosie said "You're done Leno.  You had your turn."  And she called his actions a bit "greedy."  Rosie said she was supposed to do Leno's show in a few weeks and now she's not going to do it.  She's going to do Conan instead.  She took some callers to discuss the topic and even sent one caller a Tivo just because she didn't have one. 

•  Rosie briefly mentioned how Urijah Faber, the American mixed martial arts fighter, won last night.  Rosie said "he should be a movie star." 

•  Janette is still needle felting a boulder.  Janette talked about needle felting a boulder and showed Rosie how to do it. Rosie tried it on air and called it ridiculous. See the picture of Janette, Rosie and the beginnings of the needle felted boulder on Rosie's blog!

Janette, Rosie and the needle-felted boulder
(photo belongs to rosie.com)

•  Rosie spoke on the phone with a woman named Donna who was in the diner yesterday where Chelsea and Rosie went for lunch.  Donna introduced herself to Rosie to tell her how much she loved her just while Rosie was in the middle of listening to Chelsea list off all the things that she hates about her.  

•  Jeannie wishes Rosie would rejoin facebook because she is having so much fun reconnecting with old friends.  Rosie thinks that facebook can take up at lot of her time in a virtual world and she'd rather interact in the real world.  Rosie also said that someone else is saying they are her on facebook BUT IT IS NOT HER.  You can find Rosie at Rosie.com

•  Rosie also told a funny story about how she made breakfast for Parker this weekend which he found shocking.  She offered to cook him breakfast and Parker started laughing and then she made him cheesy scrambled eggs and he was impressed!  While Rosie was cooking, a song was playing on the radio and Rosie asked where she had been because she had never heard the song before and Parker replied "on anti-depressants." Ba-dum-bump.  Parker and Rosie watched The Hurt Locker - an intense portrayal of the elite soldiers who disarm bombs in the heat of combat.  Rosie and Parker watch a lot of war movies together. Pete recommended the film This Film Is Not Yet Rated which is a documentary about the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system and its effect on American culture.  Jeannie watched Brace for Impact the Discovery Channel film that examined the flight of Sully Sullenberger.  The studio talked about where they were that day and what a miracle it was. 

•  A listener called in and asked Rosie "If she could have dinner with a famous Broadway star of the past,  who would she like to have dinner with?"  Rosie responded "Fanny Brice, Helen Hayes, Collen Dewhurst, Bob Fosse and I missed one other (Rosie can talk so fast sometimes!). 

•  One listener called in to tell Rosie that Dr. Laura has "lightened up on the gays" and "she appreciates her frankness."

•  A listener shared her story about going to see Good Morning America and how some other guests thought she and her girlfriend were gay because they said they loved Rosie.  Rosie said you can be "not gay" and still like her.  Rosie spoke to the caller a little while and found out she was one of 10 kids and Rosie asked her how she liked that.   

•  A listener called in to thank Rosie for the book recommendation Motherless Daughters: Legacy of Loss by Hope Edelman.  The caller said the book has really been a huge help to her because she lost her mother to suicide when she was 12 years old.  The caller and Rosie talked for a while in a very emotional and intimate conversation.   

•  They came back from commercial playing Naomi Judd "Love Can Build a Bridge".

•  A listener recommended Rosie check out Lane Bryant "the Icon collection" for the Oprah Show.  Rosie closed the show.


  1. Kelly Thankyou..Great recap! I wasn't able to listen to the Radio show today because I was "listening" to my friends baby's heartbeat! She's almost 7 months along..So cool to hear that!

  2. You are awesome at this! I wrote in to Rosie about this blog because I LOVE it. I think you should do this for her website! Thank you again. :)

  3. i can't believe
    how u keep it
    with it all!
    can there be
    a way to have
    open discussions
    during the show?
    in the begining
    some did it
    on flikr
    now nothing
    i'm sure there r
    more people out there
    who would love
    to talk about it during and after the show
    u do great!
    xoxo rosa

  4. Christina, I don't even know you yet I love you! lol Thanks for giving the recap blog a shoutout. I enjoy doing it, especially when I get comments like that!

    Rosa, keeping up with this blog takes literally all my free time. I wouldn't be able to write this blog and chat at the same time. But creating a chat room is easy to do! I'm sure people would join in and chat with you if you did it.