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• Jackie (Rosie's longtime friend), Jeannie (a regular and also Rosie's longtime friend) and Rosie began today's program reminiscing. They are an absolute riot together! Jeannie talked about being on facebook and reconnecting with old friends from high school. Jeannie and Jackie told a funny story how Rosie ruined their High School reunion because "it became all about her."

• The three girls then talked about what its like raising teen girls. Jeannie has an 18 year old daughter, Jackie has a 16 year old daughter and Rosie is just beginning the teens with her daughter Chelsea, who is 12. They recommended the book Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls by Mary Pipher. Jackie, who reads a lot, said it's the only book that really resonated with her in regards to raising teens. Jackie said it helped her realize that the behavior of her daughter was not atypical. The book also touches on anorexia and cutting which have become common practice among middle to upper class Caucasian teen girls. Rosie admitted to hurting herself as a child but never resorted to cutting.

• Rosie announced that they would be having a Rosie Radio Book Club and this month's book is Jackie's pick entitled "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. The Book Thief is set in Germany before and during World War II. The story is told from the point of view of Death, who narrates the story and gives a whole new image to the "death" image we the people see. Read a full synopsis HERE and see a video of the author talking about The Book Thief HERE.

• The threesome also talked a while about the uniqueness of their friendship and how Rosie thinks their bond is even stronger because Rosie didn't have a mother growing up and because of this they became very much like sisters. The three ladies all agreed that their idea of heaven was sitting by the pool, watching the kids play, laying in the sun and reading a great book. Sounds heavenly indeed. :) They talked about their worst moment together as friends which was the night they advised Jeannie not to marry her first husband (which turned out being a correct advisement) and their best moment together which was the time they went to the Grammys together and Jeannie got to meet Steven Tyler and Jackie caught Jeannie rubbing Celine Dion's husband's back! LOL

Jackie (left), Rosie (center) and Jeannie (right)
Rosie and her BFFs.

• Rosie had a meeting with the mayor of Nyack, Richard Kavesh about moving the radio studio which is currently on Rosie's property to the town of Nyack to help in the town's renovation and rejuvenation. And apparently Jackie and Jeannie make fun of Rosie relentlessly for her Emmy award winning speech she gave where they mock her saying "we used to eat lemon drops."  Here is Rosie's Emmy speech from '97 where she won her very first Emmy for hosting The Rosie O'Donnell Show after their FIRST season on the air.  Listen to the crowd roar when they announce Rosie's name and watch Oprah crying at the end for Rosie! 

• Then Rosie interviewed the fabulous Liza Minnelli. Liza confessed how she enjoys not wearing makeup and prefers to not be "glammed up" and just wear a baseball cap and jeans or sweats. Liza also talked some about about her struggle with weight and how she enjoys dancing to keep the weight off. Liza is a fabulous cook and learned to cook from her first husband Peter Allen. Rosie told Liza the story about how her mom taught each of her siblings to cook one thing before she died.  Rosie's mom taught her how to cook London Broil which was her meal that she made the family once a week. Liza told a touching story about losing a baby at 7 months along in pregnancy.  Liza wept as recalled seeing her baby after it had died and the grief she struggled with afterwards.

Liza Minnelli in 2008

•  Liza and Rosie talked about the importance of keeping people around you that love you that aren't just "yes men."  Liza told a story about performing and what keeps her engaged as she performs. She said she searches the theater for the person who looks the most bored and then she performs for them until she sees they are entertained. Fabulous!

•  Liza talked some about Kay Thompson who was a groundbreaking singer-dancer, songwriter, vocal arranger and musical director/vocal coach at MGM Studios and also her godmother. According to Liza, Kay was "the greatest gift her parents ever gave her." Rosie told a story about how after 9/11 she called Liza to come to her show to sing. Liza came out and sang New York, New York which was JUST what the people needed to hear at the time. I couldn't find the exact clip but I found this and its just too fantastic not to share with you all:

Liza singing New York New York.
God I love it.

• Rosie and Liza talked about show business and her famous parents.  The first Broadway show Liza ever saw on Broadway was Bye Bye Birdie (one of my personal faves!) when she was 16 years old.  Liza then  told her mother that she wanted to go to New York and study to be on Broadway.  Her parents agreed! She got her first job off Broadway and the rest is history.

• Rosie and Liza talked about Liza's first Oscar win for her performance in the film Cabaret. Watch Liza's acceptance speech HERE on youtube! Rosie asked Liza what her favorite movie was that she has ever acted in and Liza replied "The Sterile Cuckoo." Here's a clip of Liza in The Sterile Cuckoo from 1969:

• Liza was there promoting her new DVD Liza At the Palace which is set to be released on February 2nd and captures many of her greatest hits along with an affectionate tribute to her godmother, the late Kay Thompson. Rosie called the DVD "amazing." Go to Liza's website for more information on the DVD.  Rosie and Liza shared stories about outliving their mothers who both died young.  Rosie and Liza ended the interview by singing Liza With a Z together!

• The Oprah clock says 7 DAYS until OPRAH and Rosie added that she thinks the Oprah Clock Countdown is not helping with her anxiety, lol.

• Rosie then interviewed "James the Call Screener" since they weren't taking any calls today. James has been with his partner Jason for eight years and has been doing radio his entire life. James dated girls and didn't really realize he was gay until he met Jason. Rosie said James "doesn't look gay" and apparently a lot of girls don't think so either! Rosie told the story of her brother who has been with his partner ever since college and are still together. Rosie asked James about gay marriage and he said he doesn't feel it's necessary to put a label on a relationship. James said he would like to have kids one day especially after meeting and talking with Rosie. James admitted to being an "extremely self centered person" and thinks perhaps his partner would make a better parent. Rosie said she would love to go to dinner with James and his boyfriend Jason and would also like to meet his mom (because she's a fantastic Italian cook!).

James "the call screener"

• Rosie told a story about how she was once talking with her kids in the car regarding the two moms vs. two dads in a household debate.  Chelsea, Rosie's 12 year old daughter, told her if she had a choice it would be to have a two daddy house because then she would be very well dressed! lol Chelsea's friends dared her to call either Rosie or Kelli daddy and Chelsea did. Rosie said it was fine (at first) as long as she called her "big daddy" but now she doesn't see the humor in it anymore and wants Chelsea to stop.

• Lastly, Rosie, Bobby and Janette talked about who would take care of them when they got old. Rosie isn't really concerned with the thought but Janette and Bobby think about it. Janette mentioned a girl that used to work on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, her name is Kate Sunbury, who "would put her in a home if need be." Rosie said she always saw Janette as a mother figure to Kate and Janette talked about how she saw so much of herself in Kate.

• Rosie closed the show by telling James how she loved his "Kirk Douglas dimple" that he has, thanking him for his work and saying "you rock buddy."  Read more about James HERE

Be sure and tune in tomorrow for the BEST OF ROSIE RADIO MOMENTS!!!


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