In case you missed it...

•  Today's show was a compilation of "best of" moments from previous weeks of Rosie Radio.
I do know that Rosie was at the Television Critics Association 2010 Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California yesterday promoting her new HBO documentary "A Family Is A Family Is A Family."  Here's a link to the press release about the documentary.  Here's a link to some fabulous pictures of Rosie and Parker at the event!   And here's an article from TV Guide Canada about the documentary.  Check HERE for showtimes. 

Watch the Trailer!!

•  I would also like to thank my friend Michele who has been helping me by proof-reading my blog every single day for me and covering for me when I can't hear an entire show.  (Yes.  Sometimes I have a life, although I often question whether I surely do when I actually add up the amount of time it takes to run this blog.)  Michele is a busy mom, a great wife and a wonderful friend.  She has been there for me in good times and in bad and if you're ever lucky enough to stay at her house she will make you feel like a Queen and make you homemade sauce like the good Italian Jersey girl that she is.  :)

Michele and I
(This was a few years ago.  I've since ditched the blond hair but kept Michele)

•   Lastly, I would like to announce that I will be attending the Oprah show when Rosie will be interviewed next Thursday!  Here's how it happened.  I heard about the link where you could apply for Oprah tickets online after Rosie posted it in her AskRo's, I called my friend Carrie who lives near Chicago and begged her to apply for tickets too.  She did- 3 times!  And SHE was one of the lucky ones who was selected.  Because I alerted her to the opportunity she kindly offered to take me with her!  Not to mention she is also one of my greatest friends.  Years ago, I actually remember crying to Carrie on the phone saying "I will never meet Rosie."  LOL  When I think back to that it makes me laugh because I've met her many times since then to the point where her security at events knows be by name.  Wow.  That's embarrassing.

Kel n Care BFFs
Carrie and I
(And yes, I own other shirts - a question my dad often asks me.)

•  I would love to share the Oprah experience with you all because I know, if I wasn't going, I would want to hear all about it from anyone who went.  So, if you're up for it, check back and I will keep you updated.  Its going to be a once in a lifetime experience and I'm quite excited and blessed to be able to attend although I don't feel deserving.  Thank you Carrie for taking me.   

And now I have the ultimate problem that I'm certainly not complaining about but sharing with Rosie at the time - WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR?!

Thanks for reading everyone!
Much love,


  1. OMG!!!!!!! Your going to Oprah !!! Fanfricken awesome! I am so happy for you Kelly and Carrie! ..Still waiting but I seriously doubt I will get chosen..Maybe they choose people in the area as it won't be difficult to travel etc..Canada is a tad to far.

    Michelle I had no idea you were helping Kelly out..Thankyou so much!!

    Have a great weekend!

    ps..OPRAH AND ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( ok calm down Heidi..lol )

  2. Fanfreakintastic that you are going Kelly with your friend Carrie!
    I am so happy for you!
    LOL about what to wear!

    And a big thank you to MIchele......I had no idea you were helping out....you rock too!

  3. such a nice post! i loved it all! and yes - thanks so much to michele!

  4. I left a comment earlier but my internet glitched and I didn't feel like typing it all out again, lol. But, now I'm back!

    Super big thank you to Michele!! And wtg Carrie!

    That is so awesome that you're going to see Rosie on Oprah! And, I for one would love to hear all about it! It's funny that you used to say that you'd never get to meet Rosie because I was the same way. I got to meet her in April at an RBK thing thanks to a surprise from my amazing Mom! I turned into a teenager again and kind of hugged her without permission and semi-fainted into her arms while crying profusely. lol.. Then when I snapped back into reality, I jumped back from her and apologized. She was very nice to me. It was great :) That's so funny that security knows you by name, haha!

    I don't have any advice as far as what to wear goes, but maybe you could call into the show and ask Rosie! haha :)

  5. You ARE so deserving. And I will we waiting on pins and needles to read the whole experience right here. Because you make it feel like being there. Not only are you magical with video, your words are just as wonderful.

  6. Have a blast Kelly!

    (Love the Blog BTW)