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• Today was Bobby Pearce's birthday!! And Saturday was James the call screener's birthday! Jeannie-weenie made heart shaped frosted brownies (frosting for James, brownies for Bobby) in honor of their birthdays. The crew also sang happy birthday to James and Bobby. Bobby (who's watching his weight) said he is allowed to indulge because it's his birthday today! Rosie didn't like the frosting on the brownies and Jeannie said that Rosie complains about almost everything Jeannie brings in to the studio - especially the desserts. After they blew out the candles Janette said "it's the only time of year that you want the dessert after you've spit on it." That HAS to be the quote of the day. Jeannie asked Rosie what her ideal dessert is and offered to bring it in for her birthday (March 21st 1962 - fyi) and Rosie said her ideal dessert is milk chocolate covered pretzels twists (not sticks) with sprinkles (and maybe some rolled with heath bar pieces) as long as it is not white chocolate. Man that is specific! lol Rosie mentioned how much she loves the pan that you can make brownies in where every brownie has an end. Apparently Sharon Gless got it for her. I found it on the Internet HERE if you'd like to buy one for yourself!

• The studio then started talking about the show The Jersey Shore which I love!! Rosie didn't really see the appeal but hasn't really watched it either, so how would she know what a fantastic show it is! lol Brendan by far knew the most about the show and described it to the studio as "the real world with Italian American 20-somethings." He also called it "train-wreck TV" (which is why we love it Rosie!) Brendan and Lou have picked up some of the vocab from the show such as "stalkin my whole life" (about a chick that is into them too much) and "grenade and the grenade launcher." Grenade is the less hot girl that a hot girl brings out with her. Sometimes "your boy" will have to jump on the grenade (or less desirable chick) for you to score with the hot friend. I think this is the official definition. Apparently Italian Americans are really offended by the show. No....really? The crew discussed how the cast is receiving $10,000 an episode for the next season! HOLY SHIT!

The Jersey Shore Cast

• Rosie talked about her love of the show Modern Family and how she has been catching up on it on DVD. She called it the best thing that's come on in years!

• The studio then talked about what happened this weekend with Kevin Smith on Southwest Airlines. You can read more about the Kevin Smith controversy HERE. Apparently, Kevin was flying Southwest Airlines and the pilot said that it was a flight risk for him to be on the plane so they asked him to get off. Kevin released a podcast about it. The studio talked about how humiliating this must have been for him and the horror of it all.
Watch the story above.

•Follow Kevin on twitter to lend your support and visit his website HERE to listen to Kevin in his own words.
• Bobby talked about how when he was really overweight he bought a seat belt extender and used to bring it with him on flights so he didn't have to ask for one. Now that Bobby has lost over 100 pounds he no longer needs it. Go Bobby!!!!
• Rosie took some callers who have struggled with weight issues and shopping, riding roller coasters and flying in airplanes. Rosie told a story about how she had trouble kayaking because of her weight, long torso and short legs which cracked Bobby up. One caller shared her story about how people treated her differently when she was overweight then they did when she got thin. Rosie told a story about how men started to hit on her when she got thin once and how uncomfortable that made her feel. Janette remembered once complaining to a comic friend about how people treated her differently when she was thin and the comic friend pointed out to her that she was so down on herself when she was overweight that perhaps she pushed people away.

• Rosie and the crew talked about the tragic luge accident that happened at the Olympics games in which a slider lost his life. You can watch the video HERE. Rosie and the studio talked about how the incident was so tragic but they couldn't believe they kept playing the video over and over on the news. Rosie talked about how it was so upsetting to see this man die over and over again and to see the people trying to revive him. They discussed how hard it must have been for his family. Rosie talked to a caller who was also horrified by them showing it on T.V.

• Rosie talked some about Olympian Apolo Ohno and how he was Rosie's "originator of the Hadit." Interesting!!!

• Then it was time for what I like to call - Rosie Radio randomosity - where they jump from topic to topic with no apparent connection in a few minutes, so here goes. First it was Apolo Ohno, then it was how Kelly Osbourne looks thin and how great she did on Dancing with the Stars. Then it was Brittany Murphy and whether or not she had Anorexia. Then they talked some about the eating disorder Anorexia. Rosie mentioned the importance of getting rid of diet soda and Bobby recommended the book SugarBusters. Janette then recommended the book Fatland: How Americans Became The Fattest People In The World. And Rosie recommended the film Super Size Me. Lou went to commercial playing K.D. Lang singing Hallelujah (the Leonard Cohen version). Rosie loved it and so did I! Watch it and listen to K.D. sing it HERE. It was truly fantastic so watch if you can!

• Rosie very briefly (too briefly IMHO) mentioned how she and Ruby Gettinger met for the first time this weekend. Rosie and Ruby have become friends through email and Ruby and her pals came out to Rosie's house in Nyack this weekend. Rosie posted the pictures on her blog if you didn't see them. Rosie also blogged about the experience and talked about what a wonderful time she had.

• Rosie then interviewed Socheata Poeuv the documentary filmmaker who made the film New Year Baby. Born in a refugee camp on Cambodian New Year’s Day, Socheata Poeuv has always been called “the lucky one” by her family. Her parents survived the Khmer Rouge genocide, escaped to Thailand and moved the entire family to Texas. In the United States, Socheata’s mother and father never talked about what happened in Cambodia, focusing instead on giving the kids a “normal American life.” In 2002, Socheata’s parents gathered the family to reveal a secret they had kept for more than 25 years: that her older sisters were actually her cousins, and her brother was her half-brother, the child of her mother’s previous marriage. In the film, Socheata embarks on an emotional journey with her parents to their homeland, retracing the family’s path. [source: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/newyearbaby] Socheata talked with Rosie about how when she was first told the news about her siblings how she felt shocked and betrayed. Rosie and Socheata talked about their shared love of documentary film-making. Socheata talked about how she was nervous to show her parents the film and how she thought if her parents didn't like it she would take them on a cruise to make up for it! LOL Rosie and the studio laughed about that. Rosie called the film loving and beautiful and recommended it to her listeners. You can watch the documentary on Socheata's website or purchase it on Amazon and Netflix.

• Jeannie shared her own story about when she found out in high school that her older brother was truly her half-brother and her mother had been married before. She talked about how she understood but felt deceived at the same time. Rosie recalled when Jeannie first told Rosie the news when they were 16.

• Jeannie and Rosie then reminisced about old times at the bar, having a few too many beverages and the time Jeannie and Rosie competed against each other with who could steal the most butterscotch candies and Rosie dumped the whole bowl down her shirt! Jeannie said she can't believe they are almost turning 50 and how she still feels like the kick-line captain. Jeannie went rollerskating with her 8year old daughter this weekend and was so sore afterwards she had to take Advil. Jeannie recommended the facebook page that shows pictures of Commack, Long Island (where the pair grew up) from the 60s and 70s and Rosie (who reiterated that she is NOT on facebook) asked if she could log in with Jeannie's username and password to look at it. Rosie mentioned how she saw the new We Are the World video and how she didn't recognize most the singers in it and that's how she knows she's old.

• Rosie told a very funny story about how when she was performing in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway, just after The Rosie O'Donnell Show ended, the theater was right next to the TRL entrance. On the second day of rehearsals, Rosie stepped outside and there were 300 photographers yelling and taking pictures. Rosie assumed the photographers were for her but she didn't understand what they were yelling. Turns out they were yelling and waiting to see Rhianna. LOL She also talked about another time when she was in Miami and people with signs were chanting and yelling on the bridge and she couldn't believe this huge crowd was screaming for her and she went and got binoculars and their signs said "Free the Cubans." They were NOT there for Rosie. lol This is why I love Rosie. Who would admit that! Shoshana asked Rosie if she can walk down the street without people stopping her and Rosie said not really but added how its gotten worse because everyone always has a camera on them now because of camera phones.

• Rosie closed the show.

Happy Birthday Bobby and James!!! Google Pete said to check Rosie.com for the ShadyCam tomorrow!! YAY!

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this! I kind of stopped going to her blog because I didn't know about anything she was talking about. I really missed her chat and now I can hear it all because of you. I can still get my Rosie fix!
    This is a lot of hard work and I appreciate it. Thanks.