In case you missed it...

• The ShadyCam was live again during today's broadcast and the radio crew talked about what they did for their snow day off yesterday. Everyone pretty much stayed in including Rosie who attempted to clean her bathroom...unsucessfully. Rosie said she has many, many bottles of toothpaste (and tooth cleaning products due to her OCD teeth issues) and if there's ever a nuclear winter she will have enough toothpaste to survive it. Deirdre said that her boyfriend Ted calls her "Sleeping With The Enemy" because of her anal-ness and offered to come help Rosie clean it out. Rosie said that she is a borderline hoarder and referred to an episode of A&E's Hoarders that recently aired when the man couldn't get rid of his daughter's dolls even though the daughter was fine with it. They played a clip from the episode. The whole studio talked about whether they can or cannot easily get rid of old stuff and Janette admitted to having an unusual emotional attachment to things. Rosie called Janette "insane" because Janette said she will actually miss and remember things she throws away - like clothes she wore on a significant day in her life, for example. Tracy, Rosie's new girlfriend, organized Rosie's craft room for her when she was in town the last time.

• Rosie admitted that maybe some of her attachment to things may have been because there were never enough scissors, socks, pens or tape growing up and how even today she is determined to never run out of those things. Rosie said growing up she used to carry her things in grocery bags, so for a while, she had a duffel bag hoarding obsession to which Bobby attested to. Janette said you spend your whole life recovering from the atrocities that happen in your childhood.

• Rosie briefly mentioned her new favorite show Life Unexpected. Here's the trailer:

• Rosie told a funny story about how one of her kids came home from a Superbowl party they went to this weekend and said something like "Mom, you should see their house. They have to be MILLLLLLLLIONAIRES! Their house is so big I almost got lost in it!" LOL Rosie said "See, it's all about perspective."

• Rosie and the studio talked a little about The View and played a clip of them fighting from yesterday's show where Elisabeth commented on Robert Gibbs writing notes on his hand in an attempt to make a joke about the Sarah Palin "notes-on-the-hand-gate."

• Rosie said she finds it fascinating to watch the drama of The View unfold since she was once a part of it on the inside. They talked some about how the nature of the show changed after Rosie went on it. How before she was on the show, they talked about Desperate Housewives and gave makeup tips and after Rosie went on it for the 9 months she was there they started talking more and more about politics to the point where they became known for it. Rosie blamed herself for creating the monster that is Elisabeth by setting a spotlight on her and her conservative views for the world. (so then we can blame you for this Rosie? I'll remember that.) Rosie even compared Elisabeth to conservative Meghan McCain, the columnist and blogger and the daughter of John McCain, whom Rosie called "smart, good, pretty and sane" in comparison. They discussed how Elisabeth's big point about going off on the subject of Gibbs was that he shouldn't be making jokes in the current climate of unemployment and financial crisis that our country is currently in. The radio crew mentioned the time G.W.Bush joked about not finding the weapons of mass destruction and pretending to look under his desk during a war when our men and women were dying to protect us. (so suck it Elisabeth!) Rosie pondered what will happen to Elisabeth after The View because they pay like shit. A listener called in and commented that perhaps Rosie talks about The View so much because she truly misses it there. Rosie said that she misses the hair and makeup people and some members of the crew but she said that it is doubtful that she misses being there.

• Rosie asked loudly why the Sybian sex toy machine was still in the studio as her footrest (because she promised to send it to a caller) and at first Google Pete blamed Shoshana and then remembered that it was HIS fault because he threw away the plug for it.

• They discussed Ellen's premiere on American Idol and Rosie talked about how she relates to Ellen because she knows the difficulties she faces joining a show that already has a developed ensemble (as she once tried to do with The View). They played and talked about the original "Pants on the Ground" performance as well as the Jimmy Fallon version of it. See below!

The original Pants on the Ground

Jimmy Fallon sings Pants on the Ground

They also mentioned a performance of Straight Up by a contestant. It was one of my favorites too! See below.

Andrew Garcia sings Straight Up

• Rosie introduced Jayel Aheram who was on the phone for an interview (he was supposed to be in the studio but they were snowed in). Jayel is a soldier, veteran, photographer, blogger and web designer. Rosie first found Jayel's photos of the war on flickr years ago and they've been emailing and corresponding ever since. Rosie and Jayel talked about taking photos and why he decided to enlist in the Marines. Jayel said he had an idealistic view of what he could accomplish in the military and believed in finding the weapons of mass destruction and the good that he could do as a solider. What he realized from serving is that the people over in Iraq and Afghanistan are real people and they're not the enemy. He told stories about stopping families at road side check points and searching the homes of families as a soldier. Rosie asked Jayel what kept him from losing his soul after serving in the war and Jayel attributed the art of photography to saving him. Jayel promoted his upcoming art exhibit showcasing his photography that is taking place on March 5th at the Starbucks in Palm Springs. Rosie told Jayel that she is coming to Palm Springs for the Dinah Shore weekend and made plans to meet with him when she is out there. See Jayel's beautiful photos on flickr HERE!

• Rosie again quickly recommended the website In Their Boots . ITB is a documentary series about the impact the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are having on people here at home. Every episode features a documentary about how America’s servicemen and women, their families, and our communities have been profoundly changed by our nation's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its mission is to raise awareness about the issues Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and their families face as a result of deployment. [source: In Their Boots]

• Apparently, Rosie and Tiger Woods have been voted least desirable Valentine! Evidently, the evil company TouchTunes Interactive polled nearly 85,000 bar and restaurant goers in 40,000 bars and restaurants. According to the poll, 46% of those surveyed said that the last woman on Earth with whom they would want to spend Valentine's Day is Rosie! AWWWW!!!! WTF? Obviously they didn't interview the cool, smart, witty people! I take offense to this poll because Rosie would be one of the people I would like to spend Valentines with the MOST! AND they better be careful because in 1997 when Scope mouthwash named Rosie O'Donnell one of America's least kissable celebrities, Listerine pledged $1,000 to charity each time she was kissed on-air. Rosie smooched her way to more than $350,000!! [source: people.com]

• They then took some callers to talk about the survey in support of our Rosie. One caller who was battling breast cancer talked about her battle against the disease and how once you have been through such a life- changing event, all other problems are put into perspective. Rosie talked about how her girlfriend Tracy often expresses that sentiment to Rosie. Tracy's youngest child who has Down syndrome spent months in the hospital after his birth struggling to survive. And ever since going through that, Tracy says that any other smaller problem doesn't even compare and how it puts everything in perspective. Rosie shared the story of her friend Lori Klinger, the Artistic Director for Rosie's Broadway Kids, who battled breast cancer and who sometimes says it was the best thing that ever happened to her because it gave her a new appreciation for life.

• Then it was time for the last few moments of Rosie Radio randimosity that often happens at the end of the show. The crew talked some about the cruelty of cooking lobsters, how they do not believe Palin's handwriting incident was purposeful, and how Janette didn't vote in the last election because she believes the voting system is rigged. It was all over the place! :)

• Rosie closed the show and said that at least she knew there was one person who definitely wants to spend Valentine's Day with her! Awwwwwwwwwww. There's two of us Rosie!!


  1. thanks, kelly!!

    and wtf is right! they OBVIOUSLY polled freaking losers with absolutely no taste.


  2. Kelly, just before they signed off, did Ro ask, Who's on tomorrow's show? I thought she did but I don't remember who they said. I hope its a pre taped show. Not a rerun. I can't multi task. I have to stay off that shady chat because reading your blog I see I missed so much of the conversation. Florida might get snow tonight. I'll believe that when I see it. But,,,,, it's cold cold rain at 34.

  3. They polled young drunk straight guys in bars. The only way the poll could have turned out worse is if they polled the attendees of the last GOP convention!

    I am glad to hear that the Sybian is still under Ro's toes... at least I now know that I'm not the only one who didn't get their unusual prize!

    Another great recap, Kelly!

    : ) P

  4. umm there is three of us thank you :P

  5. Jayel's body of work serves as a witness of sorts to our soldier's experiences here and abroad... the images are sometimes poignant, deeply personal, often humorous, and always attractive. they're also inexpensive which is often rare for photography/art in general.

  6. reminded me of the poll when she got voted the most annoying celebrity - NOT!!! they are obviously not polling the right people ;)
    Candy, I hear ya on the Shady chat it's cool, but I get distracted and miss the conversation too. I'd rather just listen to the show.
    and in my opinion valentines day is overrated - every time I turn on the t.v. I hear "every kiss begins with k" every kiss, really??? lol

  7. great recap Kelly
    love it when you post the video clips
    as I write this I'm listening to the guy singing "Straight Up" absolutely my favourite to date

    they are totally not polling the right people as you guys say
    Rosie is so not the least desirable......we know that couldn't be furtherest from the truth

    I can't listen to the show and write about the shady cam....i look periodically at the screen cause it's fun to see him grab a nut and run up the tree!

    I like to really listen to the show......it's so informative I find....I'm learning so much from it and absolutely love it

  8. i can't believe i am just now checking your post! thanks, kelly!! :)
    and-i agree- "they" should have polled us...i would love to spend valentine's day with rosie (and you guys, of course!!)

  9. You are amazing, you capture everything. I have been listening for free this week with a trial of Sirius.

    Has Rosie been in contact with you since she found out about your blog? I think she should invite you on her show for providing such a wonderful service to all of her fans!

  10. I totally agree with you Lena!
    Rosie posted a comment about a fan who so appreciated all the work that you do Kelly

    but appearing on Rosie's show would be really nice
    fans could phone it to express their appreciation
    and then more fans would be aware of the excellent service you provide

    and you could have such a good experience being part of the inside action
    what goes on in putting together a radio show
    if you would be comfortable with the idea

    even though you have met Rosie several times
    this would be in a whole different context
    and you could meet google pete and the rest of the crew!