In case you missed it...

Today's show began with a previously recorded message from Rosie that said something to the effect of "If you're hearing this message, its because we've had some sort of natural weather disaster that's made it impossible for us to come in to the studio today for today's live broadcast.  And it must be pretty bad since the studio is only 20 feet from my house!"  And then they played a rerun of another show. 

SNOWSTORM slams East Coast

I'll look for any Rosie Related news and post it here if I find any! 

Have a great snow day Rosie Radio Crew!  You deserve it too!  :)

How's the weather where you all are?


  1. wow! they must have gotten a lot of snow. we had "early release" due to the pending storm... however it is now 3 pm and not a snowflake to be seen!!

  2. they must have received a ton of snow

    we were supposed to get a big snowstorm but got very little.....just a dusting and some snowflakes and a thin layer of snow right now

  3. it's snowing like mad in jersey. :)

  4. I love this blog! It's nice to know others out there LOVE Rosie as much as I do! Thank you for al the hard work you do for all of us! Good luck getting away from the snow...It sounds vicious! Come down here to Dallas, its a little better!

  5. we were supposed to get a ton, too...had a snow day and everything...but only got a few inches.

    i love snow days. :) hope you are having fun in cleveland, kw! xo