Crap u guys...

I missed the show today.
I heard the beginning 
little Vivi made an appearance and she was adorable!

We were about to have another HUGE snowstorm in D.C.
and schools have been cancelled all week!
So, I piled my kids in the car and drove to Ohio to visit family
before the next storm hit.
The snow in my area has been unbelievable so we needed the break.
and guess what?
its snowing in Cleveland
wouldn't you know it.  :)

But its okay because I'm surrounded by my family so it's worth it.
So...I ask my readers
what happened on the show today?
I heard Gloria Estefan was on?! 
and Rosie talked about going back to TV?
and the Shadycam was live again today?
And...what else happened?  :)

I did find this VIDEO that Pete posted of the Shadycam
fastforward to the 1 hour mark to see the action.

PS. If you wrote me on email, I'll get back to you soon!
I've been in the car for 7+hours ... I'm tired.  :)

Stay warm and stay safe.



  1. sorry you missed the show today Kelly
    glad you are with your family
    you guys sure are getting hit hard with snowstorms
    stay safe

    i can't do the recap justice like you do but I'll give it a shot.....hope this is memory ain't what it used to be! LOL

    Rosie did say she is thinking about returning to daytime TV (her recently updated blog says if she did it would be in 2011)

    How cool is that!!! I was so excited when I heard that. I love her on the radio too but can't imagine how she could juggle both. It would be awesome to see Rosie back on TV.

    Rosie mentioned something about Howard Stern going to American Idol...i've heard rumours to that effect.....wondering what would happen to Sirius radio......

    A caller talked about going to a place called "Dave and Busters"....I've never heard of it......apparently it's like a gambling place where you collect tickets and trade them in for prizes.....the caller said it was a gay mecca.....Rosie loved that and suggested that they do a show live from Dave and Busters!

    The Gloria Estephan interview was could really tell that they are good friends......

    Gloria talked about how appreciative she was for all the fan support when she had her bad accident years ago.....she sang a song "From The Heart" i think (not sure) and then Rosie had her sing a funny less optimistic song but I have no idea what it was....just that it was funny

    Gloria briefly mentioned her partial ownership of the Miami Dolphins football team.....a caller complained about the high ticket prices.....Gloria said they are working on it and understand how hard it is for people to be able to pay.....

    Gloria is such an accomplished singer and also businesswoman....a really down to earth person who does things for the right reason and from her heart

    Rosie said "you follow your heart, do what you love and what you can do".......I love these "rosieisms"

    they took calls about gastric bypass surgery as well....pros and woman said it worked very well for her......changed her whole mindset about food and she has kept the weight off....she suffered no ill effects

    another caller who also had the surgery had major complications and suffers to this day

    Rosie mentioned that many people she knows have had health problems as a result of the surgery and cautioned people about it

    one of the callers talked about how she met her husband and moved in with him within a week.....Rosie made a hilarious comment...."you're almost a lesbian" reference to the long standing joke that lesbians meet and then rent a uhaul truck and move in the next day (the second date)

    Hope this helps a bit

    If anyone else heard the show maybe you can correct me if I'm wrong or add stuff I missed out!

    stay safe Kelly

  2. p.s.

    The shady cam was live again!
    This time they added a corn on the cob to the mix to lure in Shady
    Lots of people were doing a live chat while it was on and Google Pete and Rosie got in on it as well
    loving the Shady cam

  3. WOW! Holy re-cap AG, you did great! I wish I would have told you ahead of time that I was going to be out of town. It really was last minute though. Thanks so much for the details!

    I too wonder if Howard leaves Sirius what will become of Sirius radio. He is irreplaceable. Rosie should do American Idol! But she would hate being in LA all the time.

    Was Rosie chatting on the shadycam too? I was there yesterday but missed it. Darnit!

    Oh, and I like Dave and Busters but (like my son) I get "overstimulated" by the noise and craziness of it all and that place kinda overwhelms me ... and then I can't wait to leave when I'm there. Sad, but true.

    Thanks AG!

  4. I like Rosie, but it does seem like Parker and Vivi are the favorites. I remember when she quit her TV show and she wanted to do it before her kids got old enough that kids at school would talk about her and to give them their privacy. Now they are featured all the time to the public. As adorable as Vivi is, she deserves to not have to live in a medium where your words and actions are recorded and reviewed by the public and years later. An adult can choose to edit themselves to what to show the public, a kid really can't.

  5. thanks Kelly
    happy to help

    i'm not sure if Rosie chatted or not come to think of it......pete did and Rosie smiled for the camera......maybe the chat group will be able to tell you tomorrow if you go there

    i followed the chat on and off for a bit so may have missed it
    i thought i saw them say rosie was in but i'm not sure
    still new to this multi tasking texting media

    hope the weather is better for you today

  6. I heard the show, awesome recap ag!! I was in the Shady chat room it was fun! but I have to admit it was hard listening, chatting and watching for Shady at the same time, for me anyway lol
    like you said Pete chatted, he's very nice! I don't believe Rosie did not that I saw & yes she did smile for the camera. :)

    Kel, have fun with the family! We're getting hit with the snow right now.

  7. have a safe trip and fun with ur family ...thanks for allu do

  8. All I remember was Ro asking Vivi what her age was. And she said, Seven. And Ro said, and what happens on your next birthday. And Vivi said, I get to chose a pet. And Ro said, And do you know what you will chose? And Vivi said, a long haired chihuahua. And I remember Ro saying many of her friends who had the stomach surgery gained the weight back. I usually don't listen to the interview. I like the chit chat in studio better.

  9. I'm sorry you missed hearing this show Kelly, because I was on it! I was so excited. I may have been the caller ag mentioned. I actually challenged Rosie to a trivia contest at Dave & Busters & she accepted! She said maybe we would do it Friday, but even though James took my contact info I never heard from anyone, so I guess she got too busy.