In case you missed it...

• Rosie began today's show with a wonderful announcement! Google Pete and his wife are expecting their 3rd child in November! Pete said he was happy with 1 and then they were done at 2 and now surprise, he's going to have 3!! Rosie said she always wanted children - lots of children. Pete said he's excited because his wife likes to eat when she's pregnant and she doesn't like to eat alone. The staff then talked about some of their favorite fast food restaurants including Five Guys. Rosie's son, Blake, LOVES it. Rosie asked Pete if he was a fan of Johnny Rockets and Pete said he's doesn't get very good service there and thinks they're a little expensive as far as burger joints go. Rosie loves it there and loves their chili-cheese fries. She gets great service there! (not a surprise, she is Rosie!) Pete said he loves Wendy's and Rosie reminded Pete how she got food poisoning from Wendy's when she was filming the movie Now and Then in Savannah one year. Pete said he enjoys eating and isn't participating in the staff weight loss diet anymore. He's pregnant! He needs to eat now. (and if any of these restaurants would like to advertise on my blog, you can email me, lol)

• Rosie says one day a week someone brings in food and as she was walking down to the studio today she was wondering if there would be any food. Pete brought in donuts from The Donut Pub! Rosie was delighted to see there were 2 dozen donuts and some donut holes (that they threw in for FREE) in the studio when she arrived! Pete described the donuts and why they are better than your typical donut. He described them as "cakey" rather than "fluffy." Pete gave a visual demonstration of the donuts for the staff (not exactly helpful for the listening audience). Janette proposed that food eaten while on the radio has no calories. Rosie ate a donut on the air even though she knows people hate it. I have this friend who despises when you eat or chew gum while talking to her on the phone. Don't listen, Liz!

• The staff then discussed this year's season of American Idol. The general consensus was that it is not their best year. I think that Rosie said she thinks the contestant Crystal Bowersox will win the entire show. The radio crew played her singing Give Me One Reason: Originally sung by Tracy Chapman). Here is a link to Crystal Bowersox singing Give Me One Reason. Apparently, Crystal was hospitalized last week for complications from Diabetes and was not well enough to perform so the boys went on first. Janette asked Rosie if she had heard Crystal's story about how she is a single mother with a young son. Rosie asked how old the boy was to which Janette couldn't really even attempt to estimate how old the little boy was. Rosie said that Chelsea (Rosie's oldest daughter) thinks the show is crap now because Simon's not mean anymore so she won't watch it. Also, Ellen was sitting on Simon's lap at the beginning of the show last night and Blake (Rosie's youngest son) asked, "Why are those two men kissing?" because Ellen had a tie on. Rosie then explained to Blake that Ellen was not a man, that she was a woman to which Blake replied "then tell her not to wear boys clothes!" Blake also was watching the show with Rosie saying "nope" "nope" "nope" whenever the next female contestant came up until Didi Benami came on and sang Rhiannon to which he replied: "Perfect." They thought it was strange that Ellen thought the song Smile sung by Paige Miles was too sad. They all agreed that the song Smile is an incredibly sad song based on the lyrics. Rosie also recommended Robert Downey Junior's version of the song Smile.

• Since it was Wednesday, Lou gets to pick a random song and Rosie sings and then gets critiqued by the American Idol judges. Lou picked Ruby Red Dress by Helen Reddy. Ew. That's all I'm saying. Lou, you're only 35! I love Rosie singing to songs but this song was cringe-worthy. It was funny though! They then played recordings of American Idol judges "critiquing" Rosie's singing.

• Apparently Howard Stern and Robin were talking about how Gabourey Sidibe is very overweight and how odd they felt it was seeing her at the Academy Awards. They didn't play the clip from Howard's show but they did play the clip from yesterday of Rosie talking about seeing Gabourey there. Seeing Gabourey made Rosie feel sad because she said she understands what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body and to live in the world as a big person. Rosie thinks that Howard really is concerned with Gabourey's health and wondering why anyone isn't helping her. Rosie said it's his delivery that is off and although he comes off as abrasive, underneath he has true compassion for her.

Here's the clip from Howard's show.
Listen and decide for yourselves.

• Pete mentioned how Gabourey seems really, truly, confident and happy. Bobby, who has also struggled with being very overweight, thinks it is denial. Bobby knows what it is like to be that big and admits he doesn't know her, but to him, he believes she has to be unhappy about her size. Janette, who has also struggled with being overweight, wrote the book Embracing Your Big Fat Ass because she too believes we all want to lose weight but there's no need to hate yourself over it. Rosie said she has received lots of letters from fat acceptance groups requesting her to be a spokesperson. She said it's not something that she wants other people to think is a great way to be in the world. Janette feels the worst part about being overweight is the shame and admitted that speaking her weight out-loud empowers her and allows her to release the shame.

• Next Rosie reported that Lou is in love and ready to announce the name of his love on the air! Rosie said Lou's love has decided to "come out of the shadow shot on dateline" and reveal herself. And her name is Maral! Which Lou pronounced Marrrral (with a rolling r in the middle). Lou said he is crazy about her (but there wasn't any Tom Cruise couch jumping that I could tell so that's a positive). Lou's ballroom dance teacher cancelled on them again! Deirdre said that she has a good dance place they can go to. Rosie offered to treat Lou and his girlfriend to ballroom dancing lessons. She asked Lou if he's ready for marriage and Deirdre said that he can't be thinking about a ring yet because he's 35 and still a baby. Rosie said "that's not a baby I had 2 kids by then!" I am 35 and I feel old. If Lou is 35, where does he find some of these music choices? We need to talk.

• They briefly discussed the recent announcement that Corey Haim has died of an apparent drug overdose. Deirdre, who has worked with many celebrities in her career, is not surprised. She even talked about how amazed she was when Robert Downey Jr. successfully achieved sobriety. He once said "it's like he has a gun in his mouth and he enjoys the taste of metal." Deirdre (and someone else in the studio) battle cigarette addiction and have agreed to stop smoking for Rosie on her birthday as a present to her.

• Rosie said that her youngest daughter Vivi found beer in her refrigerator and scolded her because she thought she was drinking beer again. Vivi was bothered by the amount of beer that Rosie drank in the end of 2008 so Rosie decided to do a "year without beer." Janette said she still craves cigarettes. Rosie said she's quit picking at her face because Tracy asked her not to do it and she's getting many many compliments on how fantastic she looks! Rosie took several calls from smokers, people who've battled drugs, had food issues and people who generally battle addictions.

• Then Rosie had Suzanne Somers call in to the show again today because she said the radio show had such a huge response the last time she was on! They talked about several issues including genetically altered foods and seeds and the documentary Food Inc. Rosie said you can watch it on Amazon On Demand for $2.99.

Food Inc. Trailer

• Suzanne talked with Rosie about how she was attacked in the mainstream media for the book she wrote entitled Knockout in which she interviews doctors and medical professionals about alternative, integrative and conventional methods of combating cancer. Suzanne even talked about how chemotherapy doesn't even treat some of the cancers patients have who receive it (like patients with Pancreatic cancer and lung cancer). Suzanne said it costs about a half a million dollars to die of chemotherapy in this country. She talked about a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in which 2 mainstream doctors discussed how Chemotherapy doesn't work and, in fact, makes the cancer worse. Suzanne also talked about a bill spearheaded by Senator John McCain, that if passed, will drive up the cost of dietary supplements and restrict your access to them. The bill is named the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 (DSSA). McCain’s bill would give the FDA authority to draw up a list of allowed and disallowed supplements. Read more about that new bill HERE.

• Suzanne talked about the necessity to first balance yourself and your hormones. She also talked about how it improves your sex drive and Rosie agreed wholeheartedly!!! (bowm chica bowm bowm) Rosie and Suzanne have a great rapport together and overall it was a fun, lively and educational conversation. Suzanne had a lot to say about the effectiveness of Chemotherapy as a method to fight cancer. You can read more about what Suzanne had to say when she was originally on the program in November of 09 HERE. It seems that they have since taken down the links of her talking to Rosie though. Bummer.

• Everyone in the studio absolutely loves Suzanne. They talked about how Suzanne encourages people to try to have all the knowledge available when looking for medical treatment. She emphasizes that you must believe that there is a different way to do things. As the very least, believe in the possibility. Janette talked about a pain issue she had in the past when she was told she probably would never walk again and how she went to see Dr. John Sarno who ultimately cured her of her pain. Dr. Sarno would only see Janette as a patient if she had the ability to believe that there were other ways to cure her.

• Rosie then talked about how she can never remember passwords for email and online accounts and how this has been a problem for her a lot. Once she was asked in the question Who Loves You Baby? as an "answer this question so we can retrieve your forgotten password" and Rosie answered it Kojack. But Rosie couldn't remember the answer later on when she eventually forgot her password! This made Deirdre crack up.

For Rosie...Who Loves Ya Baby.

• Janette feels that if you want to hack her computer and read her email, go ahead, because she can't keep up. Rosie locks up her computers frequently from too many attempts to try to remember her passwords! Pete's advice was to take one thing you like, put two numbers in it, and change the numbers every so often. Rosie closed the show.

Because they mentioned Tracy Chapman, I have to put my 2 cents in.
I love this song of hers SO much. Makes me cry every time.

Have a great day Rosie peeps! And thanks to everyone in the blogtourage that are helping me when I'm distracted and miss something on the live show!

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  1. That's so funny about not remembering passwords... that happened to me yesterday when I was trying to delete my Myspace... it said it would send a confirmation code to the email I use for it, but I hadn't used that email in so long I couldn't remember the password. Then, when I did the 'forgot the password' thing, I couldn't remember the answers to the questions it asked me.

    Anyway, haha, awesome recap! I was sad to hear about Corey Haim today. :-/ I had a crush on him when I was younger.

    I thought it was funny how on American Idol they were like, 'oh the competition is so good this year, if you would've tried out last year you would've made it through,' in auditions.. But now, it's like... no way. Plus they let go some great people in the audition rounds. I love Didi and have been rooting for her since I saw her first audition. And, yes, Crystal has been consistently amazing and the girl that went last last night(can't remember her name :-/) has been consistent as well. But, yeah, I'm not really into Idol this go-round. And, I think I'll stop blathering now lol. This blog is awesome!


  2. thanks for posting the food Inc film trailer Kelly

    the author of the Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollan) is in it....it's a really good read
    he's Tracy Pollan's (married to Michael J Fox) brother

    i'm listening to Tracy Chapman sing as I write this.....a very moving song....i'd not heard that one before

    thanks for another great recap

  3. I thought Howard Stern was vicious and cruel. They sat and laughed and made fun of her weight like they were in grade school. That isn't concern about her health, that is seeing an easy attack victim. I was even softening on Howard and liking him after listening to him with Rosie lately, but that all went out the window for me after listening to that. I felt disdain for him.
    And much as I (for the most part) enjoy listening to Rosie, where does she even remotely come close to being entitled to discuss other's health with any validity. She is food obsessed and is always talking about the eating out, the extremely unhealthy food choices she makes and she says she hates exercise and rarely does it.

  4. Thanks guys for the comments! I love to hear everyone's opinions.

    Shannon, I do not think Howard was nice to Gabourey either. And I am a Howard fan. But I know what to expect from him so I'm typically okay with what he says. He has opinions - good or bad, he expresses them and you either agree or you do not. However, compassionate? He was not.

    On the other end, I thought Rosie expressed a lot of compassion towards Gabourey and so did Bobby and Janette. Rosie is very consistent in her support of people who struggle with weight, in my opinion. And I think it's her honesty about weight, eating and exercise that people love so much! It's very relatable! I know I was eating donut holes when I was listening and couldn't run around the block right now if you paid me and I ran a 10K in a race last year! :)

  5. I thought it was hilarious when Rosie revealed part of one of the passwords she uses (a famous Obama catchphrase,) only to be attacked by her staff. She kept going on about the details (where she used it, etc,) and everyone burst out laughing when they finally got her to stop.

  6. You just keep getting better at this recap Kelly. I love how you added the Who Loves You Baby and your favorite Chapman song. And really, Ruby Red Dress, maybe Lou was messing with Rosie. Fantastic Recap.

  7. hah! your comment made me laugh! yeah, not a fan of listening to people eat or chew gum while on the phone. i will simply say, 'what are you eating?' - and what i REALLY mean is, 'STOP eating. NOW.'

    i am a die-hard american idol fan. i take copious notes each show and email them w/ my friend in colorado. we consider ourselves to be experts and quite possibly, potential candidates to take simon's spot.... anyway, not overly impressed with the talent this season- ALTHOUGH, crystal bowersox rocks my world each week. she makes it look so easy. i'd like to see her do really well.

  8. With qualifiers like "and there's the most enourmous fat chick I've ever seen", what's said afterward doesn't mean much. The problem with the "underneath" or "deep down" theory of emotion is that, if no one ever gets to see it, how do you know it's there? I liked Howard long, long ago... when his perverseness was new, lol. But now he just seems like a bitter, old, perverted man. Plus, the vitriol literally pours out of his voice when he imitates people on clips. Definitely cringe worthy.

    But he's still kinda hot. The nose, yanno.

  9. i thought of liz right away re rosie eating! i have to say i hate it too - the same way liz does. but once i even got the "what are you eating?" question from liz - and got very nervous : )

    kelly - i agree rosie is very open about her eating, etc. and it is very relatable...

    please start running again! this week was the BEST BEST week for running....it felt so go to be out there. go back and read your own blog post about how good you felt after doing the 10k and see if that motivates you : )

  10. liz - I'd like to see Crystal make it to the end too, although a few of the guys were really good last night!
    and as far as the eating/chewing gum "dude, the gum" comes to mind LOL and then our road trip to OH last yr. with you and Jyl both telling me to get rid of my gum & me trying to quietly munch on snacks in the back seat. lol

  11. i thought of that michele and almost wrote it : ) that must have been a tough ride with liz and me! thank goodness we allowed everyone to eat at meal time : )

  12. ohhhhhh, i am laughing!! good times- good times, indeed!!!

    i'm a pain in the ass. imagine LIVING w/ me? oy.

  13. Misty in San Antonio, TexasMarch 18, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    Rosie- Please don't stop singing your theme song. I laugh out loud every single time I hear it. Don't let the gloom and doom people bring you down. I know need to laugh more and so does everyone else. I love your show and listen all day at work on my sirius online account. Thanks to you and to your team for the laughs and intuitive conversation. You guys encourage critical thinking which is the most powerful weapon this country has. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

    Misty in San Antonio, Texas