In case you missed it...

• Rosie opened the show talking with Jeannie about her 8 year old daughter, whose been dancing since she was 3, and has three dance competitions coming up in the next few months. Bobby (the Tony award winning costume designer) is helping Jeannie alter some of her daughter's costumes today! Bobby is flipping out because there is going to be some puckering in his sewing and he does NOT typically have puckering in the costumes he designs. It's not in his nature to do it poorly. Jeannie was also a dancer when she was younger and was captain of the kick line. While Jeannie was on the kickline, Jackie was at home studying and Roseann was out playing sports. They then sang the Commack fight song together on air!! OMG, it was great. Rosie of course remembered all the words and even the drumming part. Rosie's niece, Ally, is an Irish dancer. Rosie remarked about what a sight it is to see all these chubby Irish mothers with their daughters with the wigs, and the outfits, and the crying if they don't win. Rosie said Jeannie stunk at sports and Rosie told some funny stories of Jeannie attempting to play softball that cracked everyone up in the studio.

• Jeannie likes to make fun of Rosie's Buick because she says it's an old man's car. Rosie said she got the Buick Enclave and she used to proudly say how it was "the Tiger Woods car." Now....she attributes getting the Enclave to being in Detroit when she was filming her film America and how she bought it to support the local economy there.

• Rosie spoke in length about how she is frustrated with Parker and how she never knows how much homework he has. Parker has a tutor, Lois Kam Heymann, who co-wrote the book The Sound of Hope with Rosie (set to be released on April 27th, 2010), about recognizing, treating and coping with Auditory Processing Disorders. I went looking for the book online and I found Lois's website about the book HERE. Check it out and preorder a copy if you're interested! Well, Lois has been helping Parker and another student in his class and he told Rosie that he didn't have any homework. Lois said she had just met with the other student and Parker has a ton of homework that he didn't tell anyone about. Rosie expressed her concern that Parker has no idea what a normal school would be like. She is considering taking him to an all boys prep-school to prepare him for college because he seems to have no self-motivation when it comes to academics. Rosie said that every day is an argument over homework with Parker. Well, last night Rosie punished Parker for not doing his homework and sent him to his room. Rosie went to his room later that night and he had put the dresser in front of the door so she couldn't get in! He is BRAVE! OMG. She said she told him to move the dresser and he stared at her for a SOLID minute before he moved it.

• Rosie asked Jeannie if this was normal and Jeannie said "ABSOLUTELY." Jeannie talked about how real life consequences are so much worse then the consequences that she as a parent can give. They discussed and defined the Waldorf school philosophy of education entitled Anthroposophy. Rosie said that Chelsea wants to switch schools to go to an all-girl school because she thinks there's too much "boy drama" at her school. Deirdre and Janette (and KellyW!) find this highly evolutionized of Chelsea and were very impressed. Deirdre said she went to a school like Parker's up until she was in 9th grade when her parents took her out because her grades were beginning to fall. She said it was the best thing she ever did. Deirdre said the prep school whipped her into shape and prepared her for college. Rosie is having trouble finding a single-sex school that is not religiously affiliated in her area.

• Rosie took several callers debating the pros and cons of single-sex prep schools vs. the Waldorf education he is now receiving and which is a better preparation for college and the real world.

• Parker has expressed interest in the military so they watched the documentary Tattooed Under Fire together. Rosie called it a great documentary and recommended it to her listeners.
Here is the trailer:

• Rosie also mentioned the documentary The Cove that won the Oscar for best documentary. Rosie watched it again last night. She described it to her listeners and talked about how much she loves it. She talked to several callers about the documentary and the slaughtering of dolphins. Here is the trailer:

• They played the awkward clip from the man who won an Oscar for a documentary he made entitled Music By Prudence. You can watch the clip HERE if you haven't seen it. They played the clip and discussed how funny it was. Well, the director got a "do-over" on Larry King Live. Rosie played it and commented how hilarious it was because Larry says, "I wasn't cutting you off, Kanye" to the director when he interrupted him (in reference to how Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the VMAs). HELLO AWKWARD! Kanye wasn't interrupted. Taylor was. LOL You can read about the entire Oscar night debacle and the awkward moment on Larry King HERE.

• Rosie then interviewed slam poet Shane Koyczan whom she discovered on YouTube! Rosie said how much she loves slam poetry and how much she loves watching him perform. Rosie said she is so moved by his performances. Rosie even recited her own poem that she wrote in 8th grade that she still remembers! It was beautiful! She is a poet! I loved it. Rosie recommended his poem Beethoven to her listeners. Listen and watch below:

• Rosie talked with Shane about his influences and his writing process. Shane talked about what it was like telling his father that he wanted to be a poet for a living and what it was like getting to know his mother after she got sick and spending time with her before she died. Rosie told Shane how she loves the way he talks about love and called him "overwhelmingly compelling." Rosie said she's watched everything she can find about Shane online and she wants more! She said she feels addicted to him. :) Here are links to two of Shane's albums: Shut Up and Say Something, and A Pretty Decent Cape in My Closet, and his book Stick Boy. Shane and Rosie closed the interview and Shane unveiled an all new poem for the listening audience!

Shane performing We Are More that he performed
at the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics!

• Then it was time for Weigh Ins! Bobby has maintained, Janette is still down, Jeannie is down 15 pounds, Pete is not down and Rosie has stayed the same. Eric, Rosie's friend and makeup artist, has recommended that Rosie try Jenny Craig. Bobby has tried Jenny Craig before and doesn't like it because it's all pre-packaged food and it doesn't teach you how to do it yourself.

• The staff then started talking about how the Girl Scout cookies are in! Rosie said she can't sleep with them in the house. She's ordered Thin Mints, Samoas and the peanut butter ones (Tagalongs). She said that her friend and nanny, Tanya, made cookies recently and made them smaller and not crispy so Rosie wouldn't be tempted to eat them all! Rosie said she is considering the Jenny Craig program but not as a paid sponsor but Jeannie thought she should do it as a sponsor and thought the idea was funny.

Well, since we're talking about poetry AGAIN I have to add a quote from a favorite poem that my mom (who was also a slam poet back in the day) wrote for me when I graduated from high school. I, along with many (if not all), of my classmates at the suburban high school we attended never needed for anything. We too had to find the internal motivation to succeed in the world and to use our gift of privilege to make the world better than how we found it. Some of us did. And some of us did not. At some point it is your choice how you want to use the gifts you have been given.

from the poem Stepping Out by Sara Holbrook

Is it just a blessing?
A responsibility?
A maze of social traps?
An isolationist position?
Or is it just, perhaps,
a gilded invitation to help
construct a place
where less is more
and more costs less
and where more babies can be safe.

The world made room for you,
when it was crowded and hungry and tired,
hoping one day, that comfort would grow
That one day you'd grow
inspired to find solutions.
The world gave you the strength
to seek that something else,
and to stand up to the nonchalance of privilege
as now, you step out
to make room for yourself."

- and that's what you missed. kw


  1. Great recap. That is a very moving and beautiful poem your mother wrote for you.

  2. I struggle with figuring how to teach my boys about how they are truly blessed with having their health, a home, a mom and dad, and anything they could possibly need as well as many things they could want.
    I don't want them to have the best of everything. I want them to earn the best of everything and then share. The saying in our house is" you can never go wrong if you share"

  3. Gosh Rosie and I have so much in common. Now I add to the list my Buick Enclave, which I love. My son(2 months younger than Parker)never has or does homework or studies for test. He goes to school strictly to socialize. Girl Scout cookies, I refuse to buy any this year. For the first time in 14 yrs. I do not have a daughter who is a Girl Scout, which means no cookies stacked to the ceiling in my home and car.

  4. damn, your mom is GOOD! better than that...awesome. what a talent!

    i bought the same exact girl scout cookies and mine are just about gone. yep. i figure the faster i eat them, the better- that way they won't be around anymore.

    loving all the lbs shed! wish i could say the same. damn girl scout cookies.

    thanks, kw- xo

  5. Great recap again Kelly.... what a beautiful poem your mom wrote for your graduation....do you write poetry too Kelly?

    I loved listening to Shane today.....so gifted.....and you know what? I had no idea that our Canadian money had inspirational quotes on it like Shane mentioned.....our 20 dollar bill says " could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?"

    the print is so tiny i can hardly read it and no wonder I never noticed it before! LOL......i'll be checking out the other bills later......Heidi did you know about that?

    do American dollar bills also have quotes?

    I loved when weenie and Rosie were talking about their baseball days at the top of the show.....Rosie was laughing so hard and I could just picture them in the studio cracking up......

  6. Everyone has one good poem in them...but two! That's a woman with a gift.

  7. wow....love the poem. i love the line "hoping one day, that comfort would grow uncomfortable."

    anyhow - rosie makes me feel better when she tells the story about parker and the dresser at the door. david would soooooo do that! the other night we had a fight about homework. he was so mad at me he took all of the drawings, notes, etc. he had written for me over the last 5 or 6 years (many were hanging on my door in my office) and tore them up and threw them away : ( very very feisty! makes me nuts!

  8. I bought a lot of girls scout cookies. I made assortments and gave them to my Mom, daughter and son and kept a few more myself. They were good but I am glad they are gone. My son still has a box of Samoas upstairs. I did pretty good this year on refraining from over indulgence in the GS Cookie mess.

    I have a Buick Rendevouz..I love my Buick too. :)

    All three of my kids are in college..got past the teenagers not doing homework syndrome..thank goodness.

  9. ag - American dollar bills don't have quotes and I loved listening to the baseball talk too, I was cracking up myself - I have been playing softball since the 3rd grade so I could relate. and I bet Rosie is still a good ball player! I was watching clips of League of Their Own last night, that is my favorite movie!
    and Kel your mom is a rockin' poet! I remember watching the kids in school last year, they were in awe of your mom and they all wanted her autograph it was sweet. :)
    homework is a struggle with Matthew and I don't think I'll survive the 4th grade math - especially the word problems lol if I had the money I would get a tutor for Matthew some days we both end up in tears. ugh! Jyl - sorry about David, that would make me sad if either of my boys did that.
    and don't even get me started on the girl scout cookies, Samoas are my favorite!! I could easily eat a whole box.

  10. thanks Michele.....i was laughing at them laughing too......I loved League of their own.....i remember Rosie saying she was the only one on set who could throw a ball and she taught the others.....just like she did as a kid!

    as for girl guide cookies......we call them guides and not scouts but i think they are pretty much the same organization......in Canada we have only 2 flavours......the original vanilla/chocolate.....one row of vanilla and one row of chocolate in the box and then years later they introduced the mint ones.....i've never heard of Samoas.....what are they made of? You guys have tons of flavours to choose from!

  11. you're welcome, ag. :) I remember watching a clip of Penny Marshall she was talking about the movie & how happy she was to have Rosie in it because not only could she act BUT she could also play ball! lol
    samoas are a vanilla cookie, dipped in caramel, topped with coconut and drizzled with chocolate my mouth is watering as I'm typing this LOL they are the BEST!! the thin mints are also good I ate a whole sleeve of those the other night :)

  12. great recap as always kelly! love your mom's beautiful and moving poem!

    ag, that's a cool quote to have on a 20 dollar bill!

    michelle, wow, those samoas sound goooood! i like the thin mints too.

    as for homework - i know it's a struggle for parents, but i just remember how much i hated it in school. they pounded us with hours & hours of homework - i wish they wouldn't do that to kids. it would make everyone's life easier.

  13. Wow! Great poem from your mom! Thanks for sharing it.