In case you missed it...

• The crew began the show today talking about the Oscars. Jeannie was unable to watch the Oscars last night because of the Cablevision/ABC feud in NYC. But apparently, after half an hour, they put it on TV but Jeannie didn't know.

• The entire staff discussed the Oscars and the overall consensus was, they enjoyed it. Rosie loves Neil Patrick Harris but didn't really like the song he sang. She mentioned what a great job he did when he hosted the Emmy's and the Tony's. Everyone thought Alec (Baldwin) and Steve (Martin) were really funny. Rosie admitted she pretty much picked the winners! There was a Rosie Radio staff pool and Brendan was the winner! (Not a surprise to me. I am always impressed by Brendan's knowledge on things!) Since Rosie is an Oscar voter, she couldn't participate in the staff pool. Rosie told a funny story about how she was fighting sleep trying to stay up for the end of the Oscars and how Charlize Theron's dress awoke her from an almost sleep! She said she looked like she had two flowers on her boobs. Here's a LINK to a picture of the dress she wore.

• Rosie felt embarrassed watching the red carpet beforehand and the awkwardness of it all. All I have to say to that is Kathy Ireland. Dude, stick to making clothes for Kmart. Rosie presented once at the Oscars right after a League of Their Own came out and right before the Flintstones. She presented "best foreign language short subject" and "best animated short subject." Rosie said it is a lot of stress and a lot of work. Janette feels there are an awful a lot of awards given out "celebrating the ability to memorize your lines" and that perhaps there should be more awards for people who truly do great things for humanity. Bobby asked Rosie how the Oscars compared to the Tony's and Rosie said it was totally different. Rosie said there is a true feeling of community on Broadway and explained how movies are much more isolating in their nature.

• Rosie felt a little compassion for Gabourey Sidibe who is extremely overweight. She admires her confidence but "feels for her" at the same time as she had to sit in a special seat to fit her size. Bobby also felt for Gabourey. Rosie said she is still laughing over Ben Stiller's presentation over best makeup. Here's a clip if you missed it!

• Rosie also talked about how much she loves Whoopi's commercials for Poise where she talks about pee leakage as you grow older! You can see the complete list of Whoopi's Poise ads HERE. Janette called them cute but a grim reminder (of growing older).
• Rosie asked the staff how her hair looks (no one really noticed a difference except Jeannie said it looks like there was less gray). Rosie said that she and her girlfriend Tracy flew first class to Miami sans kids! (JEALOUS!) Rosie told many stories about how frugal Tracy is and how she frequently points out to Rosie the ways she can save money here and there. This trip was Tracy's first time flying first class and Tracy commented on what a waste of money flying first class was and what an eye-opener it was for Rosie. They also went to the drug store and spent $12 on hair dye and face masks. Rosie has never dyed her hair herself and she and Tracy dyed both their hair this weekend for only $12! (of course then they went back to her multimillion dollar mansion on Star Island without kids because a nanny was watching them for the weekend as they played on her boat and jetskis but I digress....Ahhhh, I'm just busting Ro's chops. :) ) Rosie talked about how being with Tracy is almost like going back to her life before she was famous and how strange but also familiar it feels. Janette recommended the book The Power of Half: One Family's Decision to Stop Taking and to Start Giving Back. Rosie explained how Tracy had to make ends meet because she was raising 6 children with a minimum amount of money and she learned to be very frugal. She also recycles everything. Jeannie, Janette and Bobby all said what a treat it was when they've flown first class in the past and how much they loved it! Jeannie said it's all relative and mentioned the lyrics to the song "Relative" by Gavin DeGraw. Tracy doesn't like to waste anything and has even commented to Rosie on what a waste of water it was to have the kids bathe everyday and questioned the price of the roast beef that Rosie buys. Rosie said she likes clean kids and a big sandwich so it's worth it. Rosie said Tracy doesn't buy herself new stuff and Jeannie commented that a lot of moms reserve their extra money for their kids first.

• Lou played Relative by Gavin DeGraw as they went to commercial and Rosie tried to get Jeannie to sing along, to no avail.

• Rosie talked to several callers about money, value of money and how things change once we get money.

• Rosie then introduced poet and author Staceyann Chin. Staceyann wrote a book entitled The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir. The book tells the story of Staceyann's life and how her mother left, her father was not present and her grandmother raised and cared for her in Paradise, Jamaica. Staceyann talked with Rosie about how she learned her strong work ethic from her grandmother. Staceyann's mother left her shortly after her birth and she met her mother at 9 years old and then again at 25. It was, at that last meeting, that she realized that her mother could not love anyone and Staceyann talked with Rosie about how she had to manage that sorrow and how it's something that will always walk with her. Staceyann believes that it is probably because she did not live with her mother that she is able to love and laugh today. Rosie talked about what an amazing poet she is. You can watch a poem delivered by Staceyann below:

• Staceyann and Rosie both talked about how learning to tell their own stories of their lives have helped them survive. Lastly, Staceyann mentioned how she is trying to get pregnant but would also like to adopt and Rosie offered to talk to Staceyann about how she could lead her through the adoption process along with her girlfriend, Tracy. Here is a link to Staceyann's website where you can read her poetry! (thanks Candy!!)

• Rosie closed the show.

I did call in to the radio show today to tell a story about how I'm frugal with money but I never got through.
However, when I was on hold, my mouth went dry, my heart raced, my mind flooded itself with thoughts, I felt nauseous and was practically relieved when James came back on and said they were switching topics. My hands were shaking from the adrenaline for a good 15 minutes after the attempt to speak with Rosie.

I think I'll stick to blogging.

It's much less stressful.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Nice recap. I enjoy your blog. talk about being frugal, Instead of paying for sirious radio I get what I need from you here. thank you so much.
    I appreciate the work you put into this blog with all of the links. It makes my life so much simpler. Your time is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Ditto Anonymous! Thanks!

  3. Oh my goodness, I called in 2 x in the last couple of weeks and I had the exact same feeling, I hung up when he put me on hold because I was about to buckle under the pressure. I've decided calling in is not for me and I'm such a fan of hers!

  4. Kelly, Thank you so much for doing this blog. I really don't have the time to listen to the radio. This is genius! I settle down in the evening and look forward to reading rosie radio recap.XO Marian

  5. Kelly..Too bad you didn't get through!..But I understand..I wanted to call in as well to discuss about Frugal and my toothbrush holder..I sent her the photo on ask ro..She probably won't post it but it's kind of unique what I did. And as well about having money in your bank that your not aware of..I used to work for Unclaimed Balances..It's amazing the amount of money people don't realize they might have.

    Oh and another topic..Hair Color! I use Root Touch Up by Clairol as a inbtween before I go get the 65$ color..It's fabulous and under 10$!..I'm a medium brown #5..lol

  6. oh, i thought the academy awards were BORING! everyone looked miserable- except for the winners, of course. loved sandra bullock...that's about it.

    i spent so much money today and i feel so guilty- meanwhile it is all stuff we need (especially me- new glasses and contacts) but i can't help but dwell on it. i know money doesn't solve everything but it would sure help. ya know?

    thanks, kw- xo

  7. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the kind comments! Sometimes I don't feel like doing the blog and reading your nice thoughts really keeps me motivated to keep doing it.

    On a side note, my mom Sara Holbrook (who's a poet) and her boyfriend Michael Salinger (who's also a poet) are both slammers (as in poetry slams) and they know today's guest! What a crazy small world! I wish we would have heard Staceyann perform her poetry today. I have been wishing Rosie Radio would do a show on poetry this whole time. I still hope they do. There are so many wonderful poets out there.

    Lastly, I color my own hair too Heidi! $10 permanent color from Clairol. Love it.

  8. Love all the extra links, Kelly! They make coming here so much fun. I am right there with you on Kathy Ireland. Whom did ABC "owe" that she got THAT job?!

    Speaking of links, I am thrilled to say that more than HALF of the traffic on my website (for the donations to RBK) came from YOUR blog! Wahoo! It has translated to one sale (thank you, Katie!) so far, but I would love it if you would consider posting it again some time. Thanks again.

    : ) P

  9. Haha, oh, I watched all of the red carpet stuff on all of the channels and I thought Kathy Ireland did well compared to many of the others...

    I can't comment from my phone but I've still been reading every day! Thanks again!(And every day!)

  10. i got on air during one of the first test shows......the adrenaline was pumping as I was on hold and the topics kept changing at lightning speed....believe it or not I kept jotting down what they were saying to see if I could contribute when the next topic came up.....and it did and I was able to stretch my thoughts to kind of fit.....but I'm sure I sounded like a big dork! But at least no one was listening! LOL

    Once the actual show started I haven't even tried to call....i'm a big chicken

    I bet if you tried again Kelly you'd sound great and once you started talking you'd be fine....it would be awesome to hear you on the show!

    i'm confused about the shady cam thing today.....it wasn't on rosie.com during the show but then Petra put up a link on the fb page

    I went there and saw a few names....does the chat sometimes go on even if the shady cam is not on or did Pete put it up at the end of the show?

    thanks for another great recap today Kelly
    next time maybe we'll hear you on the air!!!

  11. Great Recap Kelly. I didn't work hard to find that website. But I'll help you any way I can. I think Kelly you must have been just in front of me in the call hold line-up. Were you listening to Michelle talking while holding? I butter up James now. When he came on and said, Ok, that's all. Going to commercial (and he goes to each person waiting in the que. Gotta love that) I said, Thank You James. I think Kelly if her friend Michelle had not called in, you would have gotten on the air. Remember, it's just Ro. Once you started talking to her, you would have remembered that. You would have been fine. I am sooo not frugal. Once at the grocery store I picked up these pickled asparagus. While checking out the cashier who we have known forever said, "I know there is no way you looked at this price." They were 18 dollars for skinny jar of pickled asparagus. She put them back for me. I gotta get more frugal. Since the kids left home, if I want it, I buy it.

  12. AG, I think, and I could be wrong, that the Shadycam was up during the entire show today. I also think there will at least be a chat there during all the live shows. I LOVE it. I love talking with people in real time who are also listening and the feeling of being connected with someone in the studio. It adds a whole layer of connection and excitement. I'm hooked!

    Plus, Pete is always so sweet and funny with his brief comments he makes.

  13. Candy, I have always been frugal my entire life, buying discount clothes, and then even shopping in the "scratch and dent" department when I buy furniture and appliances. However, as I get older there are certain things I won't skimp on. There can be value in buying name brand sometimes, don't you think?

  14. Kelly you are the best!! I had to cut out early today to run some mandatory errands and was heartbroken about not being able to listen to the show (and chat with my buddies). Thanks to you, I am up to speed. Sorry you were not able to make it on air.

  15. Kelly, how could we thank you for this creation? Other than to just come right on out and say "it"... there are followers; and there are leaders. Not much in between, really. I am happy to say that I am a "follower" in the case of your blog. I, along with so many others, have a level of respect for Rosie that is undeniable and strong to its core. How could One NOT? Your daily summaries are so special - You DO what others can only hope to do. You are recognized, in the most sincere way. Your work does NOT go unnoticed. All I can conclude is that you.... ArE....Definitely...overflowing...with...........................yellow....................