In case you missed it... So did I!

I had a busy day today and missed most of the show. I did hear Rosie interview the talented filmmakers of the documentary Off and Running. Here's the trailer:

Rosie also interviewed her friend Sharon Gless! Since I don't have the details of the interview (YET) watch this episode of Queer As Folk that Sharon and Rosie starred in together! It's fantastic.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Lastly, a good blogger friend Petra is donating 20% of her proceeds from the sales of her handmade greeting cards to Rosie's charity RBK during the month of March in honor of Rosie's birthday! If you're interested, click HERE to check them out! We love you Petra and it's a wonderful thing you're doing!!
Hopefully I will catch this episode on the replay this weekend and be back to update you about it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. LOL. Even without hearing the whole thing, you covered the highlights of the show, Kelly! Thank you so much for including a link to my website. I hope we can raise a lot of money for Rosie's Broadway Kids!

    : ) P

  2. Oh wow. Never saw Ro on QaF (actually, I only saw one small part of one episode when a friend had a bit part on it). She was GREAT! So understated. Loved it. Thank you for including that, Kelly!

  3. i thought u were 35.5

    r u doin a birthday vid, this year, of ro
    like the one that made u famous

  4. I was 34.5 when I started this blog. I am 35 now, as March 6th was my birthday.

    I am no longer doing videos for Rosie. For now, I just blog about her every word on the radio. I think that's enough. The poor woman probably needs a break from me. :)

  5. oh and ummmm, I hardly think I'm famous. I think I just know what Rosie fans want to know. I'm just a fan.

  6. for me, its was birthday vid u did, that really got my attention of u, so yeah u went from 34.5 to 35, and btw happi bday

    well the poor women (not really)probably needs a break from all of us, actually her boat is down from its slip, because i went by her house last night in miami, which means, i guess, its probably a no kid weekend, caus last weekend, all 11 kids were everywere outback of the house(on the dock and in the water

    keep up the awesome work kelly


  7. I missed Friday's show too Kelly because my radio online was skipping and playing Thursdays show. Grrr... I will have to hope to catch it on the weekend or on her 24/7 channel.