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• You have to hear the way Rosie is beginning the show these days. It is hilarious. She is singing the beginning theme song with fervor and you can't help but smile when you hear it. After singing, Rosie started today's show telling the story of how her computer tumbled out of the car and she has to have it replaced. It is still working but not working properly. She mentioned giving it away to someone and Pete is ordering her another one. She also explained that every Wednesday, for the next 2 months, she is going to the dentist to have portions of her crowns replaced. When Rosie won money on Star Search, she got crowns for the first time. Rosie had very bad dental care as a kid, really all her siblings did. Rosie had her crowns redone in 1996 for her show. She loved how they were done however one of her teeth chipped so she went to a dentist in Florida. The dentist in Florida gave her temporary crowns and told her to use these brushes on them everyday and then scolded her for brushing them too much. While she was in the office, he told her that her gums had receded so badly, he wasn't sure how he was going to place in the permanent crowns. She had an anxiety attack while in the chair and told him she needed to step outside to make a phone call and flew home and never went back! Kelli's dad then replaced them yet they were chipped and facing the wrong way. Rosie finally had them done again and she felt aesthetically they were WAY too big and not comfortable. Tracy heard about the Star Search story and asked Rosie if she could find it on YouTube. Rosie said she found it and she went to look at it and said she looks like "David Cassidy with a mullet." Rosie's new dentist is creating her new set of crowns from her original 8x10 (headhshot?).

• Pete made a contraption for the squirrel that you could see on the ShadyCam that looked like a walnut on a cross. The Shadycam chat was rockin during today's show! Hello blogtourage!

• Rosie told a story about how she took her kids out for various drinks last night and Vivi got a slushy and then they got out of the car and Vivi spilled it all over herself. Vivi was in tears so Rosie offered to take her back and get her another one. Once when Rosie was a little girl she lost her superball she got out of a vending machine in the gutter and asked her mom to take her back up to get another one. Her mother didn't so Rosie, who was 6 at the time, decided to walk all the way back up to the store by herself. She told Vivi this story in the car and Vivi remarked on what a hard hard childhood she had. Rosie commented that she always tells stories of the struggles of growing up so her kids can have an appreciation of what they have but admitted she may have over done it.

• Deirdre mentioned how great Rosie looks in brown. Random. Which led to Rosie's next story. Sometimes, late at night, Rosie shops for bargains online. Rosie said she finds the most amazing deals on Old Navy.com Rosie said she went looking for long-sleeved-Ts but she can't decide what size! Rosie went to Abercrombie and Fitch at the mall to buy a medium sized pair of their sweatpants because she liked the ones Chelsea had so much. Rosie was so excited because they're not too small! Deirdre said they make her butt look good. Deirdre also said you can bounce a quarter off Rosie's ass. (Okay, this is starting to sound more and more like Howard's show, not Rosie's!) Janette and Deirdre went on and on about how Rosie has a great ass. Rosie was completely silent (rare) during this part and then exclaimed I DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS MY ASS! Then Rosie mentioned how she may have a great ass but she hates her belly. She said she looks like she's expecting a baby. Janette said she will get a seat on the subway because of the baby she's expecting. Rosie has been congratulated twice on the babies she was expecting because people mistakenly thought she was pregnant.

• Janette talked about how she's struggling with her weight loss on the show because they're not weighing in consistently. When they're not being consistent on the show she cheats. Rosie thinks that when she starts to think too much about losing weight she starts to obsess over food. Now she just eats Bobby's 100 calories snack packs which Janette said have no nutritional value. Hey, it's working for you Bobby!

• The staff then started talking about if they sleep with sound machines. Janette needs complete silence to sleep, Rosie sleeps with a sound machine and Deirdre sleeps to the jungle and Ruby (her dog) snoring. Rosie stood and asked the staff if the 3XL she was wearing was too big and the general consensus was yes, it was way too big. She called out into the air - Shoshana if you're listening, there are 20 3xls in my craft studio. Please send them back for a 1XL.

• Rosie saw Jessica Simpson on Oprah yesterday and talked about her interview and how she said that she was a size 4 when the press was commenting on how fat she looked in those mom jeans. Jessica also talked about how embarrassed she was that John Mayer was talking about what an amazing lover she was in that interview in Playboy. Deirdre said to Rosie, "Do you know you're the first one to put her on TV?" and Rosie remembered the time Tommy Mottola asked her to have Jessica on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

• They also talked about Carnie Wilson who was on the Dr. Oz show and how she put her weight back on. Bobby said she seemed all bitchy about it.

• Coming back from commercial break Lou played Food Glorious Food from the musical Oliver!

• Everyone was also commenting about Bobby who was drinking diet soda. Rosie said that diet is worse than regular and Bobby should stop. Bobby responded with "one problem at a time." Rosie asked Bobby if from her birthday until summer if he would cut it down to one soda a day. I do not remember hearing Bobby agreeing to this though! Hey Bobby, if you're reading this, I'll come drink diet soda with you buddy!

• Rosie asked listeners to call in and tell the truth about a time when they've eaten way too much in one sitting. It was confessionals! Bobby confessed to having eaten a whole box of oreos and a quart of milk in one night when he was stressed out working on his thesis. Janette listed off many many times when she binged eating including a time she ate an entire box of chocolate chip cookies and 2 loaves of banana bread. Rosie asked if you can eat so much you throw up. Pete said he has done that. Pete told a story about a time he was out to dinner with some friends and ate a ton of Italian food and stepped outside because he was feeling so sick, threw up, and then ate dessert! Gross! LOL

• Rosie then took calls from listeners who admitted their binges. She recommended the book The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet: The Lifelong Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting to one caller and called it a great book. One caller said she was saving up for a treadmill and Rosie asked if there are any treadmill sponsors out there she would like to give away one treadmill a week to callers! SWEET! Rosie asked Lou to find a peppy song that she could sing along to when they came back from commercial and Lou chose Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice and I'm telling you, Rosie knew ALL THE WORDS! They then played "clips" of Simon and Ellen as judges from American Idol as if they were judging Rosie's singing. It was funny!

• Rosie then led up to the interview she was about to have with her friend and Republican fundraiser, Georgette Mosbacher. Georgette is also the CEO of Borghese cosmetics where if you go, you can sign up for free stuff! As Rosie was discussing her love for Georgette and trying to describe how incredibly beautiful she was to the listening audience, she said that she would post a picture of Georgette on her blog. Georgette then told Deirdre no pictures because she thought she was doing a radio program and isn't wearing any makeup and she sells cosmetics! I don't blame you, Georgette! I would have been the same way! Then Georgette just entered the studio as they were on the air, as natural and vibrant as can be. She had an amazing radio voice and was a fantastic guest! They had great energy together!

• Rosie told a story about how at her craft house she has a mat that says "Let's stomp on Bush" and how Georgette had to step over it to enter. Rosie told the story about when she and Georgette first met at Barbara Walters house (before The View). Rosie said Georgette walked into the room and Ro turned at Kelli and said, "WHO IS THAT WOMAN and CAN YOU FEEL THAT CHARISMA." Georgette then introduced herself to Rosie saying, "I'm a republican, but I'm in the closet." And Georgette added to Rosie's story, "But I'm out now darling!" (Implying she was a bit disappointed in the Republican party at the time they met, but no longer!) Georgette said she can't wait until after the radio show today so she can get a chance to indoctrinate Rosie into the Republican party. Georgette talked about how good it is to have a friend who's smart and cares about people in the same way she does yet has a different view like Rosie. Rosie and Georgette are proof that bipartisan friendships can work.

• Georgette is the oldest of 4 children who basically raised her siblings. Georgette's mom was 27 years old when she was widowed with the 4 kids to raise and was taught to respect hard work. Georgette worked her way through college and learned there is dignity in any work. She used to be the head fundraiser for the RNC and she still does some fundraising for the candidates she believes in. Rosie talked about what a wonderful addition Georgette has been in her life and Georgette returned the sentiment and told a story about when her puppy died and Ro brought her a big mac and fries.

On their way back from commercial Lou played:

Paul Simon's How Can You Live In the NorthEast

Rosie also said how much she adores Paul Simon and how his lyrics are like poetry. She mentioned that you can buy a book of all of his lyrics. I found this book online.

• Georgette talked about how small businesses are 90% of the jobs in this country and how we as a government need to help them be successful. Rosie and Georgette also talked about the need for healthcare in this country and how our Republicans and Democrats need to get their acts together and get something passed for the good of the people. Rosie asked what the major difference is between republicans and democrats and Georgette responded with taxation. Washington thinks they know better than we do and she thinks that most Americans know what they need to protect and keep their families safe. Georgette and Rosie said that they agree on more than they do not. Georgette believes that every adult in America is responsible for 3 things: the children of this country, the elderly and our animals. Yet, she added that we don't take care of any one of these 3 groups as well. She said we can track a lost package but not a lost child and it's wrong.

• Georgette took Rosie to Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, which is a state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Center for the military. Georgette talked about (much to Rosie's dismay) how Rosie gave a huge donation to that facility and stressed that her listeners need to know how generous she was with both her time and her money. She commented how most celebrities will not do that. The Intrepid Foundation and the Intrepid Fallen Hereos Fund funded the medical center all through private donations and is about to open a new facility in Bethesda in June. Rosie said she is going to attend the opening.

• Rosie and Georgette talked briefly about Sarah Palin and Georgette said that even though she does not agree with her on everything, we have to hear all the views and how it's not right to trash her personally and to attack her children. Georgette told me! Rosie feels that Palin is not smart enough to be President of the United State but is a charismatic public figure.

• Rosie closed the show! Tune in tomorrow to hear Rosie's interview with the amazing Sharon Gless!

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