In case you missed it...

• Rosie talked about her SAD and how depressed she gets on cloudy days vs. the happiness she feels on sunny days. Rosie said how her SAD even feels like it's getting worse as she gets older and Janette said that everything gets worse when you get older. Janette said everything you didn't fix when you were young hits you worse post menopause. Rosie also included that she forgot to put her Suzanne Somers cream on her ass this morning. (Rosie applies bioidentical hormone cream as she's in menopause per Suzanne Somers recommendation.) Rosie also asked Bobby not to let her dog Missy jump out the window today.

• Jeannie said she's living in "teenage crisis land" at her house but it is getting better. (Jeannie is having issues with her teenage daughter.) Jeannie said Rosie's advice to "keep moving and keep showing up" has helped her. Jeannie expressed that when she has crises that revolve around her children, she feels anxiety and even feels breathing to be an effort. She expressed how she's having difficulties getting a good night's sleep too. Rosie said a doctor friend sent her an article about the brain development of teens and how the "frontal lobe decision making part" is not fully developed yet. Rosie read from the article. Rosie said that just reading the article helped her a lot. Rosie also said that Janette's comment to remember all the things they did as teens when worrying about their own teens behavior also helped her.

• One of major issues Jeannie is having with her daughter right now is how she won't allow her daughter to go on a school trip to the Bahamas. Rosie said that her friend and publicist, Cindy Berger, had the same issue with her daughter and a senior trip to the Bahamas. This was right after the Natalee Halloway crime. Cindy decided to take her daughter on a Mother-Daughter trip to the Caribbean herself as a consolation. Jeannie threatened to take her daughter's car away if she decides to go on the trip without her permission and was struggling with that decision. Rosie said Parker is late for school everyday so she and Kelli changed his bedtime to earlier. She told Parker if he's late another day his bedtime goes down another hour. He was ON TIME this morning for the first time that she can remember. Janette remarked how odd it is that we send 18 year olds to war yet they don't have fully developed brains.

• One caller called in to try to encourage Jeannie to let her daughter go on the trip and Jeannie declined the phone-call. Rosie said "Helen from California, we're not talking your call." Jeannie said she was naive to think that blending her family would be like the Brady Bunch. Awww, hugs Jeannie!

• One listener called in to ask Rosie why she doesn't allow her kids to text and go on Facebook and Rosie said there are many reasons. One reason is she's famous so there's a whole other level of safety that she needs to worry about with her kids. Rosie also thinks texting is a shortcut to famed intimacy regarding areas of interaction between humans that really take courage and should be done face-to-face. SO WISE! She explained how her kids go to a Waldorf school and she likes the way the education is both academically and emotionally and how it has worked for her family. Rosie said without T.V. the whole family dynamic changed and they play outside more and play more games together, etc. The caller asked if her boys have a strong male figure in their lives (seriously? Seriously? Are people this dumb? Rosie has to answer this question a lot. The woman is not an idiot. She knows it's important to have male role models for her boys.) to which Rosie listed off many men that are in her boys lives including her 3 brothers, Kelli's 2 brothers, Carlos's (a family friend) son (who's in his early 20s), their grandfather and many fathers of their friends.

• Rosie talked about how Lisa Kudrow would be in the studio to be interviewed at the 11:00 hour and how excited she was about it! Rosie said that Lisa is one of the funniest human beings. She said her show "The Comeback" was one of the best shows ever and she was sad when it was cancelled. She followed that up with how it was probably because it was the story of Bobby (as in Bobby Pearce) and Rosie. LOL If you've seen the show, you get why this is so funny.

The Trailer for The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow

• A psychotherapist called in that worships Rosie. Well, that's a red flag if I ever saw one. The caller said she does not think Rosie is strict at all, that she's perfect. The caller works for an inpatient psychiatric facility for children and explained how even though our children's brains are developing the same as ours did, the hazards that face kids today are not the same. She explained that situations in very good families can rapidly spiral out of control. Jeannie said that someone told her that she will know she has made the right decision in regards to disciplining her daughter when it gives you peace. And Jeannie feels peace about her decision. Rosie made a call to listeners that if there is a therapist for a teen and a mom in the Long Island area, to please call in.

• Lou (who did not start ballroom dancing lessons with his girlfriend yet because his teacher cancelled on him!) gave the new lineup of Dancing with the Stars. The list of "stars" includes: Pamela Anderson (Rosie predicts she'll be injured early on), Kate Gosselin (Rosie debated her "star" stature), Shannen Doherty (of 90210 fame. Rosie had said Melrose. Thank god for Brendan.), Nicole Shurzinger (the PussyCat Doll singer), Erin Andrews (the ESPN sports anchor made famous for being videotaped through a peephole curling her hair while naked). Rosie said "anyone naked with a curling iron is an asshole because you could burn a nipple off." Rosie then told a funny story about how when she joins a gym (after she hands them a check and says I'll never see you again) she always ends up quitting the gym because of the naked women in the locker room. She talked about how women in the locker room walk around naked and then try to strike up a conversation with her and how uncomfortable that makes her feel. Lou continued listing the stars with Niecy Nash (from Reno 911 on Comedy Central), Evan Lysacek (Olympic figure skater), Aiden Turner (and actor from the soap opera All My Children), Jake Pavelka (from this season's The Bachelor) (to which Rosie replied, "they are scraping the bottom of the barrel!"), Chad Ochocinco (a wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals- to which Rosie said she almost peed a little) and Buzz Aldrin (the astronaut who was on TROS many times).

• Jeannie asked if Ross Matthews is he ever coming on the show. Rosie and Jeannie love Ross and Jeannie especially loves his mother!

• Rosie watched the second to last Celebrity Rehab last night. Rosie said that Heidi Fleiss ran away to be with her birds on last night's episode. Rosie said she loves Mindy McCready on that show and commented how compassionate she was on the show.

• Rosie raved about Lisa's new show Who Do You Think You Are and predicts it's going to be a new hit. Rosie said it is really fascinating. She explained that they take celebrities and trace their history and their family lineage and then travel to where their from to find more. Rosie called the show "very compelling and beautifully shot." Rosie commented on how she went to see Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief with her kids (except she called it Percy Johnson and the Lightning Thief) and how the cinematography and the sets were so bad she was distracted the whole time. She also mentioned that she sent in her ballot for the Oscars! She said she was very surprised that the movie Where The Wild Things Are was not on there. She said she thought that movie was "absolutely brilliant." The movie is out on DVD today and she's going to start giving them away to callers! Oh, I totally want one! I loved that movie too!

• They briefly discussed how the staff was going to go to Dave and Busters soon to which Janette said "I can't wait, it sounds horrible!" It is Janette. It is.

• Rosie then introduced actress and comedian Lisa Kudrow who was in the studio!! Rosie started the interview by telling Lisa that the show The Comeback is the "best show that was ever on TV." Rosie asked Lisa why it was cancelled and Lisa wasn't sure but said it was a year that HBO wasn't being typical HBO. Rosie asked Lisa if she ever did stand-up and Lisa said she was a member of The Groundlings, an improv comedy group, for a couple years but never stand-up. They then started talking about Kathy Griffin and shared their mutual love for her. Rosie laughed because Kathy truly BELIEVES there's list (as in an "A" or "D" list). Rosie said she thought it was just an act but thinks Kathy truly believes it. Rosie described the time Kathy came to Miami and called paparazzi to alert them as to where she, Rosie and Gloria Estefan would be eating that day. Lisa commented how great it is that Kathy has no secrets and how admirable that is. Rosie talked about the time she, Kathy and Sharon Gless were in Vegas together and how and Kathy called ahead at the restaurant they were coming to and had a photographer come in so they could get the meal comped. Kathy had set it up ahead of time and the restaurant promised her that if she brought in Rosie and Sharon Gless they would comp her meal. Rosie said Kathy has no shame. Kathy also makes fun of Rosie because she says that Rosie is too nice to her fans.

You can watch the episode of the D List on YouTube in its entirety here: Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. It's a fantastic look into Rosie's life, her crafthouse and even a little peak of her Miami home so if you haven't seen it, watch!

This is part 5, a particularly funny part.

• Rosie and Lisa talked about the show's inception and how it is modeled after the British version of the show. Rosie loves the show because it's fascinating and different. Lisa talked some about her own history which is highlighted in an episode of the show. She further added when doing the show and uncovering what they did about her family history she was not emotionally prepared for what they found. She said the show allows people to see what the people of your family have endured that allowed you to be here. Lisa also talked about the struggles she had with her grandmother and the wonderful relationship she has with her father. You can catch the premiere episode of Who Do You Think You Are THIS Friday, March 5th, 8pm EST on NBC!

Watch a clip from the show about Lisa's family

• Rosie asked Lisa what shows she loves right now and Lisa admitted she's having a hard time filling up her tivo season pass list but added that she loves 30Rock! Rosie told Lisa that she and her daughter watch Life Unexpected together and how Chelsea now emails Liz Tigelaar (the show's creator)! Cool!

• Rosie asked Lisa about what it is like parenting a 12 year old. Lisa said it is the hardest thing she has ever done. She also added that if you're a person who only likes to do things you can do well, you have to become comfortable with "good enough." Rosie told Lisa ALL ABOUT Shady the squirrel and Lisa commented "you domesticated a varmint." lol

• Rosie also commented on how brilliant Lisa's webseries is where she plays a skyping therapist who insists that the sessions only last 3 minutes because any more would be too indulgent. Lisa laughed and said the character (of the therapist) is the worst! Rosie said she wants to permanently link her webseries to rosie.com. Here's a link to the series and watch an episode below!

• Rosie asked Lisa how it was when Friends ended and Lisa commented how she didn't have a lot of time to grieve the end of that show because she immediately started doing The Comeback. But once the Comeback was done she really felt the loss.

• Rosie closed the show and invited Lisa to come back anytime! It was a great interview. One of the best!


  1. Love Lisa Kudrow, hope shes on again

  2. thanks, kw! i think my job is getting in the way of my ability to listen to the show. oh, how i wish i could listen everyday!!!!!

    i totally get the SAD thing- i am a different person when the sun is shining. only a few more weeks until SPRING! whew!

    i have always wondered what it will be like to parent teenagers...now i'm a tad worried! how will i deal with adolescent twin girls!!?!?!? omg. maybe i should talk to michele's mom! lol


  3. I checked out Lisa's web series....lol
    thanks for the link here Kelly

    I seem to remember Rosie talking to a couple of guys who called in and they were going to meet her at Dave and Busters??? or am I misremembering?

  4. hi ag - I agree about the web series, hysterical!! I wrote in to Rosie that her & Lisa should do one, that would be funny!
    what I remember about D&B was that they talked about going on monday or tuesday. I think Rosie said Monday was better for her and jeannie had said tues but to go with out her & she would catch up next time. I hope I'm remembering that right lol
    I don't remember any callers from yesterdays show about it, but I did miss about 10 minutes of it so maybe it was then.
    and Liz I don't think you would want to talk to my mom let's just say "double the trouble 'LOL although I was more of the trouble maker than Milissa. and my mom let us go to the Bahamas when we were 18 with our bosses daughter at the time she was 21. I'll tell you about that next time we talk. :) and I'm so glad I have boys!

  5. I think it would be fun to so Rosie and Lisa appear on the web series together too Michele

    The callers I seem to remember were a male gay couple from several weeks ago when they first mentioned Dave and Busters. They seemed like a lot of fun and Rosie wanted to meet them there.

    At least that's what I seem to recall......but I could have misremembered that!
    I remember thinking "what is Dave and Busters"? We don't have it in Canada.

  6. gotcha ag! I thought you were talking about yesterday's show regarding the callers.
    yes, you are right I remember the couple from a few weeks ago... and I didn't know what Dave and Busters was either and I live in the area, I don't get out much LOL

  7. "It was a great interview. One of the best!"

    I totally agree! I felt like a fly on the wall witnessing a true dialogue among friends. :)

  8. thanks Michele!
    my memory didn't fail me! LOL
    maybe one day you'll check out Dave and Busters!

  9. you're welcome, ag! and I will have to check it out one day.... :)